Friday, February 22, 2008


It's been five days since I hijacked the computer from my family. Eli used to get to play learning he sits and watches cartoons (learning cartoons, or course. *cough*). I don't really know how it happened, I think it was partially the insanity that the weather is causing, but before I knew it, I had set up a blog! I had contemplated it some before, but was already spending enough time on Facebook, the way it was. But, here I sit. Actually, here I've been sitting for 5 days now. I'm sure that the newness will wear off (I hope) and my family will eventually regain some use of the computer. Until then, here's what I've learned:

  1. Everything about it is addicting for me. I knew that Facebook was, but this is WORSE!

  2. Even the counter thingy...I love to look at it...WHY?!? Do other bloggers do this?!?

  3. Comments: LOVE THEM. Truthfully, I never understood the concept before becoming a blogger myself. I figured reading it was enough (I found out this is called Lurking :)...I knew I had enjoyed whatever they'd written. BUT, now I get it! The validation helps. Not that I need it...well, ok, maybe I do.

  4. I have actually laid awake at night, this week, thinking of things I could blog about...pathetic...I know.

  5. My exercise this week has consisted of getting up from the computer to either break up a fight, switch to another Dora or Diego episode, or run upstairs to use the bathroom. This will probably lead to other blog topics someday. :)

It really is much more fun that I thought it would be. It's caused me to look at my life a little differently. It's helped me to appreciate that even when it seems boring or redundant, there's usually a way to look at it that makes it seem more entertaining.If you've ever thought about it. I'll read it!!


  1. Hi Sarah I am a friend of Beth P's. She has recently convinced me to start blogging too. And I totally get what you are saying. I never left comments until I had one, but loved reading everyone elses. AND I blog ALL the time. I hope the newness wears off or I'll have to go to BA (Bloggers Anonymous) or something!! Have fun! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Okay!!! Now you are even better at posting than I am! your posts are so cute and REAL! love them! keep them coming!

    Stacey and I were just talking about how blogging your life actually helps you look at things, when we get mad at our kids we are telling this a blog able moment??!!?! Beats being angry all the time! Keeps us on the bright side! hey that would be a cute header name "on the bright side" see I am addicted too....every moment becomes bloggable! it is fun to share!

  3. I'm so glad you joined the blogging world!

  4. Lest I be accused of 'lurking,' I just wanted to say that I've already enjoyed your blog...twice! :-) Keep up the nice work!
    -A friend of Beth's, too
    aka, ShalomSeeker ;-D


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