Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day

Hard to believe 2008 is going to be over soon.

For the most part, years go by and they all seem to blend together. But 2008 held a lot of joys, and a lot of tough stuff. I have a feeling this past year will stay around in my heart for awhile.

The good...the bullet form (with pieces of it missing because I'm too lazy to spend more than 15 minutes on a post ;)

  • February I started blogging...on a total whim. I had no idea the amazing friends that it held in store. It is so much fun to peek into each of your lives.
  • Winter here felt like it would never end. In March my Ladies Bible study began the Seeking Him study. God used it to make my walk with Him so much deeper, closer. It was harder than I had ways I can't explain, and many times I wanted to just give up and run back to where I felt comfortable...even if it did make me miserable inside. That's when I realized that that temptation, to give up and not trust where He's leading will always be there...always. I can't run from it, or hide from it. I've got to acknowledge it, and then cling to Him for the help I need to keep pressing on according to His will...not mine. I also realized that pride: it's an issue for me...just a little bit ;)
  • Spring finally came. It was blissful. I even ran my first race (since highschool)...then the EF5 tornado came to tiny-town. Exactly 2 weeks later we were evacuated as our entire little town filled with flood water. Summer turned out to not be quite what I dreamed of all winter long...but amidst the tragedy and the tears, there was joy and fun, and I saw once again that life keeps going on, one day at a time.
  • In June Ben and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a little getaway/conference. Only we would think a get-a-way to our church's state conference can also be romantic...explains a lot doesn't it? :)
  • By fall, tiny town was in recovery mode, and while much still needs repair, so much has also been restored. Tiny town is forever different and forever the same, all mixed together. I love this place...even without a gas station.
  • Friendships have grown and deepened this year. Reconnecting with old friends, who I share a history with, and making new friends who can easily see me for who I am today, has been such an encouragement to me...and well, just FUN!
  • My boys have grown so much in this past year...I can hardly write about them without getting choked up. I tend to get lost in the madness of each day...the craziness, and then before I know it, I'm looking back over the past year. They are amazing, and each completely unique. This next year, it's the cry of my heart to enjoy the day...not get lost in weariness that comes along with it.

Looking ahead...

  • January 6th, we will be starting this Bible study. Can I tell you how desperately I need it?!? I'm giddy with anticipation...anxious to continue this journey with Him.
  • Dis-cip-pline. Need me some. Need me A LOT.
  • Organization: I mentioned a book yesterday. It's great...really. I'm gonna post about it on Friday. There will also be pictures of the huge messes I've made in an attempt to get organized...because seriously, its therapeutic looking at someones elses mess, no?!? It is.
  • Blogging: I'd like some new vocabulary, ya replace: hilarious, crack me up, cute, totally, get the idea, I don't need to tell YOU that I use the same words ALL the time. If ya'll have any suggestions, do tell.
  • I can't possibly anticipate all this next year will hold...but I know Him who holds it in His hands...and that makes it ok.

Happy New Years Eve!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I See...

Better late than never...right, RIGHT?!? Actually...I know I said this last time, but for real...this is my last video post...until I get a different camera. A girl can only take so much...

Someday...I'm going to actually make mine interesting. Someday.

Head on over to 2nd Cup to see more lovely "vlogs" and maybe even join the party. You know you want to.

Monday, December 29, 2008


What was I thinking? Anyone? Anyone know?!?

Sara @ Butterville came up with this idea...a bedhead carnival...then she dangled a Starbucks giftcard in front of me...and me and my big mouth said we'd join...yeah. I should have consulted my hair first, because it would have reminded me how disobedient it is...but I'm a girl of my word.'s always their fault...tempting me with their tasty lattes...

If you've ever needed proof that I, Sarah @ the parsonage, will do pretty much anything for the chance at a $5 gift card for coffee...well, here it is.

I made your day didn't I.

Now...well, you owe me. Click here and tell Sara that I should totally win.

I should also totally learn to think before typing as well...note to self.

Maybe you want to join in too?!? C'mon...a little self humiliation is good for the pride issue ;)

Speaking of will continue tomorrow because it is this:

Click on the button for more details ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cheap Therapy

Just dropping in quick to say...

  • hi
  • I miss ya'll
  • Christmas was to come...when I find my camera.
  • The weather here is making me CRAZY. I won't get into it.
  • I am going to re-paint every surface in my home until it feels like I am in sunshiny California or somewhere WARM.
  • I'm off to work on that now...oh wait, that's right, it's sleeting/freezing rain here so I cannot leave my home. Again.

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. *insert weeping and gnashing of teeth*

Think the weather's getting to me? Someone needs a tropical vacation...or at least some vitamin D. *smile*

Wow...I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

Cheap therapy blogging is.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Signing Off...

For now.

Too much to do...and it turns out that sitting at the computer staring at a blank screen is FAR more appealing than getting anything done.  

Who'da thought?!?

So, I'm signing off until after Christmas, (which will undoubtedly be the 26th because we all know I won't be able to wait any longer than that)  I will try to come out of my sugar-induced coma and enter back into bloggy world where all my imaginary friends live.

I shall miss you.

Have a fantastically Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Do you ever have days where you're just crabby for no good reason?

That's me today.

I started a bullet point list of all the things that are making me cranky (you know, in attempt to justify it)...turns out, the list just ended up annoying me so I deleted it :)

Turns out, there really is no really good one anyway. Dang it. It's so much nicer when I can blame my heart condition on some outside the ungodly weather right now...

Truth heart has wandered from it's true source of joy, wisdom, hope...truth...which only comes from one Jesus.

I know this doesn't make sense to some...but when I met him 16 years ago, He gave me a new life.

He replaced anger with joy, and rationality with faith, and selfishness with love. But my's forever wandering...trying to run back to what it was...because that's easier.

Sometimes I let it. And then become miserable. And then, like a child, I realize where I'm at...and turn back for home.

The prodigal in the story.

But Jesus...always the Father in the story...always.

*The story can be found in Luke chapter 15 verses 11-32*

Sunday, December 21, 2008


There are many things that I seem to forget quite easily.

Other things I can't seem to let go of.

Seems like many times I forget the things I should remember most, and remember the things that should have been let go.

All of it...and I mean ALLLLL of it boils down to this:

All of Him, is more than enough for, all of me.

Still more awesome than I know...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Had a Secret...

It's Saturday.  It's snowing.  There's a blizzard warning. My house is a disaster.  Blah blah blah.

But I do have one useless piece of information for you to treasure today.  A little secret that's only between my treadmill and I...and now you.

You see, when I get on our treadmill, the evil piece of machinery wants to know how much I weigh...for calorie-burning-purposes.  Now generally, I like to subtract 5 pounds whenever mentioning an actual weight (just ask my drivers license) but not on the treadmill.  On the treadmill, I add 70 pounds.


Know why adding seventy pounds makes me feel better?  

It's simple really.  

This way, it looks like I'm burning more calories when I'm running.  :)  

I don't even care that I'm not burning the number I see...all I care is that those little calorie counter numbers click by FAST.  Makes me feel better.  

It's the little pretend bubble I live in.  Welcome to it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Like You

We got 10" of snow (give or take) last night. Ben stayed at my parents house, which is close to his work (not the pastor work, cuz that would be here:) so the boys and I had a wild and crazy night. I put them to bed at 8 and watched a movie...all. by. myself.

You should have seen Odie try to go to the bathroom this's a tad difficult when your legs are approximately 3.5" long...I assure you that when I was laughing-my-butt-off it was at him and not with him. Poor short dog...he got an extra scooby snack for his quick maneuvering.

After some coffee I'm gonna head out and do some shoveling...because I have no idea how to run the snowblower. If you never hear from me least you know why.

One quick thing before I go...I pulled this out of Noah's backpack the other day. It's a little rectangular piece of paper, colored red and green on the outside. When you open it up it says:

I of course asked him who it was from.
"It's from Lainey, mom...but she just means it as a friend"
I assured him that I knew that already (because he's my son who was traumatized in kindergarten when a little girl kept telling him she loved him)
I looked at the note again, and cute, and sweet....and oh. barf. ;)
You'll have to excuse me now...I can hear my children yelling and screaming at each other...outside. Good morning tiny-town.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Littlebit Ugly

Today is the day. I'm going to share with you my own little style secret. Nail-biter moment, I know.
I came up with this little theory after wasting hours of my life investing much time looking through magazines. My favorite is the local CVS Pharmacy. The magazine aisle is directly across from the toy aisle. Genius. The kids gawk and whine about what they want, and I tune them out while flipping through magazines. It's the key to good mothering. *wink wink*

I like the pics when they catch celebs (who you KNOW have been dressed by a stylist no matter how casual they may look) with outfits that make me go hmmm, woulda never put that together, but it looks pretty good.
My style theory and these, my favorite of all dolls, have something in common. They're both cute...and a littlebit ugly all at the same time. Don't deny it, you know it's true.
On with my point: So when I was shopping with friends the other night, I grabbed a shirt and said, "I like's cute...and a littlebit ugly" ...that's how I choose.

Deep isn't it.

My style tip: Something in my outfit should border on the littlebit ugly side. You know, be a little weird, a little off...

Not too weird, now. Too weird puts you into the "what the heck?!?" category...a littlebit ugly gives you your own sense of style. Makes an otherwise boring outfit look interesting.

Be creative...but not too creative...and most important of all....put on some confidence with that littlebit ugly fine fashion accessory. :)

My sweater today: *sorry about the terrible picture* Cute and a littlebit ugly. I kid you not.

Oooh, and if you currently wear anything that's a littlebit ugly and you LOVE it because it works, please please do tell!
*cabbage patch courtesy of Google images*

The Recap

I had an absolutely fabulous birthday! Maybe even better than this one:
I was four. I know this, because I counted the candles on this rockin' Holly Hobby cake (which matched the wallpaper in my bedroom)

And because of it's fabulousness I feel the need to walk you through my day yesterday...with an excessive amount of pictures...and details that will likely bore you to tears.

I woke up to my Ben's super sweet post for me...and was completely impressed with his use of bullet points...I'm thinking his sermons should just be in bullet points from now on ;) and ALL of your comments were just icing on the cake...and I love icing.

As I was heading out this friend dropped off the best card ever:

When you open it...HE TALKS. Michael says, "Presents, are the best way to show someone how much you care. It is like this tangible thing that you can point to and say Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth." HA! I'm surprised the card still works...I've listened to it 6,000 times. Bonus: inside was a giftcard to, of course, STARBUCKS.

And then my favorite neighbor gave me this:

which I'm currently eating for breakfast :)

When I got mail at the post office, there were bunches of Christmas cards (which are my favorite kind of mail ever) and another Starbucks card from my aunt!

There was snow expected...4-6 inches, but snow was not going to stop me taking the 30 minute drive to Target and Starbucks. I enjoyed a venti caramel hour later I drove through a different Starbucks and enjoyed a salted caramel hot chocolate...because that is what birthdays are for.

In the mean time I stopped by my parents to pick up my birthday present. I've been waiting and WAITING for these. For years. You know, when there's something you really want but you know you're never gonna get it because no matter how good you are at justifying purchases there is NO WAY you'd ever be able to justify this certain thing? THAT is what they got me for my birthday/Christmas/anniversary/Valentines...oh I kid...a little. Here they are in all their fabulousness:

*sigh* I only took them off to sleep. They are the warmest most comfiest things ever. And in this frozen tundra I live in...they are perfect. Thanks Mom & Dennis!

I also came home to find this lovely little package of goodies from the little guy that hangs out with us, James. Aren't they lovely?!? And inside that package is Starbucks ground coffee ;)

All my boys made lovely cards...and Eli knows the way to his mommy's heart...he made me a purse...out of paper.

Ben and I were supposed to go to Olive Garden for supper, but the weather was not cooperating (although quite beautiful!) so Ben brought Olive Garden home to me :)

I ended the night by watching a Hallmark Christmas movie that was made in 1985...they don't make 'em like they used to. It was classic.

Thanks so much to everyone for making it so fantastic!

Oh, I almost other aunt sent along this package (which had my favorite Yankee candles in them (do ya'll have Yankee candles down south?!? :) Anyways, the ornament on top says it best.

"All I want is peace on earth and really cute shoes." *smile*

Which leads me to my final thought (I promise) tomorrow I am going to share with you my #1 style will change your life....ok, it won't, but still...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Worked...

Today is my birthday.  31 for any of those who are wondering...I'm good with that...not too old, not too young...still plenty of room for improvement :)

You might remember that the other day I mentioned Ben doing a guest post for me.  After your peer pressure encouragement you totally helped me convince him.  I will, from now on, be bringing you all to my side when I need to persuade anyone.  Well done bloggy friends, well done.

Without further husband's first guest post:

Happy Birthday to the beautiful pastor's wife!

Wow!  Where should I start?  Sarah doesn't know what she has done in letting me do a guest post for her birthday.  I think the best way to honor her today is with a bullet point list.  

Sarah, I love you because...
  • Living in the parsonage is a lot more cozy with you at my side.  
  • You are a great multi-tasker, able to keep so many things going, clean, happy, etc.
  • Generosity springs from your heart, one of the many things that attracted me to you.
  • You love God more than you love me.  
  • You love Me more than our boys.  (at least that's how I feel)
  • As a mother you are caring, protective, responsive rather than reactive, positive and hopeful.  
  • Of the encouragement you offer to those who need it.  
  • Yes, you do have a sense of style that complements your personality and warms up a room when you enter.
  • You have such a big heart for the people of tiny town and bloggy land as well.
 I could go on and on.  Maybe in another post.  For all of my wife's friends, thank you for always encouraging Sarah with your words, prayers, and actions.  

Happy Birthday, Sarah
From your hubs and pastor

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tour de Parsonage

The Parsonage: 100 years old, white 2-story, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, mudroom, kitchen, dining/living room, and the office...which I love to call the office...if only Dwight sat next to blog posts would be so much more interesting...but I am off subject. Again.

Our home is what I like to call cozy. You can't lose anyone it it...even when you might want to. The space issue has helped me to simplify the decorating process. Only stuff that I really love was given the option of living here.

Let the party begin.

The retro white tree actually has presents under it this year. Usually they're hidden upstairs in the closet until Christmas Day...but this year I decided that since I have direct view of the tree from the office I should keep the presents in view...safer that way.

Stockings hung on the mantle shelf with care...

These trees sit on top of my fridge...I think they're adorable.

This tree sits in Noah & Eli's room. It is filled with the felt ornaments that Ben's grandma made for him each year growing up.

And the real reason for all of it...and I'm not just talking about Christmas.

And last but not least, the Christmas card...minus our last name *wink*

For more homes to tour or to join in on the fun, visit Boo Mama's ginormous blog.

Merry Christmas from Life in the Parsonage!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Visuals. the parsonage.

Man it drives me nuts when half the string of lights goes out...why can't the whole thing just stop working?!? (Ben re-strung it for me, he's the best)

Jake's outfit choice earlier this week...shirt inside out and...

red pajama shorts over his jeans. Proof positive that one can carry off anything if they can project enough confidence.

Jake's not feeling so hot today...fever and cough have slowed him down considerably. I think it's gonna be a day of Spongebob Christmas DVD over and over...just like yesterday.
PS - I'm trying to get my husband to do a guest post on this little blog but he thinks no one will comment. I assured him how nice ya'll are and that even if he's boring you'll still give him some comment love...because I'm an encourager like that. My birthday is Tuesday. I think this would be a great thing for him to do on my birthday, right?!?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Not Very Deep.

Do you know what is at the heart of the reason I blog? Guess.

I really think it's because you are all so nice to me. Deep, aren't I. For real, your over-the-top kindness to me is maybe making me a little too big for my britches...THAT or Starbucks is...either way, I am so not to blame *cough*

Your blog recommendations were fabulous (I do not say fabulous is real life, only when I blog...but I do talk with as many exclamation points as I use in bloggy world, I can't help myself.) I added them to my reader.

I wanted to come up with something a little deeper I scrolled through much of the last few weeks I realized there's not much depth here. In real life there is...I promise :) What I did see though, as I looked back, is fun and joy and that, my friends, is something I am praising God for today. It's easy to take for granted the times in my life that are light...and full of simple joy. Most of the time I don't realize how good it is until something tough sneaks up. Today, I'm thankful to have recognized this peace while still in the midst of it.

So, in the spirit of fun and realness, you should know that in real life I am not as cute as you think I am, at least most of the time.

I have proof.

Bed head. Unwashed face and shirt that I wore yesterday under my cute sweater (which I got at Dillards for those of you who wanted to know ;) that I wore to bed and then still have on this very minute. I went like this to Target this morning. And I do not even care. Do not even tell me I still look cute, because then I will officially have to call you a liar liar pants on fire. Seriously, do not go there.

What you can tell me is: Do you ever have so much stuff to get done around the house that you end up just wandering around aimlessly accomplishing NONE of it...and instead maybe take pictures of the bag of coffee you bought?

Pretty, isn't it. Decaf too. This former caffeine addict has changed her ways. Oh, I still get me some caffeine, but now it actually does pep me up a little and when I don't have it, I no longer have nasty headaches. Phew. I'm glad that my chosen addiction allows me to still consume that which I was formerly addicted I understand it, the crack addicts do not get to enjoy those same perks...which is how I justify it being ok to have been addicted to caffeine in the first place.

Clever, aren't I.

Did I mention tomorrow is FRIDAY!?! WOO HOO!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's the Spice of Life.

Let me start off by telling you how blown away I am with the quality of some your blogs. Generally, I try not to dwell on your fabulousness because it seems to cause me to sit frozen at the computer unable to come up with a post.

There are all kinds of blogs. ALL kinds. Mine falls into the easiest category. It's called "here's what I did today." It works for me...because well, I'm a little lazy, and this kind requires the least amount of effort...I think.

Some are filled with deep spiritual insight and Bible study, some are crafty, some have recipes, some are helpful etc. with great tips about pretty much anything you can think of.

My Google reader is filled with all kinds of these different blogs. I am convinced that variety is the spice of life. We are meant to be different...and to share it.
One of my new favorites is called Small Notebook it is full of all sorts of goodness! And if you click on her links there's a bunch of other great sites that she's got all labeled and organized for you.
And, in true parsonage life fashion...something totally unrelated to what I was talking about...

Here is my new haircut. Because well, it's different than it was...and I like change. If only my hair grew at a really rapid rate, then I could try all sorts of stuff...maybe in heaven that will happen!!! You never know :)

Any new favorite blogs I should know about?!? C'mon, give it up. OR are there any kinds of blogs in particular that you enjoy reading?

Nosy aren't I.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Try Not to be Intimidated...

Today is show off your tree day. Which makes me smile. When you see my will know why.

Our regular tree happened to be stored in our basement when tiny-town flooded...goodbye fancy flocked tree with pine cones.

Don't cry for me. I wasn't really a flocked tree kinda girl anyways.

I decided this year we would go to the tree farm and cut it down and haul it home, just like we did when I was growing up.

Then reality hit and I remembered I have a certain destructive three year old that I can barely keep up with. The kids and dog are lucky to be watered, I don't know if I can handle a high maintenance tree.

So instead...we went wild this year.

I give you our white tree.

Where are all your ornaments you ask?!? Two explanations.

  1. There's a huge box of ornaments in the attic...I may have mentioned before that I'm not all that sentimental when it comes to that kind of stuff...which helps because...

  2. they would just get ruined and broken around here. Jake has already pulled the tree over once when he cast is John Deere magnetic fishing pole into the tree and then "reeled" it in. Lucky for him his mama just had to set it back up. Done. I didn't even re-fluff it.

We're fancy around here...what can I say. ;)

If you'd like to link up and show off your tree head on over to Sara at Butterville! Unless, of course, I've totally intimidated you with my fancy tree *wink wink*

Happy Tuesday! (We have a snow day by the way, which is fun, because it's the first one. Don't talk to me about snow days come February, I will likely break into tears.)

Monday, December 8, 2008

In a Nutshell...

This time of year is absolute craziness around here. Presents to buy, Cards to be sent out (which haven't been done yet), the church Christmas program (which I'm in charge of and have no skills/gifts/talents in this area what-so-ever...I am so not exaggerating), cleaning/regular household stuff, blogging ;),and just general fun stuff!

Usually, this overwhelms me a bit...shocking, I know. But this year, I'm trying to enjoy the madness of it all. Cramming in all the fun, and trying to savor every last second...not feeling guilty.

So what if I've averaged Starbucks three times a week for awhile, it's a precious treat/reward for all my running around. So what if I've put on a few pounds from eating lots of sugar...I've enjoyed every bite, I'll run it off later...hopefully...So what if it's a little more hurried and's crazy fun, and this year...I'm choosing to love it.

Here's my festivities from the past weekend:

Friday night was dinner and shopping with some of my Bible study friends:

Kaya, Brenda, April & Trisha

Sarah, Me, Billie & Cecilia

Saturday was shopping & Starbucks with my sister Lindsey...let me tell you, the was a zoo!

After that was my nephew Gavin's 1st birthday party! Here's the birthday boy:

Apparently the love of sugar runs in the family...check out my niece Maddy ;)After the party we swung by Steve & Barry's because they are going out of business...which is sad...but I got some GREAT deals!Red puffy winter coat, black pencil skirt, boat neck, long-john jammies, 3 dress shirts for Ben, 2 t-shirt:Ben and 20 wooden hangers for $60...Merry Christmas to me, by the way ;)

Sunday night we all decorated the church...and then snacked...because that's what we do.

...and my handsome hubby. Turns out the rest of the pictures I took of people decorating were of their backsides...which I'll refrain from putting on the Internet, cause I'm nice like that.

Today: Cleaning...and hopefully those Christmas cards will address themselves.

Tomorrow: Big snow storm coming.

Life is good.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Let's Pretend I'm Cinderella...

Can I just say....YAY FOR FRIDAY!
  • Tonight I get to go to dinner and shopping with my Bible study is sure to be entertaining. In January we will begin the Beth Moore series Living Beyond Yourself and I am so anxious to get started.

  • Saturday we're leaving in the morning to travel a couple hours to my nephew Gavin's first birthday party and that trip will involve the same mall I went to back here (when you live in tiny town, you get all excited about going to a big mall...or a town that still has a gas station.) I'm thinking I'm gonna be able to knock out my Christmas list!

  • I'm starting Christmas cards today. I've gotten totally lazy this year. Usually I send a short letter to just those people we don't see very often...but that was before blogging. Now...I'm just gonna insert a slip of paper with my blog address and tell them to check it out if they're interested in what's going on...I should probably warn them it's more information then they'd ever want to know ;)

  • Don't worry imaginary bloggy friends...I will post the Christmas card picture for you as well...probably along with outtakes because that's what makes it interesting ;)
Isn't my life all fun and fuzzy?!? In case I've deceived you, you should know that before I get to do any of that fun stuff I need to first deal with this: gets better....

Take a wild guess who's responsible for these shenanigans..It's like Cinderella. Except, well....not really.

Cinderella = me

Prince=already married to him.

The ball = dinner with my friends

Evil step mother = 3 year old

Chubby mouse friend named Gus = chubby wiener dog named Odie

Fairy god-mother = vacuum and Mr. Clean magic eraser

You get my's a hard life I lead in my fairytale ending *snicker and a wink*

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

*Insert Eye Roll*

Last night after Bible Club I came home and plopped myself on the's a routine I have going.

Flipped through the DVR and channels and...nothing. Bummer. So I resorted to the Guide menu to see if anything would be coming on soon...nothing, nothing...and THEN I found it.

It read: Victoria Secret Fashion Show
9-10 PM

*Insert eye roll* I had to laugh...out loud. Because THIRTEEN is the precise age that I WOULD NOT want my new-to-testosterone-crazed boy or feeling-completely-awkward & insecure daughter to watch the Victoria Secret fashion show.

For real.

I think it should read: Victoria Secret Fashion Show
9-10 PM
Ages 2 and under.

Just a thought ;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Review *cough*

Yesterday I mentioned that the Twilight series has got me thinking a lot about Heaven.

The books are not meant to do that. There's no hidden meanings or symbolism that I'm trying to draw out...I can barely pick out the symbolism in the Narnia series even though my husband has explained it to me countless times! I just want to share some of the things that have caused me to think about Heaven as I was reading these books. And if you've been reading this blog very long, you already know that pretty much any random thing can trigger another random thought for me ;)

Which reminds me, I need a disclaimer first. Here it is: The following post will in fact give away some of the plot of the Twilight series, if you are or will be reading this and do not want it given away you should leave now...right now. :)

So why on earth does reading about fictional vampires make me think of Heaven?!? Good question. Who knows the answer, I certainly have no idea. But my thoughts on Heaven come from Scripture...not just things I like to make up...which I should clarify, because somethings I do like to make words...I digress.

Here's a few reasons.

There are certain qualities of the vampire characters that make me think about the new perfect bodies we'll be getting in Heaven. Those bodies will in fact be EVEN better than a vampires ;)
  • beautiful, perfect, no sickness, no weakness.
  • I imagine our senses will all be so much clearer. What we see, touch, taste, feel, hear etc will likely be 10,000x's greater.
  • When Bella is changed, she looks different but her dad and Jacob still recognize her. Much like what will likely happen in Heaven.
  • Bella, as a human, does her best to try to understand what being in a vampires body will be like...but nothing compares to her actually experiencing it for herself. I think we will be completely blown away at the perfectness of them, things we can't even begin to imagine or understand with our puny little minds.
  • The devotion that Edward feels towards Bella, not being able to be away from her makes me think of how relationships will be in Heaven. So closely bonded. And with Jesus...I imagine the desire to be in His presence will be overwhelming.
  • Understanding one anothers thoughts clearly.
  • The eternal aspect of it. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around eternity. Priorities change when there's no time crunch.
  • I think we'll be able to move here and there really quickly ;)
  • The vampires have an amazing sense of style...deep, I know.
  • And the Cullen's baseball game...I think that's what baseball will be like in Heaven.
  • No need to sleep! No feeling tired and worn out.

Ok, I'll stop BUT I do have to say...I'm not big into vampires or vampire stories (although I did go to that one movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt back when I was in High school because seriously those were Brad Pitt's glory days) but this series really does just pull ya in and it's really quite fun to read.

I've heard different critiques of the authors writing style, but I for one, am so not a writer that I can't tell ya anything about what she does or does not do well. All I know is that I just read four big books because...I liked the story and loved the characters. Book #2 got a little long for me...and the 4th one is my favorite. That's all I know :)


  • I do not think we will drink blood...for the record.
  • And I hope we're not all pale. This pasty-white-Iowan would like some color...I'm hoping Jesus agrees. *smiles*

This just exceeded my own personal limit on blog post length...I had to skim my own writing. So sad.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Logical...

When I was shopping the other day I ran across a bunch of different notepads. My heart skipped a beat...they were adorable...and for a list lover, they were nearly perfect. I flipped through to find just the right one, which took about half a second.

PRO/CON List it read at the top. Which in my head means, "How to make a logical/rational/responsible decision." Man I love a pro/con list, and the idea of being able to buy a little notepad that already had those two words so cutely typed on it made me giddy! (seriously, that's how easy it is)

There is a pro/con list running through my head pretty much all the time. The advantages/disadvantages of everything I encounter. From the itty bitty decisions to the life altering.

As I reached to pick of one two of those little tablets that I was SURE were created JUST for me I heard a faint whisper in my head.

It went something like this: Seriously?!? You have me, The God of the Universe, who knows every second of your life, from before you were born until the day you take your last breath...and then some, and yet you resort to the pro/con list?!? That's really the best you can do?

Oh the Holy Spirit...He gets me every time...speaking truth, straight to my heart, in a language I understand. Reminding me that my slays me. Big time.

I put that cute little notepad down...and walked away.

Just last night I had a situation come up that caught me off guard. I immediately began the list...and then stopped. It didn't matter what the list said. It didn't matter that logically the cons outnumbered the pros, I knew in my heart what my decision should be. It should be yes even though the list says no.

God's power and plans shatter my lists...always. My humanness craves logic and reason...tangible evidence. But my longs for faith. The kind of faith that steps out of the boat, and onto the crashing waves simply because Jesus said to. It doesn't have to make sense to me. In fact, most of the time it makes NO sense to me...because my mind limits Him time and time again.

Today I'm praying for a bigger vision. Bigger expectations for what God is doing...because He's doing them whether I see it or not...and I don't wanna miss it by being an idiot ;)

...also praying He helps me to miraculously stop making those dumb lists in my head...seriously, A MIRACLE!

*on a completely unrelated note: The Twilight series I've been reading has really got me thinking about more on that tomorrow. I know, I know you're wondering how a book about vampires has me thinking about Heaven and so I must remind you that I am in fact a pastor's wife, which gives me the ability to make ANYTHING into a spiritual's a gift, what can I say? ;)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dare to Wear is Here

Two little words...skinny jeans.
*gasp* I wasn't quite sure that girls with my curves should wear skinny jeans...but after looking at a few magazines I realized it was totally do-able as long as the proportions were right.
Apparently the key is either long cardigans or something bulkier on top to help balance the butt/thigh region.
Also, and this is key, skinny jeans are NOT (and I repeat NOT) the same as tapered leg jeans. Skinny are skinny all the way down...tapered are just evil and unflattering...all baggy at the thighs and knees and then BAM tight at the ankles. *shudder*
So, here goes.
Skinny jeans with flats:
Skinny jeans with my favorite favorite boots:

*I need to get a full length mirror in an area of the house that

  1. has better lighting
  2. is void of the gold shag carpeting

To play along (and you know you want to) go to Mama Belle's and link up!!

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