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Monday, July 19, 2010

Goodbye Odie, We Miss You...

Let's chat.  I need to fill you in on life.

Last Thursday, we had to put our dog Odie to sleep.  *Sigh*

If you've read for long, you may recall that last summer we found out Odie had a tumor.  Being that he was 10 years old, which is a "ripe old age" for a wiener dog, we decided to just enjoy the 6 months to a year, that the vet said he had left.

Odie made it a full year from his diagnosis, and he did indeed live it up this year.  Several months ago he decided he no longer wanted to eat dog food.  He was livin' the dream livin' on table scraps.

And his favorite thing...

We knew it was time, for various reasons, but man, it was tough.  Our whole family had been preparing ourselves this past year to say goodbye.  But it really doesn't make it any easier.  Odie had only been in our home for 3 years, but he really had become one of the parsonage family.  I went back through my old blog posts, so I could smile at some of his antics that I'd previously written about.  (I ended up using the google thing on the left side of my blog because apparently I'm really bad at labeling my posts well...note to self.)

Watching the boys grieve has been the hardest.  We buried him at Ben's parents farm, and we'll  be able to visit whenever we want.  But our felt empty without Odie.  

There were many a day that I thought I might rip out my hair from his annoying barking. :)  But,'s just endearing.  We loved him.  And he loved us...just like it's supposed to be when you have a dog.  

Nothing can replace Odie.  But, like a good friend said, we still have room to love another.  

And so we did.  You'll get to meet him tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Than a Bump...

I haven't posted "bump" pictures for awhile.
Mostly because I haven't bothered to actually get myself ready for pretty much the month of January.

I dislike January in Iowa. Bleh.

These pics are already 2 weeks old...That's how long it took me to actually hook the camera to the computer. I think I'm in my own form of hibernation here.
Kinda like Odie.

As you can see...I'm not sure the term "bump" is still appropriate. We're well past the bump stage, heading into the "Wow, when are you do?!?" stage. I get huge. Fourth baby, fourth time getting huge. Been there, done that.

It's just how it is.

Only 11 more weeks to go. The funny thing is...I'm really excited to meet this little baby and all, but I've learned a few things along this journey of motherhood. No matter how huge and uncomfortable I may get towards the end of the's still WAY easier while the little one is still in there. Way. And, I know I'll miss this huge body once it's gone. I'll miss the feeling of that little one squirming around. So, I'm just gonna enjoy every minute...and eat like a horse.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's How We Do Things...

Question: (In the form of a run-on sentence) Is clean laundry still considered clean if it sat on the couch for two days, while children sat on it like an extra cushion, was tossed on the floor and reassembled on the couch numerous times before finally making its way to the red chair where the dog then decided to make a cushy bed out of it?
Answer: Ab-so-lute-ly.