Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lucy is Colorblind

All three boys spent last week in Wisconsin at their Aunt & Uncle's house.  It was super quiet at our house, and Lucy didn't ask where they were until Thursday.  Weird.

The boys had a blast.  And got to visit Lambau Field,  home of the Green Bay Packers.  My oldest, Noah, is a huge fan.  They even got to watch practice...which I am secretly completely jealous of.  Anyways....

They got all kinds of memorabilia.  One, was a Greg Jennings (at least I think it's him) fan.

Yesterday, Lucy and I went to get groceries, and when we got out of the van, she saw the above fan laying on the floor.  She pointed and yelled "DADDY!"

It was awesome.  Even better, was when Ben got home last night and I could re-live the moment.  Hysterical.

Also, and this is just a side note, but Eli (my middlest) promised me he was going to marry a Jamaican because he watched the Olympics and they are fast runners.  I am all for this.  Middlest better keep his word.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Month Ago...

The 4th of July felt like the hottest day in the history of the world.

But, we're small town people, and small town people don't let anything stop them from celebrating the red, white and blue...with sugar.

Friday, August 3, 2012


A hair-cut post is loooong overdue.  In my early days of blogging (the first two years)  all of internet land got a haircut pic every 6 weeks.  And then a year and a half ago I decided to grow it out so I could donate to locks of love.  Which means I only get a trim every 12 weeks or so and it always looks the same.  Very boring.  But I can put up with the boring since it's for a good cause.  

I do, on occasion, complain about it though.  Mostly because I feel more like me, with short hair.  But another couple of inches and I will have enough to donate.  Yay!

This picture is right after I had gotten it cut.  My stylist and I like to "fight" over bangs or no bangs.  I always want bangs.  Then she tries to talk me out of it, and I pretend to say "ok" and then she pulls the bobby pin out of my bangs (that I have swept to the side) and she sees that I ALREADY TRIED to cut them myself....and then she just shakes her head and fixes them for me.  

I can't help it. I love bangs.

My super lovely stylist, also named Sarah (because half the people in my life have the same name as me) always flat irons it super straight.  She's all patient like that.  I have no arm muscles, so I never do that.  Too much work. She also put some red lipstick on me.  Which is funny, because I'm way too boring for red lipstick.  

And this pic....

Is me.  Chapstick and hair that is semi under-control.  Ignore the ironing board in the background.  


My kids have a butt-load of cousins.  What?  You say boat-load?  You must be classy.  Or not from Iowa.  Or both.  I actually probably can't blame it on all Iowans, this may be just my own improperness.  

We're land locked, we barely have the need for boats.  But butts...

Anyways.  We did a lot of hanging out with cousins this summer, because frankly:  Cousins are the best.  They're friends AND family and they have the same mutual understanding that no one else anywhere in any other family is as awesome as you are together.  

Seriously, my cousins and I still hold to this sacred truth.  And so do my kids.

They owned the slip and slide like no one's business.

This is one set of cousins.

And who can conspire together better than cousins?  No one.

And who can torment each other better than cousins?

Why, even sweet little Lucy knows the answer to that.  No one.  

She kept standing right in the way, giving them her best blank stare, while they yelled "Lucy, MOVE!!!"  

Sister knows.

She knows that there's no one better to sit with in the pool and snack on soggy cheese puffs than...a cousin.

We love cousins.

Bet Ya Didn't Know...

This summer was quite possibly the fastest summer ever.  My kids go back to school in 12 days.  


I'm a little bi-polar about that.  Happy, sad, happy, sad.  Ultimately's gotta happen.

We have sucked the life out of summer this year.  Ate it up, completely and entirely.  I think we can thank The Summer List for that.

I documented it all; in my head.  And with pictures.  But somehow, it never managed to make it to the blog.  #kickmyself.  But it's stuff I don't want to forget, so I'm going to attempt to go back through the last month (or so) and catch up.  

But just for kicks, let's start with today.

  • We have a drought going on.  Four years ago we had a flood, and now we have a drought.  It gives us something to talk to each other about at the post office, gas station, and any other awkward opportunity for conversation.  
  • Julie is BACK.  I picked her up from the airport the other night.  But that is gonna get it's own blog post...
  • I think I have hermit tendencies.  It's more fun and friendly to say I'm a "home-body"  but really I think I could live as a hermit...if people would just leave me alone.  *wink*   Now don't get me wrong.  I said hermit, and not hoarder.  I thoroughly enjoy throwing things away.  
  • Next week we are taking Lucy's pacifier away.  God help us all. 
  • I'm utterly addicted to the Olympics.  Gabby Douglas, she trained in Iowa.  That's right, for two Olympic's in a row, Iowa has produced two gold medalists.  Take that Russia.  
Now for the playing catch-up posts to begin...

And, if you would like, you can leave me a comment and we can discuss ever-so-awkwardly how the weather has been in real life...and it will be just like you saw me in person.  At the gas station...where I frequent often for fountain pop and fried cheese curds.  

Oh, one last thing:  I'm cooking with the convection mode on my oven tonight.    This is the exciting information you've missed out on for the past month.  Exciting.  

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