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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Random is What I do Best

So yesterday I mentioned the riveting information about my lost fitbit.  It's really no wonder that in the past 87 days I had gotten emails from strangers that wondered if I would be blogging again.  I mean, who doesn't want to be informed of this interesting stuff?!?

So I have like (literally) four friends on fitbit.  Steph, one of my bestest in real life, is one of those friends.  She's missed me on fitbit this past week because, let's be honest, she missed me making her feel better about herself.  All her other friends are over achievers, and my average of 7,000 steps a day helped make her feel better.  *encouragement is my spiritual gift*  So yesterday we met for lunch at the park and she mentioned how I should get a new fitbit or I should call Walmart and see if someone turned it in last week.  Pfff.  That would never happen.  Even in Iowa.  But, after the park I called the Walmart and asked if someone had turned it in last week.  I described the odd bracelet contraption it was in (because I had been trying to make it less ugly but it turns out less ugly means easily lose-able.)  And the dear lady went and looked for several minutes.  

Annnnd she found it.  

Reunited and it feels so....   eh.  It's fine.  It's a dysfunctional relationship, but Steph is happy so I am happy. *insert smirky smile*

And don't go trying to find me on fitbit...unless you average under 7,000 steps.  Otherwise I will just have to be annoyed with you. :)

In other news.  

Whenever I start something new in life, it tends to dominate my conversations.  And life.  

Insert Foster Care Subject Again.

Someone asked which books I had read in regards to trauma, and I decided it would be good to put them on here because it's helpful.  And it helps me keep track. (each link will take you to the book on Amazon)

Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow 

Two days in a row of blogging.  I shall reward myself with Starbucks.  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Football Mom

I'm writing this post from my phone. On a blogger app. First time for everything.  You would be so impressed with my one-finger text-typing abilities.  Use Thumbs to text? Pfffft. Not this lady.

Anyways. I spent the night watching my eldest play 7th grade football. Wind and rain and cold were involved. I feel like there should be some sort of badge of honor.

Friends who make misery fun, well those are the ones you cherish.  Also, I brought a ginormous golf umbrella. Or patio table was hard to tell.  

Now I'm sitting on my warm couch watching more football.  And blogging from my phone.  Tis the season.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Keeping it Real

Let's be honest...

People are crazy.  All of us: Crazy.

There's this Pinterest quote I saw...

Love....or friendship, requires a mutual weirdness.  It's funny.  And true.  I'm pretty sure that I will spend my whole life still learning about people and relationships.  They're complicated, and wonderful and sometimes terribly frustrating.  

I'm convinced that God uses the frustrating relationships in my life to refine me, and change me.  I'm also convinced He uses them to help me value and appreciate those whose weirdness is compatible with mine.  

As I look at my inner-circle of people, I can't help but smile at their weirdness.  All unique.  All crazy.  And completely different.  

I read an article awhile back about relationships, and it said something to the affect that we become a lot like the combination of the five people we spend the most time with.  It went on to talk about Jesus, and His ministry to the masses as well as how he interacted with the few that were in His inner-circle.  And it got me thinking.  Who are my 5?  Who's 5 am I in?  And how are they affecting me and me affecting them?  

Do I leave those in the inner better than I found them?  Do I rub off on them positively or negatively?  How do my mannerisms, thoughts, words, beliefs, actions change them?  Are they better for having been in my presence?  


Do I leave them feeling discouraged?  Annoyed?  Frustrated?  Do I complain too much and listen too little?  Is our relationship about my agenda, my needs, my everything?  

Tough questions...but crucial.  Sometimes tough questions require tough answers, and tough answers mean even harder changes.  

Philippians 4:8

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I want my mouth and my life to match when it comes to this verse.  I want to think and speak on those things FAR more than I vent and complain about their opposites.  And that is hard.  

But I didn't make it up.  God did.  And it sounds lovely.

Source: via Olivia on Pinterest

Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Moment...

A year ago today, Ben and I were at a giant hospital (the hospital Tate is now in) to have a level II ultrasound because of a tiny cyst they had found on Lucy's brain.  I was 5 months pregnant.  You can go back and read the story here and here.  

It's one of those days that will stick in my head forever.  I remember how I felt, how the hospital smelled, the shoes I wore, the nervousness, the relief, sweet relief that the cyst was gone, that the baby was perfect, and she was indeed still a girl ;)  

Some days from this past year are like that.  Completely memorable.  Others, are just ordinary and blur together. I'm so thankful for both.  It's why I blog, it's life, and it's all worth documenting...the good, the bad, the ugly.

I never know what each day is going to bring.  Oh, I think I know, I plan, I anticipate...sometimes I dread, but really not one of us knows what the next moment will hold.  Only my Heavenly Father knows, and only He gives me the grace to bear whatever is in store.  Joy or pain...I need His grace either way.

My friend Steph, Tate's mom, had this quote as a favorite:  

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift

That's how I want to live 2011.

Happy New Year Blog World!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fun & Not Fun

In a Nutshell (since my last post)...

  • I had a birthday.  33 feels just fine so far.
  • Christmasses  (that's not a typo,)t's the new word for the never-ending celebrations of food and presents...what?  you haven't heard of it?  yeah, me either.
  • We have entered the world of (red) Wii and Netflix.  Both are fairly amazing.  Oh, and Just Dance...which I remain undefeated in so far ;)
  • Days before Christmas we found out that Noah's good buddy Tate's cancer has returned, and this time there is not much that can be done.  It's devastating, I don't know how else to say it.  Please pray for Tate, as he's in a lot of pain, and for his family...because how do you prepare to say goodbye to your child?  Devastating.

Noah and Tate

  • Thanks for your prayers bloggy friends.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friendship and a Giveaway...

There's nothing quite like a friend who has known you for forever.  There's something magical about going through significant stages of young life, together.   Preschool, grade school, awkward stages, puberty and junior high, high- school, community college... :)

I've made some really great friends as an adult, but there is something different...something I can't quite put my finger on,  about those relationships with people that have known me forever.  The history shared together really is priceless.  They've seen me at my best, and seen me at my worst.  Over the years, we get to see each other grow and mature...and it's really quite amazing when I think about it.

Today is my friend Shell's birthday.  She's one of those friends.  And her name really isn't Shell, it's Michelle...but sometime in college I started calling her Shell, and now for the life of me I CANNOT STOP.  It's like my pet name for her. ;)  

I give you us, at our senior prom.  (me on the left, Shell in the middle, ignore the girl on the right)  

Happy Birthday Shell!  You're still the amazing, beautiful girl you've always been.  Love you!

Oh wait, there's more...
In honor of Shell's Birthday, and Christmas Time Baking, and the fact that I've eaten through two bags...I'm doing a little give-away.

Of these:
Brachs Chocolate Stars

I have no idea why, but these things are a-maze-ing.  I've been talking about them on Facebook, for weeks. They are delish on their own, or, you can make these:


The recipe is on the back of the bag :)

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment about friends, or chocolate, or your senior prom...whatever you feel the need to share  AND go over and visit my beautiful friend, Shell at Giblogger, and look at her beautiful family and wish her a Happy Birthday...but don't even bother asking her to dish secrets about me, because we decided long ago, in our tiny little apartment together that "what happens in the loft, stays in the loft."

The End.

Oh wait, not quite...the giveaway will end at midnight tonight...along with Shell's birthday.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Hot To Trot

I apologize, but you'll have to humor me and tilt your head counter-clockwise in order to see the picture in the proper postion that I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET BLOGGER TO DO!

Grrrrrr.  Anyways.

Little Miss Lucy asked me if I would be so kind as to publicly thank Miss Amy Beth (oh yes, the famous one from Ministry so Fabulous) for the adorable onsie she's wearing this day.  She simply adores it, and so does her momma.

too HOT to TROT!
 Thank You Amy Beth!!

I adore Amy Beth.  I can't remember how I stumbled on her blog (ages ago) but I loved her from the first moment.  I know many of you read her as well, and you, like myself, are probably pretty certain that you're on her bff blog friend list...because she's just sweet enough to make all of us think that.  :)

I want her to move to Iowa and marry my brother Ryan.  And then we can be sisters.  Now if only I can talk the two of them into my plan of perfection....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Found Her a Husband

Guess who Lucy and I got to have coffee with.

Seriously, just take a guess.

Click here to meet Lucy's future husband.  There's a picture involved.  But then, you must come back here so I can finish my story.  I'll wait.

So.  Here's the story.  Five years ago we move to tiny town so Ben can make me a Pastor's wife.  In our tiny church is a lovely family who also has three boys.  The mom's name is Trish.  Trish has a sister named Wendi who lives far far away but comes back a couple times a year for a visit.  I get to meet her.  She's very nice.  She also has boys.

A couple years go by and myself and Wendi discovers the wonder that is blog land.  We blog.  We become real life acquaintances and even better blog friends.  It's fun stuff.  

Then, Wendi has a baby boy, and I have a baby girl and they both have hair.  They must marry each other (obviously)  so that we can all live happily ever after.

What about the other 6 boys between the two of us, you ask?  So glad you asked.  If you have girls, we'll start taking applications.  It's never too early.  Hair is not required.  ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Bald Buddies

The Bald Buddies

When I think back to when I was a kid, there are certain events that just stick. Occasions that I'll always remember. Saturday night, after their flag football game will be one of those moments for my boys.

When we moved to tiny town four years ago, Tate (red shirt, 2nd from right)was one of the first friends Noah made. To meet Tate is to love him, it's pretty much that simple. This Summer Tate found out that he has Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 3. The fight is on. As the boys learned about Chemo, and why it was necessary to make Tate better, they learned that it was likely Tate would lose his hair. Without batting an eye, the boys were certain they should shave their heads too so that Tate didn't have to do it alone.

Kids are amazing little creatures. As I heard of Tate's diagnosis, my first thought was how unfair it was. I wrestle with the reality of it, almost unable to wrap my head around it, yet those boys...they just knew they needed to join him, to let him know he's not in it alone.

And that's what they did.

Ben shaved the heads of eight little boys Saturday night. It was a night filled with laughter...I'm pretty sure all of tiny town heard us. It's a night none of us will forget.

This morning, as my bald headed little boys hurried to find stocking hats to cover their cold heads, I smiled, wishing I could be in the classroom today as those bald headed little guys arrived, smiling about the way they now feel bonded together. Bald Buddies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nailed It

Sometimes I come across another bloggers post and think to myself...Dang, they nailed it.

Go visit my friend, who is also named Sarah (seriously, there's millions of us) and you'll know what I mean.

Good stuff. Hard stuff. True Stuff.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where I Talk About Myself in 3rd Person...

Funny little story: Ben and Sarah meet and date in high school. Ben is a Junior, Sarah is a Freshman. Two years go by, Ben graduates and goes four hours away to college. Bethel College (now University) in Minnesota. The cities. He plays football. He gets injured during a game. On the way to the hospital they pass a small church, he decides to check out that church the next Sunday.

Ben ends up loving this church. This church loves Ben. The pastor of little church graduated from Central Seminary, Plymouth MN.

Two more years go by, and although Ben loves is pricey and Sarah is graduating high comes Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!)

Fast forward two more years. Ben graduates Iowa State, Ben and Sarah get married, move to MN and Ben starts seminary...Central Seminary.

Guess where we go to church? Yep. Same place. Sarah wasn't so sure she'd love it like Ben did...she wasn't so sure they'd ever find a church that fit them both. Sarah was wrong.

The End...sort of.

God used that church, the people and the youth to change us, mold us, and prepare us for the ministry here in tiny town. Going back to visit this past weekend was so sweet...I have no words for it.

Because I knew we'd only be in MN while Ben was in seminary, I did a really great job of not making many close friends (outside of our youth ministry.) I would not recommend this, by the way. Until one Sunday morning...Noah was about 6 months old and I had to take him out to the foyer because he was crabby. Standing out there was a visitor with a little boy just a few months older than Noah. They were sporting the same diaper bag as us. And if you're me, you take that
as a sign from God that you are to be friends with these people...because they have excellent taste, of course ;)

And we were, indeed, meant to be friends. Noah was almost 2 years old when we left MN. Eli was just 7 months...they only remember our life there from pictures and stories we tell them.
Here is a picture of the boys together about five years ago:

And Sunday, when we saw them again for the first time, it was as if no time had passed for those boys. They knew they had been friends when they were little. They knew they didn't really remember it...but it didn't matter to them. Once friends, always friends for these guys. It was absolutely precious.

We feel the same way. Jeff and Sarah are the kind of friends you can go years without seeing, and then pick right back up as if no time has passed. It is a priceless gift, and we are so thankful for friends like that!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Got Lazy...

Three years ago when I moved to tiny-town one thing was blatantly obvious. If I was going to make friends here, it was going to take some effort on my part. In a small town where everyone knows each other it can be a little tricky to convince them you'd be an excellent addition to their little group.

I was on a mission to make friends. I'm certain I scared some off with my neediness eagerness.

Don't get me wrong, people were always kind and friendly to me, and I never felt like they were purposely trying to exclude me, it was just the simple fact that most groups of friends have an unspoken limit...most of the time we're not even aware of it, but I'm convinced it's true.

We get comfortable in groups. It's a weird phenomenon, but it happens to me all the always has. We find those that we have some connection with and we settle in.

I eventually found my niche in tiny town. I've made friends and acquaintances. Connected who's related to who. And formed a group without even realizing it. Has our little group ever intentionally tried to make someone feel excluded? Absolutely not. Is there a chance that we've made someone feel excluded just by being together...probably.

Which brings me to my point (finally). Once I settled in and felt comfortable with the amount of friends I'd made, I stopped trying. Stopped reaching out to make new friends. Got lazy. Real lazy.

Same thing happened in bloggy land. Last year when I first started, I commented on all kinds of new blogs, visited the blog of any new commenter's...desperate to find my niche. And once I did...the familiar feeling of comfort set in and I thought to myself, as I often do, good enough.

And now I hear God whispering....No Sarah, not good enough.

Deep down I know I'm missing out on great new friendships, both real and bloggy ones. Now, I'm not talking about numbers of friends here, because balance is always involved. I'm talking about noticing and recognizing those around me in the same way I noticed them when I was searching for friendship.

So...out of my comfort zone, once again. And if you're new here, I will find you...consider yourself warned ;) And to all of you who've stuck with my boringness and become such good friends, reading and commenting so faithfully, THANK YOU! It really is part of what makes blogging so much fun.

Here's to doing better than enough.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There's a Connection...

Me, Amie, Jenni

Where to begin...

First, I am feeling much better. Phew. It never ceases to amaze me how a little bout of sickness suddenly puts life into perspective. There's something about feeling terrible and not being able to enjoy anything that makes me realize just how good I have it every. single. day.

OK, about my little retreat...I am so very bad at wrapping up moments with words. They seem to fall short of conveying my experience, but here goes...

I went with my friend Jenni and new friend Amie. Jenni and I are the kind of friends that can tell each other like it is, no sugar coating it...remember the movie Steel Magnolias? Jenni and I kinda remind me of Clairee & Ouiser...and I love that! (I tried to put a clip from that movie on here, but turns out, there's some naughty little words in there!)

Amie and I are new friends. We have mutual real life friends, but really only knew each other through blogging..which made her feel like an old friend. On December 19th 2007 Amie's beautiful son Andy was born...and he was perfect. 40 days later, Andy died of SIDS. She worked on his scrapbook this weekend. I'm not quite sure how she did it, but she did...and God showed me something about life through this beautiful mama.

Life is about hurting and grieving and laughing and silliness all wrapped up in a big jumbled mess. One moment we could be crying with her, and the next moment we're all laughing about something completely trivial. It's how we all survive. It's what we're meant to do. I used to misunderstand this, I think. I took the words of Solomon...a time to dance, a time to mourn, etc and looked at them as one at a time, when really, the laughing and crying are many times all mixed together.

The connection with these two girlies is supernatural. There's no other explanation for it. We share a Savior. We share the same hope. We know the same forgiveness. It really is beyond words. So thankful to have been able to spend the weekend with these wonderful girlies...can't wait till next year ;)

Jenni, me, Amie

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Off...

This morning I'm leaving for a little getaway...till SUNDAY.  


I'm a little excited to get away.  This will be my 3rd year of going to a scrapbooking/Great Beginnings retreat, just a couple of hours away from tiny town.  

It's fabulous.  Great food (which I don't have to cook or even think about,) two wonderful friends to chat endlessly with, times of prayer and reflection, AND scrapbooking.

What?!?  You didn't know I scrapbook?!?  Hmmm...I never talk about it?!?  Yeah...that's because I went on this retreat last January, scrapped my brains out, and then started this little blog in February.  Guess what I have not done since last January....scrapbook.  

But, I have unrealistic expectations high hopes of getting caught up.  Even better than that, is just taking a brief break from reality...with friends.  

Maybe you could all say a quick prayer for my hubby as he becomes a single dad/pastor trying to prepare two sermons for Sunday kinda guy...with 3 little boys to help ;)

PS - I'm fully aware anything I've cleaned or organized the past 2 weeks will be undone in my's the price I pay...and it's totally worth it.  Amen.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times...

Yesterday was a first for me.
Remember these two girlies I mentioned previously?
It just so happens that during our Sunday School lesson on The Heart of Jesus, the topic of cute tights and where to get some, came up. I have no idea how this happens...but it does.
It may have been because this is what I wore to church last week, and that little hole is what happened BEFORE Sunday school even started. Did I mention they were new tights? So sad. I keep forgetting my boots have buckles on the back, and every time I cross my legs I snag my tights.

Lesson learned.

OK, back to my first story...the tights led to Target...because frankly, a lot of roads lead to Target. Both girls mentioned that they HAD NEVER BEEN TO TARGET...I know, I KNOW! So I said we'd have to go sometime...then sometime turned into next Sunday, and then next Sunday turned into yesterday :)

Oh we had fun. And it just so happened I had my camera. Because a girls first trip to Target needs documentation. For real.

Meet Rebecca (from Taiwan) and Kaya (from Denmark)

This is us at Starbucks in Target :)

Kaya in her fab new hat and sunglasses (there's matching scarf and mittens too:)

Rebecca stocking up on cute socks!

They were SO much fun and I'm so glad to have been a part of their first Target experience :)

And Target led to...the mall. Here I am with some ginormous sunglasses. I didn't buy those, but did get a cute outfit at Target that I may be too old for. That's what happens when you shop with 16 year olds. Maybe I'll share it with ya tomorrow...Until then, HAPPY MONDAY!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama Belle

Guess who turns 37 today?!?

My BFF, whom I've never met in real life...Mama Belle, she's on the left. She's freaking out a little about turning 37...silly girl...look at her, she's gorgeous!! And talented to boot!

Her hubby came up with a great little suprise for her birthday...and I'm hoping that she too thinks it great, because if she doesn't...well, it was ALL his idea...I'm just sayin' :)

Happy Birthday Mama Belle, The Movie Star!!!

And in 6 years and 2 months I'm hoping to look as fabulous as you my friend ;) Sorry...I just had to throw that in there...because that's what friends do...

You too can go wish her a big 'ol Louisiana Happy Birthday over here....and check our her blog while you're'll see why I like her so much.

And check out more videos at:

Rachel, Jessica, Amy, Wendi, Jackie, Julie, and Jodie

Enjoy :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fun Never Ends...

This is the lazy-bloggers version of a slide show...where none of the pics are labeled and you are supposed to just make up the's good for your imagination...I think.

Here was our weekends order of events:

  1. Parade: in nearby small town, it's a big deal...lots of tractors and firetrucks.
  2. Pedal Pull: Little pedal tractors that are weighted down and kids see who can pull the farthest. Noah got 2nd in his age group and qualified for state (HA!) it's his 2nd time doing that and, no, we do not go to state to pedal a little tractor :)
  3. Some family pictures and Ben's grandparents house
  4. Supper and Smores with friends from church and of course Fireworks!
  5. Saturday, got to see my beautiful friend Shell at her baby shower...isn't she adorable!?!

Side note: Please insert *eat more mini-doughnuts* in between each number.

Now I need to go find my elastic waist-band pants...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Friend-Making Machine

I feel the need to tell you all that I have been making A LOT of friends lately.

I kid you not.

New bloggy friends that I will probably never meet in real life, new friends in tiny-town (because of tornado) and new people (thru blogging) that although I've never met in real life, I've met through blogging or Facebook and because they live in close proximity to me (because they are already friends with my real friends), I will actually probably meet in real life...soon. If you just followed that sentence...congratulations, you officially have been reading this blog too long and can now follow my sentences that do not make sense. Phew.

I've never been really great at making friends. I've always had friends, I was just never the one to introduce myself and pursue a friendship...if the other person did, well then, we were of course BFF's.

When I moved to tiny-town, God said to me..."Umm, sorry, but that is not gonna fly anymore...get off your butt, and go make some friends, stop making them come to you, YOU go to them" (I'm paraphrasing here) And I did...and it was so out of my comfort zone (still is) ..but, God has given and is still giving (in abundance) wonderful women friends. More wonderful that I could have imagined. That's like Him though...He never fails to go SO FAR above what I think He will do. Doesn't matter what it was or is, He ALWAYS outdoes Himself (if God can, in fact, out-do Himself...but you know what I mean :)

It makes me excited for today, and for the future. What's He gonna do next?!?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Race Day

Saturday, was finally THIS! Oh Yeah. I thought I should give you the report in pictures...because really, it makes it so much more interesting, right?!? (I have no idea why some of the pics are so small, except that sometimes blogger hates me...)

This is my friend Jenni, me, and Billie (who I run with in tiny town...also my stunt double...people in tiny town get us confused)

Here's Heth using her classy photography skills to get a pic of all of us pre-race...she's good.

I'm sure you're dying to know what I learned from my first race...

  • Knowing what size race T to order is of utmost importance...because it's really all about the free t-shirt and not the running...well, maybe a little about the running. (I ordered the wrong goes to my knees...YAY for new jammies though *wink*)
  • My friend Jenni said she was a slacker runner...she is a liar. She is super speedy...but I still love her.
  • Having a group of friends to hang out with before and after makes it SO MUCH fun.
  • I accomplished my goal. I finished without dying. Go me. Also, I finished the 4 mile race in 38 minutes and some seconds (I didn't pay attention to the seconds because I was so amazed at the 38 part) while being able to carry on a conversation while running...that there is true talent. They should make it an Olympic event...running and conversing at the same time. Maybe next year I'll put my MP3 on and NOT talk...ok...probably not...

    Me & Billie near the finish

And this ladies....this is what its truly all about...

Panera Bagels and coffee!

Oh...and this too...
Thanks for all the fun, girls!! We're on for next year!

PS - Heth and Jenni, thanks for the pics!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Can Take A Hint...

I love checking email in the morning. For some reason, logging on and seeing all those messages is pure is also how I know I am a big dork. This morning I found this message, on Facebook, from one of my bestest friends and sis-in-law...

"O.K. I am at work and just checked out your blog for the first time. I am not on the clock by the way!! Why in the world haven't you mentioned me, the all important sister in law that set you up with Ben and sacrificed my relationship with you for several pitiful years to make you two happy. I expect to see a blog about me soon. Your readers deserve to know how important I am to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha love reba"

Ummm...notice that she said she just checked it out for the FIRST time. I'll let it slide...this time :) She is right though...she deserves a post!

Here is us at Easter. I have a photo album filled with pictures of us, since the age of 15, in this exact same pose.

We met in Junior High, which is when our two towns join up for school. She was from the tinier town, which makes the adjustment for those kids a little harder. Girls like me did not help. I think I have blocked-out most of the events, but Rebecca remembers them all :) I was mean. She wanted to be in our "group" and I didn't want her to be. I made sure she was aware of this fact. In my defense, I had not yet met Jesus in a personal I acted like a heathen :) Still to this day, I am apologizing for being so mean.

Then, in 9th grade, we sat by each other in Chorus. Why I went out for chorus, I will never know. I can't carry a tune to save my life...I have no idea what I was thinking. It was also the around the same time that I had met Jesus in a new way...a life changing way. I still had lot's of questions about the Bible, and Rebecca had grown up in a gospel-preaching church. She had answers for me...and this time, the friendship worked.

It also happened, that a few months into our new friendship, her older brother happened to catch my eye. (Read here for further details.) I was horrified to find out that Rebecca had actually told him that I thought he had a cute rear-end...but without her, I highly doubt we would have ever dated! I owe her. Dating your friend's brother is a tad difficult on a friendship. It was pretty rocky for a few years. But we survived, and for many, MANY years now, our friendship just keeps getting better and better! To know her, is to love her! She is hysterical. She continually makes me laugh...the kind of laugh that makes your stomach hurt.

I love looking back and seeing God's hand in it. There's no doubt in my mind that He was/is the one orchestrating all the details. He knew what the future held...He knew we would need each other. Rebecca, thank you for your friendship, it is priceless to me! And sorry about Junior High...did I mention I didn't know Jesus then?!? :)

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