Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh Kid...

Jake started Kindergarten this fall.  He turned 6 in June, and was more than ready for the challenge.  He's a little bummed though...apparently Kindergarten is not as difficult as he was hoping for.  This kid kills me.  He's so serious...and shy, but his eyes and expressions say all that his mouth does not.  He's a thinker.  He's always...and I mean ALWAYS listening, and repeating what he's heard.  Even when I'd rather he not.   I tried to explain that right now his teacher is just reviewing what they'd learned in preschool, and soon he'll be learning new sight words and reading books.

His response:  "Mom.  We had to learn about a chair.  What good does that do?  I think they're trying to make me stupider."

Did I mention he doesn't always believe me?

Seriously, kills me.  Love that kid.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Necessary for Me...

This weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix (I'm a sucker for documentaries) called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  It's basically about this guy who is, what the title says, and decides to go on a 60-day juice-only fast.  It's extreme, which is why it's so entertaining. 

The movie talked a lot about the food we eat.  It was sort of the nail-in-the-coffin sort of deal for me.  I've known for quite some time that I have a serious addiction to sugar.  I love me some caffeine, we all know that, but I can go off it it without any serious symptoms or cravings (I do it regularly, just to be sure.)  Regular or decaf, doesn't really matter...but sugar is a whole different story.  

I knew I had a problem, and I knew I didn't want to give it up.  It tastes so good.

My husband, the pastor, has also been preaching on idols...and how God hates them.  HATES them.  I'm always battling against idols...we all are...but this sugar/carb one has got. me. good.  

Back to the documentary.  Most people (including me) think this juice guy is crazy for doing it for 60 days, so he challenges them to 10 days.  So I thought to myself...ten day, huh?  The purpose of the fast it to get the junk out of your system in an attempt to re-train your taste  buds.  

So...I'm not on a juice fast...but I'm on a low sugar/carbs fast.  Ten days.  Today is day 2.  Yesterday, I thought about sugar and carbs approximately 500 times per minute.   My body kept saying to me...just a little bit, all you need is a little bit and you'll feel better...and I wanted to cave.  So very bad.  But every time my body whispered to me, it was just another sign of how desperately those substances are controlling me, and I am not designed and created to be controlled by anything other than my Heavenly Father.  

Today, so far,  is not much better.  Sad.  I contemplated drinking the maple syrup that's in the fridge door.  I'm crabby, irritable, tired and all around unpleasant to be around.  Lovely, no?  

Here's an interesting article I read here.    

I'll keep you posted on my progress...and, if you happen to battle an addictive personality...I get you.  

Monday, August 29, 2011


I like small spaces.  Small houses, small churches, small mini-vans, small cars, small towns, small groups of people.

Like Alan Jackson said in the 90's..."It's alright to be little-bitty"  

I adore little bitty.

But...I also like my personal space...I'm complicated.  :)

I think the addition to the parsonage is going to offer the best of both worlds...enough space yet cozy rooms. Sounds nice.

The addition project to the parsonage is coming along so, so well.  I can hardly believe it.  I like to stand inside of it and imagine actually having people over without hours spent rearranging furniture in order to make standing room.

When finished, the parsonage will definitely not be little bitty anymore.  We will have room to spread for people.  I am excited about room for people.

Last time I  blogged about it (in June) it looked like this:

And Now...

You might notice it has two doors, right beside each other.  The plain one on the left goes straight into the laundry/mud room and a hall to the bathroom.    The door on the right, or as I call it, "The Pretty Door" (because I'm so in love with it.) will be the main entry.  With this set up, the kids will use the door to the mudroom to bring in their mud, thus keeping the other entry (into the dining/kitchen area MUCH cleaner.  YAY!

I'm super excited about this door.  I'm planning on painting them dark gray.

What amazes me most about the whole addition is the fact that it's being built by the guys in our church, who are sacrificing their time and energy to bless our family (and their wives and children are too!).  It's amazing.  And humbling.  And makes us so thankful for our church family here...not because they're building us this big house, but because their hearts and actions show such love and is truly an honor to serve with people like that.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

I hate playing catch up.  Do you?  It requires so much work.  Whether it's trying to catch up with people I've lost contact with (which I do, because I'm terrible at keeping in touch, unless you count Facebook as keeping in touch), or blogging...playing catch up is tiring.  And since my blogging in the past several months has been, shall we say, pathetic, I have a lot to catch up on.  And since "catching up" seems so not fun, I just do what I do best...procrastinate.  I'm like a professional at it these days.

It's impressive.  Except that it's not.

In blogging, and in life, I like to hit the ground right where I'm at.  I like to talk about what's going on now, not yesterday or last week...or months ago.  But I also can't leave this gaping whole in the last few months of our life in 2011.  After all, this blog is really for me.  To keep track of life, my family, my God.  So I can process the now, and look back on the then and realize how good life really is.  It's a bonus when others join along on the journey...but I write for grammar is hardly good enough to "write" for anyone else. ;)

So I don't forget:

The remodel/addition project started in June and is coming along steadily (it deserves it's own post soon), Noah played catcher on his 3rd grade little league team...and loved it, we went camping with friends, my family loved it and I didn't totally hate it, so we're good to go again next year, Lucy started walking in mid July, Noah went off to Jr. Boys camp for a week...and I survived., the first week of August was:  missionary friends from Brazil, Julie arriving back here, VBS, and missionary friends here to help for VBS.  We celebrated Jake's 6th birthday, and continued Eli's vision therapy (which also deserves it's own post)  We didn't get to the pool as often as we would have liked, but spend plenty of time there for swim lessons.  Eli being baptized.  Moved Julie into college just 15 minutes away. School started August 17th, and fall unofficially begins...for all practicality purposes.   My boys loooove AXE... Jake now calls deodorant "man smell"  and because of the awesomeness of that, the whole family calls it that.  All of that should have been about 45 posts.  But it's not.  And that's ok.

And what kind of  "cramming all things summer into one blog post" be without at least a few pictures?!?

Lucy's favorite shoes.
At the airport with Julie!

Lucy's personality keeps shining brighter and brighter ;)

Getting Julie ready for college.

Eli 3rd grade, Jake Kindergarten, Noah 4th grade...standing in the doorway of the new addition, because next year it will look so different!

There.  Caught up.  That wasn't so bad. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Thanks to Jackie at Memories by Design, I have a terrific new blog-do!  YAY!

Apparently, I was so tired of looking at my old one, that I just couldn't blog the month of July. 

Or I've been busy.

Or both.

My kids start school next week...and I don't even care if it makes me sound like a bad mom, but YIPEEEEEE!  

They're ready and I'm ready.  Sort of.  I'll miss them, but they need structure and so do I.  Thank you public school system for providing us with a schedule, because for some reason I just can't do it on my own. 

Until then, I can't hear myself think...

See ya next week. ;)

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