Friday, February 27, 2009

It's What We Do Around Here...

I've been doing my best to not whine to ya'll too much about how tired I am of the weather here.

But I am lamenting. If that even makes sense...which it probably doesn't, but I don't care...I like the sound of it :)

Two things I want the MOST:

  1. To be able to run outside 3 days a week without freezing my butt off.

  2. A little get rid of this pasty whiteness...and some green grass and flowers would be nice too.

Yes, I am aware that's more than two things...stop counting.

There are some fun things going on over here in the parsonage though.

Exhibit A:

Exercising...not by me. I figured if it kept them entertained, why not.

I know what you're all thinking...Who's the girl?!? Meet Charleigh (which I happen to think is the cutest name ever) Charleigh is joining us during the days for a little while, and let me tell you she is the cutest little thing, we're all a little smitten with her around here. Imagine that.

Especially after Jake plasters her with band aids.

I'll never understand the lure band aids have over my children.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Thing It's Not...

I received this in the mail today.

It's a thank you gift from the exchange student foundation we are using.

I immediately thought....They did NOT just send me a fanny pack....

Upon further examination I realized it is a lunch box thingy. *smiles*

There are some things I can pull off. The fanny pack would not be one of them ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's interesting how circumstances can change in an instant.

That instant usually brings about a complete change in perspective for me.

Logically, I know I should be thankful for certain things, for certain people, all of the time.  But generally, I pretty much take it all for granted until something changes.

There are circumstances going on in so many of the lives around me...hard circumstances.  As I've thought on them today, God has given me a fresh perspective on my own life. 

My long list of things to whine about now looks like a long list of things to be thankful for.  Very thankful for.

I wish I could say that list will stay that way...unfortunately, it's likely that within hours I will once again be viewing many of those things on my list as less than desirable...not because the things changed, but because my selfish perspective changed.


Praying today for the grace and wisdom I need from Him to be able to enjoy and appreciate every day life without something "tragic" forcing me to. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm answering some more questions today, which means that for the life of me, I can't come up with anything else to blog about.

Yay for questions!

Colored With Memories asked this...this may be too personal...but i always wonder about people that have 3 kids of the same gender...did you try for the third to see if you could have a girl, or did you just always want 3?

we have 2 girls...and are debating on having a third...of course we'd love a boy, but the debate isn't so much about it is if i could actually handle 3 (of any gender!)...

which leads me to another question...which transition was hardest for you kid wise (and why)...going from 0 to 1, 1 to 2 or 2to 3...can you tell we are over thinking a third!?!

I always wanted four kids.  And then Jake came along and rocked my little world.   The transition from 2 -3 was hardest for me...mostly because I only had two arms, which meant that  one child was always breaking free running to and fro.  

I then decided three was plenty :)  Now as he gets older though, I start to think maybe four wouldn't be so bad...and then he starts on a tangent of destruction and I think...three is plenty ;)   Who knows what the future may hold.  

When I was pregnant with Jake (our third boy) I was very annoyed when people asked me if I was hoping it was a girl.  I wanted whatever God had ordained that baby to be.  After he was born, I had comments that were almost apologetic in tone, regarding having "another" boy.  Insinuating that I might be disappointed in that beautiful, perfect little boy I made me want to scream.  I fully believe God has given me what He had planned for me.  I am the mother of boys.  I can't imagine anything else.   I wouldn't want it any other way.

I do, however, want some really fantastic daughter-in-laws someday :)

Thanks for the great question!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Speaking Of...

The end of last week and into the weekend are sort of a blur...I've had a bad cold, which has turned me into a total whiner...I'm not even exaggerating.

I woke up this morning in disbelief that it could actually be Monday already. Do you ever do that?!?

Praise God that I have a fresh stock of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in the fridge. Phew.

Speaking of bloggy friend Mama Belle is from Louisiana and she had a little giveaway which I happened to WIN! YAY! My odds were good people. She was giving away a King Cake and as soon as she said it was like a big donut I entered myself repeatedly. I heart donuts.

The cake arrived via the UPS man on Thursday.

It took me all of 45 seconds to open the 2 boxes, cut a slice equivalent to 4 donuts, warm it in the microwave and eat it with a cup of coffee. It was delish.

I should mention that as I sliced into the cake, I immediately found this:

It was a little disturbing....until I read the instructions...which then told me this was the baby Jesus and whoever finds it has to purchase the King Cake next year. Tradition.

I did what any reasonable person would do since no one else was around...I shoved it into another piece of cake ;)

I'm no dummy.

Thanks Mama Belle for giving this life-long Midwesterner a touch of Louisiana...and for helping me gain 10 extra pounds. Who can resist a big donut?

Oooh....this makes me think of something Julie said last week. She's a little nervous that she's going to turn into a "giant" during her stay in America. Apparently our reputation for eating junk is loud and far reaching. I couldn't deny it...we do eat a lot of junk...thus my need for the less than enjoyable running.

Speaking of eating...yesterday I took these two girlies out to eat and then shopping :) This is an exciting picture of us waiting to get into the restaurant.

They're the two that are responsible for me wanting a foreign exchange student in first place. They're so much fun that I wanted one of my own :) And now...I have one! Well, sort of. Technically she won't be here for 5 more months, but I feel like I know her well enough to call her my own already :)

And since she's already part of the parsonage family, it is my duty to post this, my favorite of all the pictures thus was made by her best friend, Audhild.

It's how we knew she fit perfectly into Life in the Parsonage.

Love you goofball Julie who reads my blog but hasn't commented for a long time ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Here's the same two little guys that pulled this shenanigan the other day.

Cute aren't they. Stinkin' cute, if ya ask me.

They crack me up, because they are the best of friends or bickering like crazy...kinda like pretend brothers...kinda like 3 year olds.

Last week the Schwan's guy came to the door and I let him step inside to the living room. Jake started to cry, claiming that the Schwan's man had stepped on his barefoot. While I assured Jake he was fine because I didn't really think the Schwans guy had stepped on his foot, James marched over and stomped on the Schwans guys steel-toed black's a three year old's version of I got your back.

The Schwans guy and I just looked at each other and chuckled. Little rascals.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Back

It's been awhile since I posted my beloved bullet point lists...and I thought to myself, self, I'm sure your readers are longing for some bullet points...

And I aim to please.

  • I left ya hanging a little yesterday with my deeply profound statement. *cough*  Never fear, I'm working on more of it...but I actually am putting a little effort into it (shocking, I know) It will come...eventually.
  • Church stuff gives me a lot of fodder for posts that would be quite entertaining...unfortunately, it would also be inappropriate.  Boo.
  • Yesterday, a church member stopped by to discuss some funeral luncheon arrangements, as we sat in my living room, amongst piles of laundry (because I didn't know she was stopping) Jake and his friend James were busy playing upstairs.  Twenty minutes or so later I heard the splashing of water.  Turns out they were carrying tubs of WATER from the bathroom to Jake's bedroom (no idea why) and it all ended up in the hallway on the lovely gold shag carpeting.  Needless to say I looked like the worlds best pastor's wife, mom, house keeper and day care provider.  It was a shining moment ;)
  • Jake and James are now banned from upstairs...they get to remain where I can keep my eye on them at all times. 
  • My son is the instigator.  For sure. 
  • Is it possible to miss someone you've never met?  This is a question I've been thinking about after Julie said something to the effect that it was weird that she felt like she missed us, even though we've never met in person. She made my day saying that, because I feel the same way!  We're connected now, through the miracle of technology.  And can't wait till she can be here and physically be a part of our family.  Without a doubt God hand-picked her for this crazy adventure.
  • Life seems to be moving in fast forward lately...I'm wishing there were a pause button so I could stop and take a nap for a little bit before hitting play again.
  • Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the waiting room at the dental office while each of my boys had their check-up. I didn't have an appointment myself (because I haven't rescheduled from canceling in June :) It gave me plenty of time to think...

I would rather
  • give birth
  • barf
  • go to the gynecologist

than to the dentist. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Our dentist is a wonderfully kind and gentle man, and his hygienists couldn't be sweeter...but it still not enough for me to think kindly of them. It's nothing personal. I know they're just doing their fact, they actually have our best interests at heart. Just trying to help me and my children from becoming victims of rotten teeth and gum disease.

I am not fond of the smell, the drill, the drool...all of it. But WORSE than all of that is the way I feel when I leave.

Do I floss? nope, unless 1 week before my appointment counts ;)

Do I make sure my kids have brushed ever tooth thoroughly morning and night? No

Do I drink too much coffee? *insert eye roll*

Did I bribe my kids with more sugar if they were good at the dentist? yep

Since I was a little girl, every time I leave the dentist I feel like a big, fat, FAILURE. Simply from not doing what I already know I should be doing. The dentist doesn't harass me or scold me...but I leave feeling like an idiot none the less.

It would make sense, logically, that to avoid this feeling of failure I would floss everyday, stay away from the "sugar bugs" and actually keep my 6 month cleaning appointment instead of canceling it. Easy peasy.

But I never do that. Instead, I do all the things I'm not supposed to, resent the dentist and avoid it at all costs until it's absolutely necessary I go. All the while blaming the dentist for their evil tools of torture and nauseating smell. After all, who is he to tell me what to do?!? I don't smoke or do other things that would be bad for my teeth so SURELY he could give me a little break, right?!?

I think the way I feel about going to the dentist is the way many feel about going to church.

And that's what I'm pondering for today...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yiddle Man

Dear Jake,

You crack me up. I wish I could bottle up who you are today and save it for later. The way you say "yiddle" instead of little. Your odd breakfast choices...uncooked oatmeal, for example. You are one of a kind little man.

Someday I will miss the way we battle over the letter and dinosaur magnets all over the fridge. Those dimples that show themselves when you smile, which you know I cannot resist. The way you smile and wipe off every kiss I give you. And whenever I say, I love you Jakob you smile and reply I love daddy or I love Odie...just to be a stinker. Your inability to cope with anything when you are tired, just like your mama.

I tease you that you will always be my baby, to which you reply I AM NOT A BABY! You are getting bigger...but you and your brothers will always be my babies. I want to watch you grow and mature into a godly man, but inside, I will always cherish these moments when you are all mine. These moments when my biggest worry is the fact that you've spread shaving cream all over your bedroom...or cut something into pieces...again.

Can you stay 3 years and 8 months just a little while longer?



Lord, help me to cherish these moments...and begin instilling in me the courage I need to face puberty with three boys.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Confessions From an Un-Romantic


My name is Sarah and I am completely un-romantic.

I am.

I do not want a mushy Hallmark card or roses...I don't even like roses.  Give me daisies or a plant or carnations for that matter...but no roses, especially red ones.  

Weird, I know.

Many weeks ago I had mentioned to my husband that I wanted  new know, for all the cooking I do *cough* ...He listened.

Guess what I got for Valentines Day?  


How did I feel about that?

Wonderful.  For real.

I'm not sure what it says about a couple who get each other knives and season 2 of 24  for Valentines Day but, for means we're madly in love...and more importantly, we get each other.  *smile*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am a Pastor's Wife...

I've been a pastor's wife for all of three years, so my knowledge is limited to say the least. I'm hardly one that's been around long enough to have a whole lot of wisdom for anyone, but since ya'll asked I can at least give you my take on it all ;)
Becoming a pastor was always an option for Ben. It was that, or a veterinarian. I thought the veterinarian option was a good choice, after all, he could still serve in a church...and I could be a normal wife. Deep down, I knew that if God called him to ministry that it meant He called me too. I was positive Ben would make a great pastor, and I was also positive that I had a good chance of ruining it for him...just by being myself.
Looking back, I think I was right. Left to myself, I would totally ruin it.
What I didn't foresee all those years ago, was that God would take personality, my quirks...and He would tweak them to make them useful in ministry. I am talking about a lot of tweaking.
I could be honest without being harsh. Speak truth, covered in love. Be real without jeopardizing privacy. Love a tiny town. Have a burden for people I don't even know. The list goes on and on...all stuff that I never thought possible, because I never considered the fact that if this is what He called me to, then He would go above and beyond equipping me. He knows my faults and weaknesses better than me, of course He knew what He was getting into!

Here's the questions...

What's been the biggest struggle so far as a pastor's wife? Oddly enough my biggest struggle has always been this. Becoming a pastor's wife didn't fix it or magically make it easier, if anything it made it blatantly more obvious to me how absolutely essential it is for me to be in His word. Without it I have no hope of making a positive difference in anyone's life, especially those in my church.

How do you stay connected to women in your church? It's important to me that the women in our church know me. If I'm not sharing my heart with them, then they're likely to make assumptions on my motives and actions. If I can share with them my struggles and my hopes and they can see that I want God to use me and to change me, I think it makes it easier for them to be gracious and give me the benefit of the doubt. For me, I need them to know that I am one of them. I have the same struggles and issues that each of them have.
On the flip side of that, I do sort of have my own personal "hedge" of protection regarding close friendships with ladies in my church. Many of these girlies in my church are wonderful friends of mine and we can share the day to day stuff of life. They are trustworthy friends, however, for their protection and mine I choose to have my closest confidants be outside of our congregation. This way neither of us is put into a position that is going to become complicated. This is a hedge we placed before even beginning our ministry here.

If I could go back, 10 years ago to when Ben started seminary I'd tell myself this...
  • I know you don't feel like you fit the "mold" of a pastor's wife. You're not the only one...turns out there's a lot like you.
  • Be friendlier. Your first church is gonna be in a tiny town and God's gonna change you into a person that learns to reach out to people first, and it turns out, it's not so bad and you're gonna wish you'd allowed Him to change you so much sooner.
  • You're gonna come upon lots of situations that you feel completely inadequate to deal with. And frankly, your ARE inadequate to deal with them, don't be scared of's in those times He will show Himself strongest.
  • Just love people. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Take a good look at the condition of your own heart before you attempt to judge the actions or motives of anyone else. Remember the enormous amount of grace that's been offered to you, and extend that same grace.
  • Smile... a lot. Admit your ignorance. everything. For real. Find the joy.
  • Let Him show you who you are, don't tell Him who you think you are. You're gonna end up doing some ministries that you're pretty sure you don't wanna do...turns out you're wrong.
  • You're gonna be blown away watching your husband shepherd a church. That 17 year old boy you fell in love with is gonna be a great pastor.
  • and you're never gonna get used to people calling him pastor ;) and you're not gonna like being introduced at the pastor's wife, but you'll get over it...sort of ;)
  • Don't believe every ones horror stories of parsonages and bad pastoring experiences. Their stories are probably true, but God is writing your story...go to Him for the details.
  • Believe Him for big things.
Wow, welcome to my longest post ever ;) For those in ministry who might want to read more, you can click on the left side of my blog under the "ministry" label, I've written several things previously about my experience as a pastor's wife.


Good questions yesterday!  Now I have some blog fodder for a few posts...phew.

Gina from Louisville asked: 
Do you ever feel conflicted between living simply, being frugal, focusing on inner beauty versus the world, being fashionable, spending and looking good? 

One word answer:  Absolutely.

Long answer:  There always seems to be a pull to be off-balance.   It seems that something in my humanity wants to veer off course in one direction or another, regarding so many different areas of life.  We go to extremes.  And no matter what the thing is, we run the risk of making an idol out of it when it becomes extreme.

Saint Augustine said idolatry is worshiping what should be used or using what should be worshiped.  

It is easy to become obsessed with outer beauty, material possessions and appearances.  By obsessed I simply mean letting them consume my thoughts.  The same goes for the opposite of these things.  I can become consumed in striving for the simple, saving money, even frugality can become an idol if given the chance.  

Who and what consumes me?  It's the question I'm always having to ask my wandering heart.  If my answer is Jesus, then all the rest is just simply fun stuff. If my answer is anything other than Jesus, it's now become an idol.

I have an penchant for extremes.  I've often said that the reason I have not and do not consume alcohol is because I'd likely be a raging alcoholic.  I'm not even  kidding.

I think that it is fully possible for me as a woman to live simply, be frugal, be changed from the inside out while still being fashionable and making the best of the outside appearance that God has given me...all within a budget.  Now...I say in something I'm continually trying to get a handle on :)

One last thought on inner beauty:  I am absolutely and thoroughly convinced that Christ shines through His people.  Knowing Him and walking closely with Him won't change my face shape or my body shape, but I know that it will change my heart, and what's in my heart is going to overflow from me.  My words, my thoughts, my actions...and some people will be drawn to it, and some will be repulsed by it.  In our humanness I think we sometimes equate such things to physical aspects, when in reality we are being drawn in by a persons presence...we just don't have a good way to describe that.

Thanks Gina for that great question!  I'd love to hear all your thoughts on this one :)

Tomorrow, my thoughts on being a pastor's wife...need I say more ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Let's play a little game.  

Let's pretend I can't think of anything to blog about.  Doesn't mean I can't think...just means that everything I think of is not blog appropriate...or I've talked about it endlessly already...or it means I can't think.

So your part of the game is for you to ask me some questions and then I get to answer and I promise I won't make it drag out for more than ten one post.

I know you can come up with something.  Know how I know?!?  Because I'm totally stealing this idea from other posts I've I know.

Leave me a comment with a question...any question and then I can try to come up with an answer...not necessarily the right answer, but an answer.  Or you can email me at

Good times, huh?  Don't answer that...

Before I go, I'll leave you with the answer to, what I'm sure is your most pressing question.  Colgate Total Whitening's what I use...I think its the best toothpaste ever.  Riveting aren't I.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The One Where I Yap...

I wasn't going to post today, because seriously...there's just nothing new to report!  Life is good, and fun, but it's all the same stuff going on that I've already yapped about.

But obviously that doesn't stop me from yapping on...

Which I think is probably only interesting to me.

Things like:  
  • It is WARM here.  In the 50's...YAY!  The snow is melting and everything is a muddy sloppy mess...which if you live in Iowa happens to be the most beautiful sight ever.  Ever.  There's chances of snow the rest of the week, but none of us care.  We are basking in the glory that is 50-some degrees.  
  • I met with the high school guidance counselor today about classes for Julie.  I think the counselor (who was WAY younger than me, by the way) may have even been overwhelmed with my sheer enthusiasm.  That happens.
  • It's a weird phenomenon lately...the shifting of feeling older.  I used to group myself with the twenty somethings, knowing they were younger but considering us roughly the same (deluded, I know)  But today, in the counselors office...that would have been a stretch.  But ya know what...I kinda like it.  
  • I'm having a fairly good hair day today.  And dang it, that counts for something.
I love the days that loving life is so easy.  Many days are like that.  Many are like that and I don't even notice...I'm thankful today that I know it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Sit down, take a few minutes and have some coffee with me.

It's mocha mint today, I bought it at a cute little tea room on Saturday night where many of us from our little church had a Valentine's dinner.  It's delish.

Pardon the green bathrobe and crazy hair.  I've been wearing it curly again because it's just so much easier that way, but curly hair is not very forgiving after being laid's unfortunate really.  

I overslept this morning.  It's Jack Bauer's fault.  Ben and I stayed up till midnight watching the first season of 24.  I'm not ashamed to admit that we watched 4 or 5 episodes in a row last night. We're completely hooked.  Junkies, I tell you.

I have all three of my boys home today.  Jake was sick last week and he passed it along to his big barfing involved, so I can't really complain.  

Have I mentioned Julie?  :)  I don't think I've had one conversation with anyone this past week that I have not managed to weave her in...and whip out some more pictures for them to see. We've only been communicating for a week now, and already I feel like she's a part of our family. It is really quite amazing.     I can't wait for her to come to tiny-town...but I've got some stuff to do first. 

Which leads me to painting.  I've got some big painting plans.  

Alright, your turn...  

Friday, February 6, 2009


There are times when I hear something and it just HITS me.  Sticks with me.  Changes me.

Beth Moore is hitting me hard lately.  I love watching the DVDs that go along with this study.  Her passion for God's Word is inspiring and contagious, and what I love most about her is that everything really is all about Him.  

Here's what I scribbled down Tuesday night during Bible Study as we watched her DVD.  I feel like I can't write fast enough to catch all the good stuff, and if I don't write it down...*poof*  it's gone!

  • Peace and ease are not the same.
  • Many times we don't have a knowledge problem, we have an obedience problem.
  • Part of being spiritually mature is ceasing to equate hard with bad.  Just because something is easy doesn't mean it is good.
I can't get these out of my head.  I have a feeling I know why.  There's a theme going on...

I love that God loves me enough to keep leading and guiding.  Not because He needs me, but because He wants me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Winners & Cute Jeans...

You should know that Ben and I were quite entertained at all your comments. You should also know that we are both easily amused.

Two things come to mind.
  1. I am not the only one with a desire to get my house and life in order. I'm in good company.

  2. "Ain't too proud to beg" also comes to mind, which is fantastic because we all know pride is such an ugly thing. :)

Random. org will be choosing the winners because I, of course, could never choose between you.

Winner #1: Commenter #62 : Jennifer @ Perspective From the Parsonage

#2 Commenter #131: Laurie M: Self proclaimed lurker :)

#3 Commenter #194: Beth @ Preserved By a Promise

See all you lurkers out there, it totally pays off to make yourself known. :) Winners, email me your real address so I can send them to you!

On a completely unrelated note to anything having to do with organizing and cleaning...last weekend when we had our little get away we found some good deals shopping. I mean cheap stuff.

My favorite by far though, was these jeans I got for Eli for $3.97 plus an additional 25% off at Gap. They are so him.

Gap calls them skater jeans. We call them rock star jeans ;)

Rock on friends, rock on.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bring On the Comments...

It's been about a month since I began my cleaning/organizational tangent.

That little tangent began after picking up this cute little book at the local Christian bookstore.

A month later I can still say that I really love the principals this book lays out. It has motivated me and helped me to tweak areas of my home and areas of my own thinking in order to make things run more smoothly.

I'm not talking perfection, here. After all, the book is not called The House That Cleans Itself and Stays Perfect Without You Doing Anything Ever Again...although I would have totally bought it if that were indeed the title.

Organization requires maintenance. Dang it, but it's true. I have to make a point to put stuff back in it's newly labeled place. I have to remind my boys, pretty much every day, to hang up their coats. But at least we all know where the stuff now belongs, and that is huge!

Is everything perfect? No way. Perfection is not my goal. My kids would hate me if I required perfection...I would hate me too.

The key to an organized house is not that it looks super clean all the time...the key is that when you pick up, it goes QUICKLY, because

  1. There's not a ton of extra junk around that you just don't know what to do with (because you've sorted, pitched, and donated)

  2. Everything has a place...basically.

I love this book. I have picked it up dozens of times to re-read certain sections. There is still many ideas that I haven't implemented steps.

I'm telling you, no matter how neat and organized you think you already are, this book has more ideas. For real. And if you're feeling overwhelmed, this book has ideas. Really good ideas.

The author Mindy Starns Clark sent me three autographed copies...all her idea, I didn't ask her to do it, she's just generous like that :)

Leave me a comment, about anything you'd like and you'll be entered! I'll pick THREE random winners tomorrow! Leave me different comments and enter yourself as many times as you like...why not?!?

Happy Organizing and Thanks Mindy! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Things...

So the title of my post yesterday was sneaky, I'll admit. Shame on me ;)

I think I could start a new blog series called "Why it's better to have a pretend teenage daughter than a real one" For example, yesterday was our first day we were able to communicate and one of the first things Julie wrote was, "You are so young." I'm pretty much positive this is not something a real teenage girl tells her mother.

It made me love her even more. Of course.

And I think when she gets here, we should all talk her into doing a regular guest post on Life in the Parsonage: The teenager from Norway version...good stuff.

Here's some stuff I learned about her already:
  • Her English vocabulary may be better than mine. She used the word flabbergasted. Which impresses me beyond belief. Nice that I need to have a foreign exchange student in order to expand my own English. By the time she lives with me for a year, she'll be using made up words and improper grammar like no one's business. :)

  • She is not a "pink person" which is good, because I'm not either. No pink bedroom walls in this house. But I've got a girlie plan that is cute as all get out, and I'll share it with you when it's complete in its perfection.

  • She is sweet. And charming. I can tell she's charming already...I just can. And witty! Go check out the comments on my post yesterday, she commented at the end.

I have one picture of her that I got from our exchange student coordinator...wanna see her?!?

Bloggy friends, meet Julie:

In other news: Remember that book The House That Cleans Itself that I went on and on about?!? Well, the lovely author of that book, Mindy Starns Clark sent me THREE autographed copies to give away to ya'll! Thanks Mindy!

Two things:

  1. The give away is not until TOMORROW! So you have time to tell your bloggy friends OR be selfish and keep the news to yourself in hopes of increasing your odds of winning. It's between you and the Lord ;)

  2. Comment on the post tomorrow and then on Thursday I will randomly choose THREE winners!

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Expecting!

Friday morning Ben and I left tiny-town for a couples retreat in an actual city. The first session didn't actually start until 7:30 Friday night, which means we left are home as soon as humanly possible in order to make the most of our time.

Friday was also THE day that I was to hear from the school. We we're hoping to know by around 10 AM. Every time my cell phone rang my heart raced. I jokingly said to Ben, "You wait, that Principal will wait till the END of the day to call."

And...he did.

I was standing outside Banana Republic when I got the call. And we got the slot! Which means in August we will become pretend parents to a lovely 17 year old girl from Norway, named Julie!

YAY! Did I mention she's adorable? And smart? And friendly? Well, at least I think she is from her application ;) We now have the all clear to communicate with her, so we're awaiting an email. We'll have six months to communicate before she arrives.

I've very distracted with girlie bedroom decorating plans.

I do want to share some of the stuff I learned while waiting (other than the fact that I really don't enjoy the waiting)

  • Knowing God is in control of the situation, and acting like He is are completely different. Knowing is easy. The other: Not so much. I found myself continually handing it back over.
  • I spent a lot of time copying down different Psalms because it brought me such peace...calmed the anxiousness that I could not calm on my own.
  • God does not make we wait in order that He can see how I'll react. He already knows. The waiting is so that I can see my own heart.
  • I have learned that no matter what I think should happen, I ultimately want to be in the center of His will, not mine. No matter what.
  • God is in the details.

I can't wait to share more with you all on this journey. I sent Julie my blog address. Hopefully she doesn't change her mind about coming ;)

Now...I have about 30 loads of laundry to do. Exciting stuff.

PS - Ben and I had a great time on our short getaway...the topic was Love and Respect...more later.