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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've Found Another...

Dear Scrap booking,

For years I watched people become enamored with your little craft. I swore to myself I'd never be taken in by you. Too much work...not enough time.

Four years ago, upon my move to tiny town, somehow my defenses were down and I gave in.

Everyone was doing it.

And I loved it. And in true Sarah form, I went full-boar. Eight of these babies I finished in about 2 1/2 years.
(Blogger is being totally disobediant about turning this picture)

I've known this was coming though. I've lost that loving feeling. I tried to rekindle it...I did. But it's gone. Long gone. Scrap booking, you've been replaced with a new, faster and cheaper method...called Shutterfly.

Oh, don't worry, we'll have one last hurrah...there's one last book that's obsessive personality can't allow must be January at a special scrap booking retreat that I am still going to go to even if I quit scrapping because I love that retreat ;)

Back to my point. It was fun while it lasted. But all good things come to an end,'s not you, it's me...or something like that.

My Deepest Regards,


Friday, March 13, 2009

It's How We Do Things...

Question: (In the form of a run-on sentence) Is clean laundry still considered clean if it sat on the couch for two days, while children sat on it like an extra cushion, was tossed on the floor and reassembled on the couch numerous times before finally making its way to the red chair where the dog then decided to make a cushy bed out of it?
Answer: Ab-so-lute-ly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I AM That Dumb...

I had one of those moments last night, where I temporarily lost my mind.

Eli was in the upstairs hallway trying to figure out how to do a backwards somersault. I kept giving him instructions as I passed him while putting away laundry...tuck your head, you need some momentum...on and on, because apparently my lack of any gymnastics, ever, completely qualifies me for giving instructions to a six year old.

The last time I passed him something came over me and I said the fateful words..."let me show you."


I AM that dumb.

It didn't even cross my mind that 1 - I haven't done a backwards somersault since I was like...I don't know, twelve?!? and 2 - I am old.

Lets just say I heard a crunch when my neck, back and shoulders hit the lovely gold carpet...but I did make it over! And then I sat in the hall for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to actually stand back up.

Dumb dumb dumb!

Oh, it gets better...especially when you get to call your husband and tell him what you did :)

I left a message with the chiropractor, begging them to squeeze me in today...and now I'm praying they have mercy on me.

If not...hopefully my Dr. will and at least give me pain medicine?

Anyone ever done this? (messing up your back I mean, I'm assuming NONE of you are dumb enough to try a backwards somersault...but if you are, that would be even better ;)

Happy Friday Friends!!