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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I AM Nosy...

During my extensive (one year of community college) higher education experience, I took an interviewing class. Now, 12 years later, I would like to share with you my vast skills learned in this class, by interviewing my little bro Clever, I know. (by the way, I clarified some stuff in orange, just for you :)

Little background info for you. Little bro, Jay, was born when I was eleven. We have a bond. He is going to be starting his 2nd year at a popular University...only about 15 minutes from me. Lucky, lucky him. :)

This is what I sent to him: Dear goes...Feel free to be readers will love it :)

Q - Who’s your favorite sister?

(Jay) Haha nice try with this one I don’t have a favorite sister I love you all the same and thankful that I do have you all. I have learned so many different things from all of you that have helped me so far in my short life and I know I will continue to learn for a long time.

Q - What’s it like to have me for a sister?

(Jay) Well...... really its like having a second mom;), but don’t worry mom still takes the cake on being the most nosy and checks up the most! I’ll admit I really like having you as a sister so don’t you be going no where. I believe we are similar in our thoughts and how we act on some situations and we both have the same kind of humor which is always fun especially when Jordan is around. (Jordan is our sister Lindsey's husband. He's a youth pastor. It's essential we give him a hard time...youth pastor's love that sorta stuff ;)

Q - What’s my best quality?

(Jay) That’s a tough one if I had to choose something which I rather not because you do have many cuz really look who your flesh and blood with...ME Jay is the answer we were looking for. I would have to say the way you put others before yourself whether it is your family, friends, or your town you always care about how others are doing and if there okay and then yourself.

Q- What’s my most annoying quality?:)

(Jay) Well that’s not too hard.......kidding it’s so hard I can barely think of something. The one thing maybe would be how nosy you are about some things that I have going on because I know you will play 20 questions till you find out what you want to, and there is really no stopping you!!!!! (I am practicing on Jay for when my own boys are teenagers...just think how nosy I'll be then!)

Q - Do I seem cool? Do I seem YOUNGER than 30? (Yes, extremely would be a good answer)

(Jay) Haha yeah really for an oooooollllllddddd sister you are;) haha I am just playing you really don’t seem old at all cuz come on you went to Batman really late at night your cool don’t even worry and I’ll make sure you don’t become uncool promise. (phew!)

Q- How do you feel when I call you every time I drive by your apartment when going to Wal-Mart? (his apartment happens to be on the way to Wal-Mart :)

(Jay) Well it’s fine cuz sometimes you pick me up and we go together, but when I’m not home and at work then you call and you leave a voice mail and we all know that voice mails just really get on my nerves cuz how long it takes to get to them but other than that it’s fine that you call me when your driving by.

Q - Do you read my blog? How often? :)

(Jay) Yes I do read your blog prolly not as often as I should but I do read it just to stay caught up on what’s all going on at your household even though I am kept updated by a certain sister of mine most the time;)

Q - Do I need to pay you more when you babysit ? ;) Have I scared you away from wanting 3 children?

(Jay) No you don’t need to pay me more at all really you don’t have to pay me cuz I do enjoy watching them. As for scaring me away no not at all someday I will have 3 kids maybe a little more but I love those three to death and am so glad they are around. I’m not saying they are easy all the time and sometimes it does look like a tornado just went through where they have been but I wouldn’t change any of that cuz I think they maybe have influenced me into wanting kids more.

Q - What have you learned from me? The good, the bad, the ugly.

(Jay) Wow what to say on this one I have learned so much over my life time from you. Such as putting others first before yourself and how making that small first step to get to know someone is all you need to do to be able to share the word. I also learned that you can’t solve a broken relationship by ignoring the person till they fill with guilt as you did with Dad even though I shared that same anger at what was going on , but everything that I have learned has helped make me the person I am today and help me as in the future.

Q - Does it make you feel bad that Odie loves me more than you? (Jay got Odie when he was 11 and our parents divorced. When Jay went to college last year Odie came to live with us)

(Jay)No it doesn’t because really he still loves me more since I was his first care-giver. I fed him and gave him a place to sleep for a much longer time so I know that he might pretend to like you his true feelings are all aimed toward his favorite person ME!!!!
(this is called de-ni-al)

Q - What do you wanna be when you grow up?

(Jay)I want to be a good Husband and Father that my wife loves and kids look up to I want to be a good friend I want to be a good uncle to my nephews and Nieces to come. I want to walk down the right path and really that is what I wanna be.

*sigh* Who knew I'd learn so much about my little bro by asking him questions about me?!?

Maybe I should make my dad my next interview...m-a-y-b-e.

Jay - Thanks SO MUCH, little bro! Hope you know how proud I am of the young man you have become. Life still has lots of tough choices ahead, and I trust that your faith in Jesus will keep you grounded and "walking down the right path."
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