Thursday, April 30, 2009


This has been one of my favorite weeks of vacation that Ben has had in a long time.  We haven't gone anywhere spectacular (except Sonic of course)  but it has been the perfect combination of just hanging out together and having fun while accomplishing nothing off my notorious to-do list.


Here's the run-down of yesterday.  You thought you were off the hook, but of course you're not.  

  • Billie and I ran 5 miles in the MORNING!  Did I mention it was at 5:30 in the morning?!?  Because generally, we're a little sluggish in the morning, but we're following a schedule now, and somehow, that piece of paper has magical powers over us that make us feel the need to obey it.  
  • Then at about 9:30 AM I went for a four mile walk with another friend...and right now (today) I'm waiting for Billie to arrive for our 2 mile easy run.  Man, that sounds over-acheiverish.  I'll be whining the whole time about my sore legs, so I think that negates it.  
  • All my favorite running clothes are wet because I left them in the washer over night.  I'm wearing all cotton...I hate running in cotton.  Boo.  What a terrible awful life I have ;)
  • I'm starting over at season one of Gilmore Girls.  I think it is my favorite show of all time.
  • I've gotta actually "do" something around the house today.  At least for awhile...
  • There's a video of Julie on her blog today that just MADE my morning.  Three months from tomorrow she will officially join us here in tiny-town.  We're so excited to have her.  Heck, anyone who's spoken to me in the past 6 months is excited to meet her!
  • Can't wait for's one of my favorite months.  But it seems I blink, and then it's gone.  
Tomorrow I'll try to talk about something that does not involve food or running.  I'll make an effort anyways.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Stuff...

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats since yesterdays post. *cough*

And I've gotta say...Sonic is a hit. A BIG hit.

Yep, I was the total loser taking pictures of us while eating. At least I'm sure that's what the people in the car next to us thought...until I showed them my t-shirt that reads Just Ignore Me, I'm a Blogger and I Have Readers That Want Pictures, So There. Or at least I would have done that had I actually had the t-shirt.

What constitutes a good burger? Grease running down your hand, of course. Oh, no need to thank me for that gem of a pic.

The only thing I'll do differently the next time...I want a Diet Coke in the absolute largest size possible...maybe two of them. De-lish.

God Bless America.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Skip This One...

Mondays.  Generally not my favorite day of the week.  But today...

Ben is on vacation this week from his secular job.  *smile*  I had to throw that in there because it makes me laugh...I have no idea why it makes me laugh...just does.

I've compiled a lengthy list of to-do's that I'd like to get accomplished while he's here.  Exciting stuff, like clean the basement and re-caulk the tub/shower.  That's how fun I am.

Today though, it's raining (again.)  And I'm thinking it would be a good day to go visit our new Sonic.  Because we've never eaten at a Sonic.  

I just heard you all gasp in unison.

And, located near the new Sonic is a Christian Book Store that has this little book on sale.  I'd like to read it before my Julie comes to live here.  I've got three months to get it done. 

I'm off...

Friday, April 24, 2009

To My Pretend Daughter

It is very warm and sunshiny in my neck of the woods...I can't even bear to be at the computer. 

Yard work is calling my name.  Jake and I hit WalMart this morning for all the supplies needed.  (Thank you Marlas for hauling the 10 bags of mulch home in her truck ;)

We also made a stop for a 44 ounce Diet Coke and some donuts...because it makes perfect logical sense to have a diet pop with doughnuts.  (I've been up since 5 AM thus the off combination) 

Anyways, before I blabber on too long and lose you, I wanted to say a big HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie!!!  She'll be seventeen tomorrow!  

Seventeen.  I remember seventeen.  Mine was filled with lots of drama about a boyfriend who went away to college and I was certain he'd find someone else.  Turns out he didn't find someone else.  Turns out I married him...and so began Life in the Parsonage ;)  

If you don't know who Julie is, then this is obviously your first time here.  I need to come up with a "term" for her.  Exchange student sounds to impersonal.  Pretend daughter makes it sound like I'm making her up.  Host daughter makes me think of going out to in hostess.  Maybe I'll just call  her my Norwegian daughter.  Or just daughter.  And then, people can say,  WOW you look so young to have a daughter that age, and I can say I know, right!?!?  

Either way, I adore her.  And the fact that I completely procrastinated mailing her birthday present so that she in fact will not even receive it until next Wednesday has no reflection on the value I place on her.  It reflects my really bad habit of putting things off until the very last minute while doing other things that do not really need to be done.  For example, her room is all ready for her to AUGUST, yet I can't mail her birthday present out on time?!?!  Nice Sarah....niiiiice.

Julie, hope your day tomorrow is fantastic!!  You are completely loved by our family here in tiny-town USA...hurry up and get here already ;)

If you'd like to wish her a Happy Birthday (and you know you do) click HERE.  

YAY for Friday!  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh How I Like Them...

Let's talk about ministry today.

One of my most favorite things about blogging never even makes it to the's the emails.  I love them.  I think, in part, it's because it means that something I've written actually made sense to someone.  It connected.    

They all usually start out the same.  Dear Sarah, my name is so and so, and I know you don't know who I am...or I hope I'm not bothering you....I know you're busy but...

I chuckle every time.  If they only knew how much I love getting their email...and how un-busy I can make myself ;)  

They almost always involve women who've been reading my blog but not commenting.  Generally, they're either in ministry or heading there, sometimes to a tiny town and they've found relief that there's someone else out there living it too...and actually enjoying it.   I think the fact that I'm a little quirky makes them feel  better too...if God can use me, then He can certainly use them!  

There's some things that I've shared with them, that I'd like to share with you. It's of course, a random list...and my "wisdom" is completely and utterly limited beyond measure.  Am I clear?  I still consider myself a "newbie"...I've only officially been a pastor's wife for 3 years and 7 months, it hardly qualifies me for anything, except to encourage.  It's also stuff I'm reminding myself of...constantly.

  • Be who God wants you to be.  This is generally a better version of who we know we are and completely different than what people think we should be.  Don't fight Him on this one...He knows what He's doing.
  • Love them.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  Believe people like you and are happy with you unless and until they tell you differently.  It's easier to love on people you think like you.  If you're constantly paranoid of what they think, you'll resent them and make yourself miserable.
  • Priorities.  God first, family, then ministry.  If things stay in that order our life works.  Whenever it gets mixed up, and it does, I end up resenting one...or more.  
  • Find some good friends, and your closest confidants should be outside your church...for everyone's well being.
  • Try not to be annoyed when people act as though you're waiting for a bigger church to come along.  As if you're biding your time, gaining experience so that when the time comes you can move "up."  As though a tiny church would surely not be your first choice.  Resist the urge to lecture them...and refrain from using the phrase let them wallow in their own stupidity, when referring to said people.  (Ok, so maybe this one's just for me ;)
  • Smile and laugh.  A lot.  I like people who smile a lot.  Who doesn't?!?  Be friendly.
  • Be comfortable knowing you are not all things to all people.  You are not supposed to be.
  • Be in His Word.  Be filled with it.  Or you will run dry.  And when you have nothing left to give...resentment once again rears its ugly head, and you'll want to quit.  Because aside from Him, we have nothing to give in the first place.
  • Remember it's not supposed to be easy.  
  • Remember who you  serve.  Remember who called you to it.  
  • Enjoy it.  It's what God has designed and planned for you to do.

Some other emails have been about running...more on that tomorrow :)

Did I mention I like emails?  Thought so.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Does it make me  a total loser to steal a meme I wasn't even tagged for?  Thought so. ;)

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1. Adding Julie to our family.  Having a girl around.  Listening to her talk :)   

2. Spending lazy summer days at the pool.  

3. Being able to run 6 miles at a stretch...and then 13.1.  Baby steps.

4. Ben's vacation next week.

5. Warm weather.

6. Watching the boys play T-ball.

7.  Mini donuts in July.

8.  No routine...for the summer...I'll be begging for routine again come fall.

8 Things I did Yesterday...

1. Took two 3-year-old boys to Old Navy and the grocery store.

2. Watched 3 episodes of season 3 of 24.  (Ben was at a Bible conference and I put the boys to bed ;) 

3. Convinced Noah that our next dog will be a Basset Hound.

4. Made lists as follows:  Get done on vacation week, get done tomorrow, get done period.

5.  Ate almost an entire container of fresh salsa all by myself.

6.  Looked through my old weight watchers point booklets.  Still in denial about how many points I really eat.  Bleh.

7. Woke up at 5 AM to run with Billie.  Half way through the run I shut off the Garmin because it was that bad.  A measly 2.5 miles later I came home and crawled back in bed.

8. Felt guilty for being so crabby with the boys because they were being so loud and rambunctious...for acting like, well....boys.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

1. Take a vacation with Ben to the east coast.  

2. Then take a vacation to a sunny island with just Ben.

3. Then take my kids on vacation with us ;)

4. Keep plants and flowers alive.

5. Make the weekends go slower and the week days faster.

6. Make losing weight as easy as gaining weight.

7. Make people change.  Including myself. 

8.  Be content in all circumstances.

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1. 24 (I'm only on season 3)
3. The Office 
4. Gilmore Girls (on DVD)
5. When Dr. Oz is on Oprah.
6. Dateline.
7. American Idol (but only on DVR so I don't have to listen to them sing the entire song...ADD)
8. Biggest Loser (same as above, I have to be able to watch it in 20 minutes or its too boring)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Total Mom Post

I'm gonna warn ya right from the start....this is a total mom post.

Here's the deal.  Noah has a May birthday and Jake has a early June birthday.  

Every other word that proceeds from their mouths while either watching TV or meandering the aisles of Wal Mart seems to be "I WANT this for my birthday"

Rewind back to January.  Remember my organizing kick?  Yeah...well, it seems that no matter how many truckloads of stuff I haul outta here, they are quickly replaced by more truck loads of stuff.  It's like a law of physics or something...which I wouldn't really know anything about because I'm terrible at anything remotely related to science.

I need your help.  I need to pick your brains.  This morning I read this post at one of my favorite blogs.    She lists some gift ideas that are outside the box.  Movie tickets, gardening kits etc.  

What are some birthday gift ideas that I can give to family members that are not going to cause a truckload of stuff to come back into our home/teeny tiny garage?  

Or are there any toys that are WORTH the space?  

Last tid bit of info:  Noah will be 8 years old and Jake will be 4.  

Alright all you creative people out there, let me have it :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'd Like it Back

Random info: This is my 402nd post. Oh. My. Word. Who knew I could ramble on and on day after day for this long. Don't answer that.

So. It's Friday. YAY!

Yesterday I got my hair cut. Another YAY! I'm trying to grow out the front a few inches so that I can pull it back into a pony tail, just and itsy bitsy little one, because right now when I run....DRIVING ME CRAZY.

So, I got my hair cut to grow it out. Only women understand that concept. I'll leave it at that.

Here's some pictures:

Don't tell me how cute it is. Just tell me about a magic pill I can take to make it grow faster.

In other news: There's this weird thing going on with my brain. It's delayed or something. I have lost track of how many times I've thought to myself "WHY did I not say such and such to so and so?!?"

It's like I leave a particular situation or conversation and realize I didn't say anything that I SHOULD have said. Ten minutes later (when it's too late) I think, oh yeah, it's her birthday or oh yeah, they had surgery etc etc etc!

It's weird. And it makes me seem insensitive...and it makes me feel insensitive. And I'd like it to stop. I'd like my brain to start working correctly again. Any time now.

I need a shirt that says: I'm not trying to be insensitive, I'm just really that forgetful and spacey. And don't worry because 10 minutes from now I'll realize what I should have said to you and I'll feel bad about it and I'll replay the conversation in my head and this time I'll say the right thing. Unfortunately, you will not be there for this conversation. My apologies.

Maybe that's a little long for a t-shirt...

I guess the good point of losing my brain is that so far, I'm not saying things I shouldn't. Because I can always go back to the person and add something in, but I can't take back something that's already been spewed out.

Maybe my brain will return this weekend. That would be nice. :)

Happy Friday Friends!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Makes Me Laugh!

I've been tagged by Kelly at Love Well with a meme, which works out perfectly because I had nothing to post about today!  AND it involves my ipod (and we all know how much I love to talk about my ipod)

A Meme for your iPod

1. Put your iPod (or MP3 player) on shuffle. 
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag some Moms you admire who could use a laugh and a song.

Seriously, this is so funny! I could not have picked better songs if I had TRIED!  

There is a Fountain (Selah) 


Falling For You (Leeland) 


The Hard Way (DC Talk) 

Set Me Free (Casting Crowns)

Saviour, Please (Josh Wilson)

IF SOMEONE SAYS “Can I have a snack?” YOU SAY?
You Reign (Mercy Me) 

What Soldiers Do (Monk & Neagle)

Love Story (Taylor Swift)

Never Going Back to OK (The Afters)


Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood) 

Lift Your Eyes (Leeland)

Feelin' So Fly (Tobymac) 

Your Grace is Enough (Matt Maher) 

Thief in the Night (Leeland)

Love to Say Your Name (John Waller)

Enter This Temple (Leeland)


My Fortress (Jeremy Camp) 

Does Anybody Hear Her (Casting Crowns)

Kids of the Future (Jonas Brothers) 

Free to be Me (Francesca Battistelli)

Can't Stop (Leeland)

Fallin' (Monk & Neagle)

Falling into Place (The Afters) 

So Long Self (Mercy Me)

Opposite Way (Leeland)

By and By (Selah)


In Me (Casting Crowns)

I tag you all, because it's so fun.  Let me know if you do it.  I'm easily entertained by this!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The One Where I Put Our Friendship to the Test...

It's days like this, as I sit down at the computer and type, I think to myself how weird blogging really is.

Because what I'm about to write is absolute nothingness and it should be considered kinda boring, even by close friends...yet, people will read it. And some will comment on it...and the cycle continues. That, my friends, is why I love blogging.

I can't explain it, but most of the time, my favorite posts (written by others) are the ones that are not well thought out, because it's in those moments that I get to peek into your lives...your real lives and see that in our own unique ways, we're each a little weird. The same kinda weird...and that is comforting. :)

Here goes.

It was an exciting day at the parsonage yesterday... The Hot FedEx Guy, FedEx Ground guy, and UPS guy all visited me. The Hot FedEx Guy, well because I'm married to him, the UPS guy brought me my new swimsuit I ordered, and the FedEx Ground guy brought me my newest bestest friend I will be wearing on my arm when Garmin.

He's a running watch...with GPS and I have wanted him for a long long time, but could never quite justify it because, well, I didn't really run enough. But now I do. And I found a good deal! And now he is going to kick my butt in shape by telling me how far I went and what my pace was, and he'll beep at me when I'm slacking...he's super smart like that. We are going on our first run together tonight, after Bible Club. I'm wearing him around today, ya know, just to get used to him ;)
The swimsuit looks like this. I've been wearing a tankini for the last several years, so this year it was time for something different...and it was on sale...and yes, I am coveting that models tan...and thighs...lets not talk about swimsuits anymore, they're expensive and depressing...and seriously, I can't stop thinking about having a tan :)
Maybe Garmin can help with the's a lot of pressure to put on a watch.
Now I need to get off the computer and deal with this:

The Desk. Boo.

And these:

The more gadgets we acquire, the more cords! Anybody have any ideas how to organize them, because the system of wadding them up and shoving them in the drawer and then ripping them apart when we need one is, well, not working out so great. Shocking, I know.

If you've made it the end of this post, you have proved your loyalty...*pat on the back* for you my friend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Anyone Else?

I need to know I'm not the only one.

Tell me you all are getting these emails from companies saying... I love your site, and I am interested in creating a partnership with you, and would like to speak with you further about this opportunity.  That particular one came from here.

Every time I get one, I think to myself...sure you've been to my site...sure you just LOVE it *pfffff*  

I always ignore them.  But now they are "following" up because they have not heard from me.  For real?!?  

I'd like them to explain to me what they LOVE about my blog.  Was it the run-on sentences and made up words mixed in with a little bad grammar?  Was it the constant use of bullet points?  Or the lack of consistency on any given topic that compels them to give me products to review?  Hmm, inquiring minds would like to know.

Apparently the economy really is THAT bad.  Who knew?!? 

*insert tongue in cheek accompanied by an eye roll*

Happy Tuesday!  I love Tuesdays...especially Bible Study Tuesday's...there's nothing like a good spiritual tongue lashing from Beth Moore...she gets me everytime!  Just where I need it. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Call

Guess who called on Saturday night?

I'll give you a hint...she's from Norway. Oh yes she is!

Here's my take on it, a long drawn out version, because after all, I haven't blogged since last Thursday...I have words to use.

Anyways, let's go back to Friday. I finally bought the movie The Passion of the Christ. I know, I know, I'm like the 2nd to last Christian to have NOT seen it. I just didn't think I could handle it...watching and seeing them do that to Jesus, the person who means more to me than any other person just seemed like too much. But this year, I decided I was a big girl, so I bought it and sat down to watch it with Ben. I made it to scene 2, right after they decide to release Barabbas and I was already sobbing so hard I though I might barf...I told Ben I wasn't ready and went to bed.

Fast forward to Saturday night. I decide I'll give it another try. Maybe break it into sections. I started reading the back cover of the DVD case and the same ill feeling crept up my throat. Not ready yet...maybe next year.

So I decide to rent The Secret Life of Bees. Less traumatic. At 8:00 PM I hear my phone ringing from inside my purse and I also hear Jake yelling down from the bathroom that he needs help. I've ignored him before and paid the consequences, so I ran upstairs, figuring I'd call whoever it was back.

By the time I got downstairs again, I'd forgot about my phone so I started back into my movie. Then about 8:45 I heard my phone beeping at me that I had a new message.

The new message happened to be from the cutest Norwegian girl with the cutest accent EVER! (I should mention, that when she called, it was 8pm here and 3 am in Norway)

I came running in to tell Ben and we listened to the voicemail a few times. I listened to it myself a few hundred times ;) I could have KICKED MYSELF for not answering the phone! But it turns out, I kinda really like having that recorded message to listen to :) And I may or may not have let aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings and various others a few people listen to it as well :)

No one tell Julie, she'll kill me ;)

Anyways, Easter Sunday morning I made my first international call ever. It was so fun to talk to her, even for a few hear her voice. She is totally easy to understand, her accent is not thick at all, but simply adorable....and I mean "adorable" in a cool sophisticated teenagerish way, of course.

If there was a way for me to get that voicemail into my computer I would SO post it here for you guys because you would just love it. :) But it might also make Julie decide to live with another family... *wink*
Have I mentioned I cannot wait till she's here!

And now for your viewing pleasure *cough* Easter Pics...

Tiny town has an egg hunt at the park...the kids LOVE it.

Hunting eggs at G&G's.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

He's Got a Plan...

When God is trying to teach me something, He hammers me from all sides. I'm pretty sure this is because if He tried from just one angle, I could pretend to ignore it. Generally, whatever He's trying to teach me is something that my natural self wants to just ignore...because it's gonna be hard. And I'm lazy.

It's also gonna be for my own good, because He loves me like that...enough to not let me settle for where I'm at.

Back in January two things happened.

  1. The Bible Study, Living Beyond Yourself began. He used amazing women to bring this about, from the idea of it, to another bloggy pastor's wife to send me the DVDs, without hesitation!
  2. The 1/2 Mary idea. An idea that I'd never even considered, because who in their right mind wants to run that long?!?! NOT ME. The idea was first planted by a good friend...and from there the Holy Spirit just would not let me get it out of my head.
There's a reason. There's a theme. The most important, spiritually, is that I have GOT to live beyond myself...I cannot make it on my own strength and abilities. I just cannot. It's one thing to know this, it's a whole other thing to actually stop doing it on my own, and allow Him to do it.

Here comes the 1/2 Mary plan into motion. I do not love running. I want to, I really want to. The idea of training for the 1/2 is as daunting as the 13.1 mile race for me. Because on my own, I'm lazy. And a quitter. And He whispers to my heart,
You're right won't make it on your own, that's why I'm here. And I'm not gonna let you quit, because this lesson here, it's so, so important my child. It's time to start living beyond yourself...spiritually and physically, because then maybe you'll get what I'm trying to teach you here.

And you know what? I believe Him. I'm scared. And I'm skeptical. And I'm still lazy and whiny...but He doesn't care and He doesn't give up, because He knows that when I finally "get" it, it's gonna all be worth it.

It's gonna be worth it.

I love songs that just speak exactly what I'm feeling...this one hits it dead on. If there's one thing that people walk away from, after knowing me in person, or through this blog, is that I am nothing without Him, nothing without His love.
Enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If You Were Me

If you were me, you might...
  • have decided to take all three boys to Target last night in order to get them something "nice" to wear for Easter Sunday.
  • consider McDonald's Happy Meals a perfectly fine and nutritious supper.
  • order a McDonald's caramel latte, after all, you're not a picky coffee drinker.  You've been known to re-heat day old coffee in the microwave.  
  • think the caramel latte from McDonald's is the WORST thing you've ever tasted in your entire life.  
  • Bribe/threaten/warn said boys about their behavior at Target because you are not in the mood to mess around.  Mama means business.
  • be amazed that the bribing/threatening/warning thing was very effective on that particular day.
  • reward your boys with candy, because what completes a nutritious happy meal like candy?!?
  • reward yourself for your supreme patience and loving care while making children try on buying yet another latte, only this time...Starbucks does not disappoint.
  • set your expensive latte on the seat of your van because all the cup holders are full of old cups, and then get everyone situated only to find that most of your expensive, yummy, delicious latte is now in a puddle on your van seat...with your cell phone sitting in it.
  • smile, gritting your teeth while a 7,6, and 3 year old scold you about what a bad idea it was to put your drink on your seat.
  • dry your phone off as fast as you can PRAYING it still works.  Realize it does, except for the #1 and #3 buttons, which you actually need to use quite often, who knew?!?
  • be relieved to wake up this morning to find that your phone, although sticky, has dried out and is now fully functional.  Phew.
  • be brewing your 2nd pot of coffee this morning.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's What We Do...

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, we celebrated Easter with Ben's side of the family. We're a huge bunch. A huge FUN bunch!

My pictures are random, at best. I really need to start doing a better job of documenting events rather than just taking pictures of things I think are cute.

So for now, I give you my cute pictures :)

Noah got this idea from his cousin Jedd. This is also the expression Noah makes every time I say "smile" :)
Jakob and Grandpa

We hunted eggs in Ben's dad's Morton building because there was a bunch of fresh snow outside.

Eli stopping the hunt to pose for me quickly.

All the kiddos!

My sweet little nephew, Miles and Ben's sister Rebecca.

My sister-in-law Megan, who is due next month! Isn't she adorable?!?

Bianca and Beth, I love their expressions :) They are sister-in-laws and my cousins-in-law. For more pictures of the day, that are far better, go visit my friend Beth's blog!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Help Me Out Here

There's two things that every Midwesterner will tell you.

  1. We talk normal.

  2. We have no accent.

Here's what they might not tell you...we're secretly intrigued and jealous of everyone with an accent.

It doesn't matter where you're from in the US, you'll likely entertain us for hours just by talking...because I also think we're easily entertained (we have to be, trust me.)

Now, if you happen to have a foreign accent...well that's even better! We eat it up. For real.

Saturday I posted this video. It happens to be Jake and I talking, and so our future exchange student, got to hear our voices for the first time.

She wrote this:

"AWw. So cute :)I got to hear you speak as well. You speak amazingly well.
Now I'll never be able to talk to you on the phone. I speak nothing like
that...I must sound more like Fez on "that's 70 show"

Love Julie with the horrible accent"

CRACK ME UP! Have I mentioned I love her?!? Because she entertains me to NO end. I love that she says I speak "amazingly" well. It's a relief...after all, I have only spoken one language my entire 31 years of life ;) I'm also guessing that after reading months of my mediocre writing she may have been guessing I'd sound, well...more like an idiot than I did ;) It would have been a logical conclusion.

So, here's the deal. I need your help. I've been telling Julie how everyone is going to LOVE her accent...even if she sounds like Fez from That 70's show...especially if she sounds like Fez ;) But apparently, just like a real daughter, she does not believe me. Imagine that.

Help me out. Tell her how much we love accents. Tell her how disappointed we'd all be if she came and had NO ACCENT!

Tell her I'm right. Because really, real or pretend, moms are basically totally right on most everything most of the time. Am I right?!?

I think I'm right.

Julie, embrace that beautiful accent. Maybe you can try to teach me some Norwegian, and then I can butcher it with my Midwestern-non-accent and entertain you ;) And, don't you dare try to practice speaking English without and accent...I'll be severely disappointed if you step off the airplane sounding like and Iowan :)

Oh, all of you could also mention that she should definitely, most positively, call me on the phone. Soon.

OK, I'm done. For now. Did I mention Julie has a blog? And it's in English? Head on over and tell her hello, or howdy, or whatever it is you say from wherever it is you are.

Thanks so much!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

At His Finest...

Jake came into the office to show me his new skill (keep an eye on the feet.)

In case you have a hard time understanding him (while viewing him sideways because I can't for the life of me get it to turn) here's the highlights:

  • He attribute his abilities to being 8 years old and having 6 numbers in his name.
  • One of the many reasons this kid cracks. me. up.
  • I've given up trying to convince him otherwise...good luck to the preschool teacher next year.

Enjoy & Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I Have a Favor to Ask...

I promise I'll try to stop talking about "feeds" and other soon as it's fixed.  Turns out I have 2 blog feeds and only one (the one that has about 5 people subscribed to it) transferred and the other was deleted.  So, I just made a new feed and yeah I'll lose some people, but I'm trusting they'll find their way back :)

So, if mine have not been updating in your reader lately go ahead and re-add my blog into your reader like you did the first time...except now it should have a valid feed again.  Make sense?  

Sorry for the extra work!  I promise it'll be worth it.  Kidding...I can't promise that.  BUT, I can totally bribe you.

If you haven't been getting my blog updates this week, and you go through ALL THE EFFORT to un-subscribe me from your reader and then re-add me again, leave me a comment and let me know and you'll be registered for a $5 gift card to Starbucks...because apparently it's only worth a measly $5 to me :)

Frankly, I think FeedBurner and Google should be handing out $5 gift cards...but who listens to me.

And, if for some reason this blog totally disappears because of my messing around with codes and worries.  I'll find you and tell you...somehow.

Update on Life:  Going good.  Weather:bad.  Family:healthy.  Coffee:  Been drinking Folgers:  Yuck.  Running:  Good and sore.  Friends & Family:  Lot's going on, big stuff, praying hard.  Jesus:  So incredibly faithful...and EVERY TIME we go through the Easter story, even parts of it, I cry.  Can't help it.   Weekend:  YAY!

Next week's posts have GOT to be better.  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making Me CRAZY.

If you happen to subscribe to my blog via a reader, then you are likely not reading this.  It seems that the problem has nothing to do with my feed, but something to do with feedburner...either way I have no idea how long the problem is going to last.

What I do know is that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, and yet that doesn't help to make me less irritated by it. ;)  90% of my readers only come when my blog updates in their reader...without the updates...goodbye readers.

If you happen to be one who goes through the work to actually click on my get to read this boring post :)

If this problem is ever fixed, I'll be sure to let you know...if it's not fixed soon, I am likely to go throw a hissy fit.  Kidding...sort of.

Oh technology...I love you when you work and hate you when you don't.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

O Baby!

Today I'm joining in my bloggy friend Rach's fun little carnival. Head on over to join in or check out more baby mugs.

Funny thing...when you start going through old pictures...all sorts of memories come up. I've now got plenty of pictures of myself for future posts. I think they will be titled When Bad Hair Happens to Good People, and subsequently Poor Fashion Choices, followed by Wow I Used to be so Young and Gawky Looking. Good times.

Oddly enough, some things never change. I have baby pictures to prove it.

If only the cuteness of double chins and dimply thighs lasted longer.

This is the exact same pose I take at restaurants while waiting for the server to bring my food.

Obviously I got my wild streak out of my system very early on. And really, what goes better with a cowboy hat than a belly?!?

Still one of my favorites: Eating, talking, laughing, all with my mouth WIDE open.

Easter. Man I wish I knew what year this was. I'm pretty sure I meant that look to say, "Dude...are you kidding me with this hat?!?"And lastly, my dad and I. Or is it my dad and me? Hmmm...tricky stuff. Anyways, this is one of my it shows my dads permed hair ;)

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