Sunday, August 31, 2008


I stole this idea from the sweet and lovely MEME Lorie.

I'm plum out of original ideas and she reminded me of the joy of Meme's.

I have no idea what this meme is called...but it is random...and I heart random.

Here goes:

What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? none, because the boys just took a bath and we have to totally empty the bathtub or they dump it all out.
Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? Nope
What would you change about your living room? I'd make it bigger.
Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? Dirty
What is in your fridge? what ISN'T?!?
White or wheat bread? Both
What is on top of your refrigerator? A Basket of fake red geraniums
What color or design is on your shower curtain? It's striped with brown/cream/aqua

How many plants are in your home? No real ones...that watering is just so much work :)
Is your bed made right now? I say...why bother.
Comet or Soft Scrub? Comet
Your closet organized? kinda
Can you describe your flashlight? seriously...this is a weird question.
Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home? Glass
Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now?no-but I do love it....but NOT SWEETENED!
If you have a garage, is it cluttered? You have no idea.
Curtains or blinds? both

How many pillows do you sleep with? memory foam, it's fabulous.
Do you sleep with any lights on at night? nope
How often do you vacuum? HA! Less now that we have a dog to eat it all.
Standard toothbrush or electric? Standard

What color is your toothbrush? purple...I get the girl this house, that's a good thing.
Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch? Yep
What is in your oven right now? burnt-on stuff that hasn't been cleaned in 3 years :)
Is there anything under your bed? I have a smaller home...I have to maximize every bit of space...its chuck full of bags and purses.
Chore you hate doing the most? cleaning the bathroom.
What retro items are in your home? *blank idea*
Do you have a separate room that you use as an office? Yep, it's where the sermons get written...and houses the computer, so the office and I spend a lot of time together ;) I think we should start calling it "the study" doesn't that sound more classy? Cuz we're all about the class ;)

How many mirrors are in your home? Too many. Every door has a full length mirror behind it! I did not hang them...oh if the parsonage could only talk and tell me who did...but I do have a theory...the one behind the office door is "the fat" mirror, I avoid it at all costs. The one behind the bathroom door is "the skinny" mirror, I swear it takes off 10 pounds. I heart that mirror.
Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home? dude...we don't even have emergency money in the bank ;)
What color are your walls? Taupe, taupe and some more....taupe. The kitchen is is green, I love it. The office...paneling: Don't even get me started on how I hate paneling...
Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home? does Odie count?
What does your home smell like right now? A Yankee Candle called Good Morning...and smells like coffee a lot.
What kind of pickles (if any) in your fridge? dill all the way.

What color is your favorite Bible? See Here
Ever been on your roof? ummm, again, weird. No.
Do you own a stereo? yes, if you can call it's teeny tiny.
How many TVs do you have?3 *smiles*
How many house phones? 1 not counting cell's

Do you have a housekeeper? Yes, her name is Sarah...she's a pastors wife and mom to 3 boys...she threatens to quit quite often ;)
What style do you decorate in? Hodge-podge (it's all the rage, I'm sure you've heard of it on HGTV)
Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints? Both...but my solid red chair + boys = not pretty.
Is there a smoke detector in your home? you bet
What are the items in your house which you’d gra
b if you only could make one quick trip? Pictures

Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Love Him

My Eli, who is now a big Kindergartner is passionate about building stuff.


He cracks me up. It's Saturday morning and he's laying on the couch watching the NASA channel.

Praying he gets his daddy's math and science skills...because if he has mine, all he will be doing for NASA is suggesting what color combination would look the best for the new spacesuits.

Love you Eli...even if you do leave Lego's all over...everywhere ;)

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Apology Letter...

Dear Odie,
I want to thank you for being such a good sport while Jake adjusts to his brothers being at school.
You endured, with such grace and dignity under the Kleenex blanket he made for you.
Thank you for not biting his head off as he lays on you, props his feet on you, and totally disregards your personal space. I wish I could display your same patience under those circumstances.
I promise to get him out of the house more so that you can have some peace and quiet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My 15 Minutes Are Up...

A couple interesting things...interesting to me at least.

Here's what I've decided. Blogging is like therapy. I've never been to (professional) therapy (not that I haven't needed it) but I'm a big supporter of it, for sure, particularly if the therapists knows Who the ultimate healer truly is.

I've been looking back over what I've written over the past few months and it's interesting to see things progress. At the time, the writing itself is therapeutic...and then re-reading it was maybe even more beneficial.

At the end of each month, I go back and print off my blog for the month. (Do you do this?) I'm old school...I like a paper copy. Because for me, it really is kind of like a journal of everyday life...and someday, just maybe my grandson's wife will want to read about how her father-in-law hung from the ceiling fan...I'm just saying.

Another cool thing happened the other friend Sarah called because her mother in law was visiting from out of town and happens read my blog and wanted to meet me in person. I was giddy. That's the first time that anyone has ever WANTED to meet me! Oh sure, I meet people all the time...but I'm pretty sure it's not because they read my blog and actually want to meet me! Made me feel a little famous...or "infamous" as my friend Sarah said ;)

So yesterday, Sarah and Arlona came over for coffee...and I made muffins (which were a little dry and crusty, but lets not talk about that.) Arlona, you totally made my day, thank you!

No worries...the Lord quickly humbled me in my famousness. Last night at Noah's first flag football practice I sat with all my friends...yeah, just me. Not even Eli and Jake would hang around very long before gallivanting off with their little buddies.

Apparently, the flag football parents to do not read my blog *wink wink*

PS - I also got to see another blogger friend (who happens to be the other daughter-in-law to Arlona) this past weekend...I told her I'd wait and post pictures when she gets backs's only fair.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Have No Shame...

Lovely, no?

We have 5 people in our family and 5,000 toothbrushes.

And a smorgasbord of toothpastes.

I'm going to blame this mess on the flood. Many wonderful companies wanted to make sure that all the flood victims of tiny-town had clean sparkling teeth (and hair.)

I'm sure they meant for us to spread-out the use of the toothbrushes. But not in our home...nope. In our home, it meant tear open every single one and use it at least once and then forget which one you used.

Just thought you should know.

Your turn. Spill it. Are you lieing neat and clean in the family toothbrush department? Or does yours look like mine...minus the 5,000 toothbrushes?

It's important people...I need to know.

*Dear Ben, Happy 33rd Birthday! I love you. I promise I will make buy you a cake and I won't even eat all of it...AND I won't get you a toothbrush for your present...promise :) *

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Even Boring to Me...

I can't seem to get my thoughts into one cohesive idea.

Imagine that.

Guess that means bullet points.

  • It was hair-cut day today, WOO HOO! I'll resist showing pictures because it was just a trim...but it feels GREAT!

  • I'm feeling a little lazy now that I just have one child at home. I think it's part of the whole "adjustment" thingy, but still...

  • Yesterday I learned how to do this cross out a word I've been admiring it for months but could never figure it out! Thank you blogging basics 101, my new hero. Be prepared for me to use it endlessly. ENDLESSLY.

  • I'm going to start cooking...meals. And making menus. It's a novel idea.

  • Oh here's a hair-cut pic...who am I kidding, I can't resist a hair cut picture

OK...this post is boring me to death...I gotta end it...after I apologize profusely. Maybe you can leave me a comment with something really interesting in it so it will balance out my boringness and my readers will at least have SOMETHING interesting to justify their time wasted here. Seriously...I'm counting on you :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

To All My Tone Deaf Friends...

It's time my friends.

It's time to let you in on a little game I play...ok, really there are LOTS of little games I play. Like, when driving through a really fancy neighborhood...I pick my house. You know, the one...the one I'd buy if it were at all in my league.

Hmmm...I wonder if anyone with ooodles of money has ever driven by my house and thought, "If I were middle-class...I'd totally pick THAT one."

...back to the game for today. While driving to Pizza Hut last night (to pick up supper and no, I did not get these because my neighbor brought over cake, which I ate for breakfast ;) I caught myself playing this game...the "If I could sing, I pick her voice" game.

Now, there are some (made up) rules.

  1. If God has blessed you with the gift of song, you my friend, are ineligible to play. Your God-given gift completely and totally disqualifies you. But, if you happen to be like myself, and can only sound pleasant after turning the music up so loudly that you can no longer hear yourself...this is your game.

  2. If you are one of the gifted by God singers, and you're feeling a little left out, by all means, go ahead and play the "If I didn't have the gift of song, and I could be totally tone deaf, I would be (fill in the blank)" game.

  3. Pick anyone your little heart desires.

I've been playing this game a long time, and every so often my choice changes. It's the benefit of the tone deaf. I get to change my mind :)

For quite awhile choice is her.

That's right...I'd totally be country :) Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland, you win.

Your turn.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

All I Need is a Cute Bag...

Remember this post...about the bag?

And this post about the dress?

What do you get when you mash those two posts (the green bag and Wal-Mart)together?


Isn't is cute?!? A "green" bag from Wal-Mart! And guess what! It cost $1.00. ONE DOLLAR! I am now fully stocked with non-plastic bags...and surprisingly, the Wal-Mart cashier seemed a little annoyed with my green-ness...which totally made me smile, because WHO KNEW I'd ever have any green-ness to annoy anyone with!?!

I may be able to do long as there is a cute bag involved!

Happy Saturday Friends!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It Smarts a Little...

Today's post is pretty much just part two of yesterday's.

God is continually showing me things about myself through my children.

The latest is this: My three old's stubbornness is driving me crazy...I am God's three year old.

And frankly, that smarts a little.

Isn't it interesting that no mother has ever had to teach her young toddler to be selfish, to want his own way, to not share, to have a melt-down. The sin nature shows up early on (some earlier than others;) and a child left to their own natural tendencies most often grows up into an adult that both you and I wish we could avoid.

It wasn't until I had my own toddler that I realized how childish my own behavior can still be. And with each subsequent toddler I have been reminded over and over again :)

Here is a random list (from just yesterday) of how my three year old and I have a few things in common...
  • He wants his way most of the time. (need I say more?)
  • Out in public, he 99% of the time behaves very, very well. Compliant, sweet, obedient and just plain adorable. But in the safety of his own home the meltdowns occur. (Sound familiar?)
  • He asks me for milk, I fill his cup. Half way through drinking his cup, he changes his mind and decides he wants OJ. I say, "finish your milk and then you can have OJ"...meltdown follows. ( often do I ask my heavenly father for something and he gives it, and then I change my mind and ask for something else, and when He doesn't respond immediately I feel like "throwing my cup" and pouting on the floor...I'm just saying)
  • Potty training: He could totally do it if he wanted...instead he's decided that sitting around in a poopy diaper is not so bad. It's worked till now, why bother to change it. He has no idea the joys of underwear, for both him and I, because he's trusting in what he knows...what's familiar.

(How many times do I (we) just keep doing things the way we always have, believing it's still good enough. Believing that sitting around in the stink is not so bad?!? Instead I could just trust Him enough to believe He has better planned and step out in obedience and give it a try.)

  • He looks so sweet and sincere when he apologizes...until two seconds later when I find him spraying Windex on the couch. (does my repentance often look the same way?)
  • At three years old, in his mind, he fully thinks he's capable of calling the shots...and how do you explain to a three year old how COMPLETELY limited their knowledge and understanding is and without ME he'd be in a world of trouble. (I behave in this EXACT same way, and my three year old's knowledge is MUCH closer to his mommas level than mine is to God's)
  • He whines and whines and whines in hopes that it will change my no to a yes. (obvious)
  • He loves to tattle on his brothers if they even come close to doing something wrong or bother him in any sort of way...without ever even noticing all the wrong he managed to accomplish during the same time frame. (guilty)

Ok, ok, so I could go on for days and days on this topic, but I'm sure you get my point.

For all of the stubbornness and strong-will my sweet little Jake possesses, there's a million more absolutely wonderful things about him. And I can walk through this phase with him, because I know he will grow and mature into what God has created him to be. My love for him is changeless.

How much more so it is with my heavenly father. He walks with me, and lovingly guides and disciplines me as necessary because He longs to see me continue to grow and mature into what He has created me to be. I am so thankful He loves me that much :)

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Staring At Me...

If I could give out gold medals for blog comments all you guys would get gold for yesterdays. Seriously.

Two ideas spoke to me through your comments.

  1. My heart wandering issue

  2. My 3 year old's stubbornness is driving me crazy...I am God's 3 year old.

I'll tackle the first today and the second tomorrow.

It's the miracle that is...blogging. Journaling, with feedback. And your feedback got me thinking... a lot. Mama Belle (my bff whom I've never met who lives in/by the bayou where I've never been) said this to me, "You do know we all struggle with this, right?"And I said (not out loud) to myself, "Pfffff...of course I do Mama Belle." And the next thought that IMMEDIATELY followed was "but I'm sure my heart wanders away more quickly than theirs."

And there ya have it. Truth with a tiny lie attached to the end of it. I know it's a universal struggle for Christians...I've just believed that just maybe ya'll can keep your hearts from so easily being swayed from it's first love...Jesus. Where exactly this thought process came from, I have no idea...but yesterday I was made aware of it. The truth is, that I know first hand how easily my heart may be the at the root of all of our struggles as Believer's...after all, the first commandment was to have no other gods.

Speaking of no other gods...yesterday I just happened to go to the post office, and there just happened to be a certain book there that I had ordered last week from Amazon. Yep. This book. I ordered it sort of on a whim, last week. Some bloggy friends had said they're reading it, and when I was on Amazon ordering something else, this little book popped up and I clicked on it.

Last night I opened it and read to about page 13 before I set it down and tried to devise a plan to somehow forget I'd ever seen it. It's that good :) I came up with no good plan. It keeps staring at me even as I type this.

I know the Holy Spirit wants to use this book to show me areas of my life that need to change. But change is hard...and frankly, I'm a tad lazy.

But here it is. The root of the issue...staring at me from my desk. God has taught me innumerable lessons (most of them multiple times) and there is one thing I know for sure. I can run from this...but God, in His infinite love for me, will out-run me. I can surrender now, or I can totally wear myself out first, but either way...He's gonna deal with this issue. I think I'll do it now :)

So...I'm off to begin confronting my modern day idols...and separate my kids so they don't kill each other...all in a days work ;)

Oh also makes me think of a song :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday was the boys' second day of school and my three year old is having some trouble adjusting to his time at home with no brothers around.

What I mean is: He is getting himself into t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

The scenario all day long:

Me (calling up the stairs) "Jake, whatcha doing?"

Jake: Silence

All you moms know silence is bad news. Turns out he was bathing his tractors in this. Guess what? That doesn't come off so good...we have some well-greased tractors now.

Next scenario involved me calling up the stairs (again).

Jake's reply: "I saw-wee"

Also not a good sign, when the first thing they do is apologize. This one involved my make-up. *grrrrrr* Needless to say, I've got to get creative in keeping him busy with stuff he's actually supposed to be in :)

We're both adjusting. Yesterday I found myself hurrying around to accomplish stuff because I only had one child at if I had JUST THIS DAY to do it all! It finally occurred to me that there will be more days. It also occurred to me how precious our weekends will be, with our whole family together all day long. I will look forward to them in a new and different way.

I'm also finding I have more quiet. In the new quietness I've realized how over the summer, in the chaos, I let myself forget how important the quiet time with God is. I didn't make room for enough quiet time with Him. My time with Him was most often interrupted by children (for lack of dragging myself out of bed before them).

He amazes me with all He is doing. His endless patience and love. No matter how many times I need to come before Him (and it is endless) confessing my failures at putting Him first, loving others more, dyeing to self...He never says "enough is enough" instead, He picks me back up, dusts me off, and like a loving father tells me to stop doing it on my own, and let Him help.

Why in the midst of busyness, is He the first one I shove to the side? Is it because I know his endless love and patience for me and I feel safe in doing it...much like my own children push the limits with me because they know as their momma my love is unconditional?

Pondering this question today, and examining my heart, so that I can stop pushing Him aside when life seems to demand my attention. Praying His Spirit helps me to carve out that precious quiet time no matter what. No matter what!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Go (light) Green...

The "Go Green" theme is everywhere, everywhere.

I've resisted...(even though I do heart the color green).

In my head, to Go Green, also meant buying into the whole global warming thing...which by the way...I do not.

The more I read on global warming, the more I'm convinced that its mostly a political agenda used to promote oneself. Back to my point...

Then, this week while at the grocery store, I decided to purchase this:

Because I thought to myself...
  1. That would hold a lot of groceries
  2. It's cuter than plastic bags
  3. Go me.

I had a revelation in the grocery store.

I can do my part to not be completely wasteful. Being a little green does not have to mean I buy into global warming. The two do not have to go hand in hand. I do not think the life span of our earth depends upon humans being green. God created it, and He has said in His Word that He's coming again and there will be a new heaven and a new earth...I'm pretty sure He didn't mean that this was dependent on us mere mortals taking care of it. Pretty sure ;)

But I can respect what He has created while still glorifying the creator over the created. Which, for me, means I now have two of those cute little canvas bags AND I'm attempting to start recycling (more than just pop cans). I have to say, I'm not particularly enjoying the whole recycling steps, baby steps.

So...I'm going green...a very light shade of green :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thus Far...

My day thus far...(so KJV of me ;)
  1. First day of school for first grader and kindergartner. Up and at 'em at 7AM with a breakfast of champions... bacon and toaster strudel. De-lish.

  2. Take "first day of school pictures", take to school, take more pictures, finally leave school.

  3. No anyone. Phew. It'll take a little while for reality to set in for a week or 2 I'm sure I'll have a sobbish type post for you.

  4. Went to grocery store with JUST 3 year old.

  5. Came home and made 2nd pot of coffee at 10:05. Don't's a big day.

There. If all else fails and I can't think of anything to blog about I can bore you with my day's schedule. Aren't I lovely.

Oh wait. I do have something I was going to share. I've been working on cleaning closets for what seems like weeks. This weekend I tackled mine. I decided to buy a thingy to hang my necklaces on so I could see them better (in hopes of actually wearing them more frequently)

The finished product:

Notice a theme? It's called PLASTIC. I have a fondness for plastic jewelry. I can't help myself. I'm just classy like that ;)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's My Duty...

Had these for the FIRST time yesterday.

Have you had these?!?

Seriously...changed my life. They are delicious.

My jeans are now tight. And it's probably gonna get worse because I'm thinking I may need some more for my Olympic marathon watching. Nothing like watching track and field while stuffing my face with chocolaty bread. Precious.

Go get some. Maybe if we all eat them ALL the time, Pizza Hut will never take them away. Ever.

I love you sweet chocolaty Hershey bread stick thingys.

Happy Saturday!

*picture from google images*

Friday, August 15, 2008

I May Be Asking For It...

I've noticed something interesting this week. People can be mean when they don't have to be accountable for it.

On several of the blogs I read, the bloggers have gotten what I consider, rude comments from anonymous commenters. And interestingly enough, it brings out the mama bear in me.

Got me thinking. It's one thing to disagree with the opinions presented, but it's a whole other arena to start making assumptions and attacks anonymously. I simply think that's cowardly and completely unnecessary. I think if one finds themselves writing something that is so harsh that they are unwilling to put their name behind it, ummm giant red flag.

One of the most freeing things for me, about blogging, is that people don't have to read what I write. If they like it, they come back. If they don't enjoy made up words and bad grammar, they're free to leave...quickly.

I'm not submitting my thoughts before the blog world for critique, but for the simple act of sharing. This is how I in return view other's blogs. I think it's a little thing that can be sung to the tune R-E-S-P-E-C-T...

I'm sure eventually all bloggers get to experience the joy of rude anonymous commenters. I've been blogging now for six months and amazingly enough have only received sweet comments. I know my time is coming. By the looks of it, it may be this week ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Losing It...

I may be losing my mind.

For real. I told Ben yesterday that I'm probably going to end up with Alzheimer's and he's going to have to come visit me everyday and read me our love story and then occasionally, I'll remember...but it won't last long...and then one night he'll crawl into my hospital bed and the Lord will call us home the exact same time. Sound like a movie?!? I need to watch The Notebook again...

Anyways...I joke. Sort of.

I have become a total space-case this week. I blame Michael Phelps and the USA gymnastics teams for keeping me up so late. Shame on them.

Earlier this week I drove to Wal-Mart. It takes about 20-25 minutes from tiny-town. My boys act like it takes days. Seriously. So we get to Wal-Mart, and before we get out of the van, I check my purse and realize that my billfold is in my other purse...hanging by the door at home. Nice. So we drive back to tiny-town.

On the way back home, I decide that I should get the boys swim stuff too since we'll go straight from (our 2nd) trip to Wal-Mart to swim lessons. Get home, run in and grab suits and towels, back to van and we get to the edge of tiny-town and I REMEMBER that I STILL did not grab my billfold. Back to house. Again.

By this time, my kids are seriously sick of me. I am apologizing/kicking myself and trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me!!

That happened on Monday.

Yesterday, (Wednesday) Eli had his Kindergarten check-up (4 shots.) His older brother, Noah, who went through this routine last year has been graciously telling him how horrible it is going to be. Being the good mommy that I am, I bribed Eli with the wonderful idea of going to Wal-Mart and letting him choose a (cheap) toy after his shots. HOWEVER, we get to the clinic and low and behold, guess who's billfold is not in her purse?!? Yep. It's at home. Again. Meltdowns both Eli and myself.

Now you're thinking my Alzheimer's situation is a little more likely, aren't ya?!?

Told you.

So, my bloggy friends, whose minds are still in tact...what do I do?!? How do I get my mind back?!? :) Really. Help me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gearing Up

I am in gearing up mode around here.

Gearing up for:

  • Eli's Kindergarten shots today.
  • Increased running. Got new shoes last night. (unfortunately they are not cute...but they work the best for me...note to tiny-town: do not look at my shoes at 6am when I am running...they are bright & gaudy ;)
  • School begins Monday. It will only be Jake and I at home. Weird.
  • Our church's children's ministry on Wednesday evenings will begin early September. As coordinator/teacher there's lots of stuff yet to accomplish and look forward to.
  • Tiny-town's restoration. Considering the tornado/flood this summer, tiny-town is really coming along nicely...more pictures and updates coming soon.
  • Because of the flooding and busyness of summer we took a hiatus from our ladies Bible study. It was a hard decision, and I'm still not sure it was the right one...I just didn't want to lose most everyone right in the middle of Seeking Him. It's such a life-changing study. All of us have missed it and are looking forward to gathering together again and picking up in chapter 7. Let the revival continue...I'm in much need of it. :)
  • We've had unseasonably cool weather here. Not the hot/humid stuff we're used to in August (although I'm SURE it's coming back:) but it makes me feel like fall is around the corner. I love fall...but this summer feels like it just hasn't been quite long enough.
  • Blog reading. After a partial break I totally feel out of the loop. I've missed you guys. Looking forward to catching up and making new friends as well!
  • I will refrain from telling you how excited I am about the Women's gymnastics all-around competition coming up...and how I keep crying along with Michael Phelp's mom each time he wins. *sigh* Love it.

Through all the gearing up, there is one verse that God keeps bringing me back to over and over again.

Unless the Lord builds a house, the builders' work is useless. Psalms 127:1
It's no surprise to me why He keeps bringing me to this verse. I know all to well that my natural tendency is to rush ahead, on my own and get things accomplished. It's His gentle reminder that I can (on my own) build/prepare/plan until I make myself crazy and it will be USELESS. He has to build it. Not me. I need His leading, direction, and wisdom because mine is useless.

Seeking Him today,


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still Learning...

I head a great little clip on the radio yesterday.

I think it was Chip Ingram, but I'm not for sure. Here's my interpretation.

He talked about how we measure our spiritual growth. How do we know if we are growing in Christ? Is it by standards such as faithfully spending time in God's Word, prayer, tithing, church attendance?

He noted that those are all great things, but if the apostle Paul were asked the question, he would probably not use those criteria. He would most likely ask himself, "Am I loving Christ more and am I loving others more?"

Wow. That there is the kicker. The heart of the issue. The external stuff is all good stuff, but alone, without loving Christ and others more, it's meaningless.

Interesting how we, as people, love to judge ourselves and others FIRST on outside criteria, rather than looking at ourselves and others and examining how loving we are. I do it all the time...but now, I am using a new standard, for myself and others.

First: "Am I growing in my love for Jesus and others?"
Second: "How is it shown?"
Good stuff.

On another totally random thought: Last night I got a new (super kind) comment on this post (you should go look at the comment ;). I didn't recognize the name so I clicked on their profile. Turns out it was the Pastor in the article I wrote about! How cool is that?!? Ya never know who's reading or how they found you...which makes blogging fun and intimidating all at the same time :)

OK...back to the Olympics...which by the way, is KILLING me at night...I'm so tired! I'm even recording it, but who can go to bed and not see the results?!? Not I!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Highlights:Not the Hair Kind...

As you know, I'm still (technically) on a little bloggy break...largely due to my extensive Olympic coverage watching :) And team USA...definitely making it worth it!

But I can't stay away totally, and risk losing all five readers.

Here's some old and new news from my neck of the woods...

  • Tate is doing much better! Many thanks for all your prayers and encourageing words. He came home on Saturday and they believe he has ITP (which I don't fully understand) but it's MUCH better than anything else it could have been.

  • Saturday we went to the zoo. Out of all the exotic animals...we have a favorite. It is not exotic...more like disgusting. It's the grossness factor that just keeps us coming back. I of course, took a picture for you.

When you throw food in...they do this. It gives me the heebie-jeebies...and yet I couldn't stop watching...

  • Sunday I wore these to church: LEGGINGS! They've been sitting in my dresser drawer for just never felt right...until yesterday. And guess what?!? SO COMFORTABLE!! I may wear them everyday ;)

Here's the top of my (Wal-Mart) dress...I couldn't photograph my entire self in one-shot...I'm just not that good.

  • Sunday night we spent the evening enjoying the Olympics while the boys "practiced" their Olympic moves.

The best was while watching the Women's Gymnastics...My 3 year kept saying..

"Mom, you could do that!"

Me: "no, that takes lots of practice"

Jake: "But you could..."

God bless him...he has no idea that his mommy can't even bend over and touch her toes...dang flexibility.

Happy Monday bloggy friends! And Happy Olympic watching!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Melts My Heart...

My self-proclaimed "middle-est" little guy, Eli, went from this:

To these navy blue little numbers:

How cute is he!?!

He only needs to wear them while doing school work, so hopefully it's not too hard of an adjustment.

He will be starting Kindergarten in 11 days. And now I am realizing just how fast our summer has gone.

I keep debating on whether I need to take a bloggy break for a week (or so)...and decided that I can still post, and then shut the computer one's forcing me to sit here and read and read and READ :) (and it's only a week...I can do it...can't I?!)

So...for the next week I'm taking a partial blog break (posting but not reading), there's lots of stuff around here that needs my full attention...three named: Noah, Eli, and Jake...oh and one named get the idea ;)

Oh, one more posting ANYTHING good while I'm gone...I don't want to miss anything ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's Finally Coming!

I have till Friday to get things in order around here.

I have been waiting all summer for this...for Friday, August 8th, 2008.

My name is Sarah, and I am an Olympic Lovin' Fool.

I am. I can hardly contain myself. This is my favorite favorite favorite.

And this is my next favorite. Oh, who am I kidding. I love it all. Even the press announcers.

My boys are too little to remember the last Olympics (which means they don't remember mommy sitting in front of the TV for hours at a time)...this time...they will. I've been trying to explain to them what the Olympics is and represents...the best of the best. I'm not sure they get it yet...but after 2 weeks of endless TV coverage and cereal *wink* for supper...I'm sure they will :)

There. Now you know. If I am absent from blog world next week, it is only because I am doing my basic American duty...Supporting Team USA from my couch (while eating cereal.) CAN'T WAIT!

*image from google images

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I AM Nosy...

During my extensive (one year of community college) higher education experience, I took an interviewing class. Now, 12 years later, I would like to share with you my vast skills learned in this class, by interviewing my little bro Clever, I know. (by the way, I clarified some stuff in orange, just for you :)

Little background info for you. Little bro, Jay, was born when I was eleven. We have a bond. He is going to be starting his 2nd year at a popular University...only about 15 minutes from me. Lucky, lucky him. :)

This is what I sent to him: Dear goes...Feel free to be readers will love it :)

Q - Who’s your favorite sister?

(Jay) Haha nice try with this one I don’t have a favorite sister I love you all the same and thankful that I do have you all. I have learned so many different things from all of you that have helped me so far in my short life and I know I will continue to learn for a long time.

Q - What’s it like to have me for a sister?

(Jay) Well...... really its like having a second mom;), but don’t worry mom still takes the cake on being the most nosy and checks up the most! I’ll admit I really like having you as a sister so don’t you be going no where. I believe we are similar in our thoughts and how we act on some situations and we both have the same kind of humor which is always fun especially when Jordan is around. (Jordan is our sister Lindsey's husband. He's a youth pastor. It's essential we give him a hard time...youth pastor's love that sorta stuff ;)

Q - What’s my best quality?

(Jay) That’s a tough one if I had to choose something which I rather not because you do have many cuz really look who your flesh and blood with...ME Jay is the answer we were looking for. I would have to say the way you put others before yourself whether it is your family, friends, or your town you always care about how others are doing and if there okay and then yourself.

Q- What’s my most annoying quality?:)

(Jay) Well that’s not too hard.......kidding it’s so hard I can barely think of something. The one thing maybe would be how nosy you are about some things that I have going on because I know you will play 20 questions till you find out what you want to, and there is really no stopping you!!!!! (I am practicing on Jay for when my own boys are teenagers...just think how nosy I'll be then!)

Q - Do I seem cool? Do I seem YOUNGER than 30? (Yes, extremely would be a good answer)

(Jay) Haha yeah really for an oooooollllllddddd sister you are;) haha I am just playing you really don’t seem old at all cuz come on you went to Batman really late at night your cool don’t even worry and I’ll make sure you don’t become uncool promise. (phew!)

Q- How do you feel when I call you every time I drive by your apartment when going to Wal-Mart? (his apartment happens to be on the way to Wal-Mart :)

(Jay) Well it’s fine cuz sometimes you pick me up and we go together, but when I’m not home and at work then you call and you leave a voice mail and we all know that voice mails just really get on my nerves cuz how long it takes to get to them but other than that it’s fine that you call me when your driving by.

Q - Do you read my blog? How often? :)

(Jay) Yes I do read your blog prolly not as often as I should but I do read it just to stay caught up on what’s all going on at your household even though I am kept updated by a certain sister of mine most the time;)

Q - Do I need to pay you more when you babysit ? ;) Have I scared you away from wanting 3 children?

(Jay) No you don’t need to pay me more at all really you don’t have to pay me cuz I do enjoy watching them. As for scaring me away no not at all someday I will have 3 kids maybe a little more but I love those three to death and am so glad they are around. I’m not saying they are easy all the time and sometimes it does look like a tornado just went through where they have been but I wouldn’t change any of that cuz I think they maybe have influenced me into wanting kids more.

Q - What have you learned from me? The good, the bad, the ugly.

(Jay) Wow what to say on this one I have learned so much over my life time from you. Such as putting others first before yourself and how making that small first step to get to know someone is all you need to do to be able to share the word. I also learned that you can’t solve a broken relationship by ignoring the person till they fill with guilt as you did with Dad even though I shared that same anger at what was going on , but everything that I have learned has helped make me the person I am today and help me as in the future.

Q - Does it make you feel bad that Odie loves me more than you? (Jay got Odie when he was 11 and our parents divorced. When Jay went to college last year Odie came to live with us)

(Jay)No it doesn’t because really he still loves me more since I was his first care-giver. I fed him and gave him a place to sleep for a much longer time so I know that he might pretend to like you his true feelings are all aimed toward his favorite person ME!!!!
(this is called de-ni-al)

Q - What do you wanna be when you grow up?

(Jay)I want to be a good Husband and Father that my wife loves and kids look up to I want to be a good friend I want to be a good uncle to my nephews and Nieces to come. I want to walk down the right path and really that is what I wanna be.

*sigh* Who knew I'd learn so much about my little bro by asking him questions about me?!?

Maybe I should make my dad my next interview...m-a-y-b-e.

Jay - Thanks SO MUCH, little bro! Hope you know how proud I am of the young man you have become. Life still has lots of tough choices ahead, and I trust that your faith in Jesus will keep you grounded and "walking down the right path."

Monday, August 4, 2008


I like small.

Small towns, small churches, small cars and believe it or not, I love small houses. I like the intimacy of it. The cuteness...

It's just part of who I am.

It was three years ago this month that my husband accepted the call to pastor his first church. Small town, small church...we couldn't have been more excited. We knew that God had made us small-lovin' people, and we knew He had prepared us for this place...and were praying that He had prepared them for us!

About six months into my role as Pastor's wife, a group of ladies from my church and I went to bigger-town for a Ladies State Meeting (or something like that.) It was held at a rather large church that also runs a Christian school. It was my first "outing" with them as their Pastor's wife and I felt like an idiot to say the least. Not only was I one of the youngest Pastor's wives, (and not wearing panty-hose) I was the newbie. It got even better when they made all the pastor's wives stand up front to introduce ourselves and then have the ladies pray over us.

Before they prayed, the Pastor's wife of the large church said something that struck me that day. She said something to the affect that they were so happy to have each of us there and that no matter how small our church was, our ministry was just as important as the large churches.

And I thought to myself, "hmmm...I had never thought it wasn't until right now."

I've thought a lot about her words over the past few years. I know her intentions were most likely to encourage us smaller pastor's wives that our ministry was significant. What I wonder it the small churches who struggle with their significance or is it the big churches who struggle to see the importance of the small church?

My husband gets a magazine in the mail called Leadership. It's for pastors...but I will pretty much read anything in magazine form :) Yesterday, as I flipped through the latest issue, I found an amazing article.

A man named David Gibbons started a multi-ethnic mega church in California in the early 90's. It is still there, and thriving. In it's bigness though, he found something lacking. This pastor talks about his journey to his new ministry which is planting smaller churches, from 30-300 people each. He talks of the benefits of the smaller church, but admits to now having to help support his family with other outside jobs. He says, "I'm a better pastor because I have other occupations. My jobs change; my calling remains the same."

God used this little article to so encourage and affirm our little ministry yesterday. To think that this man, David Gibbons, had what many see to be the successful church, and yet decided to go make smaller really blew me away.

All size churches that are preaching the gospel are important...and all sized ministries are equally important. When I look at Jesus, there is no doubt in my mind that He would have gone upon that cross for the sins of just a few...

I am amazed at what God is doing the small things. And I'm praying today, that I never lose sight of that.

Bigger is not always better...for oh-so-many areas. Just reminding myself of that today.

Happy Monday Bloggy friends!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too Old for This...

Dear big huge zit on my chin,

Please kindly go away. You must be mistaken. I am no longer a teenager. I am a 30 year old wife and mother to three...and I am tired of you.

The truth hurts sometimes...but I will not be sad to see you go...hopefully you are planning on leaving soon.

Thank you kindly,


Saturday, August 2, 2008


Oh Sitemeter...why do I miss you so? and it's only been a few minutes since we said goodbye. *shedding a little tear*

On with life.

We are off to the lake today. Clear Lake to be exact...and it is not at all clear.

We have a group of friends here in tiny-town. They have (grown-up) toys (campers, boats, snowmobiles, jet skis.) We do not.

They invite us to go along and play...with their toys.

That may make us moochers. *smile* So be it.

Happy Saturday!

PS - know of any other good stat counters other than sitemeter?!? I'm feeling withdrawl already... ;)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Deep & Shallow...

This post is two parts which may seem to not go together at all...unless you know me...and then you will find it completely normal because this is me...deep and shallow all at the same time :)...ooh, I feel another blog name coming on...

Anyways, FIRST:

Do you ever feel like life is going by so fast that you can't...keep...up?

I'm there. Yesterday I even wished I had a remote for life that had a pause I could stop everyone else around me and "catch up" before pushing play again.

It's all good stuff. It just sometimes seems like I'm not enjoying it (enough) because of time crunches. I have lots of ministry stuff to get organized before everything kicks off again for fall...cramming all kinds of family fun into the last couple weeks of summer, and well, there's the house...which needs to be in some semblance of order to even find anything. I typed these out, I had sort of a revelation. One: "Seriously, this is what I need to push pause over?!?" HA! It all of a sudden doesn't look so bad...totally do-able! Two: Who has become first in the busyness? *sigh*

Over and over and over I do it. Get distracted by tasks I need to accomplish, and place them in first place. It makes no sense...for I can tell you endlessly that this does not work...and yet I do it. The one and only person I should be running to first, Jesus, I instead remove from first place...set aside and replace with tasks, and then proceed to bash my head against a brick wall in frustration because all of a sudden I can't juggle all that's going on around me.

Hmmm...not too hard to figure out why frustration sets in. Today I'm going to stop trying harder...and start praying harder that this pattern STOPS!

I am so thankful that my heavenly father does not get annoyed with me...because I am seriously annoyed with me :)

And the shallow...(wink.wink.)

Last night as I was minding my own business (sort of) and reading blogs, I came across this post by my bloggy friend Kelly at Love Well (which, is not all.) She happened to mention a list for the Starbucks stores that were closing...and I may have experienced my very first anxiety attack...ok, not really, but close.

I live in tiny-town. I have to go to bigger-town to get Starbucks. If they leave bigger-town...there is nowhere else to GO!

I found the list here. It is real.

And I held my breath....

and my 3 Starbucks locations are not on the list.


Which reminds, don't worry, I won't even begin to tell you my sad, sad, really sad story of how there were NO GOOD CLOTHING STORES around here when I was a teenager...then I got married and moved away and they FINALLY got a GAP...two in fact...and when I moved back....BOTH CLOSED. *sigh* Hard times my bloggy friends...hard times. But Starbucks...still here. Amen.


Happy Friday!!!

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