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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

That Close

Just a refresher for you on how close the parsonage is to the church.  Parsonage on the left, church in the back.  

And I got my nose pierced in March.  More on that tomorrow.  And updates from the past 8 months.   

I spent all my self-imposed computer time today trying to figure out how to get my iphone photos onto the blog in the least complicated manner.  Success.  

*It's an exciting life I lead.*

Monday, June 8, 2015

New Season

It's sort of an understatement to say that it's been awhile.  


But seriously.  It's been awhile.

I started this book, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through.

It was just what I needed.  I am entering a new season of life.  I have a 14, 12, 10, and 5 year old now.  I'm not exactly new to ministry anymore.  We've lived in this parsonage for 9 years 9 months.  I am not the same girl I was when I started blogging.  Or even since my last post in October.  But I am still me.  Ever changing and ever the same.  

In the book, she talks about how we are better wives, mothers, and friends, when we make some time (that we think we don't have) to do the things we love.  And over and over again, blogging kept making it's way to the top of the list for me.  

And so it's going to become a priority for me again.  Not because anyone needs to hear what I have to say, or what non-exciting thing I'm doing today (I made a FB page for our church, and painted our dining table) but for me.  Because I like to write (with improper grammar) and really, doesn't the internet need more of that?  And God likes to change my heart...through the writing and the sharing and the living.  

I'm in.  I'm allll in.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Because Random is Best

I got nothing but random today.  Or any day.

  • Blogger is not letting me put my instagram pictures in a post today and that is annoying.
  • We have another Winter Weather Advisory.  Lame. Winter is wretched.
  • Yesterday I signed up for a local race thing called the Triple Crown.  Which means I will be running a 5k in April, a 10k in July, and a half-marathon in September.  It makes me have that excited/nervous gut feeling.  
  • I am in awe of what God is doing in our church right now.  And that is cool.  
  • I mentioned Made to Crave the other day.  I'm down 5 pounds in 2 weeks, mostly because I realized how much I was going to poor-food-choices for wrong reasons.  I realized I have a few entitlement issues when it comes to sugar. The "I Want + I Can = I Should"  Bigfatlie. I'm learning to battle that with God's truth, which is so much different than battling them with self control.  It's that 1 Corinthians 10:23 idea that even though it may be permissible, it doesn't mean it's beneficial.  Changing my way of thinking and doing is going to take much longer that losing a few more pounds, I guarantee that.  
  • Lucy just dug through all the cupboards because she didn't believe me that we were out of Nutella.  I wonder who she inherited that from? 
  • The new way of blogging is still weird to me.  I'm not a fan.  I'm really uncomfortable with all the self promotion it takes.  It's totally fine for other's just not me.  I really don't care about page views.  I just want to write uninteresting stuff, with unprofessional pictures and offer very little "How-To's."  And that's what I'm gonna do. The rest of the internet calls it "How to Kill Your Blog."    So be it. 
  • I love blogging. Old School.  
  • You have a lovely day!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Your Face

I started blogging in February of 2008.  I had barely figured out facebook at that time.  

Boy time changes things, eh?  Pinterest was the beginning of the decline of my blogging and then Instagram came along...and the rest is "once-a-month-blog-posting" history.  Pretty pictures are way too distracting for my distractable brain.  

Social media changed the way of blogging too.  Back in the day, you could read blogs, comment and form relationship and then your readership grew.  Feed readers have become sort of outdated, and now much of the way blogs are "seen" is through social media.  

And I've been resisting that movement.  Why?  Because I'm 80 years old and I liked the old way of doing it.  How dare those young people go and innovate.  

But now, I've conceded.  I'm the old-lady learning a new game...which means I'll be asking annoying questions about "the computer thingy" an awful lot.  Bear with me. 

I'm 36 and not 80.  I slightly exaggerate sometimes.  You'll have to deal.

And, I miss writing.  *see yesterday's post*

It takes courage to try new things.  *little kitty roar*

SO.  If we are only internet friends and not real-life Facebook friends (although you're still very important to me) then you can now go join my Life in the Parsonage Facebook page where I can be in your face all the time.  And in case you're 80, like me, you go to the page and hit 'like' to "like" me.   I mean, who wouldn't want to sign up for that?  


I was trying to set up the camera for our "automatic timer Christmas Card Pictures"  I repeated this process about 30 times before it was right for all six of us and the dog to fit in.  The dog photo bombed my awkward self portraits every time.  I feel like if I die, this is the picture that will be in the paper.  *This is just bonus info for you*
It's gonna be fun.  I hope.  Maybe.  We'll see....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Couple Things

Thanks to Jackie, who did my last blog layout, I now have a button.  My very own button...just like everyone else in blogland.  I'll never be cutting edge, but at least I'm sorta caught-up instead of left behind.

You can get the code on the right sidebar

So.  If you would like to post the cute little button on your blog, I'd more than love it.  And, if you are already cool and have a button, please let me know so I can post it on mine...because it's all the rage.  Or so I've heard.

She also tweaked my header for me, and it makes me happy.  Feel free to let it make you happy to.

One last thing.  The other day I tried to comment on my own blog and I realized HOW COMPLETELY ANNOYING those little pop-up boxes are that make you type in the squirrel-y letters.  I tried half a dozen times and still couldn't get it right...which then made me smash my computer (only in my head, of course.)

In an effort to reduce your stress, and mine, I deleted the need for that dumb box...only to find out it does serve a purpose in blocking spammy annoying comments.  Which finally leads me to my point:  I enabled comment moderation.  Which means none of the comments post until I allow them to.  I've never had that enabled on my blog before and I just wanted to give you a heads up so that you didn't try posting a comment only to find that it didn't appear, and so you post it again, and nothing, until you finally realized it was moderated.  

I *may* have learned that from experience.  

Happy Friday to you!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Better Than a Click

I came across some wisdom (via the internet) that has really sort of stuck in my brain the last few days. 
The first is via my internet friend, Lindsay.  I've read her blog since I started we're talking years.  It's good stuff.  She posted on FB a little blip about blogging:
well, I'm finding that even if I'm the only one that reads my own... it's still worth something. It's more than clicking like ... and I know it's something my family will treasure for years to come ..."
That resonated with me, because I like to like stuff on Facebook because it's quick and easy...but it matters about as much as the effort it takes to do it.  But my blog, no matter how insignificant, is still worth me and my family.

Lindsay is right.  No matter how lame it may get, a blog post is still worth more than a click.

Yesterday, I was reading Mindy's post on being intentional and it just resonated with me. 
Being intentional, and staying intentional are not my natural bent.  It's something that God definitely started a work in my heart this past year, and He's far from finished.  Being intentional while at the same time leaving some freedom for the Holy Spirit to intervene and move is a tricky dance sometimes.  So, I'm making a list of areas that need some work yet...and then praying God messes with the list as He sees fit.  

Hoping to share the list with you soon.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye & Hello

I think I've got my blog block figured out, just in time to say good bye to 2012 and hello to 2013.

I let a remark get under my skin.  And it tainted everything I tried to write.  

But today...something is different.  

I've been reminded of why I write. 

To whom I write...

And that I'm called to write...even when I'm misunderstood.  Even when others read between lines that were not meant to be read between.  Even when false assumptions are made, and people disagree.  

It's a life lesson, really.  Who will control me?  Who will control what I'm called to do?  Will it be my God, or will it be random people?  Who will I fear?  Who will I please?  

God reminded my heart that of course some are not going to get it.  Of course some are going to disagree.  Of course some are going make assumptions.  And He gave me my spunk back, by whispering...who cares?  So what?

Just write.  

And so I will.  *smile*

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trying to Figure it Out

You know you have some issues when you've started several posts, but have yet to finish them because you can't quite say what you really want to say in the way you want to say it.

I'm working through that..and it has to do with this blog.  And when I figure it out, I'll let you know. ;)

Maybe just posting this will help...

In the mean time, have a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm Alive and Well

You know you've ignored your blog for too long when you start receiving emails and questions about your well-being.  

Sorry about that.

November was an interesting month.  And I wish there was a way to blog about some of the things I learned, experienced, and grew from...but there's no way to do it in a way that remains general enough.  My life is too "small" to be vague enough.  And so this past month will be one of those lessons that I have to learn from and then keep private...because that's just how blogging works sometimes. 

Blogging can be tricky., because like any writer, you're putting yourself out there for not only encouragement, but ridicule as well.  You run the risk that people are going to misunderstand your words, your heart, your intentions.  I think anyone that has blogged for a significant amount of time can attest to this.  It's just part of the deal.  That's hard to overcome sometimes.  And sometimes it just seems easier to shut-up.  Lock down.  And then something happens...

Emails.  Thoughtful questions and concerns.  And the Holy Spirit's gentle reminder that there's a purpose in the writing.

There's a purpose in the writing.  And my purpose is not to be understood by's to share my journey.  My journey.  So I'm going to get back at that.  

Thanks for hanging around for it. :)

Friday, October 19, 2012


This Week:

  • Parenting has kicked my butt.  And four kids is a lot of work. *shocking*  Some days I feel like I'm doing a great job with two and a terrible job with the other two (the number and children vary.)  Fighting that feeling of not being and doing enough as a mom.  
  • Lucy and I are heading to Target today.  It has a Starbucks in it and I have a coupon for buy one get one free.  And yes: I am planning on drinking both.
  • I finished off a gallon of fresh pressed apple cider...almost entirely by myself.  Diabetes is waiting around the corner.
  • Remember I set that goal?  Well, I've got 28 miles in so far and I think I'll hit my goal with no problem. Who knew?  Sadly, the 50 miles of running can't begin to burn off all the cider.  But, it's fall...and the cider must be drank.  Drunk?  English...gets me every time.
  • I successfully washed two wool peacoats without shrinking them.  Score. Because I have no problem spending 5 bucks on a small cup of coffee, but to clean my coat?  Nah.  Last year I just wore it all winter with it having junk all over it.  The trick was to wash on cold, with very little agitation (front loader) and air dry.  It smelled stinky when wet (wool) but fresh and clean once it dried!
  • I am a guest blogger over at The Domestic Fringe today.  I love her and her blog, and I'm honored she invited me (and my bad grammar) over for a guest post.  Go tell her hi...and help her not regret her decision. ;)
  • I scalded my hand on the steam from the church coffee pot that I was cleaning out with vinegar.  Genius.
  • I made a pot of coffee (several times) and 4:00 in the afternoon.  Just because.  

I hope your week was as riveting as mine.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Got It

And now an actual picture.  Of my favorite new shoes. Minnetonkas.

Apparently all I needed to do in order to overcome by technological block was to blog about it.  Now, we'll see if I can remember how I did it. ;)

When the Phone is Smarter Than Me...

I recently got a smart phone.  A hand-me-down used one that was just the right price of free.  It's taken me awhile to get used to it...and sometimes it just mocks me and my inability to figure out technological things.  But all in all, it has Instagram so therefore I love it.

That being said, I really can't even figure out Instagram very well.  And with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who has time for a blog?  I need to consolidate, and is that even possible?  And is that possible for me?

Like, how in the world do I get my Instagram pictures in my blog posts?  I googled it, but then it said something about html and then my mind just shuts down automatically.  

First world problems, people. Life is so hard sometimes *sarcasm*

Speaking of sarcasm, my first born 11 year old son did not inherit my sarcasm gene.  Poor kid has to ask, sincerely, "really?" after most things I say, because he genuinely doesn't know if I'm serious or not.  And then there's my 2nd born, 10 year old son..who dishes it right back to me.  And sometimes I have to correct him...while inside I smile a smirky smile of pride.  For the record, I love them both.

Back to Instagram.  If you by chance are a super genius and can tell me how I can get my Instagram pics into my blog I would forever be indebted to you.  Kidding.  Or am I?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

I hate playing catch up.  Do you?  It requires so much work.  Whether it's trying to catch up with people I've lost contact with (which I do, because I'm terrible at keeping in touch, unless you count Facebook as keeping in touch), or blogging...playing catch up is tiring.  And since my blogging in the past several months has been, shall we say, pathetic, I have a lot to catch up on.  And since "catching up" seems so not fun, I just do what I do best...procrastinate.  I'm like a professional at it these days.

It's impressive.  Except that it's not.

In blogging, and in life, I like to hit the ground right where I'm at.  I like to talk about what's going on now, not yesterday or last week...or months ago.  But I also can't leave this gaping whole in the last few months of our life in 2011.  After all, this blog is really for me.  To keep track of life, my family, my God.  So I can process the now, and look back on the then and realize how good life really is.  It's a bonus when others join along on the journey...but I write for grammar is hardly good enough to "write" for anyone else. ;)

So I don't forget:

The remodel/addition project started in June and is coming along steadily (it deserves it's own post soon), Noah played catcher on his 3rd grade little league team...and loved it, we went camping with friends, my family loved it and I didn't totally hate it, so we're good to go again next year, Lucy started walking in mid July, Noah went off to Jr. Boys camp for a week...and I survived., the first week of August was:  missionary friends from Brazil, Julie arriving back here, VBS, and missionary friends here to help for VBS.  We celebrated Jake's 6th birthday, and continued Eli's vision therapy (which also deserves it's own post)  We didn't get to the pool as often as we would have liked, but spend plenty of time there for swim lessons.  Eli being baptized.  Moved Julie into college just 15 minutes away. School started August 17th, and fall unofficially begins...for all practicality purposes.   My boys loooove AXE... Jake now calls deodorant "man smell"  and because of the awesomeness of that, the whole family calls it that.  All of that should have been about 45 posts.  But it's not.  And that's ok.

And what kind of  "cramming all things summer into one blog post" be without at least a few pictures?!?

Lucy's favorite shoes.
At the airport with Julie!

Lucy's personality keeps shining brighter and brighter ;)

Getting Julie ready for college.

Eli 3rd grade, Jake Kindergarten, Noah 4th grade...standing in the doorway of the new addition, because next year it will look so different!

There.  Caught up.  That wasn't so bad. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011


Thanks to Jackie at Memories by Design, I have a terrific new blog-do!  YAY!

Apparently, I was so tired of looking at my old one, that I just couldn't blog the month of July. 

Or I've been busy.

Or both.

My kids start school next week...and I don't even care if it makes me sound like a bad mom, but YIPEEEEEE!  

They're ready and I'm ready.  Sort of.  I'll miss them, but they need structure and so do I.  Thank you public school system for providing us with a schedule, because for some reason I just can't do it on my own. 

Until then, I can't hear myself think...

See ya next week. ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out of My League

Today I've been messing around with blog layout stuff.  I do that every so often when I decide I'm so sick of mine that I can't bear to look at it one. more. day.  I'm way of out of my league.  I don't really know what it is I want, and I have even less patience for figuring out how to do it, it will likely remain the always :)  

I did mess around with trying photo collages and had some success.  Now if only the pictures were steps.

Really, I have nothing to say today...remember that  old saying Something is better than nothing...let's just say I proved that one wrong today.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Too Hot To Trot

I apologize, but you'll have to humor me and tilt your head counter-clockwise in order to see the picture in the proper postion that I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET BLOGGER TO DO!

Grrrrrr.  Anyways.

Little Miss Lucy asked me if I would be so kind as to publicly thank Miss Amy Beth (oh yes, the famous one from Ministry so Fabulous) for the adorable onsie she's wearing this day.  She simply adores it, and so does her momma.

too HOT to TROT!
 Thank You Amy Beth!!

I adore Amy Beth.  I can't remember how I stumbled on her blog (ages ago) but I loved her from the first moment.  I know many of you read her as well, and you, like myself, are probably pretty certain that you're on her bff blog friend list...because she's just sweet enough to make all of us think that.  :)

I want her to move to Iowa and marry my brother Ryan.  And then we can be sisters.  Now if only I can talk the two of them into my plan of perfection....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Say Hello

I normally pay very little attention to my sitemeter. However, yesterday I decided to check up on my stats and junk. And then I wasted some more time looking through some of my old posts.

And then I started to feel a little bad.

Next month will mark my 2 year blogging anniversary. TWO YEARS. I spent the first year trying to build a group of blog friends. And once that happened, I got totally lazy. I'm lucky to blog twice a week now.

I also realized that the number of visitors a day that I used to have to blog for, now visit whether I've posted or not. And then I thought to myself...poor people. Here they are, clicking over hoping to find something new and instead, there sits the same boring post from 3 days ago.

Sorry 'bout that.

I've gotten lazy about posting, lazy about reading and commenting, and especially lazy when it comes to visiting any new blogs...and I know I'm missing out on some really great people and content.

Time to figure out where I'm going with this thing again. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. Either I do this, or I don't...but this barely maintaining is just not gonna work for me.

Time to jump back into this! And...I've heard that today is National De-lurking Day...which means if you are one of those lovely readers who reads but doesn't leave a comment because you're sick of my lack of posting, then today is your chance say hello...and then you can go back to hiding, I promise.

Or you can just say hello. And if you blog, then I can come visit you, and we can be friends.

Introduce yourselves.

Happy Day to you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Because I'm Weird...

I happened to take a good look at my Google reader the other day discovered I have some blogging stereotypes and bias.

One can learn a lot about themselves by the blogs they read.

Generally speaking, I'm a mom-blog kinda reader....ladies that are in the trenches of motherhood with me . I'm also easily sucked in by several Christian women who are sharing their journey and keepin' it real in the process. They make me laugh, relate, and many times cry...there's comfort in knowing others out there are like me...going through the same stuff of life.

Because it's no secret I'm a tad quirky there's also some un-written made-up rules I seem to follow regarding what blogs I read. Here's what I found from my reader:
  • I've stopped subscribing to any of the huge blogs. Weird, huh. I've visited before, and they're pretty great (obviously, or they wouldn't be so huge) but I always end up leaving and feeling like the odd kid who's standing outside the group of the popular I need to go find another kid who actually needs a friend...
  • I don't read cooking's just not my thing. It would be like me trying to read blogs about golf or fishing...although both are fine activities I don't particularly enjoy them.
  • I like smaller blogs because then I get to interact with the writer.
  • If the blog posts are loooong with long paragraphs I stop reading, no matter how great it must have something to do with my self-diagnosed ADD.
  • If the blog background is really dark and I can't see the letters well I stop hurts my eyes...for real.
  • I love blogs that look at life through a unique perspective.
  • But I tend to shy away from ones that seem too sad, or too negative.
  • I get on tangents of certain topics. For awhile I read a bunch of running blogs...eventually I narrowed it down to the ones who are not over-achiever runners, but more like myself...only better.
  • Lately I'm hooked on some fashion blogs that are utterly adorable. I'm gonna share those links with you tomorrow...because I'm just too lazy to do it today.
It's odd, but my blog reading tendencies are very similar to my real life. Much of what draws my attention or repels it are the same.

Some of it needs to be tweaked.

Some of it, I'm just gonna leave alone...because golfing and fishing are boring, I don't care what you say *wink wink*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just For a Time...

Have you ever notice how your blog sort of takes on a life of it's own?  Mine has.  At least if feels that way.  It started as a place to just sort of journal when I felt like it...and then actual readers come along.  And then readers and bloggers became friends...who knew!?!?  And when I don't blog, I feel outta the bloggy world if I'm missing something.

And then I start to I running my blog, or is it running me?   

And here's my dilemma.  It's summer.  It's tons-o-fun.  I love all my readers and blogs I read, I really, REALLY do.  But no matter how fun blog-life can't compare to real life, which is just so much better.  

SO, I'm stepping back a little for Summer time.  I'll still be here to fill your lives with information that you really didn't even need to know, it just won't be as often...maybe a couple times a week. 

Your mind will thank me later.

My reading and commenting on your posts is likely to be less than stellar as well.   No worries though...come the end of summer I'll be back in full swing.  

I just didn't want you to think I was snubbing you.

Or being rude...I hate rudeness.

Or that some natural disaster had decided to strike.

Or that I'd fallen of the face of the earth. 

I'm just enjoying my family,warm weather, green grass, the public pool, and hot dogs at the baseball diamond.

Speaking of hot dogs...last night at the t-ball game I ate a hot dog and nachos for supper.  It's amazing what I'll eat in order to not have to cook.  God bless Mondays for the month of June...and God bless t-ball games....and Summer.

Did I mention I love Summer?  

ONE more is now officially LESS than 2 months till Julie comes!

*image courtesy of google images

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The One Where I Put Our Friendship to the Test...

It's days like this, as I sit down at the computer and type, I think to myself how weird blogging really is.

Because what I'm about to write is absolute nothingness and it should be considered kinda boring, even by close friends...yet, people will read it. And some will comment on it...and the cycle continues. That, my friends, is why I love blogging.

I can't explain it, but most of the time, my favorite posts (written by others) are the ones that are not well thought out, because it's in those moments that I get to peek into your lives...your real lives and see that in our own unique ways, we're each a little weird. The same kinda weird...and that is comforting. :)

Here goes.

It was an exciting day at the parsonage yesterday... The Hot FedEx Guy, FedEx Ground guy, and UPS guy all visited me. The Hot FedEx Guy, well because I'm married to him, the UPS guy brought me my new swimsuit I ordered, and the FedEx Ground guy brought me my newest bestest friend I will be wearing on my arm when Garmin.

He's a running watch...with GPS and I have wanted him for a long long time, but could never quite justify it because, well, I didn't really run enough. But now I do. And I found a good deal! And now he is going to kick my butt in shape by telling me how far I went and what my pace was, and he'll beep at me when I'm slacking...he's super smart like that. We are going on our first run together tonight, after Bible Club. I'm wearing him around today, ya know, just to get used to him ;)
The swimsuit looks like this. I've been wearing a tankini for the last several years, so this year it was time for something different...and it was on sale...and yes, I am coveting that models tan...and thighs...lets not talk about swimsuits anymore, they're expensive and depressing...and seriously, I can't stop thinking about having a tan :)
Maybe Garmin can help with the's a lot of pressure to put on a watch.
Now I need to get off the computer and deal with this:

The Desk. Boo.

And these:

The more gadgets we acquire, the more cords! Anybody have any ideas how to organize them, because the system of wadding them up and shoving them in the drawer and then ripping them apart when we need one is, well, not working out so great. Shocking, I know.

If you've made it the end of this post, you have proved your loyalty...*pat on the back* for you my friend!

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