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Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh I Laughed...

Last night the whole family was spread out on the couches watching our favorite Sunday night series, The Bible on the History channel.   It got to the part where Jesus is in the desert, having fasted for 40 days and Satan arrives, in the form of a snake.

And then he's in the form of a sort-of human in a black cape...and when we saw his face both Ben and I gasped and looked at each other, and as our eyes met we knew we were having the very same thought.

"Don't say it!"  I whispered at him.  I didn't want the boys to hear us and repeat it.

But sure enough, one of the boys said "Satan looks like Barack Obama!"

And they were right. Here's a link to the picture.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the president, but I respect the office he holds...I also don't go around equating him with Satan...but I'm not gonna lie, I chuckled.  

A lot.

Today I found an article from the producers of the show, they claim he bears no resemblance.  Pffff.  Again, I chuckled.

These are the things that entertain me during the Winter That Never Ends where I live.

The End.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Crush is Over...So That's Good...

*My apologies before you even read is allllll over the place*

Remember that inner 15 year old I've mentioned?

Well... she is reading the Twilight series. There's four books (I finished the 2nd yesterday) and a movie that opened this weekend. For those of you who may not know what on earth I'm talking about, the Twilight series is about teenage of them is a's young love without smutty stuff or gore, and frankly...I'm quite enjoying it!

Friday night my parents watched the boys so Ben and I could go to a movie. Twilight was sold out by the time we got there. Apparently, girls who are ACTUALLY 15 really wanna see the movie too. Go Figure. ;)

We ended up seeing the "old married people's movie" Fireproof *wink wink*

As I sat in the theatre, I wondered if I was the only 30 year old Pastor's wife in there (or anywhere) wishing she was watching Twilight instead...likely.

How weird am I?!?

Fireproof was a fine movie...with a lot of real life drama...which may have been the problem for me Friday night.

Lately, it seems that the opportunities to minister to people with real life dramas are endless...some of their life stories seem more fictional than a teenage vampire series could ever be. Friday night I was looking for an escape from that...a tiny two-hour distraction.

Fireproof was not that for me. BUT three things:
  1. ...I did realize that my teenage crush I had on young Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains...has ended even though he looks much the same. I know you're relieved.
  2. I thoroughly agree with the message of the movie. All married couples should see it. Bring Kleenex...and Jr. Mints.
  3. I didn't tell Ben about my crush until AFTER the movie...he acted surprised that I had had a crush on Kirk Cameron...I assured him that I wasn't the only woman in the theatre that had crushed on him a little back in the day ;)

*shaking my head and rolling my eyes* THAT is how I feel about this post :)

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends, and my sincerest thanks for putting up with this post ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Will Learn...

I have to tell you. Your comments yesterday cracked me up. Hearing about stuff you've done to injure yourself totally made me feel better ;)

You're the best. For real.

My lovely Chiropractor (whom I only visit when I am in a state of debilitation) cracked and twisted and aligned me again. She said by Monday I should feel fine, because youth is on my side.

I wish youth were a little more aware that they should me MORE on my side, because frankly, I still hurt.

My expectations may have been a little high...I wanted to feel completely better immediately. Doesn't work that way. Dang it.

I am, however, taking the maximum dosage of Ibuprofen that the human body can handle ;) Oh I kid...kinda.

The pain has slowed me down and I figured about a few things:

  1. I'm a tad bit crabby when in pain.

  2. I do not like being made by my body to sit and rest.

  3. I've been complaining a lot about running lately...and after the past couple days, I realized that the ability to run is a gift. The ability to live life without pain is a gift. Time to change my thinking.

  4. Back pain is not fun, and now everyone who has it has my complete and utter sympathy.

  5. No more gymnastics for me. Ever again.

Makes me think of a little song I happen to love... :) Some people gotta learn the hard way...

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Evan Almighty Moment

Last night, my family and I watched Evan Almighty (again.) I like the gist of this movie. Every time I watch it, I end up tearing up! I know, I know, it's a comedy...but there are several things that I love about it. One, is that it shows that God can do whatever He chooses. We can either go along with it, or fight it, but He will accomplish it regardless. The other thing I love, is that right up until the very end...Evan (and his family) are looking for the flood to be caused by rain. How often do I assume I know and understand what God's plan is only to be surprised at what His plan really was!

Last night...something else about the movie hit me, for the first time. It was the bathroom shaving scene. (If you haven't seen the movie, it's in the clip above.) You know the one...he keeps shaving and as soon as he's finished it's grown right back in. Well, I heard a still, small voice say..."Sarah, my beloved...this is your beard...don't fight against the Lego's anymore...they will just grow back. Be at peace...someday you will be sad they're no longer everywhere"

I get it...I heard the message. I am going to live in peace with the millions of Legos that live in every room of my house. Fighting it is futile. Oh the lessons I learn from movies...
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