Monday, February 28, 2011

30 for 30 Remix

Let talk 30x30 remixing.  If you need some background, go here or to see my 30 items go here.

  • Remembering/avoiding to take pictures has improved this week, but only slightly.  I took four pictures, and you've already seen at least two of them.  Fail. 
  • When I picked my 30 choices it was 50+ degrees out and I had spring on the brain.  Since then, it has been snowing and freezing and the outfits I had planned in my head, with ballet flats and cuffed seem a little ridiculous.   Not that that will stop me.
  • I did pull out the white jeans on a snowy, cold day in February.  

I likely would have never thrown these items together if they weren't in my 30x30, but they worked.  My hair...not so much.  I'm growing it out.  And it's at a length that I just sort of despise right now.  Now short enough to have a style, and not long enough to make me like it.  Bear with me, in a year is should be fine...and then I'll cut it. ;)

You can't really tell, because of my craptastic photo skills, but this jcrew tshirt has rosettes on it, and then I wore a rosette pin and I think that might be considered over-kill by some.  But not me.

 I put this old navy white pheasant top in the 30x30 because it's one that I always keep in my closet, certain that I'll wear it and then never do.  I like it fine...except the sleeves make it nearly impossible for me to wear a cardigan.  And as you can tell, my basic uniform consists of jeans and a cardigan.  I love them deeply.

I added in the 2nd pic, because I realized I'd cut off me feet in the first shot....but my expression in the 2nd shot is...ummm, yeah, not so cute.

Here's what I've learned so far:

  • I'm on day 13 of 30, I'm going to have to get MUCH more creative with the outfits from here on out or I am going to lose my mind.  Creativity requires planning.  So far, my planning consists of rummaging through my closet in the dark hoping not to wake Lucy up (yes, that's a whole other post.)  This week, I'm going to try harder.  In theory, at least.
  • It is very difficult to suck in your stomach and smile and take a picture at the same time.  

  • I am already way more appreciative of the clothing items hanging on the "other" side of my closet.  It's probably because they're off limits, but I notice myself thinking, when this thing is over, I'm wearing that and that and that.   And that is a good thing...learning to shop my closet.
  • I really, really, REALLY want to have a real life clothes swap with friends.  I think it would be so fun, I just don't know how to do it...yet.
  • And this is totally off topic, but my sporadic winter running is turning into regular running starting this week, thanks to my running buddy being at my house at 6am.  Very excited to get back into the routine.   Very excited that tomorrow is MARCH.  
  • I'm very happy to be back into the blogging groove as well. ;)
  • And, if you want to see how remixing is done (with cute pictures) then you should go here and be inspired...and then come back and join me in remixing.  It's never too late to start *key inspirational music*
Happy Sunshiny Monday!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's Chat...

There's so many new blogs I've been visiting because they offer so many ideas, inspirations, tips, and projects they've been working on that after all their genius I feel a little....boring, with a capital B.

It's a good thing I'm super cool with being boring.

But I do know some things.  A few.  A couple.

1 - I buy Lucy's diapers on Amazon.  They have this amazing Subscribe & Save program (which is free) and you can have all sorts of different things shipped to you for FREE and as regularly as you'd like.  I do once a month.  And for signing up, you get two different discounts to use all the time, which saves you 30%, and today I had a coupon for an extra $10 off.  Cha-ching.  Plus, I never run out and I don't have to add it to my Target list.

2 - I'm getting back into the blogging groove.  This month marks THREE years of blogging.  That's crazy.  This is off subject, but I just saw a man ride by on his bicycle with a trailor thing attached to it that had some sort of barrel on it.  Oh the things I see from my dining room window...


What else can we discuss here?  What are your burning questions?  Let's discuss...and by that, I mean leave me a comment.

Happy Thursday...and yes, I have been taking pictures of my outfits.  Sadly, I still look like a girl who doesn't have anywhere to go. ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out of My League

Today I've been messing around with blog layout stuff.  I do that every so often when I decide I'm so sick of mine that I can't bear to look at it one. more. day.  I'm way of out of my league.  I don't really know what it is I want, and I have even less patience for figuring out how to do it, it will likely remain the always :)  

I did mess around with trying photo collages and had some success.  Now if only the pictures were steps.

Really, I have nothing to say today...remember that  old saying Something is better than nothing...let's just say I proved that one wrong today.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Moral of the Story...

Not long ago on Facebook, I posted a picture of this in my status:

It could be titled:  I Had Three Boys First and I Don't Know What to do With These Things

Or maybe a shorter title would be better.

But my friend Cortney hooked me up.  Big time.  As in,  she made me the ribbon holder and hand delivered it to my front door.  Is that not fantastic?!?

Seriously people, I don't want you to miss the moral of this story.  Which is, in desperate circumstance, throw that problem out on the internet and someone somewhere will take pity on you and help you and soon you'll go from that terrible picture above, to  this:

I got this idea from a friend too.  It's full of all the headband thingys.

Lucy's head still looks like this:

Now I just have to remember to actually put them in her hair. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Letter...

Dear Sarah@Life in the Parsonage,

Remember when you said on your blog that you were doing a 30 for 30 remix and that on MONDAYS you would post pictures of the outfits you'd put together?  Well, it's Monday and there are no pictures.  I hear it's because you went most of the week forgetting to even take a picture of yourself.  I also hear that it's actually extremely weird and awkward-feeling to take a picture of you and your whole outfit.  Apparently, your husband offered his picture taking skills, but you turned him down because posing also felt, well...ridiculous.  

Get over yourself.  Remember to take pictures, because the people don't care if you look self conscious and insecure...frankly, they like them better if you do look awkward...much more entertaining that way.   (They're laughing with you , not at you) *cough*

And yes, you're right, some of your outfits were boring.  Really boring.  That's ok.  It's the process, remember?

Now get your butt in gear.

Thank you kindly,

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Moment

It feels like yesterday...that she was so tiny.

In two days she'll be 10 months old.  Last night, she started crawling on all fours.  And like always, I felt the surge of mixed emotions....excited for the next step and a nagging sadness over saying goodbye to yet another baby stage.

I have breathed in every moment of the last 10 months.  I can't say that about my first three babies...back then I didn't understand how fleeting the time was.  How I'd look at a baby one day, and a 3rd grader the next.  Wondering how their feet got so huge, without me even noticing.  How does that happen? I see him everyday.

I'm learning to breathe-in the moment.  No rushing it.  No trying to slow it.  Just living it.   The 3rd grader, the 2nd grader, the 5 year old, the baby.  Trying to embrace it, yet not hold on too tightly...because it's a moment.  They're meant to grow...I'm meant enjoy the moment and trust that God holds the future.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The 30 Items

In case you're wondering why I'm posting pictures of articles of clothing, you'd better go back and read the past few posts.

Or just think I'm weird.  Because I sorta am.

Anyways, I'm in a hurry.  It's warm outside, like 50 and heading upward...warm enough for the pasty Iowans to break out shorts...I'm not, but I'll plan on keeping my sunglasses on so that their  bright white legs don't blind me.  And, if you're lucky, I'll take pictures with my sly camera phone.

Ok, so here they are...with the exception of what I'm wearing today, which is in the remix, but I put it on before taking the pics...

Brown cardigan (target), Cream rosette tshirt JCrew) Jeans (american eagle) 

Striped short sleeve (thrifted) Blue/Orange shirt (thrifted, but it's Anthropologie with TAGS STILL ON!) and blush shell (Jcrew)

Striped t (Target), Grey/Mustard dot T shirt (thrifted), Gray short sleeve t (Jcrew), Cream v-neck (VonMaur)

Yellow shirt (Target), White Pheasant shirt (OldNavy), Blue Check (Old Navy) Striped Boatneck (Jcrew)
Jeggings (Express), Skinny jeans (Express), Trouser Jeans (Gap), White Jeans (Old Navy) 

Dress (Old Navy) Skirt (Target)

Cardigans:  Grey boyfriend (Old Navy), Charcoal (Jcrew), Green (Old Navy) Cream (old navy)

Navy Blazer (Gap), Mustard sweater (Old Navy)

Shoes all from Target, including boots below.  Go figure ;)

Ok, so that's it.  

And I only put what brand the stuff was, because all the other remixers do and I'm a total copy cat.  Plus, I kinda like knowing where they got the stuff, even if it's super old...which some of mine is.   

As you can's a hodge podge.  Just like my life.  Just like my blog.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preview to the Preview

Yesterday I mentioned the 30 day remix I'm doing. Tomorrow I'm planning on posting the 30 items I've chosen, and then hopefully post pictures once a week of the outfits...let's say, on Mondays maybe?  Yeah, that will do.  I know you're all on the edge of your seats for this, I can tell from all 5 commenters yesterday.

If anyone's interested in joining me, that would be fun too.  You know you want to.   Let's inspire each other.  *tap, tap, tap*...I'm not sure anyone's even out there well, I'm pretty good at talking to myself anyways.

 I didn't wear this outfit's from last week.  I'm just preparing you.  

You know what you will be seeing me wear a lot of?  These:

Why, you ask?  BECAUSE I MADE THEM MYSELF!  I found the idea through a blog that sells them.  I wanted to order one....very badly.  But remember I'm on Dave Ramsey's budget plan...meaning no cute necklace and bracelet for me.  Unless...I could figure out how to make it myself on the cheap.  I did.  A few hours and hot-glue-gun-burns later, I was done! It's not as perfect as the one I saw online.  But it's good enough.

And, in case you're the kind that doesn't budget, then I give you the glorious website, Allora Handmade, where you can buy it, in all it's glorious perfection.  And if you can't, just go look and adore, because seriously, that girl has some skill to make all those fingers hurt just thinking about it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 Day Style Remix

I've been all over the place in blogland lately.  Quietly creeping around, without making my presence known...mostly to new blogs.  Trying to step out of my little box and try something new.  It started with sewing/crafting blogs and somehow lead to style blogs.  

I love style.  

Everyone has one.  Be it good, or bad....or really bad...everyone has one.

Last week I glanced in the mirror about 3:30 in the afternoon, just before the boys got home from school and thought to myself, look like someone who just doesn't care.  When did that happen?  This winter has beaten the style right out of me.  

I had plenty of good reasons for my pajama-like clothing and dirty hair, none of which helped me to feel better.  So I'm re-entering the world of showering and getting myself ready for the day, even if I have no where to go and nothing to do but take care of kiddos.

It's nice to be back.

I just feel better.  Funny how that works.

Which brings me to my point (finally):  I'm doing a little 30 for 30 challenge that I found on this blog called Kendi Everyday.  She's adorable, by the way. It's about remixing the clothes I already have.   It means 30 items, 30 outfits, in 30 days. 

3 Rules:  1) Pick out 30 items to wear (shoes included, but not accessories or                               outwear)
              2) Remix the 30 items into 30 (or more) different outfits
              3) no shopping for 30 days

There's lots more info about it on her blog.  But the idea of it is that you learn to shop your closet and love what you already have, and it forces creativity.  And I work best under pressure...

It took me 2 days to commit to what was going in my 30 items pile.  I poured over her suggestions and past remixes and stared at my closet dumbfounded that I could have that many clothes and think there's nothing to wear.  


It's time to get creative with it.  

So....that's what I'm up to.  

I  may post pictures.  I may whine and cry.  I may come up with some cute outfits that bring me back into the land of the living. ;)

But the challenge is on.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Get Excited...

I get excited about stuff.  

I do.  It's who I am.  How I'm wired.

Unless you're new to me, this doesn't come as a surprise to you.  

There's an ebb and flow to life, and there's an ebb and flow to what I'm currently excited (and by excited I mean obsessed) about.  Kinda like seasons, I guess.

I give you my top 7 as of late:

7.  My Menu Board

6.  The Packers.  I love them, and though I've only been a fan for a few short years, I've invested myself fully :)  and my Noah couldn't have been happier on Sunday.

5.  Sewing.  This one sort of came out of nowhere.  But I'm having fun with it.

4.  Cityville.  It's a dumb facebook application that really should not be all that fun, but lately I find it completely entertaining.  I blame it on February in Iowa.

3.  New Tupperware.  Sounds ridiculous, but when did Tupperware get so cute?!?  A friend had a party and I got this stuff and I can't quit looking at it and smiling.

2.  Reading.  I've rekindled my love of reading.  I don't really get into fiction all that much, but anything else will pretty much do.  My husband (the pastor) also shares the same love so there are piles of books every.where.  One of the last books I finished, I actually read the last page and immediately started at the beginning again.  I love a book that grabs me by the shoulders and gives me a good *shake* to wake me up, make me think.  Crazy Love did that.  And it's ringing in my ears and heart daily that status quo is not good's garbage, actually.

1.  Spending time with my God.

I recently watched a friend walk through a really tough life situation.  Suddenly everyone who vaguely knew her wanted to be her friend in order to reality, if they had really known her, they would have realized that some of the very things they were doing to "help" were actually causing her more grief.  Their intentions were good, but it irritated me no less.  And it got me thinking...

Do I do that with God?  Do I say I know Him, yet fail to spend time with Him daily, hourly...regularly.  

Relationships never grow without communication.  Ever.  And the closest of the relationships in my life are with the people I rub shoulders with on a daily or regular basis.  Sure, there's some long lost friends that I can go without seeing and then pick up where we left off...but it's picking up where we left off...not from a place of deep understanding of one another in the current.

And there is a difference.  

I realized I was doing this with God.  And I grieved.  

I want to know Him daily.  Because that is really the only way that He is able to transform me.  

Which leads me to this little book:

I notoriously dislike devotional books.  I'll spare you  my list of reasons, but mostly...they annoy me.  

It never fails that God works greatly in  my life through things I find annoying.

Over Christmas, I picked up a flyer that had the above book, Jesus Calling pictured in it.  And, because I judge books by their covers, and thought this would look super cute on my pile of books, I grabbed my cell and asked my mom to pick me up a copy at the store by her house.  It was very I thought.

As soon as I picked the book up, I was hooked.  I read through the whole thing like a novel.  It's written as if Jesus is speaking right at you.  The "I," "Me," "My," etc always mean Jesus, while the "you" and "your" mean me, the reader.  

I fell in love with it.  The kicker:  It's a devotional FOR KIDS.  Crack me up.  

Oh it gets better.

About the same time I was searching for out next Ladies Bible Study material. We were wrapping up Forgotten God (amazing, by the way) and everything I thought was gonna be a great idea, just never quite felt right.

And then He hit me with it.  I wasn't the only one who needed to be spending time with Him on a daily basis.  I sat on the idea of it for awhile, hoping I hadn't quite understood Him right.  After all, the lovely ladies in our Bible study more than graciously put up with my craziness, however presenting them with the idea that our "study" is actually going to be a devotional book for kids was not really what I wanted to share with them.  Because who comes up with that?!?  

God does.

Without a doubt.

And because it's His deal, and not mine, they were totally game for it.

Tonight, we meet together for the first time after starting this "study" and I'm so excited to see what God's doing.  

I'll leave you with this little nugget from the book, that I've been chewing on since January 30th:

... whatever you think about the most becomes your god, your idol, the thing you worship.  From Jesus Calling for Kids

I can't get past it.  How many things do I think about more than Him?  He's changing me though.  Through this time with Him, daily, hourly...He's rising to the top.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FB is so much quicker...

Saturday I was perusing sewing blogs (it's my new thing) and came across this tutorial.    I think it was probably the "20 minute" project that made me think I could do it, because normally I would think a headband was waaay beyond my 5-minutes-of -sewing-capabilities.  

The first headband (below) took me 1.5 hours to make.  Apparently "20 minutes" is only for those who actually  know how to sew.  

But the second headband, really did take only 20 minutes!  It's completely imperfect.  Which makes it charming.  And least that's what I keep telling myself.

Sewing has turned out to be quite fun so far.  The only place to do it though, is on our main table, which means two things:
  1. I have to get it out and put it away every. single. time.
  2. The house turns into a slop hole while I sew.

Here's Lucy doing her part to contribute to the's her favorite thing.  I put all the toys in, and she pulls them out one by one.  

And, just for sheer cuteness, Lucy & the Tutu.

You know how to tell if you've become a lazy blogger?  Your blog post is pretty much the same as your Facebook page.  Yeah...that would be me.

Hoping to stop that...