Friday, February 29, 2008

My First

Noah: hardworking, smart, caring, always looking out for others, good negotiator, kindergartner, planner, inquisitive, serious, farmer, my first baby (and by far the largest :)

My first baby will be seven in May. Seven going on 30. He's the hardest working kid I've ever met. He doesn't "play" he "works." He was hesitant to start kindergarten because it was going to cut into his "work" time. While riding with me in the van, he informed me he's just at school to "grow up good and get a job." He wants to be just like his Grandpa Dave, who farms. He's got his entire future planned out. When he is old enough to drive, he will go live with G&G, but I'm not to worry, "he'll come visit me." He's going to go to college, and when Grandpa's ready, Noah will take over the farm, and live in Grandpa's house. I love you, Noah. And even though we butt heads (a lot) because we're so much alike...I know you will accomplish anything you set your mind to. I pray that you will grow up to be a young man of strong character and love for God, and that He will give you wisdom and the ability to adjust to life, even when it doesn't go as you have planned. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you, my little man.

Cross Dresser

Each of my boys, when 2 years old, went through a cross dressing stage. Jakob is currently in his. He's always clomping around in my heels and wearing all my bracelets and necklaces at the same time. I'm forever getting after him for digging in my purse and smearing my lip gloss all over his face and hands. When I'm getting ready in the morning, I have to lock him out of the bathroom because he digs in all my makeup. Yesterday I let him pick out a treat at the store. He of course picked candy necklaces, and staying true to form, he wore them all at once. My hubs is never very fond of this cross dressing stage, he doesn't find it quite as humorous as I do. I'm pretty sure he doesn't get why I'm forever running for the camera to get a shot of the cross dressing moments. I know I need these pictures...because someday, I'm going to tell our boys what they used to do, and they will deny it....and then I will pull out the pictures! Plus, let's face it, its cute....and soon enough he'll outgrow it. He'll grow up, and be "disgusted" by girlie stuff. So, for now, I'm going to enjoy my little cross dresser :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Odd Duck

Have you ever had moments where you know you don't quite fit in...but in a good way? ( I have these ALL the time:) I often refer to myself as an "odd duck." I don't mean it in a negative way! Actually... it may be a little delusional... but I am quite happy being an odd duck. Of course, like most people, I spent several years of my life trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be.
While my hubby was in seminary, God did a miracle in my thinking. He was in seminary all of 2 minutes before it was blatantly obvious that we were both odd ducks. There were many reasons we were a little odd, but the first one brought to our attention was that Ben was one of the only ones there that hadn't come from Bible College, but from Iowa State University. Those couples in seminary were so genuinely kind, and exactly the types of people I pictured God using in ministry in our particular denomination. I knew me, and I was sure God had somehow gotten me confused with someone else. foolish am I?!? VERY, is the answer God gave me. God is never confused. He always knew who I was, knew that it was going to be different, and He had plans to use it.
I often ponder this in my heart. I could give countless examples :) but I'll just do the latest. Last night we had midweek church and its very big deal. After we got home (it takes 27 steps to get from the church to our house...I counted last night, for blogging purposes:) I was sitting on the couch listening to Ben put the boys to bed, and I realized what I had on. Gray long sleeved T, black short sleeved Casting Crowns T over top, jeans, and gray sequin ballet flats. I know, I know, big deal, right? But I thought, in the 150 years that our little church has been in this town, how many of the pastor's wives have worn that to church!?!? HA! probably not many :) and certainly not with the Casting Crowns merch, but did this church end up with us!?!? By God's perfect plan, that's how. I hope I never lose sight of that. I'm thankful for God's Word, that is chuck full of odd ducks, all who God used. And I so pray that God will use me and shine through me, and that I won't get in the way. So, to all you odd ducks out there, be who you's who you are that brings glory to God. In the words of Leeland's new song Let It Out Now, "Everyone has their own sound//Let it out now, let it out now// There's nothing wrong with living out loud"//

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Living in a hole

Leeland's Sound of Melodies is one of my FAVORITES! Imagine my surprise, when today I stumbled across their website to find that they released their new album YESTERDAY! What hole have I been living in?!? How could I not know this?!? Needless to say, I am going to head out first thing tomorrow to get me one :) I'm so hoping its as great at the first album!

Diaper Wipes

The things he thinks of...
Last night Ben had Bible study, which meant it was just me and the boys. After another had been a looong day. I'll admit it, I put the oldest 2 to bed around 7:30...they could use a little extra sleep, right? Jakob, however, wasn't tired, so I let him do his thing so I could watch The Biggest Loser. Apparently, the chair needed to be cleaned with diaper wipes. Diaper wipes, at our house, offer countless hours of entertainment. I don't know why. I do know, that our wipe container only has a nice neat pile of wipes in there for about 5 minutes after I re-load it, after that its a huge tangled wad because I shove em back in the container after he's done playing! Whatever works, Jake :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fave Junk

Somewhere along the way my vocabulary changed. I went from calling things "stuff" to "junk." Now, when I call it junk, I'm not really referring to it as trash...I mean stuff. Follow me? This has become a bit of a double edged sword for me. My children now refer to their "stuff" as "junk" (why does it always sound so much worse when they say it?) I am very thankful for all my "junk"...and I want my children to also be thankful for what they have. But honestly, when all is said and done, it really is just junk. Revelation's chapter 18 talks about how all this junk will pass, for me, it's all about perspective :) Here's some of my fave junk that I'm thankful for this snow-laden February!
  1. Febreze: I can't buy enough of it. Who knows what my house would smell like without it. I'm not willing to find out.
  2. Aveda shampoo & hairspray...I love the smell of this stuff. Wish I could make my house smell like it!
  3. Amazing grace lotion, again, love it!
  4. Lip gloss...sort of like patent leather shoes...lots of it, but only in clear/nude shades (I'm very boring when it comes to lip color)
  5. Biggest Loser workout: I love this show! And this work out is fun, and makes me feel like I'm hanging out with them...little bit sad isn't it?
  6. Life Application Bible for Students, Living Bible Translation. This was the first Bible I picked out after I became a believer. I've had it 15 years, its totally highlighted (from high school) and falling apart because its only paper- back, but its still the one I go to when I'm looking for a particular verse.
  7. Red Patent shoes...need I say more.
  8. MP3 player...again, discussed my music addiction previously.
  9. Hair straightener from takes a heat setting of 410' to straighten my naturally wavy hair. Worth. Every. Penny.
  10. Jeans from Express...I tried them on and they fit PERFECT! How often does that happen!?! The length, the butt, the was a miracle. I ended up going back and getting 2 more, so it looks like I wear the same pair of jean every single day, but I do not care :)
  11. Bracelets: Love them...especially big gaudy plastic ones.
  12. Red Coat: Got it for $8.95 at Steve& Barry's...had to sew some buttons back on...but STILL!

Well, there you have it... my shallow list :) No worries, although I enjoy these blessings, I know in the end, its all really just junk.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Patent Leather

I love patent leather shoes. Obviously. It wasn't until today that I realized how much I love them. I started out with a plan to blog about my favorite things (which I will do eventually.) As I was gathering things, my red patent flats were a MUST, so I grabbed them. Then I reached for another pair....and then it hit me. How many are there?!? Yep, there's 7. Which probably seems like a lot :) But, considering all the patent leather shoes that I admire often in catalogs, stores, and online, I'm reasoning that 7 is not so bad :) Also, I'm pretty sure that not one of them is actually genuine patent leather. They're more like "shiny pleather", but I love them nonetheless! If only I had some patent leather snow boots...maybe the snow wouldn't seem so bad! On a final note, I am committing to not further feed this
obsession :) If you see my feet in patents other than the ones pictured above, you have my permission to take drastic husband thanks you :)

Oh brother

This is me and my little bro. I love him dearly. I am 11 years older than him, which seems to make me feel a little "motherly" over him (ok, a lot motherly). He's 19, and a freshman in college. He has done an excellent job of accommodating my "nosiness" and wise advice....up until this weekend. I warned him I would blog about this...because, let's face it....I have to :) He ended up in the emergency room on Saturday afternoon. Long story, but it ends up he has a ton of gall stones, and they admitted him to the hospital. After a good dose of drugs in his system, he started feeling better, and bored, and didn't see the need for the hospital stay. I visited him, and faced booked him when I got home, reminding him to "be good" and of all the reasons it was necessary for him to be there. Turns out, at 10:30pm he thought it was a OK idea to take out his own I.V., and walk 8 blocks home, in the cold, with his backpack and laptop. At 1:00am my mom got a call from the hospital that he was missing, and after checking his bedroom, she found him sound to sleep. Needless to say, he's back in the hospital and scheduled for surgery at 11:30 am today. I still can't believe he did it. He's a smart, level headed kid! :) What would posses him to take out his own I.V.!?! Boys. I don't understand them. I have 3 of them. Yikes. So, today I'm praying for a safe surgery/recovery, wisdom for a 19 year old, and courage for myself, as I anticipate 19 year old boys of my own someday :) So Little can run, but you can't hide. AND, you should always listen to my wise advice ;)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something Big

I have this habit of listening to the same CD over and over and over. I'm not talking for a day, or a week, but months! (I think I may have a bit of a obsessive/compulsive disorder that has not yet been diagnosed :) Since the beginning of December, I have been listening to Casting Crowns, Leeland, and John Waller. It's all we listen to. In the van, in the house, on the MP3 player. God uses the words and music in all these Cd's to continually speak directly to my heart, I know he has used them to stir a bit of revival in my own walk with the Lord. I can't help but talk about these Cd's! Those around me are probably sick of hearing about it, and now, you soon will be too :) Hang in there! On different days, certain songs just "hit" me, and today, this is the one.
Something Big by John Waller
I wanna see something I've not seen, something so big.
I wanna be part of something great, greater than me.
It's time to dream big dreams
to see your vision become reality.
Cause it's for you, and by you, and those who love you
want to do something so big, its destined to fail without you Lord.
It's gonna fail without you Lord.
Something so great it takes a miracle to do.
Yes, we your children want to do something big for you.
There's more verses, but
I'll leave you with those for now :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

It was clean

*Sigh* I had to take a picture of it. My floors without Transformers, Lego's, farm equipment, or wrappers. I made a little deal with myself today, to make up for all the time I've spent at the computer this week. I gave myself a list of things I needed to get done, before I could get on the computer. Bribing myself totally worked! I'm amazed at all I got done! Of course, by the time I had these pictures downloaded, the boys had emerged from the basement with more junk.
It was clean...and now I can prove it! Do not be deceived, I love that the picture hides how dirty the floor really is.

Carpet...under the table...3 boys...yeah.

Doesn't the furniture look so nice & clean? It's not. I am not yet brave enough to share with you what has been leaked, dumped, and wiped on that chair and ottoman.


It's been five days since I hijacked the computer from my family. Eli used to get to play learning he sits and watches cartoons (learning cartoons, or course. *cough*). I don't really know how it happened, I think it was partially the insanity that the weather is causing, but before I knew it, I had set up a blog! I had contemplated it some before, but was already spending enough time on Facebook, the way it was. But, here I sit. Actually, here I've been sitting for 5 days now. I'm sure that the newness will wear off (I hope) and my family will eventually regain some use of the computer. Until then, here's what I've learned:

  1. Everything about it is addicting for me. I knew that Facebook was, but this is WORSE!

  2. Even the counter thingy...I love to look at it...WHY?!? Do other bloggers do this?!?

  3. Comments: LOVE THEM. Truthfully, I never understood the concept before becoming a blogger myself. I figured reading it was enough (I found out this is called Lurking :)...I knew I had enjoyed whatever they'd written. BUT, now I get it! The validation helps. Not that I need it...well, ok, maybe I do.

  4. I have actually laid awake at night, this week, thinking of things I could blog about...pathetic...I know.

  5. My exercise this week has consisted of getting up from the computer to either break up a fight, switch to another Dora or Diego episode, or run upstairs to use the bathroom. This will probably lead to other blog topics someday. :)

It really is much more fun that I thought it would be. It's caused me to look at my life a little differently. It's helped me to appreciate that even when it seems boring or redundant, there's usually a way to look at it that makes it seem more entertaining.If you've ever thought about it. I'll read it!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


My Blogroll
These are blogs I love...both real life and imaginary friends.


Finally! School! YAY!!! I tried to keep from skipping out to the van this morning, afterall, it is a small town...I think I did ok :) The house is quiet (except for the sound of Dora the Explorer.) Man, do I need some quiet time with God. I spent much of yesterday afternoon letting the boys run wild while I read blogs. I am hooked. I read those of people I know, sorta know, and have never met. I love reading about people's lives...everyone has a story and a unique bent on things. After reading some of the blogs of people I've never met, I felt like I knew them! Isn't that weid how that happens. Here I am, thinking I know this person, after reading some things they've written and looking at their pictures. It got me thinking about what it really means to "know" someone. I can think I know all about someone without ever really interacting with them personally, but that's not really knowing someone. Someone I truly know, I'm interacting with, it's a give and take. They not only know my likes and dislikes, my interests, etc., they also know the sound of my voice, and my laugh. They've seen me lose my cool, seen me cry, and make an idiot of myself. So it goes with my relationship with God. When I was 15, I met God in a whole new way. I realized I knew about Him, and thought that was enough. Man was I wrong...I was missing the BEST PART! I was missing really knowing Him. Which brings me back to why I need some quiet time with God today. All relationships take effort...lots of it, if we want them to be great. God isn't the one who makes it's me. He never asks me to call back at a less crazy hour, he never pretends to be something He's not, He's never demanding. Instead, He's always waiting and happy to see me, and never tires of me....amazing. His love, and mercy and grace is so much more that I can even wrap my mind around. Casting Crowns is one of my favorite groups. Their music reaches deep into my heart and challenges me. One of their songs, has a verse that says, "How refreshing to know you don't need me, how amazing to find that you want me." He really is amazing, and I so long to know Him more. I need Him...everyday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wiggin' Out

Wordless Wednesday

They are easily amused!

Isn't it lovely is what you think it is. This is what I look at everynight as I crawl into bed...for the past 2 years! The ceiling in our room is not very high, but our bed is. Shortly after we moved here, my then 4 & 3 year olds thought it would be a good idea to stand on our bed and try hanging from the ceiling fan. Apparently, the first blade breaking off was not a clue to them that this was a bad took 2 more blades for them to stop. At the time, I actually found it quite amusing. (usually it takes a certain amount of time before I can look back on whatever they've destroyed and find the humor in it.) Afterall, I didn't really like the fan anyways, and now I had an excellent reason to replace it :) However...2 years later, and there it is! Fortunately, no one ever goes in our room except us, but since the weather has turned me into a total hermit, I am suddenly very irritated by the ceiling fan...along with the icky wallpaper in the hallway (whole other story.) My house may end up totally renovated by the time spring rolls around...or at least my To-Do list and clippings from the Pottery Barn catalog (for ideas) will be MUCH larger :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Aren't they pretty!?! They're fake, of course. Real flowers and plants never survive here, we must have toxic air. I prefer fake flowers...then, when my children pull the leaves or blossoms off, I simply pop them back on!
After Christmas, I took all the winter decor down. Snowmen do not get to live here past December. Instead, we have bouquets of fake flowers :) I like to pretend Spring is right around the corner ...this is called denial. Usually, this works for me, but not so much this year. I think the Lord is trying to teach me to just enjoy matter the circumstances (or weather). I'm always looking ahead, and in the process, I'm missing some of today. So, although I no longer appreciate the snow, I am realistic enough to know, that come August, when the humidity has finally made me crazy, I'll be the one dreaming of snow (and putting out my fall decorations:)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogger Virgin

Ok, so it's my first time! As I set up this thing, it took me a half hour just to pick a template, and now I've been sitting here thinking of something witty to say, and of course...nothing.
My children have the day off from school...which is about the gazillionth time this year. They're bored, and getting into everything. I keep trying to remind myself of this, but it doesn't seem to help with how annoying it is! When it is finally spring here, I am never coming back inside this house, I'm going to live least until the mosquitos come.
I love reading others blogs. There's something about it that makes it feel like I get to peek into their life for a little bit. I hope that's what my blog does. The view isn't always pretty, but it's the real deal :)
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