Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh I Dare...

Tomorrow is the day.

Dare to Wear Day, hosted by Mama Belle.

So tomorrow I wear something that I've been too scared/nervous/horrified/chicken to wear...or just haven't tried.

I still have no idea what I'm going to do.

I have a procrastinating problem.

It's not too late to join in on the fun (yes, I said fun because I LOVE to see what people are wearing:) Just go over to Mama Belle's and link up tomorrow!!

If you decide to play, let me know...because people who choose to do something crazy really like other people to join along...makes them feel less crazy.

AND, you just may try something you end up loving! Like leggings...or white jeans...or patent leather...who knows?!?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Can Concentrate Now...

I'm back! YAY!

Most of you hadn't even realize I was gone...well, except for my mom. It was sort of one of those unintentional bloggy breaks. I blame it on Thanksgiving...with all the pumpkin pie involved, I could barely concentrate on anything else.

The pie is now gone. Back to work ;)

Thanksgiving was fantastic. I have some pics that basically sum it up.



God Bless Thanksgiving.

Yesterday (black Friday) Ben actually had the day off so I did a little shopping with my mom. Not the super-early-crazy-shopping, but the wake-up-at-8-don't-brush-your-hair-stop-at-Starbucks-first kind.

On the way: The best part...pretty much everyone was sporting the "just rolled out of bed" look. In the essence of keeping it real I should tell you that I didn't even brush my teeth, just popped in some gum. Gross huh ?!? :)

It may be the longest I've ever spent in the Starbucks drive-through. Was it worth it? Ab-so-lute-ly. Afterall, I was just doing my part as an American citizen...supportin' the economy.

All right, let me have it. What's new, what did I miss while I was gone, and did ya get any good deals yesterday?!?

It's important I know these things... :)

Happy weekend friends!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do Over

So...I did a post today already, and after I got some comments and re-read what I wrote I realized that how I said what I was saying was not really sounding like what I sounded self-righteous and icky and I don't know how to put it into the right I deleted it.

What a lovely sentence ;)

SO, in other news...I am off to Wal-Mart. Exciting stuff. And maybe Starbucks...because I'll be right by it...sort of.

I am SUPER excited about pumpkin pie.

This is officially my worst blog day. Ever.

Please tell me yours is better.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Crush is Over...So That's Good...

*My apologies before you even read is allllll over the place*

Remember that inner 15 year old I've mentioned?

Well... she is reading the Twilight series. There's four books (I finished the 2nd yesterday) and a movie that opened this weekend. For those of you who may not know what on earth I'm talking about, the Twilight series is about teenage of them is a's young love without smutty stuff or gore, and frankly...I'm quite enjoying it!

Friday night my parents watched the boys so Ben and I could go to a movie. Twilight was sold out by the time we got there. Apparently, girls who are ACTUALLY 15 really wanna see the movie too. Go Figure. ;)

We ended up seeing the "old married people's movie" Fireproof *wink wink*

As I sat in the theatre, I wondered if I was the only 30 year old Pastor's wife in there (or anywhere) wishing she was watching Twilight instead...likely.

How weird am I?!?

Fireproof was a fine movie...with a lot of real life drama...which may have been the problem for me Friday night.

Lately, it seems that the opportunities to minister to people with real life dramas are endless...some of their life stories seem more fictional than a teenage vampire series could ever be. Friday night I was looking for an escape from that...a tiny two-hour distraction.

Fireproof was not that for me. BUT three things:
  1. ...I did realize that my teenage crush I had on young Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains...has ended even though he looks much the same. I know you're relieved.
  2. I thoroughly agree with the message of the movie. All married couples should see it. Bring Kleenex...and Jr. Mints.
  3. I didn't tell Ben about my crush until AFTER the movie...he acted surprised that I had had a crush on Kirk Cameron...I assured him that I wasn't the only woman in the theatre that had crushed on him a little back in the day ;)

*shaking my head and rolling my eyes* THAT is how I feel about this post :)

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends, and my sincerest thanks for putting up with this post ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eat, Sleep & Be Merry...

I have to admit...I sometimes like Thanksgiving Day better than Christmas Day.

Don't get me wrong, I love the meaning behind Christmas...I'm just talking about the actual day.

Thanksgiving Day is full of family, yummy food and laziness. I heart that.

Christmas fun...and SO crazy. We go from our house, to my parents, to my aunts, to Ben's one day. And at each stop, our little van becomes more and more loaded down with gifts...and more gifts. It's fun, it really is but I so enjoy the fact that Thanksgiving is void of presents.

After Thanksgiving, we just come home in a semi-comatose state with our pants a little too tight...I'm wearing leggings this year though...problem solved.

To the Pilgrims and Indians and whoever else...I sincerely thank you for Thanksgiving.

Here's my First Graders Thanksgiving book report. Pretty much sums it up for America.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Consistently Inconsistent

Barbie at Moments Memories Milestones was gracious enough to pass this along to me. I love reading her blog because it is refreshing and honest about her life as a woman and mom.

Here are the rules that you agree to when you accept this marvelous award:

“When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on.”

Here goes...10 honest things for today.

1) I'm eating leftover cheese sticks and Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast.
2) I have exercised every single day this week so far. And yes, I am quite proud of myself. It does something to put me in a better mood...can't explain it, but it makes me feel physically and emotionally better.
3) I have about 7 other blog awards that I've been given that I've yet to post and pass on...they always make my day...I'm just not sure if they make everyone else's...and I'm terribly lazy when it comes to linking...shame on me :)
4) I am not easily offended but I am more easily annoyed.
5) I use Secret deodorant. How exciting is that.
6) Just after I posted about the yummy pie yesterday...I walked into the kitchen to see the dog eating some of it off the floor while Jake scooped the rest of it into the sink...before I could stop him. It all happened in slow motion...I wanted to cry. CRY! But then I remembered that the Schwan's guy comes today. Phew. Lucky for Jake.
7) I have serious problems with hand-eye coordination. Basketball lay-ups, baseball, badminton and tennis slay well as archery and shooting a gun. I blame it on the fact that I'm right handed and left eye dominant. Terrible combination.

8) I cannot read poetry and understand it.

9) I never write blog posts ahead of time. When I sit down to post...whatever comes out...comes out.

10) I am consistently inconsistent.

Seriously...what a weird list, there's no rhyme or reason to goes my brain.

I would LOVE to pass along this little award to 7 of my bloggy friends that do a fantastic job of keeping it real.

Giblogger (my real life friend who even posted her weight and goal weight after having a baby...which by my standards it the epitome of honesty!)
Beth (for also sharing her weight loss journey)
Cassandra (she's playing several different roles and I love reading her perspective and she makes me smile)
Candy (Not your average Pastor's wife which makes me heart her.)
Heather at the EO (real real real and I love it!)
The Miles Family (honestly sharing her journey and slight obsession with the Twilight series, which I've started...because of her :)
Lindsay for sharing her life as a wife, mom of boys and teacher.
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hungry Eyes...

Dear Ande's Mint Pie that I bought from the Schwan's man,

I can't help but dedicate a classic 80's song to you. I apologize in advance for the boring video, but it's the only one that didn't have a PG13 rating to go along with it.

Even at 510 calories a are still the best pie...ever.
Much love,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is Who I Am...

I'm not trying to hide anything, I wear it on my sleeve.

I wear it on my sleeve.

I'm not trying to be something I'm not. This is all I've got.

This is all I've got.

I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel...just trying to be real.

Just trying to be real.

I'm not trying to say, follow me...I'm not the one who leads.

I'm not the one who leads.

Let me introduce myself to you...this is who I am. No more no less.

I am just a man who understands, because of You I'm more no less.

I'm not trying to prove anything, it's all about the change. It's all about the change.

Yesterday I felt...weary. It's been a week or so I sometimes get bogged down with other people lives...the heaviness and the heartache.

Finally around 7 last night I knew I needed to run on the treadmill...for my sanity. "Running For My Sanity" should be the theme of a 5k....Anyways...

God works through my little Sansa, I kid you not.

One of my all-time favorite songs came on (because I picked it ;)

It's a little one called No More No Less. I relate to the above lyrics in a way that I can't even put into words.

At the end of the says this:

I hope you stare just long enough to see

the heart that's beating here inside of me

beyond all of the things you may think you know, I'm just a kid trying to make it home...that's it.

No more no less.

Lord, I wanna go home. Nothing more and nothing less.

I just wanna go home....nothing more and nothing less.

Let me introduce myself to you...this is who I am...this is who I am.

And I...sobbed...while running. Not pretty, I assure you. But EXACTLY what I needed to be reminded of from my Savior.

He knows that beyond what other roles people see me in...I'm just a kid, His kid, longing to be home...longing for Heaven. Seeking to fulfill the plan He has for me here...but longing for my real home.

I love my life...but I absolutely long for Heaven. And the fact that He spoke to me last night through those verses filled me with peace.

Peace in knowing that He knows the burdens I carry, and He knows I long to be with Him, and He reminded me where my hope lies...and of who I really am.

Have a's worth it :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yeah Right...

He tried to convince me there were really "owies" under each of those.

Sure Jake...whatever you say.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do They?!?

Do girls sit and play with toys in the way that they were intended to be played with?

Do they?

Because in my experience, boys SO DO NOT!!!

It drives me a little bit crazy sometimes.

We have lots of toys...and rarely are they played with like I see those kids on TV commercials playing with them...with maybe the exception of Legos. Maybe.

This morning I walked into the boys' room to find Eli trying to repel off the top bunk...with his winter scarf while three others cheered him on. When I told them absolutely not, they looked at me in, WHY would I not think that was an excellent idea?!?

I carefully explained to them that a fun-hater.

It gave me a flashback to my early elementary days, when I was sure boys were absolutely gross and disgusting and made no sense at all...weirdos.

Seriously, they are a little weird ;) I love 'em and all...but it doesn't change the fact that they kinda are a little disgusting sometimes :)

As the mother of three of those beautiful little creatures...I get to say that.

Friday, November 14, 2008

*Blank Stare*

That's what I'm doing. I must have bloggers block...that OR my posts are generally caffeine induced and will now be more boring than EVER.

Bullets...must use them.

  • The new Office episode (which I DVR) made me giddy last night...I like knowing Pam and Jim are good.
  • I may or may not have also bought season 4 of The Office. I may have found my favorite episode thus far in my viewing. It's a little one called Fun Run...Michael hits Meredith with his car...does a run for rabies, Dwight kills Angela's cat...all priceless.
  • No school for my kiddos today.
  • We will be having twin boys staying with us tonight until sometime on Sunday. Five boys age 7 and under + husband+ dog = 7 males in my house...with just me. Lord have mercy.
  • I did what any good Pastor's wife does when she watches boys who go to her church....rented movies and bought lots of food. And prayed... A LOT. Should work, right?!?
  • Odie is reealllly happy to have the boys home today...happy in a totally inappropriate way, the kinda way that makes me keep saying (in my mean voice) "Odie, GET OFF OF HIM!"
  • You wish you lived here...don't you.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I Failed to Mention

Blogging is the best.  Know why?  I can have a terrible awful morning and then blog about it, and ya'll tell me that you too are sometimes terrible and awful.  And *BAM*  I suddenly feel better!

OK, so there was more to it than that...your comments encouragement yesterday completely helped in shoving moving me in the right direction.  The rest of my day was MUCH better...and as you all wisely said, Eli came home completely happy.

Here's what I failed to mention yesterday.  I have been drinking decaf coffee all week (except for one little trip to Starbucks on Tuesday morning.)  Yes, you heard me right.  DECAF.  

I went from drinking 12 cups of regular coffee daily to pretty much...decaf.  This may have been part of the reason I have not been particularly sunshiny this week.

I know what you're thinking.  Why?  WHY?  

So here it is.

It's like a drug addict (and yes technically caffeine is a drug, but lets not talk about that;)  To get a fix, I needed to drink an insane amount of coffee...and still I didn't feel very peppy.  When you can drink a Venti Caramel Macchiato and then lay down and take a nap...that's probably not normal.

I've weaned myself off and today I'm feeling like I'm coming out of the haze a little...I'm pretty sure there's a term for that that I can't come up with right now...watching celebrity rehab has apparently failed me.

Anyways, I'm not breaking up with caffeine.  Just putting a little space between us so that when I do need a good "buzz"  *snickering*  then I can get one.

...and now I'm thinking of all the ways I'm gonna get "googled" from this post ;)

Good times.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Mom Award Goes To...

I sent my "middlest" child off to school this tears.

I somehow forgot, in the midst of him ignoring my instructions all morning, how sensitive he is.

Mornings around here are sporadic. One morning, everything goes smooth as can be, and the next: chaos.

This morning would fall under the latter. The problem has a simple fix: Just listen and do what mama says. Simple right? Don't I wish.

Here's how it goes around here.

I say: Boys' go upstairs and brush your teeth.

They: head up the stairs and have to pass their bedroom to get to the bathroom...guess where they end up?

I say: Get your coat and shoes on.

They: Get up, but end up in a room in the house that does NOT contain their coat or shoes. When they finally make it to the mudroom, and are half-way dressed, they decide that they cannot possibly wear the shirt they have on...they must take off their coat and shoes, run upstairs, fling clothes all over until they find the right t-shirt and THEN come get their stuff on.

As I rushed to help get Eli's coat on I began my lecture.

"This is why I told you to get your stuff on 10 minutes ago, I tell you this for a reason, you need to listen and obey and not run off blah blah blah blah blah"

And then his tears came. I immediately wanted to take back my dumb lecture. It wasn't necessary, I had already been getting after them all morning...he got the point. Yet in my anger and frustration I couldn't let it go...

I hugged him and hugged him trying to reassure him that it was ok, no need to cry...but once those tears start for him they're pretty hard to stop.

And then I sent him out the door...feeling like the worst mother. Ever.

After he left I pleaded with the Lord to make it all better in his sensitive little heart and at that moment God revealed to me that the chaos of our morning was not just my boys fault for not was more mine, for not listening to my Heavenly Father. If I had...that lecture never would have began, I wouldn't have had to send my sweet boy off in tears.

Mommahood is tough. My idiotness sometimes makes it a lot more tough ;)

Starting fresh again today. It's 8:56 AM.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Grief

I give up.

As a mom...there are just some battles I am not willing to fight...because I am tired. Very tired.

Awhile ago the boys came home with their school pictures. Generally, I order the smallest package possible...but for reasons I cannot explain, this year I decided to order a good size package for each of them.

When they came home with the pictures, and I looked at them, I thought to myself, "Sarah: You are an idiot" (and by idiot, I mean experienced a slight lapse in judgement ;)
I put them aside for retakes. When retake day began to near I thought I should warn the boys that they would be re-doing their school pictures. I wish I would have taped their reaction. It was pathetic. It involved writhing around on the floor and gnashing of both of them. Ridiculous. In the heat of it, I made a rash comment (shocking, I know) I said, "Fine, I'll just hand these out to everyone we know, is THAT what you want?!?"

Again...I am an idiot.

Immediately they stood up, smiled at me and said, "Yep!"

I surrender. If I made them do the re-takes, they'd have probably been worse. So, at Thanksgiving time, I will be passing out these:

Noah - First Grade

Eli in Kindergarten...sticking his tongue through his new gap in his teeth. Good times :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

I Heart It...

Confession time.

Up until this September....I had never watched The Office before.

I maybe saw snippets here and there before and thought, "What the heck?!? That's dumb."

I know...I KNOW!

But this season, after much bloggy chatter about The Office, I decided I needed to give it a try.

And behold....I discovered a new love.

Two weekends ago I rented season two from the video store and watched it all weekend. This past weekend I tried to rent season three, but they did not have it. So I did the next logical thing. I bought it.

I watched the entire third season this weekend. Hysterical. Poor Ben had to shut the office doors to try to block out my laughing. It's that funny. And the more ya watch it...the funnier it gets!

I can't get enough of it. Next weekend: Season four. After that...I'll get to season one :) Good times.

Here's my bullet list favorites (that I can remember)

  • Jim and Dwight crack me up! Jim plays a prank and Dwight's reaction is priceless every single time.

  • Phyllis: love her.

  • Michael: Seriously, he does/says the most appalling things and yet I still find myself feeling bad for him...and even kinda liking the lonely guy.

  • Dwight: "Question" and pretty much everything else about him is so stinkin' funny!

  • I tried to pick some favorite episodes, but I can't...I love them all.

There. Now you know. And for you office here *smiles*

Friday, November 7, 2008


This is what I woke up to today.

And despite the fact that...

  • we still have 5 pumpkins sitting on our front steps
  • and pots with dead plants in them by the same front door
  • and a yard that has yet to be raked free of leaves
  • I haven't bought snow boots for the oldest yet
  • or dug out everyone else's from the attic
  • It's early November....

I am positively GIDDY! The fact that it will probably all be melted by lunch time also helps the giddiness factor...but there is just something exciting about the first snow...or every matter what a big pain in the butt it is, there's no denying how pretty a fresh coat of white makes everything.

Jake keeps looking out the window exclaiming "Look! It snowed at the neighbors house too!" and when he see the next neighbor's house, he announces the same thing :) It never gets old...

Guess what we're doing tonight? Yep...going to get some snow boots...because if we have them, it's guaranteed not to snow anymore ;)


Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's What I Am...

I started college with every intention of becoming a social worker. It took ten minutes into the first semester for me to realize I did NOT in fact want to be a social worker.

Two big factors stood in the way. 1 - I'm a fix-it type person. You come to me with a problem and I want to fix it for you...or tell you what to do to fix it. I have to make myself just sit and listen without giving options...I think this may make me like a man, but whatever. 2 - I quickly realized I would have trouble leaving work at work.

Looking back, I can see that the desire inside my heart that made me want to be a social worker was in fact placed there by God...but it wasn't to be a social was to be a Pastor's wife...which sometimes looks and feels kinda like working for human services.

I am constantly battling #1...seeking God's discernment on when to just listen and when to act. On my own, I tend to go over-board in either direction.

#2 - In ministry, there's no such thing as leaving work at work. The people God has placed into our lives are literally a part of our lives. The blessing in it, for Ben and I, is that we are in it together. Do we sometimes have to shut it out? Absolutely...for a time.

This week God literally dropped a desperate young mommy of three into my life. She called looking for a church...looking for Jesus. I hung up the phone so excited that she had called us...and at the same time wishing she'd called someone else. Excited because I know a Savior that will change her life, and yet wishing she'd called someone else better experienced to help her in her particular situation.

I'm asking for your prayers today...that she would meet Jesus in a life-changing way, that God would pour out His wisdom on Ben and I and our little church regarding how He desires us to minister to her and so many others.

It's a really fantastic sorta way. We need so much of Him...because without Him, I'm fully aware of how badly we will screw it up ;)

Thanks for listening and praying bloggy friends!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Hair Cut...

I looked up from the computer yesterday to see Jake, holding a pair of scissors and standing over Odie.

Never a good thing.

See those spots? It's missing hair. Fortunately, Odie was in his usual state of unconsciousness on the couch, so he was totally unaware of what Jakob was doing to him.
When Odie awoke, I tried to explain to him that Jake was in big trouble, and that the hair will grow back...and that it doesn't look so bad.
But I don't think he believed me.

Sorry Odie. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fashion is Tricky...'s election day. I feel strongly...but don't really feel like getting into it. I will say, that for those that haven't read through the book of Revelation in the Bible...should do so...I'm just sayin' :)

Anyways, after voting today I get to go get my hair great is that?!? Just a trim...nothing too exciting.

I mentioned yesterday about the outfit I got at Target that may or may not be too young for me. But seriously, either way, it is so dang comfortable that I don't even CARE! Welcome back 1980, welcome. back.

Ya know what? Being 30 is tricky. Tricky, tricky, tricky. No longer able to pull off all the trends, but not quite ready for the snowman sweater either(mom, I know you love a snowman sweater, so I won't even go there.)

If you'd asked me a year or two ago I would have told you there were a few trends that were up and coming that I surely WOULD NOT do.

  1. ankle boots
  2. leggings
  3. skinny jeans
  4. skinny jeans tucked in boots
  5. heavy bangs

Funny. Because this year I've done all but #1...and that's only because I cannot buy another pair of boots BUT ankle boots have now made it from my "never gonna happen" list to my "so cute" list.

You know what else is funny? Me in #2-#4 in tiny-town. *smiles* I like trying new stuff. It's fun. Keeps it interesting. But I love the classics big rubber boots...

Ok, your turn. Spill it. What are you wearing now that you swore you'd never wear?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Times...

Yesterday was a first for me.
Remember these two girlies I mentioned previously?
It just so happens that during our Sunday School lesson on The Heart of Jesus, the topic of cute tights and where to get some, came up. I have no idea how this happens...but it does.
It may have been because this is what I wore to church last week, and that little hole is what happened BEFORE Sunday school even started. Did I mention they were new tights? So sad. I keep forgetting my boots have buckles on the back, and every time I cross my legs I snag my tights.

Lesson learned.

OK, back to my first story...the tights led to Target...because frankly, a lot of roads lead to Target. Both girls mentioned that they HAD NEVER BEEN TO TARGET...I know, I KNOW! So I said we'd have to go sometime...then sometime turned into next Sunday, and then next Sunday turned into yesterday :)

Oh we had fun. And it just so happened I had my camera. Because a girls first trip to Target needs documentation. For real.

Meet Rebecca (from Taiwan) and Kaya (from Denmark)

This is us at Starbucks in Target :)

Kaya in her fab new hat and sunglasses (there's matching scarf and mittens too:)

Rebecca stocking up on cute socks!

They were SO much fun and I'm so glad to have been a part of their first Target experience :)

And Target led to...the mall. Here I am with some ginormous sunglasses. I didn't buy those, but did get a cute outfit at Target that I may be too old for. That's what happens when you shop with 16 year olds. Maybe I'll share it with ya tomorrow...Until then, HAPPY MONDAY!