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Thursday, March 5, 2009

*Tongue in Cheek*

So, like a long time ago I asked you for some questions.

You delivered.

Here's some more riveting answers *insert tongue in cheek*

Rach asked: If you had to choose ONE outfit (from head to toe) that you had to wear EVERY day until your turned 40.....what would that outfit be?

This is a hard one...but I'm gonna go with what I have on today...I happen to be in love with the new rolled-up-boyfriend jean-with-some-tears-in-it-look. Kinda like this. Because seriously, no matter what I pick, I won't like anything for the next 9 years...except maybe ballet flats. I'm too fickle.

Lori asked: Ok, I have a question. Now, mind you no normal person would ask a preacher's wife this question, but I've never been one to color inside the lines, so here goes. ALSO (I promise I'll eventually get to the question), this is the first thing that came to mind, because my girlfriend and I were giggling just last night about our middle school nicknames... which brings me to the question, are you ready...What is your stripper name? (First pet's name + street you lived on during childhood)See? Not normal, I know. Let's hope once you reveal your name, it doesn't stick among your parishoners, I would feel bad.

Oh Lorie, this cracks me up...I've been waiting and waiting for just the right moment to share with the Internet my would-be-made-up-stripper-name, according to the above set guidelines.

First pet's name + the street I lived on during childhood.

Drum roll.... Maynard Third Street.

Yep. You read that right. Now you know the real reason I became a pastor's wife...with a name like that, stripping would just not be an option. *cough*

I'm also a big prude...which I may not have mentioned yet on this little blog :)

My friend Jenni has nicknamed me "Amish" which might have been a possibility for me, except for my deep love of electricity, plumbing, and epidurals during childbirth. But I digress...I should save this stuff for another post...

Tomorrow's Friday, YAY!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Let's play a little game.  

Let's pretend I can't think of anything to blog about.  Doesn't mean I can't think...just means that everything I think of is not blog appropriate...or I've talked about it endlessly already...or it means I can't think.

So your part of the game is for you to ask me some questions and then I get to answer and I promise I won't make it drag out for more than ten one post.

I know you can come up with something.  Know how I know?!?  Because I'm totally stealing this idea from other posts I've I know.

Leave me a comment with a question...any question and then I can try to come up with an answer...not necessarily the right answer, but an answer.  Or you can email me at

Good times, huh?  Don't answer that...

Before I go, I'll leave you with the answer to, what I'm sure is your most pressing question.  Colgate Total Whitening's what I use...I think its the best toothpaste ever.  Riveting aren't I.

Monday, August 25, 2008

To All My Tone Deaf Friends...

It's time my friends.

It's time to let you in on a little game I play...ok, really there are LOTS of little games I play. Like, when driving through a really fancy neighborhood...I pick my house. You know, the one...the one I'd buy if it were at all in my league.

Hmmm...I wonder if anyone with ooodles of money has ever driven by my house and thought, "If I were middle-class...I'd totally pick THAT one."

...back to the game for today. While driving to Pizza Hut last night (to pick up supper and no, I did not get these because my neighbor brought over cake, which I ate for breakfast ;) I caught myself playing this game...the "If I could sing, I pick her voice" game.

Now, there are some (made up) rules.

  1. If God has blessed you with the gift of song, you my friend, are ineligible to play. Your God-given gift completely and totally disqualifies you. But, if you happen to be like myself, and can only sound pleasant after turning the music up so loudly that you can no longer hear yourself...this is your game.

  2. If you are one of the gifted by God singers, and you're feeling a little left out, by all means, go ahead and play the "If I didn't have the gift of song, and I could be totally tone deaf, I would be (fill in the blank)" game.

  3. Pick anyone your little heart desires.

I've been playing this game a long time, and every so often my choice changes. It's the benefit of the tone deaf. I get to change my mind :)

For quite awhile choice is her.

That's right...I'd totally be country :) Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland, you win.

Your turn.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Installment...

Wow! It's Thursday already?!? So, it's another installment of the little bit I like to call,

Do you think the other pastors' wives that lived in this parsonage...
  • woke up some mornings and just wanted to crawl back into bed for a few more hours.
  • wondered if any 2 year old could possibly throw more crying fits than hers does by 8:30 am.
  • had "Fill My Cup, Lord" as their favorite hymn and life theme?
  • randomly prayed that their children got their husbands math & Science genes and not hers.
  • ate Catch-A-Man dip for every meal since lunch on Tuesday?
  • was disappointed to find that her house in fact does not clean itself...but does mess itself up...interesting.
  • had days where she was certain that her computer was just "messing" with her on purpose...testing her patience?
  • felt the same special anxiety when visiting the dentist and nursing homes?!? Both of which she gets to do next week :)
  • made daily "to-do" lists, and every day for 3 weeks kept moving "sort paperwork" to the next day?
  • had God keep taking her to 1&2 Peter, over and over everyday. Good stuff.
  • fell in love with women's ministries and fell to her knees in awe of all He's accomplishing!

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday to my sweet little neighbor girl, Sydney!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Installment...

Well, it's Thursday, so it's another installment of my "Do you think the other Pastors' wives that lived in this parsonage..." bit. If you're new to this, you should click here and maybe here. If you are returning customer, I must say God Bless You for humoring me...and my husband thanks you, because since I've started sharing my list with you...he doesn't have to hear it as frequently :)

This week, I've been thinking about the former pastor's wives as mothers. I've realized that I seem to be in a constant state of flip-flopping. One moment, I'm wishing my boys were to do more on their own, and then in the very next moment I wish I could freeze time and keep them 6,5, & 2 forever. As I look through baby pictures, I long to have that time back. I don't particularly want to have another baby...but I do want to experience my boys as babies again. So realistic, I know! I want so much, to be able to enjoy this time...moment by moment, but I need God's help to do that....boy, do I need His help! Ok, here goes the list...

Do you think the other pastors' wives that lived in this parsonage...

  • struggled to find the balance between hanging on and letting go.
  • had a 2 year old that always prayed for his favorite cartoons first, and then his family.
  • was happy on the Sundays that her children fell asleep during the sermon, because then she could actually listen.
  • wanted desperately for her children to grow up with a love for ministry, rather than resentment.
  • despised the term "PK's" for pastors kids. Why the label? Wondered if those same people call other peoples kids "TK- teachers kid" and "AK - accountant's kid" etc. (thankfully, no one in my church does this:)
  • had expectations for her children based on God's standards alone...not other peoples standards.
  • wished her children wouldn't ring the church bell on days there is no church :) rascals.
  • needed constant reminding from her Savior that these boys were His...He would take care of them...and He loves them even more than she does.
  • had a 5 year old who wanted to "deliver God's messages." Not a pastor...but a prophet, like Jonah :)
  • had a child who wore clean clothes to bed, as pajamas, so that he didn't have to waste time getting dressed in the morning.
  • had a moment, as she tucked them into bed, where she was overwhelmed with her children's ability to love and forgive...unconditionally.
  • had to apologize for yelling and losing her cool.
  • loved them more than life.
I know the women before me have lived through circumstances that I can only imagine. I am thankful that I can look back at their lives and see how God has been with them, regardless of the circumstances. What amazing gifts I have been given!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Starting Something New...

This morning I got to do something that I only get to do once every 5 weeks... it's one of my favorite things...yep, I got my hair cut! It was not a major change...just a trim...but man, do I. Feel. Better! My stylist does an amazing job and I pretty much adore her. I also got to go to the grocery store alone...I know, I know, it's been a big day for me thus far :)
I've decided to try something new...and make Thursdays my "Do you think the other pastor's wives that lived in this parsonage..." game. If you've never heard of this wonderfully amusing game I play click here for more details. Again...I should warn you, that this is generally much more amusing to me than those around me...and if it bores you, please go visit Beth and let her know :) It was her sweet comment that has opened the flood gates. She wondered if I had more...oh Beth....So. Much. More. Here's the list for today.
So, do you think the other pastor's wives that lived here...
  • ever noticed, as they drove into town, that their minivan always smells like stale McDonald' matter how many air fresheners they use.
  • Secretly believed that Heaven must smell like the Aveda Salon where she gets her hair cut.
  • drove 45 mph the whole way home...just to extend her alone time.
  • asked her husband, after grilling lunch, to quickly shut the garage door because it was embarrassingly full of junk.
  • let her children eat a whole box of fruit snacks while she unloaded groceries.
  • decided that if she ever came into a large sum of money...she would of course give lots to others...but keep enough to have someone else buy her groceries and cook her food.
  • wore her favorite cardigan sweater (that has yellow in it) for the third day in a row.
  • took pictures *herself* of her new hair cut. HA!
  • was always in the middle of reading 3 different books, all at the same time, and knew God was speaking to her through each of them.
  • thought about other wives that have lived in the parsonage, as much as I do...probably not :)

    View from the back :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk...

Our little church celebrated its 150th birthday last summer. The parsonage (or, our home, as I like to call it :) is around 100 years old. (That's a guesstimate...I'm too lazy to walk 27 steps to the church to actually look up the exact age...bear with me, I did go running this morning!) Generally, all of those husbands and families that have ministered here, have lived in this house. Of course, there have been many updates through the years...but still! I'm not quite sure why this fascinates me so much...but it does. I love this house...not only because I think its adorable, but I feel a sense of peace knowing that others, who've gone before us in ministry, have lived their lives within these walls. I also love to find the humor in it as well :) It's a little "bit" I like to call, "Do you think other pastor's wives who've lived here...fill in the blank." Usually, no one else finds this as amusing as me...but if you've invested this much time reading so far, you may as well finish ;) Here's my list for today...
Do you think the other pastor's wives that have lived here....
  • fed her kids turkey sandwiches for breakfast?
  • drank a pot of coffee every morning?
  • blogged? HA!
  • put their treadmill in their husbands home office?
  • had their children splash so much water out of the bathtub that it ran down through the bathroom floor (upstairs) and through the ceiling and out the light fixture in the kitchen?
  • loaded her kids in the mini-van and drove around, just so they would be strapped in and stay in one place?!?
  • busted a move to Tobymac's Boomin', while hoping that no one could actually see in the windows (good thing my wonderful neighbor already knows how weird I am:)
  • bought 2 gallons of ice cream and a box of monster cookie, cookie dough from the Schwans guy...and then ate 8 cookies?!?
  • did not enjoy cooking...wished she could have take-out for every meal?
  • shoved so much junk in the attic (because it was too cold to actually go in) that now I can't even get in there?
  • fed her family a rotation of frozen pizza, mac&cheese, and cheese quesadillas?
  • wore red patent leather shoes?
  • stood in awe of the fact that God had graciously placed them in a wonderful little town, with amazing people, in order that she may love on 'em and show with her life the amazing difference that Jesus made. ...I can only hope so :)

Friday, February 22, 2008


It's been five days since I hijacked the computer from my family. Eli used to get to play learning he sits and watches cartoons (learning cartoons, or course. *cough*). I don't really know how it happened, I think it was partially the insanity that the weather is causing, but before I knew it, I had set up a blog! I had contemplated it some before, but was already spending enough time on Facebook, the way it was. But, here I sit. Actually, here I've been sitting for 5 days now. I'm sure that the newness will wear off (I hope) and my family will eventually regain some use of the computer. Until then, here's what I've learned:

  1. Everything about it is addicting for me. I knew that Facebook was, but this is WORSE!

  2. Even the counter thingy...I love to look at it...WHY?!? Do other bloggers do this?!?

  3. Comments: LOVE THEM. Truthfully, I never understood the concept before becoming a blogger myself. I figured reading it was enough (I found out this is called Lurking :)...I knew I had enjoyed whatever they'd written. BUT, now I get it! The validation helps. Not that I need it...well, ok, maybe I do.

  4. I have actually laid awake at night, this week, thinking of things I could blog about...pathetic...I know.

  5. My exercise this week has consisted of getting up from the computer to either break up a fight, switch to another Dora or Diego episode, or run upstairs to use the bathroom. This will probably lead to other blog topics someday. :)

It really is much more fun that I thought it would be. It's caused me to look at my life a little differently. It's helped me to appreciate that even when it seems boring or redundant, there's usually a way to look at it that makes it seem more entertaining.If you've ever thought about it. I'll read it!!