Monday, October 25, 2010

but it'snot

So...I've had some sick kiddos.  Fevers are lame.  Lucy and I spent Saturday morning visiting the Doctor and perusing the aisles at the local pharmacy....where I found this little gem:

Look at the picture!  Both momma and baby smiling as she sucks the snot out with her mouth.  I died laughing...silently of course.

So, none of the snot actually gets in your mouth, still... I'm not sure I could suck on it.  

I need to know...could you?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Kidding...

My sister in law is one of the funniest people I know.  I adore her.  

Her most recent influence has been the "Just Kidding" skit originally from SNL.  Every time she does it, I laugh my butt off.  Now my boys do it, and it still cracks me up, even when it's annoying me I can't stop laughing at it.  

I should have recorded her.  Or them.  But for now, here's the skit from SNL so you know what I'm talking about.  

It's clean.  But I warn you, you're likely to add "just kidding" to everything you say.  

Just kidding, you probably wont.  Just kidding.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind the Pictures...

 We took a little day trip.  

Looks picture perfect, doesn't it?  I smiled as I uploaded these to facebook last night, and thought to myself, man I love pictures.  

They capture what I want them to capture.  The fun, the smiles, just the right lighting to flatter (because of course I deleted the others.)  What I'm left with is what I want to remember.  Because truthfully, there's parts I'd like to forget.  Like...

The huge ordeal it was just to get everyone going that morning.  The whining about where we were going, and what we were doing, and how long it would take to get there...and of course they're hungry, because they're always hungry.  The game, between brothers in the back seat of the van, called Don't Flinch.  It's all fun and games till one really doesn't flinch and technically wins, the lucky winner ends up with a fist in his eye because the other brother thought he'd flinch. Tears.  Spilled pop at the restaurant, crawling under the booth, numerous trips to the bathroom.  Oh yeah, I forgot batteries for the camera.  Big long *sighs* where Ben and I look at each other and smile (weakly) and try to encourage each other that yes, yes indeed this is family fun.  Because, the time, there were lots of moments where it didn't feel like a whole lot of fun.

Did I mention how glad I am that pictures are silent?  Because I am.

And the time always comes, like last night...where I sit back, and look at the pictures and smile (an extra big smile when I get to delete the unflattering ones and pretend I never really look like that *cough*) Because all of the craziness really is part of the fun.  Not so much at the time, but later.  Looking back.  But in the moment, I forget that.  In the moment, I'm very annoyed that my kids can't get along, and need to be reminded 1,000 times to just STOP PESTERING EACH OTHER, and can't be more grateful for how wonderful their dad and I are for braving the outing in the first place.  Am I right?!?  Oh, I'm right alright.

Right and ridiculous.  

I'm not sure I'll ever get to the point where I enjoy the craziness in the moment.  Maybe I will.  But I know one thing, I always smile looking back on it.  

Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is Good

Sometimes...our weekends are full of such great stuff that Mondays I sit here at the computer tongue tied.  Words sometimes aren't enough to capture it all.  

Friday night we headed out for a family date night...all six of us.  Our first choice of restaurant turned out to have too long of a wait.  When there's 6 of you, there's no more squeezing into a booth, or a table technically meant for 4.  Instead, you wait until two tables open up...or you go somewhere less popular.  

Bring on less popular.  

We ended up here.  And yes, we took home a whole peanut butter pie.  It's my new favorite restaurant, because really, I'm an old soul...I belong at Village Inn...with the old people.

Saturday I painted more doors.  Red.  Hello front door:

Saturday night the boys played flag football "under the lights" it's a big deal.  I'm the big-loser mom who forgot her camera.

Sunday we had a fall/birthday party at my husband's family's farm.  

Eli celebrated with three other cousins.  

And then Grandpa Dave took us on a hayride.

Lucy loved it.

And then fell asleep.

And then woke up to let the little puppy lick her toes.

And a get-together is never complete without a little football...

Life is good.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Before & After

So, after I posted that pic of Jake on the table the other day, I noticed how shabby the material on my chairs looked.  It's been three years or so since I last covered them.

They started like this (3 years ago):  Boring and stained from my kids.

And then they looked like this:  Now faded, but great pattern and colors for hiding stains.

Yesterday I decided to hit the fabric store, and found some cute new stuff to fit better with my latest color scheme (while still hiding stains.)  Meet the new stuff:

Jake informed me he hates the new ones.  This, from the kid who made a hat this morning and then hung out outside while I staple-gunned my heart out inside.

I think Lucy loves the new look, no?

Happy Friday Friends!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Have I mentioned our impeccable table manners here in the parsonage family?

I give you reason #89 why you do not want to dine with us.  

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