Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dumb Feed

Something is wrong with my blog feed and I can't get it to publish in readers.  I think others are having the same problem...my fix from yesterday was only temporary.

No clue what to do, I'll just wait it out for now!

Thanks for your patience!

Instead of Going Through the Motions

I had trouble with my blog feed yesterday, a super smart bloggy friend told me to delete my RSS button...and she was right! So, if your blog is not being caught by the feed readers, that may be why.

Also, I'm contemplating setting up a running blog so that the topic doesn't over-run this blog, it will be more of an online journal, of training and stuff I'm learning. Any thoughts? 

Lately I've been feeling a lot like I did when I first became a Christian.

There was a insatiable hunger to learn everything I could about my new Savior. I bombarded those around me who had known Him longer, who knew what they were talking about. Experiencing His forgiveness freed me in a way that made anything seem possible. It's as if I caught a glimpse of just how big He is, and I knew He had big plans.

And then regular, everyday life continues...and years go by, and I find myself continually fighting against apathy. Against putting God in a tiny little box. It's a constant battle. Maybe people reach a point of spiritual maturity where they don't battle this....or maybe it's human nature, and battling it is just part of having faith.

What I do know is this: He is bigger than my apathy, and He will not be put in a box. The second I call out to Him, He shows up...shakes my heart up again reminds me of who He is, what He's done.

And right now, I just can't get enough of Him. Learning new things, understanding old things. Standing back, in awe, as He moves in the lives of people around me. He's always doing it...I just miss seeing it sometimes. Not this time.

This song has been blasting through my iPod for the past few days.

No need to explain why.

I don't want my life to be defined as going through the motions. As a wife, a mom, a friend, a believer...heck, even a runner...just OK is not enough...I want His all consuming passion inside of me.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hoping the Obsessive Becomes Compulsive...

It's a funny thing...how sometimes I think I know about something, and then I start learning more on a particular subject and realize that I'm actually COMPLETELY clueless!

It happens all the time. Which should probably tell you something about me...but let's move on.

I have a bit of an obsessive personality. When I fixate on something, there's little that can distract me. This is both good and bad...my husband would volunteer testimony.

Anyways, my latest fascination is running. I'm not new to running...but I'm just figuring out there's more to it then slapping on some shoes and hitting the pavement. And the more I learn, the more I want to know!

This weekend it was time for new shoes. Believe it or not, I do not get excited about buying new running shoes. 1 - they're expensive and 2 - no matter how hard I try to convince myself...they are just not cute. Ever.
We have this cute little shop called The Runner's Flat. They evaluate your running form which helps in getting the right shoe. They also have all sorts of running stuff...which I know nothing about yet because I don't run enough to get any gadgets...but after being in that store, I now have a wish list.

I'm a little attached to my old shoes. I've gotten the same brand the past two times...they're comfy, and familiar. Turns out that this time though, I need a different kind. No sacred cow, right?!?

Old Mizuno shoes:

New Saucony Shoes:

Here's the new knowledge that's rocked my world:

  • Shoes have a shelf life. You heard me. Even without running or using them, the materials can break down from just sitting on the shelf.
  • Socks matter. Who knew?!? Cotton=bad. Makes your feet stay wet and causes blisters and other yucky stuff. So...I have some new non-cotton socks, that have a R and L on each foot...because they go on a specific foot...craaaaazy.
  • I bought a Runner's World magazine, which I'm totally gonna subscribe to. In there I learned that running 3 miles 3 times a week (which is basically what I do right now) will NOT help in weight loss. *insert kicking and screaming* It will help in "maintaining" but if your body is used to it, it will not help in the losing of weight. BOO. I have to start "interval" training...I'm not even going to explain...
  • One marathoner wraps her toes in duct tape to keep them from rubbing together...I find that fascinating...because I am a weirdo.
  • After running, you have a 30 minute time slot to re-fuel and re-build your muscles. There are certain foods that do this best. SEE, I told you...so. much. stuff.

So, since I'm sure the only people that have actually made it this far in the post are people who run (or are very, very bored), give me you tips, your tricks, your secrets...come on....I gotta know. And, if you know of any great sights or blogs about running, please let me know!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to continue my sanitizing of the house via Lysol. Oh yeah...two more barfers last night ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm having some trouble blogging lately.  Let's call it a funk of sorts.  

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that everyday is a little like the movie Groundhogs Day...you know, where you wake up and do the same thing over and over and OVER.  Truthfully, I don't mind it...except that then I find myself talking about the same things over and over.  

So goes life.  So goes me.  Whether you know me in real life, or just through this little blog, I'm afraid that's what you get.

Here it is.  In all it's redundant glory...what's rolling around in my head:

  • I'm pretty focused on running right now.  Getting back into shape so that it can proceed to the next level, and then the next level, and eventually to what seems the impossible level for me...the 1/2 Mary (which is what my inspiring friend who somehow convinced me I can do this thing called the 1/2 marathon...and from this point on I'm only calling it that ;) 
  • That means I'm really trying to eat healthier...and drink more water *bleh*  Not even my new cute bottle can make it more appealing.
  • I'm a bit obsessive over the weather too, biting at the bit for it to get nice out and STAY nice.
  • I'm very very disturbed at the guys-wearing-scarves-for-purely-fashion-reasons.  It's freaking me out a bit.  I love scarves.  I think women look great in scarves.  Men....well let's just say I'm having trouble letting that one go.
  • I love casual summer dresses.  This is going to be the year of the summer dress for me.  Who needs shorts when I can wear a cute dress.  See...it's all about the weather people.
  • My iPod...I've mentioned it in every conversation I've had for the past month.  
  • Easter.
  • Julie...and the countdown till she gets here!
  • Summer vacation...lazy days at the pool and park with my boys.
Let me have it, what can't you stop thinking/talking about!?!  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Seriously, I got nothin' for ya today.  It's 1:00 and I'm still in my pajama pants and bathrobe.

Last night, my running partner and I decided we'd run after Bible Club instead of early this morning.  Turns out, that I run quite well when fueled by a couple shots of espresso...don't think I didn't take note of THAT little morsel of information. It's a good thing we did, because...

Fast forward to 2:30  A.M.  Ben and I hear Jake crying and then he stops.  We go back to sleep.  Little later Jake is standing beside the bed crying and wanting in bed with us.  Figuring he had a bad dream, we tuck him in the middle and snuggle...a few minutes later....he barfs, everywhere.

Turns out the crying previously mentioned was because he'd first barfed in his own bed, but managed to not get any on himself, thus the lack of smell.  He also failed to mention two very important words before getting in our bed.... I. Barfed.

Fast forward to 1:00 PM.  Jake's sacked out on the couch watching Sponge Bob and no longer barfing, but running a fever and not looking so hot.

I'm not gonna lie, when the doorbell rang and it was the Schwan's guy...I totally pretended to not be home.  It helps that it looked like I really wasn't home, because my van is missing.  My husband stole it from me in order to drive himself to work while his car is in the shop.  

My life is a country song ;)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm In

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee is hosting this little challenge.  What's the challenge you ask?  To commit to get moving for 30 minutes a day (5 days a week) for the next 2 weeks.   Go on over to her sight to find out more, but the gist is...it starts tomorrow!   TOMORROW.

For the past couple of weeks I've been hobbling around like an old crippled woman...I blame amping up the running and yoga.  The sides of my stomach feel like someone punched me...they are that sore.   I'm doing The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga...it is so stinkin' HARD...and I'm still at level one...if you can even count that, considering I can't even finish the whole 20 minute routine.  BUT, I'm counting Yoga in the challenge, because it's movement...and DANG IT, it's hard.  

Did I mention how hard it is?!?  I mean seriously, it looks so easy...but it's HARD.

So very very hard....

So, if you're in, let me know and go over to Linda's and let her know.  Then, in 2 weeks we can all link up and share our stories of pain and suffering...it's good times.

PS - I have that little *sarcasm on the little*  1/2 marathon coming up September 6th.  Technically training doesn't start for a little while, but my running was less than stellar all winter, so I've got to kick up the base mileage...which is kicking my tail right now.  You can also find me wandering around my house saying 13.1 miles...13.1 miles...what was I thinking, what was I thinking...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Because I Like It...

Let's talk fashion today.

I love looking at People magazine to see what celebrities are wearing in their everyday life.   It really has nothing to do with the celebrity themselves...I pick the celebrities because they're the ones who can afford a personal stylist.    It's the stylists job to make each celeb unique and distinct...to make it look easy.

I want a stylist.  I want someone to just come to my house, look at the stuff I have and put new outfits together...because I end up wearing the same things with the same things over and over.   Heck, I don't even need a professional.  Maybe real life friends and I should just do that for each other?!?!  Hmmm...I think I'm on to something.

Anyways, I came across this sight the other day, and I think it's genius.  You can look up celeb's whose style you like, and then find a cheap version of the outfit with the LINKS already there!  My personal favorites are Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon's style.  

Super fun!  Well, to me anyways.  Can looking at how to put together outfits be considered a hobby?  If it is, then by golly I've finally found a hobby I like ;)  Because the running and the scrapbooking...they get on my last nerve sometimes :)

So tell me....who's style do you admire?

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Sacred Cow

Ben and I had a pastor in our lives that always said that there was "no sacred cow" when it came to how he approached ministry.  It meant that he was always evaluating how the church was running programs and various things...if it once was working and serving a purpose but over time became more tradition than ministry, then it was gone...no sacred cows.

It's stuck with me.  It makes sense to me.  

It's easy in life to make things sacred that were never meant to be sacred.  Changing something does not mean that it's a bad thing, or that it never served its purpose, it just means that currently, it's time for something different.

I like to use the no sacred cow idea in my life outside of ministry as well.  From anything as simple as hair products to the more complicated, like relationships.

My life, like yours, is chuck full of relationships.  And lately, I've noticed I'm having trouble just keeping up with people.  Old friends, new friends, bloggy friends, family, ministry, on and on.  The end result usually leaves me feeling guilty.

Guilty that I don't talk with so and so anymore, guilty that one friendship takes priority over another, guilty that I haven't made that call, written that note, sent that card, left that comment...followed up on their life.  My lack of doing any of those things in no way reflects on how If feel about that person, it reflects my life....my time...my priorities.

And that's where I find my sacred cow.  The sacred cow of friendships.  

Don't ya just love those friends who you haven't talked to in forever, but the moment you have a chance to catch up, it feels like you pick right up where you left off?!?  Those are the friendships that last, that survive, because both people understand that life goes on...and sometimes, it goes on without each other, but it doesn't mean the friendship is gone, it just means it's changed...it's always there...it just looks and feels differently than before.  

I've been seeking out God's help on this stuff...big time.  I need Him to show me which friendships need more focus, and which ones are changing.  As I was mulling my thoughts over with Ben, he shared something that really hit me.  It was something to do with Chemistry and atoms...and I will of course butcher the explanation because of my complete idiocy in all things science...but it was something to do with atoms and molecules and how only so many molecules can be grouped together at a time.  If there's too many they break off and form another group.  (Ben and my chemistry teacher are hanging their heads in shame right now ;)

That analogy though is so true.  As women, we grow and change and "break off" so that we can be blessed by new friendships.  It doesn't mean the old one is broken or bad, it means that in order to bless and be blessed by new friends, we've got to be willing to let go of the all the time invested in the old ones and invest some in the new.

"Make new friends, but keep the old..."  You know the song.  Seriously, I should have just stuck to the bullet list form because I've even lost myself in this post!  Good luck to ya'll! ;)

It boils down to this:
  • I'm learning to appreciate all of the friendships God has blessed me with.
  • Some of those are going to require more time than others.
  • No need to feel guilty.
  • Those old friendships, that require the least maintenance are often the best.
  • Let go of the guilt.
  • I can't "be there" for every friend.  Even if I want to, I'm not meant too.  Not meant to.
  • Letting go of the guilt that was never supposed to be there in the first place...
  • See a theme?
So, to all my old friends:  I love you.  You know I do.  I think of you...I remember our history, it's part of me.  You're just as important to me as you always were.

To my new friends:  Our everyday lives cross paths continually.  We share children in the same grades, neighbors, everydayness.  I'm thankful to be sharing this part of the journey with you, and know that someday, many of you will be in the old friends category.

To my bloggy friends:  Your uniqueness and sweetness entertains me endlessly.  The fact that you've read this far is frankly amazing :)  Keep writing.

To my family:  You get the shaft sometimes.   You get the tired and worn out version of me sometimes.  The fact that you love me regardless is what makes us family.  Love you.

To my Julie:  You are one of the newest investments of time in our lives.  I look forward each and every day to your emails...you are a part of our lives in so many ways, already.  You soon will be family...and you will get the shaft sometimes...because that's what family does ;)  Love you already.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Might Move for Food...

Yesterday was so much fun with Rebecca here.

This was her first time at Guitar Hero...I love playing with beginners, it's the only time I feel like I have any skill.

Things I learned about her:

  • She never wants to get married or have children. (She decided this before ever leaving Taiwan...I swear it wasn't made after spending a day at our house ;)

  • I told her I won't be surprised when I get a wedding invitation and then baby announcement someday.

  • She loves to talk.

  • I listened to some teenage Taiwanese music, and it was good, even though I couldn't understand any of it.

  • She wishes my feet were smaller so she could borrow my shoes.

  • Taiwanese children are all naughty. HA! Her words, not mine.

  • She is beautiful, inside and out...and today I'm praying that God gives her a glimpse of that today.

  • She can cook like none other.

Rebecca preparing, it's a process...I should have paid better attention...

The finished product. Pepper steak with green peppers, cabbage fried with bacon (my kids ate a TON of this...CABBAGE?!?, rice with pork sausage in soy sauce (this was one of my favs), fried eggs with green onion (again, my picky kids couldn't get enough of it) and then the chicken...oh the chicken. She marinated it with garlic and ginger root, green onions and soy sauce and then fried it in oil. Delish.

My kids tried everything, and I seriously could not believe how much they ate and the fact that they liked all of it!

I'm no idiot, I'm pretty sure the fact that Rebecca made it and not me helped them think it could be nothing but delicious.

Having Rebecca here was SO much fun! Thank you Rebecca!

Julie (our exchange student who will be coming August 1st) let me know that she should probably be kept out of the kitchen. She's so sweet, I think she thought I'd be disappointed...but really, it makes me happy because then she's likely to be pleased with my one-dish wonders ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Have a Good Excuse...

We're on Spring Break here...and the weather has been pretty beautiful...blogging is just gonna have to wait till all the fun is over :)

Today, Rebecca, the exchange student from Taiwan is coming over for the day and then cooking us authentic Taiwanese tonight!  YUM!

I'll have pictures and stories for you tomorrow.  I'm also gonna interview her on her thoughts on how exciting it was to hang out with a stay at home mom and her three boys ;)  Good times.

Until then, I have a list of cleaning and grocery shopping and other wild and crazy things that moms do on spring break.  


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Speaking To Me...

One of the things that sticks out the most from Ben's seminary days is the Greek flash cards.  I forget how many years of Greek and Hebrew he was required to take...I'm pretty sure I've blocked it out ;)  Anyways, I vividly remember sitting in our first 1 bedroom apartment holding the flashcards while he rattled off what the word was...we were newlyweds...I think as time and two babies came along I was less helpful in the studying department.

I understood the purpose behind learning the Greek and Hebrew.  After all, it's the language that Scripture was first written, if we want to know what the context of a passage is,  or what certain words mean, going back to those original languages is essential...everything else is just someones interpretation of the original word.

I love that God chose those languages.  They're so completely descriptive.   I'm the type of girl who needs a very VERY understandable Bible version.  If the language is any different than what I'm used to speaking/hearing then I often miss what it's saying.   But often, everyday English is unable to be descriptive enough.  Sometimes, it misses the meaning.  

We have been doing the Beth Moore study Living Beyond Yourself.  This is my first Beth Moore study.  I was always a little apprehensive because everyone was so over the top about her that I was pretty sure she couldn't be as great as everyone said.  Wrong.  So wrong.  Her knowledge of Scripture, passion for glorifying God, and sheer humbleness, frankly...astound me.  

She knows His Word.  Often, I allow myself to just get "the gist" of a passage and call it good.   I found out quickly, that Beth is not gonna have any of that.  She digs and she digs and she takes you all over the Bible, weaving it all together.  And sometimes, she wears me out...in a good way.

This morning I was working on day 5 of Peace.  And something hit me so hard it caused me to weep...because I'd never seen it before, even though I've read or heard this passage a hundred times.  

The passage is John 18:1-11 and is the account of Jesus being arrested (fitting for Easter, no?)  I read through it first in my New Century Version and nothing stood out.  THEN, in the workbook as I was answering the questions I read what Beth had inserted.  It is part of the passage in the exact translation from Greek to English (capital letters are exactly as they appear)
(Jesus is talking to the soldiers)
John 18:6-8

Whom do you seek?  They answered Him, Jesus the Nazarene.  Jesus said to them, I AM!  Then when He said to them I AM, they departed into the rear and fell to the ground.  Then again He asked, Whom do you seek?  And they said, Jesus the Nazarene.  Jesus answered, I told you that I AM.

Can you picture it?  60o armed soldiers came that day, to arrest Jesus.  And at the moment He said His name, who He was, the I AM, 600 soldiers fell back.    

I cry because hearing Him say His name this morning, through this Scripture spoke to me.   He is the I AM...He needs nothing added to it.  

As Easter approaches, I want to hold on so tightly to Him, to remember what He did on that cross, for me, and to look to today and tomorrow because each day He is the I AM.  The same, yesterday, today and forever.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's a Love/Hate Thing...

It is finally nice outside here. Really nice. Finally! I'm actually able to remember why on earth I choose to live in this part of the country. It is days like today :)

The niceness outside has brought the sandbox back into my life. I have a love/hate relationship with the sandbox.

We have a big one out back. Ben's dad built it and each year he comes and dumps another truckload of sand in it, because *surprise* half the sand manages to disappear.

Guess where it disappears to...


I love the sandbox, I really do. It occupies the boys for hours. And what is cuter than three little brothers screaming at each other over who just wrecked whose bridge?!? The problem is, the sand is never really dry. Which is exactly the way my boys prefer it. Apparently it needs a little water to make it fun. I've lost count of the times I've gone outside to see the hose sticking out of the sandbox...water filled to the brim.

Dry sand would be easy. Brushes right off. Wet sand...not so much.

WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?!?! TELL ME! Because my mud room looks like THIS:

Don't ya just love the bike INSIDE. Nice.

Today I bought this at our local CVS in the "As see on TV" section. It better work. It better work like a miracle.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's How We Do Things...

Question: (In the form of a run-on sentence) Is clean laundry still considered clean if it sat on the couch for two days, while children sat on it like an extra cushion, was tossed on the floor and reassembled on the couch numerous times before finally making its way to the red chair where the dog then decided to make a cushy bed out of it?
Answer: Ab-so-lute-ly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You Asked For It...

Since I'm unable to shut up about my iPod and the wonder if itunes I've decided to give you the names of the 15 songs I've purchased from there.

I'm sure it will be life changing for you. *cough*

Also, pretend there's a little disclaimer here for my pastor husband. It says something like... the husband of this woman is in no way responsible for her music choices(no matter how ridiculous I think they may be), she is a grown woman of God and I allow her to exercise her free will that Christ has given her. Or something like that. Ben and I have completely different musical tastes. We have some common ground, but let's just say Donnie and Marie sang it best with she's a little bit country, and he's a little bit rock and roll...except we're reversed, and I'm not even sure if that's how that song goes....whatever.

Moving on.

This has got to be the most random list of songs ever purchased from itunes.

In random order: (I've linked to the song when I could, just so you can hear it if you haven't before...you'll have to go to itunes to get the real deal)

Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle (About my first love)

Free to be Me by Francesca Battistelli (new one for me, love her voice)

By Your Side by Tenth Ave North (Makes me weep, I swear it was written for me)

You're Beautiful (radio version) by James Blunt (I've loved this song forever, Ben makes fun of it all the time...he does quite the impersonation.)

Love Story by Taylor Swift (*sigh* the video is even better)

Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynard (classic)

Spiderwebs by No Doubt (for running)

Just a Girl by No Doubt (for running)

Sweet Escape (clean version) by Gwen Stefani (for running)

Circus by Britney Spears (I could run for miles to this song, it's catchy...but the video...very bad, it's sad that she has to be half naked to promote everything)

Real World by Matchbox Twenty (I LOVE this guys voice, it's for running too)

Ice Ice Baby By Vanilla Ice (we've discussed this already :)

I Want You to Want Me (Live) by Cheap Trick (I'm a child of teenage parents in the late 70's...this was my FAVORITE song growing up...I still love it!)

Take It On the Run by REO Speedwagon (same deal, I saw them in concert with my aunt and uncle when I was little...I thought it was the best thing ever...still do ;)

See...told you. I'm weird. Now it's your turn, tell me your craziest ipod song...I might want to get it :)

My friend Beth hosted a contest to pick a name for her new camera and I WON! Prize: $15 itunes card! YAY! I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat to find out my next 15 songs ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Ones For Julie...

I'm a nester. Not kidding. With each of my boys I think I had the nursery done by the time I was 5 months pregnant. I can't help myself, something inside of me needs it to be ready.

Apparently, I do not need to actually birth a child for this to happen. Remember the post about waiting to find out if Julie would actually get to be the one? Truth be told, I'd already been dreaming of what her room would look like.

Once it was a go, I couldn't wait to ask her what colors she liked (I do, after all, need her input :) She pretty much gave me free reign...I'm sure she'll learn to reign me in once she gets here ;)

Julie's room is actually the room we kicked moved Jake out of. He's now in with his brothers. It seems to be working just fine. By August they should all be totally adjusted ;)

I have some before and after pictures for you. Because I know ya'll like to see some home improvement pics.

The pictorial tour of the new room is for Julie. Turns out, that sending numerous pics as attachments in emails to Norway is S-l-o-w from my computer. So she gets to see her room at the same time you all do...so the commentary is for her, because I'm pretty sure ya'll aren't gonna care about the size of the closet...but a girl's got to know this sort of thing, am I right? Of course I am.

Let's begin.
Jake's room before: Please note the carpet. Yeah. And the broken blinds. And the remains of several jars of miscellaneous goo that he's smeared on the walls in the three years we've lived here. Lovely.
The Process begins...

And after: The carpet was installed THIS morning :) Ben is home with Strep throat...he still managed to assemble the bed for me. Good man.

The bed and new wood blinds. The carpet is tan...it looks like a funky color in this picture, but it is not. I promise. I ordered the pillowcases from Potter Barn Teen...I couldn't resist. They inspired the green for the bed and desk.

Julie, this is the view (from the bed) of the other half of the room. There will be a desk there that will be the same green as the bed frame. The mirror (from my mom :) will be hung up too along with a shelf thingy for you to put stuff in. The picture makes the walls look splotchy, but they're not :)

The closet is near the headboard of the bed. This is the left side view of it. There won't be little boys clothes hanging in it when you arrive ;)

Middle section of closet:

Right side view.

Alright, that's all I'm showing you...the completely finished product will have to be a surprise for when you FINALLY get here!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sometimes I Pretend I Can Rap...

I mentioned my beautiful green iPod the other day.  I have to tell you, I had NO IDEA what I was missing out on all these years.  I imagine it's the same way I'll feel when I finally get one of those fancy-shmancy mini-vans where you push a button to open the door.

Anyhow, the itunes store and I have become best friends.  You would die, DIE  if you knew how much time I have wasted spent just looking up songs to hear the 5 seconds of free listening.  I am that easily amused.  I especially like punching in a year (1989-1996) in particular because it brings up the top 100 songs or so...and in a second it takes me back in time.  

And it turns out....I still very much heart all those songs.
And at .99 a song, I can't help myself.  It's like creating my own schizophrenic CD.  It's awesome.   

It's also made it crystal clear that my music tastes are all over the place.   I would share them with you...but seriously, I think it's a little more than you can handle.  I'm just sayin'.  

It has left me pondering one thing...Am I the only pastor's wife who bought Vanilla Ice's, Ice Ice Baby for my ipod?  Am I?  Tell me there's another out there who can "rap" the whole song.  

Need a refresher?  Click here.  

I'm off to practice my dance moves.  

Word to your mother. (which I googled, because I in fact have no idea what that saying means, turns out it was coined by Vanilla Ice during his 15 minutes of fame, it means "I tell you the truth, my friend."  I think it could also mean "what a white 31 year old mother of 3 says when  she wants to pretend she's a rapper."  I am a wealth of important information today, aren't you glad you stopped.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

What's Got Me So Cranky...

I'm a bit crabby today. 

Shocking, I know.  *cough*

I'll spare you my whiny list of why, because it really boils down to one thing.  

And that one thing was written superbly by my bloggy friend Kelly, who happens to be living just one state north of me.  Which happens to be the only other state I've ever lived in.  Minnesota.

Minnesota is a lot like Iowa...except it has traffic, lakes, and shopping. Insightful, aren't I.

I read her post today, and *sighed* with relief.  

If you live somewhere cold...go on...go read it.  You'll feel better.

If you're smart enough to live somewhere warm...I will try not to stick my tongue out at you in jealousy ;)  I said try...I can't promise.

Thanks Kelly...I needed that today!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Let Me Introduce You To...

Last Saturday I was painting Jakob-turned-Julie's room and had my trusted little pink Sansa hooked up to speakers so I could have me some music.
Remember the Sansa? Didn't think so.

Anyways, the Sansa and I have had a good couple of years. Ben got it for me for Mother's Day after I'd started running...I may have begged for it. Turns out, I'm quite attached to it.

Back to my story...so I was in the middle of painting and suddenly realized that only one of the two speakers was playing music. I fiddled with the chords and then did what any reasonable woman does when she still has lots of painting to do...I tapped the speaker lightly. Nothing. Banged it on the floor several times. Nothing.

The next resort was to call in the husband before I pushed the speaker to its limit. Still, the speaker would not cooperate.

Fast forward a couple days. I sit down at the computer with my Sansa and headphones and guess what!?! The headphones only work out of one speaker. Huh. Turns out, I'd abused the speaker for no reason...it was actually the Sansa's fault.

I lasted a whole two days before I had to go out and purchase a new one. This time, it's an iPod. Cute little green one. And I heart it already. I used money I'd earned babysitting...which makes me sound like a 15 year old. Big surprise.

Meet little green iPod and the earphones that actually fit in my ears:

Try not to be too impressed with my amazing photography skills.

And while I'm at it...I'd like to introduce you to my new glasses. I normally wear contacts, but it had been a good four years since I've had updated glasses *gasp* so, here they are:

Ignore the hair. It got washed, but that's about it. Frankly, it's lucky to be clean.

Here's a terrible shot of the side, but I had to show you because they follow my little bit ugly rule. See, they're alternating black and brown and the frames are plastic but the bows are metal. Weird-o.

Love 'em so far.

Vanity, vanity all is vanity ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

*Tongue in Cheek*

So, like a long time ago I asked you for some questions.

You delivered.

Here's some more riveting answers *insert tongue in cheek*

Rach asked: If you had to choose ONE outfit (from head to toe) that you had to wear EVERY day until your turned 40.....what would that outfit be?

This is a hard one...but I'm gonna go with what I have on today...I happen to be in love with the new rolled-up-boyfriend jean-with-some-tears-in-it-look. Kinda like this. Because seriously, no matter what I pick, I won't like anything for the next 9 years...except maybe ballet flats. I'm too fickle.

Lori asked: Ok, I have a question. Now, mind you no normal person would ask a preacher's wife this question, but I've never been one to color inside the lines, so here goes. ALSO (I promise I'll eventually get to the question), this is the first thing that came to mind, because my girlfriend and I were giggling just last night about our middle school nicknames... which brings me to the question, are you ready...What is your stripper name? (First pet's name + street you lived on during childhood)See? Not normal, I know. Let's hope once you reveal your name, it doesn't stick among your parishoners, I would feel bad.

Oh Lorie, this cracks me up...I've been waiting and waiting for just the right moment to share with the Internet my would-be-made-up-stripper-name, according to the above set guidelines.

First pet's name + the street I lived on during childhood.

Drum roll.... Maynard Third Street.

Yep. You read that right. Now you know the real reason I became a pastor's wife...with a name like that, stripping would just not be an option. *cough*

I'm also a big prude...which I may not have mentioned yet on this little blog :)

My friend Jenni has nicknamed me "Amish" which might have been a possibility for me, except for my deep love of electricity, plumbing, and epidurals during childbirth. But I digress...I should save this stuff for another post...

Tomorrow's Friday, YAY!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Got Lazy...

Three years ago when I moved to tiny-town one thing was blatantly obvious. If I was going to make friends here, it was going to take some effort on my part. In a small town where everyone knows each other it can be a little tricky to convince them you'd be an excellent addition to their little group.

I was on a mission to make friends. I'm certain I scared some off with my neediness eagerness.

Don't get me wrong, people were always kind and friendly to me, and I never felt like they were purposely trying to exclude me, it was just the simple fact that most groups of friends have an unspoken limit...most of the time we're not even aware of it, but I'm convinced it's true.

We get comfortable in groups. It's a weird phenomenon, but it happens to me all the time...it always has. We find those that we have some connection with and we settle in.

I eventually found my niche in tiny town. I've made friends and acquaintances. Connected who's related to who. And formed a group without even realizing it. Has our little group ever intentionally tried to make someone feel excluded? Absolutely not. Is there a chance that we've made someone feel excluded just by being together...probably.

Which brings me to my point (finally). Once I settled in and felt comfortable with the amount of friends I'd made, I stopped trying. Stopped reaching out to make new friends. Got lazy. Real lazy.

Same thing happened in bloggy land. Last year when I first started, I commented on all kinds of new blogs, visited the blog of any new commenter's...desperate to find my niche. And once I did...the familiar feeling of comfort set in and I thought to myself, as I often do, good enough.

And now I hear God whispering....No Sarah, not good enough.

Deep down I know I'm missing out on great new friendships, both real and bloggy ones. Now, I'm not talking about numbers of friends here, because balance is always involved. I'm talking about noticing and recognizing those around me in the same way I noticed them when I was searching for friendship.

So...out of my comfort zone, once again. And if you're new here, I will find you...consider yourself warned ;) And to all of you who've stuck with my boringness and become such good friends, reading and commenting so faithfully, THANK YOU! It really is part of what makes blogging so much fun.

Here's to doing better than enough.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lest I Worry You...

Yesterday I mentioned my bout of rebellion in the winter coat wearing department.

Lest I worry some of you, I thought I would prove that I am in fact still wearing a coat...just not of the winter variety. I wouldn't want you to think I was running willy-nilly all over Iowa with no coat.

I bet they don't teach Julie the word willy-nilly over in Norway. I bet they don't teach that anywhere...it's one of those little gem of a words that one starts using when they've had, what should be, and illegal amount of caffeine which was consumed in a matter of hours.

Also, and this is totally random, but at WalMart today, as I was pushing the cart, it kept shocking me...continually! It was the weirdest thing! It wasn't like I touched the metal and got a little zap, it was continual zaps as I held onto it! I think there's something weird going on at WalMart...I'm just sayin'.
PS - Ignore the sweater hanging out from under the coat...I'm sure it is a fashion don't...but trust me when I tell you the skinny jeans need a long sweater, and the long winter coat was obviously not an option in my time of rebellion.
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