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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Find...

It's Friday morning, and I am sitting here at the computer having NOT yet watched the newest episode from The Office that was on last night.  That pretty much never happens.

You know what I was doing last night?  Sitting on the couch with my husband working on Monthly Cash Flows, and Allocated Spending Plans, Calculating, Planning, Zero balancing the budget.  We did it.  And loved it.  Thank you Dave Ramsey.  

And, that being said, I just realized that I haven't shared with you my latest thrifty find.  

It's such a good one.

So, for the past several months I've been dreaming of this:

At the rate I'm saving for it, it will be mine in approximately 5 years. ;)

Last week when I was in the local thrift store, trying to find Halloween costumes, I came across this little green beauty on the shelf.

$7.50.  I drove straight to my grandma's house to show her.  She sweetly admired my find, and then asked me what I was going to use for the bowl.  I smiled, and then opened my mouth with my answer (proving that I am indeed, a mixer moron beginner.)  My bright idea was just using my pyrex bowl I already had at home!  (Why I thought that would work...I have no idea) Grandma's are the best.  Instead of making me feel like an idiot, she leads me inside and says, I used to have a mixer just like that, when it broke, I kept the bowls.  

Of course she did.

Sure enough, she walks over to the pantry and and pulls out the mixing bowl, marked Sunbeam on the bottom.  It's a match.  

It's old and has a story.  Now it has an even better story, just like the parsonage.

It was absolutely necessary that the first item of business for the avocado mixer be the famous pumpkin bars.  She runs great.  

It looks just as cute on my counter as the orange one would, and it will totally do for now!

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