Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Introverted Complications...

It turns out...that people who blog once a month are totally boring.  "Someone" needs to get with the program.  

This morning I scheduled all the kids doctor, dentist and eye appointments they need before going back to school.  I bought Jake a new backpack yesterday while I was at Target.  (I'm not sure the kid has had a new backpack ever) And some new socks.  Is it only July 16th?  Yes, yes it is.  Am I one of those moms who already wants to send her kids back to school?  


I kinda do.  

Or I need a vacation.  An alone vacation where I don't have to pick up after anyone or talk to anyone or listen to anyone

I need a break from the talkie.  Does anyone else need a break from the incessant talking?  There must be a support group or something...the "I Wish People Would Shut Up" club.  Kidding.  A little bit.

I can't seem to get away from people this summer.  You introverts will totally get what I'm saying...and you extroverts will think I'm being rude.  Ha.  I love people, I do.  But without regular breaks from them, I'm left depleted.  The tricky part is trying to figure out how to get a break without hurting peoples feelings...because there's lots of people and lots of needs.  

So in real life I'm hiding out for a bit.  Just a little bit.  And then I can like people again.  I just heard all the introverts say Amen.

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