Thursday, April 19, 2012

Only a Day Away

Someone is going to be two tomorrow... 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Have a Favor to Ask...

Generally, I don't wildly advertise in internetland my exact location.  Instead, we call it tiny town...because darn it, that's just cute.  And vague.  Because there are axe murderers out there, after all.  But statistically, I'm more likely to be harmed by some weirdo that's already in my life, than by a stranger.  

And there are fruit trees on the line here people.  So I'm out of hiding...for fruit trees.  I'll explain later in this post, don't worry.

We moved to tiny town in 2005.  In 2008, you may recall that we had an EF5 tornado go through the edge of our town.  Two weeks after the tornado, we had a flood that covered most of the town that had not been devastated by the tornado.  You can read about it here.

During that time, I wrote this post.  And of the 800 some posts I've written, that is the most significant to me.  I remember the ache I felt for our town.  And I so clearly remember God speaking that truth to my heart.  And since then, it's a moment I go back to...when I need to remember how big my God is.  When I need to remember how He brings beautiful things from ashes.  

Tiny Town emerged from near ruin, and God is showing Himself here. I'll admit, the general observer from the outside may not catch it.  We don't impress by what we have...but by who we are.  And sure, there's plenty who have some great life struggles here...but where can you go that doesn't?  Manicured lawns, and fancy stores look great from the outside, but on the's all the same struggles.

Since 2008, many in our community have worked so hard to bring restoration and healing to a a town that needed it.  Right now, our tiny town is in the running to receive a fruit orchard.  But we need help.  We're tiny...and we need votes.

If you would be so kind, you can go to this website and register (it's fast and easy, I promise) and vote once every day.  

How fun is an orchard?!?  FUN.

So, you can go HERE and vote for New Hartford, IA.  That's right, New Hartford aka Tiny Town. (see I told you tiny town sounds cuter;)

You'll also get a coupon from Edy's, who is sponsoring the orchard.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Pictures of Remodel

I am one terrific procrastinator.  It's one of those things where I'm just good at it, ya know?  Like, I don't even have to try.  Lucky me.

After flipping through this blog, I realized why I keep getting emails about wanting to see pictures of the parsonage...I haven't posted any!  

My bad.

So today I'll start the tour.  The remodel is done.  It has been for weeks.  Two weeks ago the carpet guys finally came, and now the bedroom switching extravaganza is complete.  Each kid has their own room now.  They like to celebrate this fact by opening and closing their bedroom doors approx 350 times per day.

Let's start upstairs...this is the view of the new addition as you come up the stairs.  Lucy's room is on the left, our room is straight ahead.

This (below pic) is the view standing in the new bedroom doorways, and looking into the old part of the house.

 Lucy's room:

 Then our room, which is huge.  It swallows up our lack of furniture, but after living in a teeny-tiny little room, we're totally happy with the barren feeling.  This is the west side of the room, it will eventually house my sewing stuff (which is currently crammed into that little cream cabinet, along with my fabric;)...

Our bed is in the middle of the room, it's a Queen size, I promise...even though it looks like a twin here.  Ignore the laundry.  

And this is the East side of the room.  

And this is the view sitting on the bed.  Closet to the left, and then bathroom.

And now, for my favorite part of the whole addition...the closet.

 And the master bath...which makes Ben and I remark ALL THE TIME that it feels like we live in a hotel room.  So very nice.

Ok, so now we're going back down stairs.  This is the view from our old dining room, looking through the old kitchen into the new addition.  The old kitchen used to look like this.

The old kitchen will get torn out sometime this Summer.  It's a big project, because the floor, being 100+ years old is very un-level.  So it will entail leveling the floor, and completely re-doing the ceiling and walls.  Side Note:  The flooring will be the same wood/laminate as in the new kitchen and we're not quite sure what will make this room into yet.  I'm picturing book shelves along where the cabinets currently are and some over stuffed chairs for reading.  Dreamy, no?

I'll catch ya up on the rest of the downstairs next time. I also have some thoughts on our gigantic parsonage...which I'm sure you're just dying to hear all about. *cough*

Happy Weekend Bloggy Friends!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

His for Mine

I know technically Easter is a once a year holiday.  But around here, for me, Jesus and the's a daily thing.  Because what He did, and my faith in that, makes me who I am.  I can't separate from it.  

Remembering what He did.  Why He did it.  Where I'd be without His gift...His life for mine.  

A faith, and relationship with God...who is very much Alive.

So once a year, we get dressed up extra special for church and we take pictures.  Hunt eggs and gorge on chocolate...but the real celebration of the resurrection is so much more than that one day.

Side note:  Turns out I've been enjoying the Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs almost daily as well...that relationship needs to end...and least that's what my jeans-that-are-too-tight are trying to tell me.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Before & After

We are all about hand-me-downs here in the parsonage.  We love reallllly love them.  

There's something about broken-in stuff that is just...easy.  I mean, the fact that it's free helps....but there's something about the fact that it's already broken-in that just makes my family love it more. This winter, I bought the boys new coats...and then a few weeks later they received hand-me-down ones from my cousins.  Guess which ones they wore all winter?  Not the new ones.  

We're weird.

Whatever.  Back to my story.

My mother-in-law has furnished a vast majority of our home with her extra furniture.  When we first got married, we "borrowed" some stuff, ya know, to use until we got around to actually buying furniture.  Portions of it we've been borrowing for close to 14 years now.  

New is terribly over-rated.  It has no story.  No past.  No memories.

Unlike these beauties:

They are my mother-in-laws.  But had been living at my sister-in-laws.  And then made it back to my mother-in-laws and then she offered them to me.

And of course you know what I said.  

And after a little paint and a clearance curtain panel from Target, they look like this:

There's four of them in total.  Two have found a home at the dining table and two others are hanging around the rest of the house.  

Adorable, right?

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