Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Isn't it lovely is what you think it is. This is what I look at everynight as I crawl into bed...for the past 2 years! The ceiling in our room is not very high, but our bed is. Shortly after we moved here, my then 4 & 3 year olds thought it would be a good idea to stand on our bed and try hanging from the ceiling fan. Apparently, the first blade breaking off was not a clue to them that this was a bad took 2 more blades for them to stop. At the time, I actually found it quite amusing. (usually it takes a certain amount of time before I can look back on whatever they've destroyed and find the humor in it.) Afterall, I didn't really like the fan anyways, and now I had an excellent reason to replace it :) However...2 years later, and there it is! Fortunately, no one ever goes in our room except us, but since the weather has turned me into a total hermit, I am suddenly very irritated by the ceiling fan...along with the icky wallpaper in the hallway (whole other story.) My house may end up totally renovated by the time spring rolls around...or at least my To-Do list and clippings from the Pottery Barn catalog (for ideas) will be MUCH larger :)


  1. Sarah!! You've got to get rid of this fan!! haha! - Shell

  2. That is so stinkin funny. Every kid dreams of spinning around from the ceiling fan, you kids are just opportunists.

    Just go with it, it a new look. I'm sure you'll be seeing it in Pottery Barn Summer '08.

  3. LOL! Boys are just fun! and yours are just hilarious! Wish I could have watched them do this thru a crack in the door!
    You should thank them! You will have funny things to blog for eternity!

  4. i used to sit in church in the balcony and dream of hanging on the ceiling fans or swinging from light to light, go gettem guys!


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