Thursday, February 28, 2008

Odd Duck

Have you ever had moments where you know you don't quite fit in...but in a good way? ( I have these ALL the time:) I often refer to myself as an "odd duck." I don't mean it in a negative way! Actually... it may be a little delusional... but I am quite happy being an odd duck. Of course, like most people, I spent several years of my life trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be.
While my hubby was in seminary, God did a miracle in my thinking. He was in seminary all of 2 minutes before it was blatantly obvious that we were both odd ducks. There were many reasons we were a little odd, but the first one brought to our attention was that Ben was one of the only ones there that hadn't come from Bible College, but from Iowa State University. Those couples in seminary were so genuinely kind, and exactly the types of people I pictured God using in ministry in our particular denomination. I knew me, and I was sure God had somehow gotten me confused with someone else. foolish am I?!? VERY, is the answer God gave me. God is never confused. He always knew who I was, knew that it was going to be different, and He had plans to use it.
I often ponder this in my heart. I could give countless examples :) but I'll just do the latest. Last night we had midweek church and its very big deal. After we got home (it takes 27 steps to get from the church to our house...I counted last night, for blogging purposes:) I was sitting on the couch listening to Ben put the boys to bed, and I realized what I had on. Gray long sleeved T, black short sleeved Casting Crowns T over top, jeans, and gray sequin ballet flats. I know, I know, big deal, right? But I thought, in the 150 years that our little church has been in this town, how many of the pastor's wives have worn that to church!?!? HA! probably not many :) and certainly not with the Casting Crowns merch, but did this church end up with us!?!? By God's perfect plan, that's how. I hope I never lose sight of that. I'm thankful for God's Word, that is chuck full of odd ducks, all who God used. And I so pray that God will use me and shine through me, and that I won't get in the way. So, to all you odd ducks out there, be who you's who you are that brings glory to God. In the words of Leeland's new song Let It Out Now, "Everyone has their own sound//Let it out now, let it out now// There's nothing wrong with living out loud"//


  1. Sarah I love you for being who you really are and not pretending I can always count on you to tell me what you really think or feel about something and you always do it in love:) God has had a plan for your life from the very begining and as your mom I am in awe as I watch the years unfold and I am reminded by God how precious a life can be and how he is in control if we just trust. love you - mom

  2. odd duck, whatcha talking about??? isn't it cool to see God's people and loving Him through them. from one odd duck to another...

  3. From one odd duck to another:
    I have so enjoyed our odd friendship, for oh gosh weren't we in kindergarten together? And we both left St. Paul's after fourth grade because we had to sit in another room to do our math. Why, because we were odd ducks! haha! We've had so much fun being weird!!
    I think Popeye said it best, "I yam what I yam."

  4. odd duck never! You are being the woman God has called you to be and not what others think you should be or want you to be or...and that is wonderful!

  5. Love this entry! :-) Keep quacking, 'cause we're listening (and identifying).
    aka ShalomSeeker
    aka Beth P.'s friend


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