Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Installment...

Well, it's Thursday, so it's another installment of my "Do you think the other Pastors' wives that lived in this parsonage..." bit. If you're new to this, you should click here and maybe here. If you are returning customer, I must say God Bless You for humoring me...and my husband thanks you, because since I've started sharing my list with you...he doesn't have to hear it as frequently :)

This week, I've been thinking about the former pastor's wives as mothers. I've realized that I seem to be in a constant state of flip-flopping. One moment, I'm wishing my boys were to do more on their own, and then in the very next moment I wish I could freeze time and keep them 6,5, & 2 forever. As I look through baby pictures, I long to have that time back. I don't particularly want to have another baby...but I do want to experience my boys as babies again. So realistic, I know! I want so much, to be able to enjoy this time...moment by moment, but I need God's help to do that....boy, do I need His help! Ok, here goes the list...

Do you think the other pastors' wives that lived in this parsonage...

  • struggled to find the balance between hanging on and letting go.
  • had a 2 year old that always prayed for his favorite cartoons first, and then his family.
  • was happy on the Sundays that her children fell asleep during the sermon, because then she could actually listen.
  • wanted desperately for her children to grow up with a love for ministry, rather than resentment.
  • despised the term "PK's" for pastors kids. Why the label? Wondered if those same people call other peoples kids "TK- teachers kid" and "AK - accountant's kid" etc. (thankfully, no one in my church does this:)
  • had expectations for her children based on God's standards alone...not other peoples standards.
  • wished her children wouldn't ring the church bell on days there is no church :) rascals.
  • needed constant reminding from her Savior that these boys were His...He would take care of them...and He loves them even more than she does.
  • had a 5 year old who wanted to "deliver God's messages." Not a pastor...but a prophet, like Jonah :)
  • had a child who wore clean clothes to bed, as pajamas, so that he didn't have to waste time getting dressed in the morning.
  • had a moment, as she tucked them into bed, where she was overwhelmed with her children's ability to love and forgive...unconditionally.
  • had to apologize for yelling and losing her cool.
  • loved them more than life.
I know the women before me have lived through circumstances that I can only imagine. I am thankful that I can look back at their lives and see how God has been with them, regardless of the circumstances. What amazing gifts I have been given!


  1. UGH!!! You made me laugh AND cry!
    Awesome post! keep them coming!!! I am not tired of this game yet!

  2. I remember when my girls went through the phase of wearing clothes to bed so they don't have to waste time getting dressed and sleeping on top of the covers so they don't have to waste time making the bed. :)


  3. Though PK is a lable, it can be a badge of honor as well. It represents those of us who have lived life within a unique set of circumstances. Some kids resent it, some are overwhelmed by it, others let it build into their lives, all survive it.
    Dear Sarah, as you keep your focus on rearing your boys, and keeping thier eyes fixed on Him, you strengthen them inestimably. Fear of man leads to many parenting and personal mistakes. As I guard against wanting my own children to "make me look good", I better realize the pressures my parents faced in raising children with a congregation looking on.
    Keep on looking to HIM for favor and He will enable you to be exactly what your children need. You are a blessed challenge to me!
    (sorry to be so windy)

  4. Did you think that I forgot about you? Well, you know that I love ya! Just so you know I did go back and read your previous posts! Carwash thing... totally agree and very annoying and Odie is quite the couch potato! As for this post... the ringing of the church bell cracks me up! The paint looks great! If you're in town stop over and take a peak. That is if it's before Saturday!!!! :)

  5. You put it so well. This parenting thing..this mommy thing, can be so conflicting. Some days you want to sell them on e-bay, others you think your heart will burst with the love you have for them.
    You are a wonderful mom!

  6. I love it! Ringing the bell, I'm sure the members of your congregation that hear the bell when it's not a church day have to be smiling and thinking, "Oh, it's those darling boys again!" So cute! And praying for favorite cartoons, how cute is that! I made a post for your son, his praying made me think of this song by Chris Rice. Maybe you know this song already...

  7. I love it! I never heard of the term PK until I got to college and thought it was odd. :-)

  8. I love these posts... seriously... they're wonderful!!

    Thanks for sharing your heart & life :)

  9. Hi Sarah! I just wanted you to know that I am started a meme on my personal blog Allthatnaz. It's called Friday's Fabulous Finds and each friday I'm going to list one or two new to me blogs that I just love. Tomorrow I plan to list your blog as one of my new favorites.

  10. I love reflective posts like this. Your boys are precious.


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