Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bright Red

This was the beautiful little bright red face I found this morning. I had to post a picture of it...because frankly, who doesn't like looking at a good rash!?! HA! It freaked me out a little, so I called a friend of mine, who's a PA, (God bless her for all her medical advice:) gave her the description of his bright red rash, and she assured me it's probably nothing to worry about and to start the Benadryl. Needless to say he's now zonked out on the couch...the Benadryl is working :) She told me to watch it for the next couple of days, and if it doesn't go away to take him in, and I am going to follow her advice. I am going to resist the temptation to Google rashes...I've learned that lesson the hard way. Googling health issues is not a good idea for me...I'm a "give me the worst case scenario" type person. I think that if I know the worst possible outcome, that then the real situation won't seem so bad...that would be faulty thinking. Plus, on Google, I suddenly think I'm a doctor who is able to make a diagnosis! What is it about Google that all of a sudden makes me think I am a medical expert...without any training!?!? Not rational...but true. And, in all my ignorance, it ends up filling me with a sense of fear that just maybe my child will have the symptoms that indicate something serious. Blows is waaayyy out of proportion :) So, for me, No Googling rashes today!


  1. Yikes!!! Rashes = No Fun!! Glad to hear the benadryl is working!! And don't worry, you're not alone when it comes to "The Googlitis" I too find myself wearing out their search engine looking for diagnosis, and answers!!!!


  2. Oh I hear you! I am so "worst-case scenario." And I do google. And call my mom. And call my friend Patty who is a nurse.

    I'm so glad the Benadryl is working for your little guy!

  3. i heard that there is a rash going around church, something like 5th s rash or something...???? anyhum, it makes your cheeks bright red and has a rash everywhere with a light fever, but i don't think it lasts very long. ok, so really that doesn't help very much. but he is really really cute, even with the rash. he has such adorable expressions!

  4. Funny you say that about Google!! My doctor hates that and goes on rants about it!!!

    I'm sure he'll be fine! Enjoy the sleeping time...

  5. Oh poor thing. He is such a cutie either way. Hope he's back to a "rash free" zone soon.
    Much blog love!
    Blessings, Angie Seaman

  6. PS...I forgot to mention that I noticed you liked the Leeland band. Well, one of my husbands employees is his cousin. They are a great family!

  7. That's so funny! I'm a google doctor too!
    It does actually look like Fifth's Disease... which is basically a virus. :)


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