Friday, March 14, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk...

Our little church celebrated its 150th birthday last summer. The parsonage (or, our home, as I like to call it :) is around 100 years old. (That's a guesstimate...I'm too lazy to walk 27 steps to the church to actually look up the exact age...bear with me, I did go running this morning!) Generally, all of those husbands and families that have ministered here, have lived in this house. Of course, there have been many updates through the years...but still! I'm not quite sure why this fascinates me so much...but it does. I love this house...not only because I think its adorable, but I feel a sense of peace knowing that others, who've gone before us in ministry, have lived their lives within these walls. I also love to find the humor in it as well :) It's a little "bit" I like to call, "Do you think other pastor's wives who've lived here...fill in the blank." Usually, no one else finds this as amusing as me...but if you've invested this much time reading so far, you may as well finish ;) Here's my list for today...
Do you think the other pastor's wives that have lived here....
  • fed her kids turkey sandwiches for breakfast?
  • drank a pot of coffee every morning?
  • blogged? HA!
  • put their treadmill in their husbands home office?
  • had their children splash so much water out of the bathtub that it ran down through the bathroom floor (upstairs) and through the ceiling and out the light fixture in the kitchen?
  • loaded her kids in the mini-van and drove around, just so they would be strapped in and stay in one place?!?
  • busted a move to Tobymac's Boomin', while hoping that no one could actually see in the windows (good thing my wonderful neighbor already knows how weird I am:)
  • bought 2 gallons of ice cream and a box of monster cookie, cookie dough from the Schwans guy...and then ate 8 cookies?!?
  • did not enjoy cooking...wished she could have take-out for every meal?
  • shoved so much junk in the attic (because it was too cold to actually go in) that now I can't even get in there?
  • fed her family a rotation of frozen pizza, mac&cheese, and cheese quesadillas?
  • wore red patent leather shoes?
  • stood in awe of the fact that God had graciously placed them in a wonderful little town, with amazing people, in order that she may love on 'em and show with her life the amazing difference that Jesus made. ...I can only hope so :)


  1. Okay, you really had me laughing out loud!!!! Then that last one made me tear up!
    LOVE this list!! What a cute blog idea!!!! How long have you been waiting to do this one?!?!
    I hope there are future posts with this list continuing!

  2. No, I doubt that the parsonage has ever experienced those fun things till now. However, I think that the parsonage is having the time of it's life!!! God is so GOOD!

  3. You are such a light and inspiration!

  4. Ahh, maybe the last one...but the rest no way!
    So you're still eating like we did at DMACC too I see. : )

  5. ok, here is my weird mind at work. God is omnipresent right.. so as you boom to tobymac in your red patent leather shoes, He is at the same moment also watching those that have went before you paving the way, also pouring out their lives and hearts. maybe food or tickling fights with their kids, or maybe someone way less of a freak than yourself.. but i think He is laughing right along with the joy that fills your home in His worship.


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