Thursday, March 6, 2008

One Down, Life Still to Go!

So...I feel the need to let you in on my little victory. Yesterday, although it started out not so great, turned out to be really good...but I battled my stupid "feelings" all day long. The list of examples could go on and on and on, but I'll save you (this time) and just share the one major victory. So major, that I'm actually posting a not so flattering pic of me (post run) making out with my cute little pink Sansa. I adore that shiny little pink thingy. The victory? The treadmill. I did it! I got on the treadmill, even though I did not want to. Granted, I fought it till 2:52 in the afternoon, but I finally gave in. I usually go with the theory that I'll get on the treadmill when I feel like it...guess what?!? I NEVER feel like it! So, yesterday, the verse I read gave me a novel idea...get on there even though I don't feel like it! Imagine that!?! It's no secret that the treadmill and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that I have it, but I hate that it is so introverted. I'm a social runner, and my treadmill is dull and oh-so boring. But my hot pink little Sansa...FUN! While I'm being real with you...I'm also going to admit that I ran for 3.5 miles while listening over and over to the same 2 songs. Weird, I know. What's even weirder, is that it was the songs Year 3000 and S.O.S. by the teen band Jonas brothers!! Yep, I'm like an eleven year old girl when it comes to good running music, I'll admit it. Those peppy little songs, on my pink Sansa, kept me going. And for that, it deserved a big fat kiss!


  1. YEah! Sarah!!!! Who would've thought we would post about the Jonas Brothers in the same day! ha ha!!!
    Your post makes me think of a book I once read..."Trusting God" by Jerry Jenkins, yes, THAT Jerry Jenkins. It is still the book that has influenced my life the most at a time when I needed God the most. (Uh...I am tearing up!!!) That book taught me that life is about choosing to trust when you are completely and empty and emotional wreck (I was at that time). I could not survive living life based on how I felt...I had to CHOOSE to trust, when I felt like falling apart. I have NEVER felt so close to my God as I did then.
    That is the beauty of this relationship we have with him as children of God.
    WOW that was a tangent!!!
    love you! RUN! Girl RUN! and let the music carry you!

  2. oops! It is "Trusting God" by Jery Bridges! Iloaned out my copy years and years ago and never got it back! I am going to order it on Amazon! There is a study guide too...
    PS I LOVE that pic of you!

  3. Whahoo for you! I have often heard--and often proved true--that the heart (and in this case, the body) will follow where the head leads. And boy, isn't life a mess when we switch those two up!

    Keep up the good work. I can't WAIT to get back to the gym...hopefully Saturday. This healing thing is taking TOO long! :-)

  4. LOVE that photo. You are adorable. Good for you, choosing to persevere. And there is just something about the right song while running. I can be dragging along, hating it and feeling like my legs are lead weights and then the perfect song comes on and I feel like I am flying. GOOD WORK GIRL!

    I'm jealous of your treadmill. Nate is out of town this week and I can't get to the gym like I usually do. Waaaaaah.


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