Friday, March 28, 2008

Painful But SO Worth It...

They're cute...I know. I wore them for Easter, I don't mean just church. I wore them all day long. I did take them off for just a bit, while we went out and hunted for eggs. Rumor has it, that my husbands grandma, who's in her 80's gave them a try! She couldn't resist...I know the feeling. They are my latest love in the shoe world. So...guess what these lovely shoes and....

this wonderful Bible study have in common? PAIN!!!! They have both caused me much pain and suffering this week.

Seeking Him Small Group StudyThe shoes...kill. After church, I had to wrap my big toes, very meticulously, so that the pain from the rubbing would stop, and yet I could not have it showing through the cute peep toe (that was the cause of the pain in the first place!) A little pain has not stopped me before...I have three children to prove that :) These shoes are certainly worth it...and so far, so are my kids. HA!

The Seeking Him study; *OUCH!* Nancy, (we're on a first name basis, she however, does not know this) has been stepping on my toes and pushing me out of my comfort zone all week long! I was going along, totally agreeing with her, and then I got to pages 12-15 "Making It Personal." times. Hard "Do I?" questions. I found that I had to answer no or I wish for many of the questions. Revival hurts....but is so necessary and worth it...kinda like the shoes :) Okay, okay, more than the shoes!

On a side note...I'm very honored to be mentioned over at go check her out, and I've been reading her other blog (which you'll find after you go to her site) and it's so wonderfully thought provoking and well written. Makes me think I need to take some online grammar/writing classes! Thank you new bloggy friends!


  1. Cute shoes! And I love how you are so real. :)

  2. I'm leaving as you know :) so I won't be getting my daily inspiration! I guess I'll have to settle for sunny and 80 degress for my inspiration!! With all the posts you leave it's going to take me forever to get caught up when I get back. So... do me a favor LAY OFF for a week. Ha, Ha as if that's possible. p.s. I think we should get automatic footrubs for having adorable shoes. That's not too much to ask... right?

  3. Great post! I love the shoes and the way you transitioned to the Bible study. Thanks too for the kind words about my Becoming Me blog. One thing I don't have in my writing that you do is humor. I am so not as funny as I think I am. I love your blog...I keep meaning to put it in my sidebar. I'll have to do so this weekend. Did I mention that I love those shoes?

  4. Love your blog and love the shoes. Loved the thing about wondering if the other women who lived in the parsonage. . . .

    You need to go visit Lisa @ The Preachers Wife (top blog on my sidebar) and I'm gonna tell her about you!

  5. Great blog! Love what you shared about those cute (painful) shoes and how you tied it to the (painful) process of revival, and yes, it's always worth it! ; )


  6. I tell you what, you're a blog writin' fool & pretty darn good at it... actually, I would say darn near a professional!

    I'm learning so much from reading your thoughts, passions, desires. You are a woman with a heart to serve God!

    Keep up the amazing bloggin' :)


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