Saturday, March 22, 2008

So NOT About the Bunny....

Can you tell I just learned how to post videos? I know, I know, second one in a row :) I've been racking my brain over my Easter post. How do I write about Easter...about something that isn't just a holiday for's about my Savior, my best do I put that into words? Truth is...I can't. The Bible does it for me...and most know the Easter story. May this Easter be less about knowing the story and so much more about really, truly, knowing who Jesus is, and standing in awe of a God that loved me so much, he endured the cross, so that I would not have to. His sin did not put Him there....mine did. Why me?!? Why us?!? Why does He love us SO much? I have no idea! But I do know, that whenever I start to feel as though my life is insignificant, I'm reminded of all that He chose to do for me...because He loves me...and I am His.

The song above is one of my all time favorites. It sums it all up. And...if you cry like a baby through it, please know you're in good company :)


  1. GREAT song. Great thoughts. All around GREAT.

    He is fond of you!

    Blessings to you this Easter weekend!

  2. My computer won't play those is old and handicapped! I will have to check it out on Daniel's laptop....
    Just want to say thanks for the post! It is wonderful!!!

  3. Love that song. And I agree, finding the words...makes me think of the lyrics to "This Fragile Breath" by Todd Agnew, "I searched the world for a song that I could sing, praise to my King, a gift that I could bring. But no music I found could compare to You, not one could do justice to Your Glory. And what are my songs compared to Yours..."

  4. You are right. How do you even put it in words?

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. I read this on Saturday...and then we sang it on Sunday! :-) Love this song! I love that God gave us music to express to Him our hearts in ways that words alone cannot do. My very favorite moments of the week are the ones spent in corporate song to our Savior!


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