Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Important Decisions...

Hebrews 11:1 " What is faith? It is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead."
It's a verse I've heard a bazillion times...but today, it was fresh. Gotta love that.
This week I get to go to the dentist (barf) and get my hair cut (YAY!)...I is an exciting life I lead. Here is my dilemma. Do I get my hair cut the same OR is it time for a change. I'm thinking maybe (for summer) I should go a little shorter and just let it do it's thing..which is wild, uneven curls that drive me insane. Hmmmm....see the dilemma!?! Straightening iron = pain in the butt. White girl's afro also = pain in the butt. Help me.
I really should go get something done...there are four beds upstairs that desperately need their sheets washed...I won't tell you how desperately. And besides...I'm rambling.
Happy Monday!!!


  1. go shorter for summer! you won't know how you will like it if you don't try it!
    I can't even remember the last time I changed the boys sheets! ha!

  2. Oh man, I STILL haven't got my hair cut after moving here in Jan. and you're going on your second cut! I need help. It's just so hard to find the time, I really don't want to take Emily with me. That is no fun enduring a screaming toddler while I'm supposed to enjoy being pampered haha!

  3. Go shorter! I always do! It grows back!!!

  4. I think your hair is super cute the way it is, but cut a little shorter with the same style would also cute. Gor for it girl!

  5. You are lovely and have great cheek bones and seem what about a pixie cut? I bet you can pull it off. And Pixie cuts look great with dark hair.

  6. My hair is thin, flat and just blah! I would love to have curl! So, I say cut it and let the curls out! After looking up a pixie cut (can't believe I didn't know what that was) I agree with becoming me that cut would look great on you.

  7. I'm a HUGE fan of short!

    It's easy & if you don't like it... it will grow back :)

    Oh the smell and feel of clean sheets... NOTHING better!!

  8. I say go short for summer. It would be fun and it will always grow back. But your hair is totally adorable the way it is, so I'm sure no matter what you decide you'll look cute. I'm having the same issue, trying to decide what to do with my hair.
    Dentist offices are no fun, just spent 2 hours there today with my daughter.

  9. Short hair! :) Maybe I'm a little biased on the 'fro look *lol* Ok so I've never actually experienced the difficulty of a white girl's afro...but yeah, short for summer is very cute and you do have a beautiful face that could pull it off well.

    Was so great to have you pop in to my blog Sarah...and I hope you don't mind but I've been snooping around your blog reading your archives a bit too :)

  10. You know what I'm going to say....

    curls, curls, curls! Go for it. I agree, the pixie cut would be SUPER fun!


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