Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eagerly Anticipating Today...

My 6 year old left me this message on our white board...apparently he's afraid I might forget his birthday...in May. He's already eagerly anticipating the big day. It caused me to think about what I am going to eagerly anticipate today...

  • Tonight is our Ladies Bible Study! It's our first real time of getting together since we've started this Seeking Him study. I can't wait to hear & see what God is doing in their hearts. I'm hoping I'm not the only one who's taken a beating this week :)
  • Also looking forward to the "Catch-A-Man" dip I made for the Bible study. (I made enough so I could eat some for lunch too :) It's a recipe I got from my friend Beth who is originally from the south. Apparently this is what they use to catch themselves a man ;) It's delicious, and even better, it's only 5 ingredients (perfect for me!)
  • Recipe: 16 slices cooked and crumbled bacon (I buy the pre-cooked stuff), 1 lb sharp cheddar cheese: shredded, 1 C sliced almonds, 4 green onions: chopped, and 2 C Hellmann's mayo. Mix together (chill) and serve with crackers or veggies. YUM!
  • I am anticipating my house cleaning itself, because I do not have time.
  • warmer weather...no coats...and Flip Flops, oh how I long to wear flip flops again!

When I am excited about something, I just can't shut-up about it. Can you tell?!? The Bible talks about how what's in a man's heart, will eventually come out of his mouth and actions. (I can't remember where it's at...you Theologian's, help me out!) Right now, God's teaching me so much, I can't stop talking about it. I realized today, that my last several posts are pretty much all the same..there's other stuff going on in there, I'll eventually get to it!


  1. I love the birthday reminder. That is so precious.

  2. I think I will paint my toes tonight in anticipation!!!!!!

  3. I think you mean this passage: "The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks." Luke 6:45, Jesus :-)

    That's one reason I LOVE to read your blog...you keep pointing me toward Home. Thank you.

    Oh, and let me know how that whole "house cleaning itself" thing works out. I'd like some of that myself!


  4. J- That's the one! I knew you'd come through :) Thank you!

  5. Well, not to take away from all the amazing things is your blog today, but I just really felt the need to comment about that "Catch-A-Man" Dip!!! I'm just so madly in love it!!!!!!

    Rebecca made some for our church potluck last Sunday, and I just couldn't keep my fingers out of it!!! SO GOOD!! :)

    5 little ingredients, So much delicious!!

  6. P.S. Not recognizing the name of your son, I saw that picture and thought, "What day is this?! The day it started raining? The day it stopped? The day of the rainbow? And HOW do we know this?" Obviously, I thought your son had some kinda inside scoop! LOL!!!!!

  7. The teacher in me loves Noah's spelling :)
    The blogger in me loves to read another clever post from you.
    The child of God in me is so very, very thankful for that verse.
    The dip lover in me can't wait to make that dip!!

    Happy Tuesday ~ enjoy your study tonight!

  8. i love it! a speshl little guy!!

  9. I love the note from your son. So cute. I hope you have a wonderful Bible Study tonight.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like we have a few things in common...we're both PW's and we both have Noah's. Oh, and most importantly we both love to study God's Word! Have a great study tonight.


  11. What a sweetie.

    There is something so special about getting together with other Christian women and talking about what God is doing in each of our lives. I hope you bible study goes well tonight!

  12. Hey Sarah! I "Tagged you". :)
    Check out my blog for more info!

  13. This is such a positive uplifting post! :) Makes me all excited about the warmer weather on the way (it was in the lower 70s yesterday!!!), and that recipe sounds wonderful!


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