Sunday, April 20, 2008

There Are Reasons...

I may have mentioned (a few hundred times) that I do not really enjoy cooking. Granted, there have been times when I sort of get on a cooking "kick"...but it is seldom and short lived. I think I've narrowed it down to why...

  1. It makes a mess. All I do is clean up messes...why would I want to create another one?

  2. I do not enjoy buying groceries. The lists, the kids in the store, forgetting stuff, menus, unloading groceries etc. If I cook...I use up the groceries...thus having to return to the store. :)

  3. My kids pretty much never like anything good that I make.

  4. My children turn into wild animals when I try to cook. Trying to kill each other, or constantly getting into things they shouldn't.

  5. I am convinced that one can live on cheese quesadillas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and pizza...along with a Flintstones Vitamin. :)

So...they're not very good reasons...but nonetheless, they are my reasons.

However...the other night I was hungry for these:

Kabobs :) ...Marinated. I know, I know, you're now way impressed that I marinated (for 8 hours) and cut up all that stuff AND put it on skewers. I myself, was quite impressed. Impressed enough to take a picture, HA! They were delicious and kids of course only ate a little bit and then proceeded to stab each other with the skewers....but that is another post.

Here is the marinade recipe if you're interested: 1/3 C olive oil, 1/4 C lemon juice, 1 tsp minced garlic, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp dried rosemary, 1/2 tsp lemon pepper. YUM :)


  1. THese look awesome!! I am so gonna make em! I also want that OG soup recipe!

  2. looks & sounds mouth watering...

  3. You crack me up. The Kabobs look scrumptious. I so relate to your reason #1 about what is not so great about cooking.

  4. Hmmm... Recipe sounds familier. Did you happen to get it from a certain special girl friend we have in common? :) I believe she got it form us. Ahh, the kabob legacy lives on. It is amazingly delicious isn't it?

  5. Wendi: You're right! We had them at their house (like a year ago) and I just finally made them! Thanks! :)

  6. i never marinate anything, it scares me. but it sounds like a really great combo, i'll have to try it. yah for grilling season!

  7. Yeah! It's nice enough to grill!! I have decided so much of my workload would be eliminated if I just stopped feeding everybody. No cooking
    No dishes
    No grocery shopping, unloading, putting away....
    No having to buy new clothes because the kids are growing
    No cleaning the bathroom.... the list is endless!
    (Yes, yes I know! I won't do it, but....)

  8. That's exactly how I feel about cleaning bathrooms. So I only let my kids go potty when there's a public restroom nearby. Saves me work, that way.

    Kidding, of course. But sometimes I wish I could. Because there isn't much respite for those of us who like to cook but hate to clean.

  9. I love number 4. SOOOO true. Especially on the "stir continuously or it will burn on the bottom of the pot" recipes.

  10. Except for the mushrooms- YUM!!
    My kids are really bad about eating "real" food too. Yesterday we had roasted potatoes and veggies and I had to force them to each eat one tiny strip of each color of pepper. I'm trying to get them excited about all the different colors of veggies, but they'd just like to stick to broccoli. Yeah- my kids LIKE broccoli. Weird I know, but I'm glad they like something green! My husband and I like to do dinner after the kids go to bed sometimes so we can enjoy some our favorites that they won't go near- like pasta with pesto sauce and bruschetta. I'm hungry.

  11. Wow! I am definitely impressed. Better than the cereal from the other night. You've officially inspired me to cook tonight.

  12. Yummy! (if you haven't noticed, I'm finally getting caught up on blog reading. man oh man was I behind.)


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