Friday, April 4, 2008

New Day!

We had one of those nights last night. The kind where several kids wake up multiple times. One wet through his diaper and all over the bed, another time he needed a drink, one had a bad dream and on the way to tell us, ran into our closet get the picture. But! Today is a new day! YAY!

It got off to a bit of a rough start...It had to do with Noah not liking the new jeans I got him (even though the are the SAME as his old ones!) He's been going to school for weeks in jeans with holes...not matter how many I buy, I can't keep up!

Last night, my bro Ryan, aka The Computer Whisperer, graciously fixed all my computer troubles! He also informed me he's never read a blog. *Gasp* I told him if he really loved me he'd read mine...what are sisters for?!? In 6 weeks he will graduate college and be a "Electrical Systems Engineer" or, as I think it should be called....Computer Guru. Love you, Ryan...even though you'll never read this :)

And, with these little rays of sunshine on my feet, I am ready for a NEW Day! Um...for those of you who remember this, let me explain. I blame it on Wal-Mart really, them and their every day low prices...$7 ...what could I do?!? Shame on them ;)

Happy Friday!!


  1. It's like a little bit of sunshine for your toes. They are so cute.

    Boy can I relate to your night last night. When it rains it pours.

    Go Ryan Go! Work that technological magic!

  2. Happy Friday!!

    Enjoy the sunshine... each and every way it enters your world :)

  3. We have nights like that, too. But I always remember that they won't be like that forever. Very soon the kids will be preteen/teens and they will want to sleep all the time.

    I love your new cute shoes :)

  4. Yay for Ryan!
    Yay for those yellow shoes, love them, love the color yellow!
    and Yay for a new day (with sunshine)!

  5. i think all brothers must be ordered to read all sisters blogs. it just has to be.


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