Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bring Normal Back!

I miss normal. Normal, boring, everything in its place life. All talk in tiny town(s) revolves around the devastation left by the tornado...which is okay, because we're all in it together. It binds us together. It's almost therapeutic. It will continue to consume much of my life here in tiny town...but in bloggy land, I need my normal back. I need to write and share other stuff.

So, from now on...I need to blog about other stuff. I'll update you now and then, and feel free to email me and ask how it's going...SO just because I'm back to blogging about....hmmm, whatever it was I blogged about before...just remember that in real life...the tornado talk lives on :)

OK, so for some completely useless information, you should know that I have not put make-up on or done my hair since Sunday morning. I have turned into a grungy slob. BECAUSE, red-patent shoes are not tornado-clean-up friendly...and if I can't wear cute shoes...who cares about the rest of the outfit. Seriously. I really could use some cute gloves or something! A HA! NOW I remember what I blogged about!!! So glad to have normal back :)


  1. SARAH! you are so stinkin funny!!!

    Isn't it odd, this bloggin stuff, how we share such personal things, then other things we cannot share, then then silly, then the deeply personal again!
    IT really just becomes what we need to get out in that particular moment.
    I was really struck by Amy Beth's post today. It really has me thinking. This odd, but comforting world....this very varied collection of "blog friends".....who woulda would be such a big part of our lives. Who-da thought!
    Pretty special and unique. Thank goodness our hubs understand!

  2. I think you should wear those red-patent leather shoes. Wouldn't that be the talk to Tiny Town? Did you see the preacher's wife? She came out to help with the rubble in some red-patent leather shoes? You do know what they say about ladies who wear red shoes, don't you? Email me and I'll tell you. Wouldn't want to be distasteful on your blog.

  3. I just started thinking that minds could really be wondering about now. Just to let you know, it's really not that bad.:)

  4. I FINALLY the proud owner of red -not pattent leather-shoes. Just because I LOVE red and it is an easy way to spruce up a otherwise dull outfit. (but I am curious what they say...)
    You really should check out the gardening isles! With spring in full swing there are MANY styles of cute gloves and rubber boots to chose from!

  5. Ok, so we have a little garden up at the church a few blocks away from our house. We went to plant it a few days ago and I forgot my new cute gloves...I thew a huge fit but Mike wouldn't go get them. I almost started crying over it! So definetly get some, they make you feel really cool!

  6. Hey...left you a little message on my blog this morning. Check it out!

  7. Ya'll gotta check out the FAB boots Tracie found for me :)

  8. I think the red-patent shoes might "Give Them Something To Talk About..." Your next YouTube video...Bonnie Raitt

  9. Yes, my mind is wondering (ha) I SO wanna know what they say about wearing red shoes! I love shoes!
    I bought a pair of jellies a couple months ago and had to quit wearing them because they messed my feet up! I am still walking funny! But they are just so dang cute!
    I hope you get back to your normal boring routine soon!

  10. I checked out the boots...TOO FUNNY!

  11. Sarah-
    You have GOT to get those boots!

  12. I love coming to visit no matter what you write-I love those boots by the way- I could hear Nancy Sinatra singing when I saw them:o)
    Come see me!
    Be Blessed!

  13. I so get the longing for normal in the midst of upheaval.

    Cute gloves are always a boon. We will pray for the Lord's blessing in this regard.

  14. Came over to check on you from Tracie's blog.

    So thankful you and yours are ok.

    I listened to the song from the video u posted as I read about the devestation to hit your town. TEARS & more TEARS!!

    I am sure your tinytown will come out stronget for having weathered this storm!

    Red Patent boots could really help any situation. I need to invest in a pair to share with all of my friends! How much fun would it be to get them delivered to your house to wear when something crappy was going on!

  15. Just wanted to let you know that I am so glad I found your blog and I have really enjoyed reading it.
    Hope all is well in tiny town.


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