Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For the Love of the List

I'm a list person. I always have 10 different lists going...usually in several different notebooks (which I can't keep track of.) I am always formulating them in my head. Grocery list, Wal-mart list, bills list, to-do list, boys list, on and on. There are other weird lists in there too...The other pastor's wives list, the vehicles we've owned list (why!?! I don't know), stuff I want to ask Jesus when I get to heaven, and What I'd buy/do if I came into a ton of money. Oh, there's more...but I'll stop.

Today is the "What I'd buy/do if I came into a ginormous sum of $" (in no particular order....because the list is coming off the top of my head...where it lives...the list changes daily, AND let's assume I'd do all the stuff that good people do, FIRST...give to missions, feed the hungry, find the cure to cancer etc.)

  • Build on to our little church...big gym, class rooms, office for hubs at the church (you get the idea)...oh, and Ben could be just a full-time pastor :)

  • Pay off debt, and help out loved ones.

  • Hire a cook and gardner

  • Build a public swimming pool in our tiny town

  • Get a spray tan (HA! I just thought of that one...)

  • Buy Ben a big beast of a truck

  • Build a big guest house for all my friends to come stay in when they visit!

  • Buy a bark collar for Odie...or send him to obedience school (a good one, that can re-train an 8 year old dog)

  • Adopt a baby girl....from anywhere....

  • which would cause me to need to add on to the parsonage...a baby girls room and a padded room/sound proof room for my boys to play in.

  • A personal trainer....Jillian from Biggest Loser! She could whip my butt into shape :)

  • A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, for me, and Heth (like the ones we admire on Facebook's Shoe Of The Day.)

  • Pay for all my kids, nieces/nephews, (grand kids someday) college.

  • Then, I would set aside the money needed to live at our current standard of living, and give the rest away. Because, frankly, if I had a ton of money, I'm afraid my reliance on Christ would fade...I know myself that much...the money would have to go.

  • But first...I would buy one of these for all the pastor's wives I've met in blogland...my favorite T-shirt...
Because, seriously, EVERY PASTOR'S WIFE, should have a Barbie and the Rockers T-shirt....don't ya think?!? (it's my favorite...I thought it was lost, but now, it's found...reminds me of a song I know...)


  1. Love the shirt! Oh and just go get the spray tan, you deserve it!

  2. I like your ivory skin tone! It's so perfect!

  3. I love your list! ANd I SO love your shirt! How cute it that?! If we ever come into a ton of money I want to adopt a baby boy from anywhere =P We were just talking about it the other night

  4. I'm a total list girl myself. There is something satisfying about being able to cross out accomplished goals. Oh, Barbie and the Rockers...awesome!

  5. BTW, I tagged you in a meme on my site. MG

  6. Fun list! I am a total list making girl too! You look adorable in your Barbie and the Rockers shirt.

  7. Awesome list. So fun. I once got a spray tan...loved it!

  8. sweet t-shirt.
    awesome list.

    the part about not relying on God so much... I've thought that SEVERAL times!!

    Blessings to you this fine day Rocker Barbie!

  9. Just found your blog through Natalie's. I was a PK and have a very soft spot in my heart for pastor's wives. :)

  10. You are cracking me up. How are you gonna get your list up to heaven and if you don't bring it will you remember all your questions? I think we'll probably be so in awe and all our questions will be answered without us even asking. I don't know. Maybe.

    Oh, and I want that t-shirt.

  11. 1. Leave comment for Sarah before I go to bed.
    2. Adore the shirt just a little more.
    3. Remind myself that lusting is no-no.
    4. Write a note to remind myself to buy a lotto ticket so I could give Sarah a bunch of money to fulfill her list.

  12. Dear Sarah,I just love it when skinny beautiful little things act like they are gnormous!!!That's probably on my list of things that are annoying:O). You look like you need some meat on your bones!
    Be blessed!:o)

  13. lists are awesome. i love lists. lists would make this world a much more organized place. :)

  14. First thing on my list would be to start making lists again. I'm relying on my brain way too much and that is never good! Love the t shirt.

  15. How cute can one little wifey of a pastor be? Your the cutest! :)
    I'm a list maker too. It helps me be so much more productuve in my day!
    FUN FUN post!

  16. Fun post! You are hilarious, so not what I think of when I think of a pastor's wife!!!

    Love your blog!

  17. Love the shirt! I so loved Barbie and the Rockers when I was young girl!I am also a fair-skinned PW, who is also leery of the spray tan... LOL
    Stay tuned to my blog for a post about the assembly of a wooden swingset in our backyard. There will probably be multiple installments. Good times!
    Have a good one!

  18. I want the shirt and the spray on tan:)


  19. promise you'll send jillian my way!! ((and i can see a little baby girl's nursery!))

  20. Let me spoil all of your plans.

    No to the pool in your small town because then you would never come to the "big town" pool.

    No to the spray tan because the sun is more fun, and then you would never come to the "big town" pool.

    Everything else is good, especially the CL shoes. Anemone is still me fave. LOVE THEM.

    You are adorable. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY!

  21. I have another friend who is part of married to the ministry. I am not - but I think it is such a cool network!

  22. You should make a list of where you keep your notebooks of all you other lists.

    BTW, my wife LOVES you. She refers to you as her best internet friend. Thanks for being a friend to her.

  23. I need a shirt like that. NEED IT, you hear me? :) Where did you buy it? It rocks!
    Sorry. That pun was pretty painful.
    Anyway, I love to read lists so keep em comin. It has to do with my fascination with words, and probably even more accurately, my ADD brain. I can just scan them. They're very ADD brain friendly. ;)


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