Monday, May 12, 2008

Race Day

Saturday, was finally THIS! Oh Yeah. I thought I should give you the report in pictures...because really, it makes it so much more interesting, right?!? (I have no idea why some of the pics are so small, except that sometimes blogger hates me...)

This is my friend Jenni, me, and Billie (who I run with in tiny town...also my stunt double...people in tiny town get us confused)

Here's Heth using her classy photography skills to get a pic of all of us pre-race...she's good.

I'm sure you're dying to know what I learned from my first race...

  • Knowing what size race T to order is of utmost importance...because it's really all about the free t-shirt and not the running...well, maybe a little about the running. (I ordered the wrong goes to my knees...YAY for new jammies though *wink*)
  • My friend Jenni said she was a slacker runner...she is a liar. She is super speedy...but I still love her.
  • Having a group of friends to hang out with before and after makes it SO MUCH fun.
  • I accomplished my goal. I finished without dying. Go me. Also, I finished the 4 mile race in 38 minutes and some seconds (I didn't pay attention to the seconds because I was so amazed at the 38 part) while being able to carry on a conversation while running...that there is true talent. They should make it an Olympic event...running and conversing at the same time. Maybe next year I'll put my MP3 on and NOT talk...ok...probably not...

    Me & Billie near the finish

And this ladies....this is what its truly all about...

Panera Bagels and coffee!

Oh...and this too...
Thanks for all the fun, girls!! We're on for next year!

PS - Heth and Jenni, thanks for the pics!


  1. WHat fun! Wish I could have gone! WE were taking teens to Adventureland...also fun.
    Soo glad you got great pics.
    Soooo sad they are so tiny!

  2. What a blast. Loved it and I was so, so so happy that we had such a great group of ladies. Hooray for your first race and I can't WAIT to do another one with you. (did the bug bite?)

  3. Oh, how fun! And wow 38 minutes! Way to go!!!
    Oh, I commented back to you on my blog ~ I made changes to that slideshow thing and hit delete instead of save! so it's gone,Glad you enjoyed it though =P I don't know what is up with me clicking on the "wrong things" today! Oh, well.

  4. Way to go!! On the not dying, I mean! Since you have this great group that runs together can you get some recommendations for a sports bra- one that actually keeps things where they should be? Not that I'm going to start running or anything, but it would be good to have for my walks!

  5. Woohoo! You did great! Looks like it was tons of fun :)

  6. I'm sooooo proud of you! You actually posted the pic of you with the bagel in your mouth while pouring coffee. Now that's a true mother... multi-tasking at it's finest!

  7. Heth: Not so much...unless there's another race that offers food at the end...then I'm all for it :) ...unless it's longer than 4 miles.

    Rachel Marie: My sports bra trick is to buy it a size its SUPER tight :) Mostly, its because I'm too cheap to spend money on a good sports bra!!! BORING! nobody sees it!

  8. you guys are awesome. and jenni is a freak, just so you know. she claims to be all not into it, but she is. she is crazy. seriously though, you girls are amazing, way to go!!!

  9. Way to go!!! Sounds like you had a ton of fun. I'm very impressed with the 38 part too.

  10. Way to go Sarah! I'm not sure I could survive! Even knowing there would be Panera bagels and coffee at the end!!!

  11. You're my hero! :-D A nine-and-a-half pace is nothing to sneeze at, at least since I don't think this was an Olympic trial or anything! Nice work. And I have to agree, Panera bagels might make it worth it, especially if they have the Cinnamon Crunch ones....mmmMMM!

    I think I just gained three pounds thinking about those. Guess I'll have to go RUN tonight, huh? ;-)


  12. Congrats! Looks like you had such a fun time....what a great thing to do with friends. Now if I can just get myself motivated to do something like that......:)

  13. Very impressive. New to your blog. I have visited once before and saw your new haircut. LOVE IT!!

    Gotta ask, do you use hot rollers??

  14. Sarah D: Thanks for coming back :) My hair is naturally wavy/curly/outta control...the older I get the more outta control it becomes. It takes an expensive flat iron that can heat to 410 degrees to straighten it...which to me, is totally worth it...unless I'm feeling lazy, then outta control is just fine :)

  15. WOOHOO!! You are awesome. I have toyed with the idea of running...a large group of my friends are getting very into it and they did a half marathon in Indy last weekend. I'm thinking no, but maybe someday. :)
    I'm sure it felt great to meet your goal!

  16. You guys are awesome! Way to go! And to do it with friends is even better!

  17. I am impressed...running and talking at the same time!



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