Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Today...

Remember this post? Notice the date...since then we've had a EF5 tornado, and now the rain will not stop, meaning another flood. In that picture, the flood stage crested at 13.1, they've announced that they expect it to crest at 14.5 feet by tomorrow afternoon...yikes. Rain is in the forecast all week long.

Are ya'll wondering why any of us live in tiny-town?!? *smiles* I have the reason...but I'm afraid it's a secret just shared amongst tiny-town citizens...if it gets out, then every ones gonna wanna come, and then I wouldn't be able to call it tiny-town anymore...and then everything would just be....ruined :) No worries tiny-town, your secret is safe with me ;)

Because of the flooding, most people were not able to make it into town for church, including two of our Sunday school teachers. As Pastor's wife, I'm a perfect fill-in...just give me a devotional book, old VBS coloring sheets, and pipe cleaners and I'm totally good to go.

As the kids were creating masterpieces with their pipe cleaners, I asked my son Eli, what he was making.

Here's our very spiritual conversation:

Me: "Hey Eli, whatcha making?

Eli: "A gun."

Me: "I'd rather you not make a gun in Sunday school"

Eli: "A gun for God?" Pause..."to fight Satan?"

Me: I figure that if he's witty enough to come up with THAT...then by all means, fire away my dear boy, fire away :)


  1. LOVE it!! I can totally picture the conversation!

    Praying for tiny-town today ... and whatever God brings your way!

  2. Rain seems to be falling many places - I am sorry your part of the world has been over watered!
    Love the gun scenario by Eli -

  3. We are EXHAUSTED from all the storm warning. A tad on edge! We're not sure we are going to be able to get to our church tonight. The water was VERY close to both sides of the road on the way home. I feel sorry for all the brides I know of who planned outdoor weddings this weekend!

  4. UGH! I have been thinking of yall today! It looks like things are only gonna get worse before they get better. I can't believe how much it rained last night! AND the wind. Whew! AND it is still raining!!!! There is now new meaning for "when it rains it pours"...huh?!?!?

  5. that is great eli! what is w boys? oli's semi was a gun in church this morning. what a rough week for tiny town, praying for you all.

  6. That is AWESOME! A gun for God... quite clever!!

  7. Sounds like it has been rough for tiny town lately, I will continue to pray!

    Your conversation with your son brought a smile to my face!

  8. I've been thinking about you. Sounds like you guys have had tons of rain there too. Our Target parking lot was a lake the other day, along w/many other parts of town.

    Hope you get some nice weather soon.

  9. He is ready for spiritual warfare! Good boy.
    Hope the rain stops soon- YUCK!

  10. I am laughing out loud for real. Oh my goodness was that cute and smart. He's like his Mama. Come join me for a 9 at 9 K? :-)

  11. Very smart! Ugh, this spring the weather! We got hit Sat. night. Not too bad in our neighborhood, just trees down. But south of us got hit pretty hard. Yikes!!

  12. Still praying for you and tiny-town.

  13. Sword or the Spirit, Gun of the Spirit, same thing right?

    Thinking of you and praying for you. "The rains came down and the floods came up" Eek.

  14. So sorry about all that rain! Sending up more prayers for tiny town.

    Love the Eli - gun story! Classic.

  15. My whole fam is trapped in Shell Rock and clarksville, are you ok??

  16. You are in our prayers, Tiny Town has had more than it's share lately. Eli is preparing early for spiritual warfare, its because he's had a good raising!!!
    LOve your stories, they make my day! I miss those days!
    Be blessed!!

  17. Raising up God's Warriors! Great blessings.

    Thanks for sharing and for encouraging others to come visit my blog! :) I feel the pressure now to post something.....but I am coming up blank!

    Little boys are the best.
    You cannot win with the gun thing, its truly the way the are made. Have you read Wild at Heart? A MUST read for a mommy of boys'.
    Hugs, Stephanie
    we too are drenched in rain. makes good sleeping in weather, although the children don't think so!

  18. Smart cookie you have there - smiles! I hope you and your tiny town stay safe.

  19. Out of the mouths of babes!!


  20. I never know what to make with pipe cleaners. When I am in a pinch I just pull out the stickers and markers. My kids love to cover their paper and themselves in stickers.


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