Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Bit Crusty

I use the term "crusty" to describe myself when I've not showered or gotten ready for the day(s). Do ya'll use this word like that or is just me?!?

I turned 30 in December. No big deal, I was totally fine with it. Until today, that is. I walked by a picture that sits on a shelf in our living room and actually stopped to look at it.

It's a pic from the 4th of I started to reminisce about that day the pic was taken...two years ago. All the while thinking to myself how YOUNG I looked...then it hit me! That pic is not from two years ago, it is from LAST 4th of July!!! What the heck happened to me this year?!?

OK, so I know what happened...but out of all the natural disasters, I'm gonna blame it on the fact that since I turned 30, I've probably washed my make-up off before bed, like 10 times. *gasp* (by the way, this is just between you and NOT tell my Arbonne friend)

So bloggy friends, I'm off to wash my make-up off...wait...I didn't put any on today because it just doesn't go with the crustiness of my tiny-town right now...but I'll wash and moisturize anyways! And, if you happen to have a miracle in a bottle that is also inexpensive, I'm all ears!

Side note: My short hair this year...WAY BETTER...I'm not a long hair girl, doesn't fit my least that's my theory for now.


  1. I thought I taught you that word "crusty"?!?! Daniel probably taught it to me...or did we all get it from a cartoon?!?!?

  2. oh, and in case you did not know... you are so skinny now that you look ten yrs younger than that pic anyway!

  3. I eagerly read your blog to find out what is happening in Tiny Town (I know where it is) Sarah M is my daughter-in-law and I am very interested to know what is happening there. I love Pat and Leon and wonder how they are doing. Wendi tells me some, but not a whole lot. Keep writing and the pictures are wonderful. A

  4. I hear you girl! I keep looking at current pictures and think "I look so old!" When my hair was short, I thought I looked younger with short hair. Now that my hair has grown out, I think I looked younger with it short! Usta!

  5. Okay girls, just wait until you get old enough to be grandmothers! I look in the mirror and ask "who ARE you?" :) I've resigned to the fact that aging will happen so I have determine to be the classiest old lady ever. :)

    You guys are darling!


  6. I'm not always good about washing my make-up off before bed either. But I think you look great!

  7. I've had the same thoughts when I look in the mirror!

    Love your short hair - curly and straight!

  8. Great Picture! I think you could be bald and still look darling! Your boys are cuties!
    The 30s are interesting, to say the least. I think I finally liked me, for me. Although the lines around my eyes are a little scary.

  9. I don't know what you've been looking at, but the pictures of you on your previous posts are ANYTHING but crusty! You look fantastic. :) Not crusty. For sure not crusty.

    Love this family picture. The boys show so much personality!

  10. Yes, I use the word crusty in that way, but you do not look crusty in that picture!

  11. Crusty is a great word - I think I will use it!

    I don't think you look old!!! I actually think all of the stress you have been through is just messing with you!


  12. Yes, I like the short hair on you too. I'm planning to cut mine soon!

  13. Yes- you are sooooo a short hair girl. I think I am going to start a club for us! :) I think you look amazing and fresh...not crusty.

  14. Hi Sarah! I found your blog by way of my friend, Stephanie. I hope you don't mind my checking in.
    You are so fun! I really enjoy your blog. I understand the word crusty! I'm the mother of two little boys, and I just turned 30! I'm moving to a tiny town too, however I'm just moving back to the same tiny town I grew up in. It should be interesting!
    I'm praying for you and your tiny town!

  15. Okay -- 30!! I look at pictures when I turned 30 and it seems like just last week not 17 years later! Someone just looked at a picture on my desk and commented that I looked so young in that picture -- it was TWO years ago. I promptly put it away!!! I'm going to stop looking in the mirror but hey -- right now I don't even HAVE my own mirror . . . .


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