Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too Much Information...

Another update: I have a new water heater and HOT water!! I no longer am crusty...phew! Wednesday evening I could be heard exclaiming to everyone "I've got gas!!!" not that kind...but the kind that lights my stove!!! Seriously, never been so excited about gas...except maybe that one time when I was in college and I got "the gift of gas" for Christmas...for my 1982 Cutlass Supreme :)Gas...endless comic opportunities. It is now blatantly obvious that I am surrounded by too many males in this family...and the testosterone has not even kicked in full force...Lord, help me!

OK, I've been tagged, by Blessedwith5, and it seems like the perfect opportunity to make you read more super, super interesting info about myself *cough*

Favorite person: I'm gonna say my husband Ben...who else could so lovingly put up with me?!?

Favorite food: French fries, Steak Burrito from Pancheros, more french fries.

Quirks about me: I like driving my mini-van...if that's not quirky, what is?

How would the person who loves you the most describe you in ten words or less? So I called Ben and asked him and he did this...*umm* *laughed* *said I love you* and then claimed he had to update: Ben called back a couple minutes later with his list, ahem...kind, compassionate, spunky, generous, intuitive, discerning, intelligent, loyal, hot, supermom. (obviously after 10 years of marriage he's learned to choose his words carefully;)

Any regrets in life? plenty...but forgiven...phew!

What can you NOT live without: My Jesus, family, friends, cute shoes & caffeine.

Favorite blog: Any on my blogroll, they each are unique.

Something you can't get enough of: French fries and coffee (but not together)

Worst job you ever had: Apartment caretaker: cleaning apt's after they moved out. Yuck.

What job would you pay not to have? Nursing home worker and Dentist. *shiver*

If you could be a fly on the wall anywhere, where would it be? The FEMA bus so I could know what's going on and relay information :)

Favorite Bible Verse: I don't have 1 all time fav, but Psalms 119:37 has been speaking to me, "Turn me away from wanting any other plan than yours. Revive my heart toward you."

Guilty pleasure: Starbucks, Aveda Salon to get my hair cut
Got any confessions: hmmm....I'm gonna say no.
If you had $1000 to spend on YOURSELF, what would you spend it on? *duh*
Favorite thing about your house: Mud room. Location. Coziness.

Least favorite thing: Gold carpet upstairs.

One thing you are bad at: Confrontation.

If you could change one thing about your current circumstances, what would it be? No debt. Tiny-town restored...ok, that's two things...I'm a rule breaker;)

Who would you like to meet someday? John the Baptist...the clothes and the boldness, he's gotta be fun! And Peter...I relate to Peter.

What makes you feel sexy? My husband.

Who is your real life hero? Anyone serving our country to keep it safe.

What is the hardest part of your job? The fact that it NEVER ends.

When are you most relaxed? When I'm running.

What stresses you out? Messiness.

Favorite quote: I can NEVER remember quotes.

Why do you blog? It's SO much fun! I love to share real life with others.

If you wanna play (i.e. need a post) consider yourself tagged.

Happy Friday Friends!!!


  1. okay, you are going to have to describe me in ten words, daniel doesn't have time for that, and HATES that kind of pressure!!!

  2. Ooooo! I want a mudroom!!! I NEED a mudroom!!!
    I added you to my blogroll... just wanted you to know! :)

  3. Hooray for hot water! Yipeeee!

    I loved reading this.

  4. Gas...a beautiful thing. :)
    Very fun facts by the way. :)

  5. So glad your have hot water! Are you actually enjoying cooking (temporarily)?
    Great stuff!

  6. I'M BACK! Did you miss me? We stayed in our home for a complete 24 hrs yesterday! The flood of our slightly bigger town caused us to live in the in-laws basement for 8 days/nights. The flood waters missed our main floor by about 6-8 inches! However, we consider ourselves fortunate due to the fact that most of our neighbors had it on the main floor! My poor husband spent all of Tuesday on his back and belly in our part of the house crawl space(which is only2 ft. deep, dark, & wet) tearing out the flooded isulation. After that he pushed and I pulled the flood-filled duct work out of a hole in the basement. It is dirty and stinky around here, but we are all here and it's just... stuff. Love ya! LET'S GO OUT SOON!!!!

  7. Good stuff! Definitely a fun read. Hooray for Gas! = )

    Rejoicing with you...

  8. Oh, I can see how you are soooo excited ot have GAS! I can't imagine!

    Aw...your hubby is sweet. And I'm sure every single thing he said is true and came straight from his heart! :)

  9. I LOVED reading yours! I'll play along too but I might not get to it until next week.

  10. Ah, the good ole cutless! Memories! By they way, was the apartment cleaning worse than Godfathers?

  11. Yay for your water heater and I love when you do memes

  12. Sarah - so glad you are not "crusty" any longer!

    Thanks for taking part in the Tag . . They are fun and this was my first!

    I love your answers - you are so candid and honest!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I have been, as they say, "lurking" on yours for a little while and I really enjoy reading it!

    I think your "tiny town" is somewhat close to where I grew up. But I know for sure it sounds a lot like the "tiny town" I now live in! Minus the flooding. Floods can be devastating. But you seem to keep such a great attitude about it all.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your daily life with us all!

  14. WOOHOO It is so great that you have gas!

    I loved reading your facts and getting to know a bit more about you. I never knew you were such a french fry lover.

  15. Yay for hot water and showers and flushing and even laundry in your own house!!!!

    Will we ever be back to normal??I wonder.

    Love the facts about you!

  16. Funny stuff, girl! I'm so glad you have gas now. :) When I read that it reminded me of Dumb and Dumber when Harry announces that "I've Got Worms"(name of his new job) Have you seen that movie?


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