Friday, July 18, 2008

15 Again...

Yesterday I actually got on the treadmill. It had been awhile. My friend Billie and I have been running outside, but missed a day this week so I decided to try the dreaded treadmill again.

Every time I run, my body hates the first 5 minutes. It just does. After that, it gets in a groove and it's not quite as bad.
On the's the first TEN minutes. Bad...very bad. Good thing for Toby Mac...I listened to the same 2 songs over and over for 3.5 miles. The boys kept coming in to see what I was doing because it had been so long since they'd heard the treadmill running.

I don't particularly enjoy them hanging around the treadmill when I am on it, but no one was listening to me to get out (surprise) so I decided I would need to scare them away.

So, I slowed down the pace so I could perform my dance routine while on the treadmill. While singing. It worked. Noah was the first to bolt...and the other two followed. It was lovely. I knew my awesome dance moves would come in handy.

OK, fast forward to last night...I was in the store and bought THIS!

DC Talk defined my life from the years 1992-1996. I've mentioned here that I have a slight compulsion when it comes to music...and this one lasted at least 4 years...and then some.

I put that CD in and it was as if I'd gone back in time! Some of those songs I hadn't heard in 10 years...but you should have seen how cool I a 30 year old woman (in her mini van) rapping to DC Talk *wink* I OF COURSE still knew all the words :)

Back in the day, I knew the music had a good message, and I also knew I had a slight crush on Kevin Max, but now, looking back, I can see how God used the Biblical truths in their music to shape and guard a young teenagers heart for God. Their music reinforced truth, and I listened to it over and over and OVER. I know God used to shape who I am today.

And now, as a mom of three, I'm praying that God would do the same for my boys.

Happy Friday Bloggy Friends!


  1. DC Talk.. now that brings back memories! :)
    Isn't it great how God can work through music?!

  2. So were we at the same Michael W. Smith "Go West Young Man" concert when DC Talk opened for him and didn't even know it! Hee Hee those were the days. Man, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall to see that dance routine! ;) p.s. good job for treadmillin' it... I haven't run in WEEKS! Don't miss it either!
    p.s.s. 10 years ago today I married the love of my life. 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I would have totally slid off the tred mill if I tried to do dance moves! haha!

  4. Totally loved DC Talk back in the day. Yes, I still know some of the words. When I hit the treadmill I tell my kids it is time to get the fat flyin' and they usually don't come anywhere near me. How embarassing to have mom on the treadmill! That's teenagers for you :}

  5. Ya know I haven't ran since that night! Yes, I know I'm lazy. I used to have a treadmill and it killed my back (i had surgery 5 years ago) When Audrey was younger I was on the treadmill and did not see her come in and she put her hand on it and burned it really bad. I think she was two. I hated getting on that thing after that. And they were no longer able to even be in the same room when it was on. But we got rid of it a year or so ago with the hopes that I would run outside. HA!
    Not heard of that group. I think I do remember your past post though. I'll have to check it out.
    I tried to reply to your comment but for some reason it did not go through. So this is in responce to your comment on my blog =p
    Oh, Sarah they would not! Heehee! If I can do it as unorganized and relaxed as I am anybody can. Shoot I count going to the grocery store as a field trip! It is HARD though! Especially, math! Heehee! I HATE math incase ya couldn't tell.
    Yippe Yay! I'm glad your desk looks like mine. I'm cleaning it right now!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. I enjoyed reading your posts! You have a wonderful blog. I have often wondered what type of music my little man will like when he's older.

  7. I so know what you mean about the first 5 minutes. I try to avoid our treadmill at all times, so great job!
    Toby Mac keeps me going too! :)

  8. DC Talk has some of the most rich voices I've ever heard. I love their Jesus Freak album. "Into Jesus" is one of my favorite songs.

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  10. Great stuff, Sarah! I must be abnormal, because in the nasty summer heat (it's 90 today), I actually PREFER the treadmill. (It's in the basement where it's nice & cool!) Music is an absolute must, though. Once my ipod stopped just a couple of minutes into my power walk...I couldn't BELIEVE how much harder it was without music! (For what it's worth...I think I would have paid money to see that dance!) lol

    Like you, I love that while the music and vocals please my ear, God is using it to deliver sweet truths into the depth of my soul.

    Praise dancing on this Friday...
    Tracy = )

  11. Oh, back in the day, Kevin was enough to set my heart a-flutter. :)

  12. I must dust off some of my old D.C. Talk C.D.s :) It's been awhile. :) Me 'n Trush used to listen to our D.C. Talk while we were supposed to be doing school work. :)
    Try not to hurt yourself! :)

  13. I also was a huge DC Talk fan. I still have some of the old CDs. Can't say that I listen to them anymore though, but they were HUGE for me too back in the day.

  14. how funny! I refuse to jog outside! love my treadmill, watch TV as I jog. love it! I DO NOT dance on my treadmill either!

  15. Rock on, girl! My kids always run from the room when I decide to bust a move:)

  16. love it when we have our personal "retro" moments and see God's's just moving. :-)

  17. maja is sitting next to me freakin out, she thinks you are cool cause you like toby mac. "ooooohhh" would be her exact words. i have my music all down loaded for the plane trip, yah!

  18. I was ALL about DC Talk in high school, too! (And some of college) Oh, the days...thanks for the reminder!

  19. I am with you girlie!! I can remember listening to them ALL the time and could sing right along with you. I actually went to a Jesus Freak concert my senior year of HS, but I was a fan from back in the day when I would play my TAPE of Love is a Verb. I want this cd to put on my MP3player for running... what fun!!!

  20. You are so funny! I'm afraid mine would have stayed and joined in!! Or my two year old would have said, "Why Momma"


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