Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday was the boys' second day of school and my three year old is having some trouble adjusting to his time at home with no brothers around.

What I mean is: He is getting himself into t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

The scenario all day long:

Me (calling up the stairs) "Jake, whatcha doing?"

Jake: Silence

All you moms know silence is bad news. Turns out he was bathing his tractors in this. Guess what? That doesn't come off so good...we have some well-greased tractors now.

Next scenario involved me calling up the stairs (again).

Jake's reply: "I saw-wee"

Also not a good sign, when the first thing they do is apologize. This one involved my make-up. *grrrrrr* Needless to say, I've got to get creative in keeping him busy with stuff he's actually supposed to be in :)

We're both adjusting. Yesterday I found myself hurrying around to accomplish stuff because I only had one child at if I had JUST THIS DAY to do it all! It finally occurred to me that there will be more days. It also occurred to me how precious our weekends will be, with our whole family together all day long. I will look forward to them in a new and different way.

I'm also finding I have more quiet. In the new quietness I've realized how over the summer, in the chaos, I let myself forget how important the quiet time with God is. I didn't make room for enough quiet time with Him. My time with Him was most often interrupted by children (for lack of dragging myself out of bed before them).

He amazes me with all He is doing. His endless patience and love. No matter how many times I need to come before Him (and it is endless) confessing my failures at putting Him first, loving others more, dyeing to self...He never says "enough is enough" instead, He picks me back up, dusts me off, and like a loving father tells me to stop doing it on my own, and let Him help.

Why in the midst of busyness, is He the first one I shove to the side? Is it because I know his endless love and patience for me and I feel safe in doing it...much like my own children push the limits with me because they know as their momma my love is unconditional?

Pondering this question today, and examining my heart, so that I can stop pushing Him aside when life seems to demand my attention. Praying His Spirit helps me to carve out that precious quiet time no matter what. No matter what!!


  1. It's so hard keeping their minds occupied with that school schedule adjustment. We start thursday and I. am. scared.

    I LOVE the second to last paragraph - I hadn't thought of it like that before. I often have this question. And by the time I realize how much I need Him, it's gotten to the point that I haven't touched in a week!

    I sit quietly this morning at the table - all children sleeping. Perfect opportunity. Thanks for this post today. :)

    P.S. does the fact that you have diaper rash ointment mean anything? :)

  2. I just love reading your blogs and I especially enjoy your insights too! Thank you for sharing your heart and being brave enough too!

  3. I ponder this very thing at the end of every summer....I start with good intentions of keeping my quiet time sacred and then summer happens. I am so spontaneous in nature that without a schedule, He seems to get put on the back burner...for 9 months out of the year, I get up early before the kids, but summer changes things. Instead of finding a different time to be quiet with Him, I let it slide. If you figure it out...let me know!

  4. I am guilty of pushing God aside this summer, too. When school was in, I was up at 5:30, spending a glorious hour alone with Him before starting the day's tasks. I let that slip during the summer. I'm slowly working my way back into it. It's the only way I can live victoriously.

    The apology before you saw what he'd done...NOT a good sign!

  5. Exactly what's on my mind as well. It is so clear that I cannot lead this life on my own. But it is so clear that I am gonna try to again and again and again. sometimes from stubbornness. Sometimes from negligence.
    Good stuff this morning.

  6. That's crazy that school has started, the summer has flown by!! Coveting that quiet time..

  7. This post is poignant to me because I have some perspective and see you transitioning in your role/life. That feeling of "I've got to get a lot done!" is remarkable, isn't it. But you have the right perspective; there are more of these days to come, I promise. You made me smile.

  8. i can't help but admit that when God asks where I'm at...i say "saw wee"! great post, great reminder...and what a CUTE boy you have. i enjoyed his wit!

  9. The quiet is so wonderful and calming.

  10. "He amazes me with all He is doing. His endless patience and love. No matter how many times I need to come before Him (and it is endless) confessing my failures at putting Him first, loving others more, dyeing to self...He never says "enough is enough" instead, He picks me back up, dusts me off, and like a loving father tells me to stop doing it on my own, and let Him help."

    This totally spoke to my heart today. Thank you, Sarah!

  11. Great message...I loved how you tied that all together...and yes, being greeted by a child's apology means something went seriously wrong.

  12. Oh, your story of Jake and his silence and resulting "saw-wee" brought back so many memories! I totally get feeling like I HAVE TO GET EVERYTHING DONE! NOW! TODAY! Only to end up frustrated because I still have the same number of hours in my day regardless of whether the kids are in school or at home. I've been pondering what it means to redeem the time, to number my days?

    Thank you for your honest, timely post...

  13. Wow, that diaper rash cream is SO HARD to get off of couches too...
    I related to alot of this. Trying to get into a good disciplined schedule here too.

  14. I'm always amazed at home much children can teach you about God and our relationship to Him.

    Boundaries, who decides what we should do, learning about love-- it's all wrapped up in that relationship.

    What a great praise that God gave us so many ways to learn about growing our relationship with Him.

  15. You do know we all struggle with this, right? Don't beat yourself up over it. I do the same thing. I'm extremely grateful for God's grace.

  16. Amen to what Mama Belle said...we all struggle with it. And I love your honesty in admitting it.

    Jake saying "Saw-wee" made me smile...even though I know he was probably in trouble anyway. Mama's make-up is for sure off limits here, too, but that doesn't stop my little one for getting into it on the sly.

  17. We've got the same adjusting going on around here. I've lost my tattlers to school.

    I love the idea of how precious the weekends are going to be. Remind me of that this weekend...


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