Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gearing Up

I am in gearing up mode around here.

Gearing up for:

  • Eli's Kindergarten shots today.
  • Increased running. Got new shoes last night. (unfortunately they are not cute...but they work the best for me...note to tiny-town: do not look at my shoes at 6am when I am running...they are bright & gaudy ;)
  • School begins Monday. It will only be Jake and I at home. Weird.
  • Our church's children's ministry on Wednesday evenings will begin early September. As coordinator/teacher there's lots of stuff yet to accomplish and look forward to.
  • Tiny-town's restoration. Considering the tornado/flood this summer, tiny-town is really coming along nicely...more pictures and updates coming soon.
  • Because of the flooding and busyness of summer we took a hiatus from our ladies Bible study. It was a hard decision, and I'm still not sure it was the right one...I just didn't want to lose most everyone right in the middle of Seeking Him. It's such a life-changing study. All of us have missed it and are looking forward to gathering together again and picking up in chapter 7. Let the revival continue...I'm in much need of it. :)
  • We've had unseasonably cool weather here. Not the hot/humid stuff we're used to in August (although I'm SURE it's coming back:) but it makes me feel like fall is around the corner. I love fall...but this summer feels like it just hasn't been quite long enough.
  • Blog reading. After a partial break I totally feel out of the loop. I've missed you guys. Looking forward to catching up and making new friends as well!
  • I will refrain from telling you how excited I am about the Women's gymnastics all-around competition coming up...and how I keep crying along with Michael Phelp's mom each time he wins. *sigh* Love it.

Through all the gearing up, there is one verse that God keeps bringing me back to over and over again.

Unless the Lord builds a house, the builders' work is useless. Psalms 127:1
It's no surprise to me why He keeps bringing me to this verse. I know all to well that my natural tendency is to rush ahead, on my own and get things accomplished. It's His gentle reminder that I can (on my own) build/prepare/plan until I make myself crazy and it will be USELESS. He has to build it. Not me. I need His leading, direction, and wisdom because mine is useless.

Seeking Him today,



  1. I LOVE that verse & your insight behind it!

    May your day be directed and shaped by Him - in what you say, what you do, who you meet & where you go!

    Enjoy the last few days of summer!

  2. Thanks for the reminder that we need to make sure we have a daily walk-- building according to His plans-- and not being overly anxious about what lies ahead.

    What children's programs do you run?

  3. Doesn't the gearing up feel good?!!! It's nice to have small break from structure, but it's comforting to have it back. Your verse has been in the forefront of our minds lately, for some funny reason...

  4. Gearing up is good! Isn't it great to be returning to normalcy?

  5. Great reminder, thanks!

  6. I find myslef, along with so many others, in this same mode. Our summer has been a little bit lazy... :) I really need some more discipline and the change of schedule with fall approaching is a good motivator.
    Love the verse! I think I have been trying to get that discipline back in my own strenght and have really been struggleing to do so. Whew...It's Him not me. Good! :)

  7. Thats one of my favorite verses!
    I had it put in my wedding ceremony.
    Godspeed for you and your boys this new year.
    Be blessed!

  8. How'd the shots do? Did he put his brave face on?

    Yay for running. Come do Park to Park. It's early September, 5k. You can totally do it.

  9. Good one for me! I'm trying to rush ahead with my life and God wants me to slow down...need to have patience!

  10. We did "Seeking Him" in our ladies' study a year or so ago--GREAT STUFF! Very convicting and very much get-in-your-business. Oh, may the Lord send revival to you as you seek hard after Him!

  11. Desperately "seeking Him" with you!


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