Monday, August 18, 2008

Thus Far...

My day thus far...(so KJV of me ;)
  1. First day of school for first grader and kindergartner. Up and at 'em at 7AM with a breakfast of champions... bacon and toaster strudel. De-lish.

  2. Take "first day of school pictures", take to school, take more pictures, finally leave school.

  3. No anyone. Phew. It'll take a little while for reality to set in for a week or 2 I'm sure I'll have a sobbish type post for you.

  4. Went to grocery store with JUST 3 year old.

  5. Came home and made 2nd pot of coffee at 10:05. Don't's a big day.

There. If all else fails and I can't think of anything to blog about I can bore you with my day's schedule. Aren't I lovely.

Oh wait. I do have something I was going to share. I've been working on cleaning closets for what seems like weeks. This weekend I tackled mine. I decided to buy a thingy to hang my necklaces on so I could see them better (in hopes of actually wearing them more frequently)

The finished product:

Notice a theme? It's called PLASTIC. I have a fondness for plastic jewelry. I can't help myself. I'm just classy like that ;)


  1. OH - love the jewelry holder.....I've been trying to figure out something to do with mine and I LOVE this......where or where did it come from.....hopefully I can find one.
    And glad to hear your first day of school has gone so well!

  2. Mindy: I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond in the closet organizing section. It's supposed to be used for clothes, but it works better with my clunky jewelry than ones that are made for jewelry.

  3. TWO in You'll have to post some of your first day of school pics.

    I am really loving your blue necklace. What's wrong with a little plastic? Nothing, as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Celebrating with you on a big day, indeed! You probably got through the grocery store in record time!

    And that jewelry organizer -- exceedingly sweet! Not a thing wrong with plastic jewelry...especially when it's cute! ; )

  5. Love the second pot of coffee part. I thought I was the only one that drank a whole pot - so you are making me feel better. Love your posts - LOL today.
    Love the jewelry. I don't wear any and you are inspiring me.. Can't believe you only have one at home! Take care!

  6. I love your necklace thingy! (And I love all your necklaces too!) I wish I could pull them off. :)

    And if a toaster strudel is breakfast of champions, then we are champions every single day. :)

  7. Ooooh - love the hanger. Must get one for my plastic jewelry collection!! (Actually, isn't COSTUME jewelry? That sounds so much more, I don't know, princessy.)

    I still have to wait 9 more days for school to start here...9 more days.

  8. I hope the kids have a great day today! Where did summer go?

    Love your necklaces!

  9. I don't know what I'm going to do with my first morning of having both the boys gone. I am already worrying about it and it is still two weeks away (thanks to a new law in Michigan)

  10. Your little one is so going to love his "only child" time with his mommy. How sweet!

    BTW, I have that same mug. It's my fave.

    The jewelry hanger is cute and practical. I cram mine in one of those over the door cosmetic/toiletry bags.

  11. Sounds like you're entering a strange new world with just the three year old. Make sure to make you time as a whole family special!

  12. Hope everyone had a good first day (Mom included!).

    I have that same mug.

    Love the jewelry hanger, too.

  13. At least you've had a reason for ignoring closets is a big job. Super cute necklace holder. Sure puts my nails in the wall to shame. Forgot to talk to you about something. So, when you have a free moment(which I know first hand does not come often) I want to talk to you about it. Seriously... how much coffee can you drink. You and heth have some serious issues! ;)

  14. Love the jewelery holder and the jewelery. Plastic works for me and sparkly.

    Glad your little guys had a good first day at school.

  15. Sounds like your Monday was a good one. And your plastic jewelry...I love it.

  16. You have inspired me to make my first cup of coffee. LOVE your necklaces!! Toaster strudel sounds awesome right about now. My favorite are the raspberry and cream cheese - MMM

  17. I love your jewelry holder thingy! So cute!
    Hope ya have a great day!

  18. Okay so if it turns out that you still don't wear that gray one to the far right, just email me and I'll be more than a little happy to send you my mailing address. ;)

    Also, I notice two themes. Plastic and color. Seems you have several pieces of each color.

    Also also, that gray one to the far right may prove to be a bit redundant for you.

    I'm just sayin'.


  19. What a great organized idea! I have been putting my jewelry into a little box where they then get all tangled, and sometimes break. Sounds like a great plan huh? :)
    Kutless concert sounds great!! We'll definitely have to take some pictures for our blogs! :)


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