Monday, September 1, 2008

It's All I Can Think About...

On Memorial Weekend, the kickoff to summer, we spent the holiday dealing with this.

Two weeks later, it was this.

Summer flashed by and now it's Labor Day weekend...the unofficial end to summer, and three four of my dear bloggy friends, who live in Louisiana are dealing with Gustav.

Last night, as we lay in bed, glued to Fox News, I confessed to my husband that I didn't really even remember hurricane Katrina very well. Oh, I'm fully aware of the aftermath, but I don't remember watching it happen. Turns out, it's probably because we had just moved to tiny-town and Jake was only 3 months old...and just didn't affect me or anyone I knew personally.

My how my perspective has changed! Funny how a couple natural disasters of your own will do that to ya ;) When I imagine tiny-town enduring the same disasters again in three years, I feel sick. Yet, this is what is happening in LA.

My heart is heavy today for my bloggy friends Mama Belle, Tracie, and Rachel and Jodie (sorry Jodie, I forgot you live there too!). I heart them like my real-life friends...praying for them today, and for all those being affected by this storm.

I'm so thankful for a God who works all things together for good...and for friends whose faith is strong in times of trouble, knowing He will see them through.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about not realizing it till the aftermath--i have had a lot of guilt on my heart about that too the last few months after seeing what our towns around here went thru with the tornado and flood. About not realizing what our neighbors in the south were enduring as our life progresses as normal. Thanks Sarah for always honestly "speaking for the multitude" and making us have to be honest with ourselves (you with all the blog world) even though you are only really speaking from your heart!!!! Be safe on this holiday and know that I too and joining you in your prayers for those in Gustav's path.

  2. We are watching and praying!

    Did you decide anything on the Beth Moore study?

    Also, if you ever want to borrow any of the studies we have already done to use with your ladies, let me know.


  3. Blogging sure makes the world smaller doesn't it?

  4. Guess what? I'm home. Check the old blog.

    Thanks for your prayers, BFF. You totally rock!

  5. Yeah, it is scary - Randi is in Baton Rouge and...stuck there - obviously - It was terrible to sit there and watch the eye of the storm be right on top of her and know that there is no where that she can go! Even if she wanted to!

  6. As I comment the news says the levey help. We are praying as well.

  7. We're all the way up in Michigan and I was still more in tuned with watching Gustav than I was three years ago with Katrina. The awareness may just be one good thing that came out of that terrible tragedy.


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