Friday, September 19, 2008

There's No Denying It...

I remember being pregnant with my first child (Noah) and dreaming of who he would look like. Then with my 2nd baby (Eli) I wondered if he'd look like Noah...the answer to that was no. Then with Jake I wondered if the baby would look like one of his brothers, or totally different. Turns out, he looks a little like both of them.

Here's a pic of all three (as if you haven't seen them before ;)

The general reaction though, when people see Eli (middle), is "You look like your daddy!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah, he looks like his daddy is generally the reaction in my head :) I think it's adorable that my boys look like their daddy...after all, I happen to think he's quite handsome BUT I did carry each of them for 9 months...puked my guts out the first couple with each baby...gained and lost an enormous amount of weight each time...and managed to push each one out (with the help of an epidural of course.) JUST ONCE it might be nice to hear..."Man, that one really looks like you!"

That doesn't happen.
On Tuesday, Ben's mom sent home these two pictures of Ben when he was a little boy.
And here's Eli (holding his cousin):

And when I saw the pictures, I said "Eli, you look just like daddy!" Go figure ;)


  1. Just like his daddy is RIGHT!! :)

    My mom brought a picture of me at 12 months... it looks just like Mack (minus Ian's chin) ... and no one ever says he looks like me... go figure.

    I guess it's because we're girls :)

    Have a GREAT weekend Sarah ... and enjoy those moments with your beautiful boys!

  2. Sorry, friend...but he is a carbon copy of his dad. If it makes you feel any better, my girl looks like her dad, too.

    It's just not fair, is it?

  3. It's true- he is his daddy's clone. Which is what I heard from everyone about our son- until about a year ago. I guess now that he's almost 7 he finally looks a little like I did as a kid. And I always hear how my girls look like my mother in laws side of the family- what about me??

  4. Oh my, yes, he does look JUST like his dad when he was younger!
    All 3 of your blessings are ADORABLE...they look like a fun group! ;)

  5. Wow - he does look JUST like his Daddy! :)

  6. that is funny!! I always here my son looks like his daddy too...i too get a little miffed but then i realize---better his daddy than the UPS guy huh??
    But now the more i look, your little guys DO look like the Fed Ex guy....smiles.. ok to clarify, her husband is a Fed Ex guy and a Pastor...get it?!?!?!

  7. i used the wrong Here--hear wow obviously the cough medicine is completely takenover....

  8. Definitely a resemblance! My oldest and youngest resemble each other. My middle child? Totally different. And none of them closely resemble me or their dad. I always knew they were all mixed up!

  9. Must introduce myself first, I'm Stacy and I think I happened upon your blog from Lindsay's (who is a friend of a friend) know, the blogging world. Anyway, I've really enjoyed checking your blog! That resemblence betweeen your hubby and son is amazing! Nice to 'meet' you and thanks for the smiles your blog brings to my heart!

  10. First off, what is up with Blogger and the date?!!!
    Secondly, thank you for being a conduit for getting these blessings here. Maybe a boy looking like a man isn't so bad. There are resemblances, but they aren't as striking. I think Jake and Noah have your eyes.

  11. he looks just like you!

    pretty sure there must be a law somewhere about lying on sunday.

  12. i'd like to be able to support YOU... but he's daddy shrunk in the dryer! :)

  13. Wow, he does look just like his dad!! Yeah, all of our kids got their daddy's dark eyes. I am the only one with blue eyes and curly hair. Well, the only one that wears it curly!

  14. Ohhh.... He really does!

    I only have one that looks like Kip. :) But Chase is gradually changing his look. I think that we never know what they will end up looking like!

  15. Yup-- it's because you're a girl and they're boys. Though some say my youngest daughter looks like my oldest son. That'll change when her hair grows out, though.

    Great family-- when's #4?

  16. Yes, Eli looks like daddy and I think Noah looks like you! Everyone keeps saying Angelo looks like Mike, but then I found a photo of me at 13 months and he looked like me!! We'll see what happens!


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