Monday, September 15, 2008


The day is fast approaching. The day of the visual post...where you get to see and hear what I sound like in real life.
Three words.
Traum-a-tizing's one word...I exaggerate slightly.
I did a practice one, viewed it, and then taped a second one with my reaction...ya know, for dramatic effect.
Every time I view it I have the same thoughts...
  • Thank you Lord that I do not have to see myself when I talk
  • and that I sound different in my own head
  • and that people in real life actually like me.

It's sure to entertain you...and further traumatize me.

Feel like joining in on the fun? Click on the little thingy and join in on the 30th!

And please, PLEASE try to make yourself sound annoying...because it will make me feel better about myself.


  1. Ummm... this is scary. I really don't want the world to hear my half Southern twang/half Yat accent.

    BUT if it will make you feel better, I might consider it. :)

  2. I am going to have to go check that out. What fun!!

    Also, I nominated you, actually one of your posts, for a bloggy award. Check out my blog to see the details. :-)

  3. oh how i LOVE this idea. i have thought about this often and was so curious how i could get to hear my bloggy friends. so i am gonna head over and check this out.

    although i'm with ya on the nerves a little. i remember answering the phone once (as a wife) and the person asking for my dad. hmph...yep one of those "young" voices i suppose. wish i looked young! ;o)

    and the book...very hard one to get thru. it has been a tough one. but the bottom line has been how it has affected my relationship w/ God. the part where he talks about how we identify and lean towards Jesus and then "he" is more the bad cop. so that has moved me in my reading. i've heard from today that there is controversy. so i figure the best thing in all of it is that we are sistas in Christ and no matter what we think...that's what matters!

    have a great day. and don't lose your voice practicing! hee hee.

  4. Just the idea of doing that whole thing gives me a nervous tic. Three words indeed! I am not a fan of myself on film or video or what-have-ya.

    I can't wait to see yours though!! :)

  5. Not I, said the duck. Though I have thought about it. And I've thought about podcasting. But seriously, who'd want to get the equipment, and who'd want to hear me talk?

    Better to just read what I have to say-- right?

    (Regardless of the fact that I was a voice minor in college, and that I used to open and close the radio program at my former church...)

  6. I can't wait and I see you talk all the time! ha ha! you, are not you remember "David and Ethan" days... THAT was annoying! ha ha! sorry, Megan if you read this! oh, sorry Ethan if you read this! ha ha!

  7. I am just so not ready for that! Southern twang sounds "cute" to all ya'll who dont have it! Yikes!

  8. Oh I don't know. I sure do sound funny. I agree with you I am glad I don't have to watch myself when I talk. Going to give it a try though.

  9. I cannot imagine you being anything but darling. Now I...I've got an annoying voice. My computer is archaic, so I'm not sure I can join in..

  10. Oh, you are cracking me up! You will be GREAT! I CANNOT wait to see what you're saying. For real.

  11. Well, if you want to feel better about yourself go and visit my blog...I just got a flip video thing and I recorded myself talking...Yep, I was scared of my voice as well...How can it be possible that I sould like that when I talk???? This is why my hubby is on the answering machine =)

  12. Girl, I won't have to try and make myself sound annoying...that happens all by itself. I am getting nervous about this too...I might bail out....ooohh.

  13. Oh, I can't wait! I often wonder what everyone sounds like. I'm not brave enough to do a video post. I did do a little voice thingy a while back. Looking forward to "seeing" you in a couple weeks!


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