Monday, October 6, 2008

Finally Breaking-Up With the Paneling...

Ben is on vacation from his "secular" job this week. YAY!

Today we're starting the project that we've both been putting off for the three years that we've lived in the parsonage.

The office. More importantly...the paneling in the office.

Not pretty. Paneling and I are not friends.

Before we actually moved in, I painted the paneling in all three bedrooms, but ran out of time for the office.

Since has been driving me NUTS! The office is right off the living room...and ya'll know it's where the computer I'm in here...well, you know....I won't specify the exact amount of time.

We've not been able to agree on a color...but on Saturday, we went ahead and picked one out...and then spent all of Sunday having second thoughts.

I should have some before & after picks soon!

In the mean time, we get to paint together :)

Let the prayers begin ;)


  1. Hope you've seen "Fireproof" already (lol) ......

  2. Oh know there is a small part of me that roots for Paneling to make a comeback because I always root for an underdog and because my grandparent's house had paneling in the living room and something about that fake plastiky wood gives me the warm fuzzies.

    But then my rational side takes over and gives me the strength to assert that paneling must be made into a distant memory and has no place in any home.

    Good luck to you as you rid it from yours.

  3. We have been working on our house lately too and removing lots of paneling. The previous owners (my in-laws)loved paneling in the 70s. Me? Not so much. Have fun my friend.

    Not only did they nail it up, but they also used glue. Every once in a while we will find a piece with a smiley face in the glue. Ah, good times!

  4. ah, yes...the famous bond-building home project! :) For us, it was always a way to build our patience with each other...and for me, a real test of my ability to let my husband think he had made some of the decisions on color, texture, etc when really it was all *my* idea. ;)

    I'll be prayin' for you both!

  5. My wife hates paneling too. Is there some secret group of women out there that liked it at one point in time? I mean, certainly, all this paneling didn't get in all of these houses without the woman's approval.

    Cost savings?

  6. How fun! Can't wait to see the before and after. I am not a paneling lover either.

  7. just saw a post the other day about painting paneling. see here:

  8. It took me 5 years to talk Dave into letting me paint the paneling in our living room. FIVE years! :) Simply put: he liked it! I did not. :) It is now a most lovely "dried grass" color. Kind of a muted sage green. I am so in love with it.
    I can't believe you didn't even give a hint as to what the color will be! You like to string readers along dont'cha! :)
    Have fun! I bet it's really nice to have Ben around a litle bit more than usual.

  9. Paneling ... YUCK! I feel your pain. Well, not really, because I don't have paneling. But, if I did, I would do exactly what you're doing. You must post pictures.

  10. As someone who once spent 4 weeks gutting and redoing a house with my hubby, I know what you guys are going through (we had paneling too - blech!). But at least you & Ben get to spend some quality time together this week, even if you will be in grubby clothes and exhausted at the end of the day.

    (Maybe you guys should have a date night somewhere nice this weekend to make up for all the work!)

  11. I can't wait to see the before and after pics. I'm curious as to the color you "agreed" on. Hope you project turns out great and that you guys have a terrific week together.

    I agree with Rachel above. A date night this week would be a really good idea.

    Have fun


  12. Are all the books moved yet?!!! I am so excited to see your ..... office! I wont give away the secret color :-)

  13. There are two things in this world that should never be allowed in decorating. Wallpaper and Paneling! I have huge issues with both. Took us 4 years to remove wallpaper from my son's room. Looking forward to your pictures.

  14. at least you're not putting up wallpaper!!! i always hear nightmare stories about that kind of project w/ your spouse. painting should be fun and if anything the fumes should make you laugh and enjoy this time together!

    can't wait to see what color you chose?!

  15. I will pray that you two don't argue over anything like colors or anything else that really is trivial. Just enjoy your day together.

  16. Sarah,
    Ugly paneling, hideous wallpaper, and gross carpet were the "story of my life" not too long ago. I just recently did a post w/before and after shots. I feel for you!
    Good for you for painting w/your hubs! Josh and I stopped doing that a very long time ago. ;-)

  17. Oh boy Paneling...I can see why you and paneling are NOT friends. I don't think ANYONE should be friends with paneling..Thank goodness for paint! Have fun with that... :)

  18. Hey Miss Sarah- I am a self proclaimed painter...if anyone within a 20 mile radius is starting to paint I can smell it. I paint, and then repaint the next season. Because you know what - I can! It's cheap & it changes the whole feel to a room! So if you need a little assistance - well I don't even know which tiny town you live in. But who knows maybe it's next to my tiny town and I'll smell the Paint:) Good Luck!

  19. You know, I think paneling even smells bad? Is that weird? So in my mind, you're new office is even going to smell better with that new paint smell. :)

  20. Just found your blog! Love it. Can't wait to see the office when you are finished.

  21. Good for you that you guys can work together. We found out years ago that this is something we just can't do.

    My DH (bless his heart) can't stand a mess and I believe that a room has to look much worse before it can look better.

    I paint/redecorate when he is gone on business trips. They have been few and far between lately - much to his relief. The last time he was gone I sent him a swatch picture of a wall painted pepto pink. It was just the primer color under my burgandy paint but he freaked! It was great :}

    Have fun!

  22. I would love to see the before and after pictures as well. I still have paneling in one room. It is somewhat cosy and decorated pretty nicely. But would love to see an after pic to weigh whether or not it is worth tackling the job of removal. Stay focused and dive right in there.

  23. Oh Sarah, I feel your pain girl! My house had so much dark paneling to paint! I used a few coats of Kilz to cover the darkness, and then painted several coats of the paint. It turned out great! :) But I must tell you that the most amazing feature of this house was....the LINOLEUM (spelling?) in the DEN! Who puts linoleum in a den? Also, the older lady who lived here had nailed every single window shut so that none could be raised. She was afraid I guess, but I would hate for there to have been a fire! :-/

    Happy painting! :)

  24. So what color did you decide on?

  25. pictures... pictures... I want to see some pictures!

  26. Oh yes! Paneling and I ARE NOT friends either! YUCK YUCKY!
    I love your blog. Your postings are fun and light. Thank you for sharing your life with me too!
    By the way, I am Aminta..... Hope to get to know you well!
    Loves and hugs,
    You should go over to my friends list, Chelle, is someone you may love to get to know. I know that I ADORE knowing her. There are MANY MANY others that you should visit over there too.
    GOOD luck painting by the way! I will hae to show you some of my paint jobs too.
    WOW, super long P.S. huh?

  27. I almost always have paint color regrets.


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