Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Say it Like the Roadrunner...

I've been blogging for about nine months now and I'm always learning something new.

The latest thing cracks me up. After hearing several of you mention the word Meme on your video posts, I realized that ALL THESE months I've totally been saying it wrong (not that you can hear me say it, but still)

I say, ME ME, but apparently it is pronounced like "meem"...the funny part is...that for the life of me, I can't change how I say it! I also spell it differently every time I type it, I figure that way I'm bound to get it right at least once.

So here's another MeMe from me to you :)

I'm almost positive that the last thing the bloggy world needs is more info about me...but it does say "random things" and you know I can't turn random down...or my bloggy friend Hollie that tagged me :)

Here are the rules.....
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!!

1 - I hate the sound of people clipping their nails...HATE it. If I clip my own, it doesn't bother me so much, but other people...yikes. Don't even get me started on people clipping in public...or my teacher in high school that clipped his during class...barf. I also like the word barf, but not actual barf.

2 - Today I am going to lunch with Nicole...who leaves comments on my blog, and we "know" each other through facebook and mutual friends, but have never met in real life. I also have no idea what she looks like, so hopefully I'm not standing in the restaurant for too long before she finds me...it's kinda like a blind lunch date. I will most certainly take my camera along ;)

3 - I laughed my butt off last night while watching Jillian on The biggest Loser chew out the ladies for being lazy whiners. The best was when she said she wanted to puke all over herself for how nice she'd been to them...I heart her and her meaness...because it's effective people :)

4 - My hair in the morning is cra-zy. I don't mean a little messy or flat...I mean totally outta control...sometimes my Nike baseball cap can hardly contain it.

5 - I almost always never finish a whole book. I read 3/4 or so and then stop...figuring I've gotten the gist of it. Weird, huh.

6 - I am easily amused. Obviously.

Wow...I just made that meme really boring...that's unfortunate.

Need a post? I tag you.

I also have a little award to pass on...

Barbie from Moments. Memories. Milestones. graciously passed this on to me because of this post. Barbie is an amazing mom and woman of God, I always enjoy finding out what she's up to, go check her out...she's got some fabulous hair too ;)

You know by now, that I am terrible, TERRIBLE at following linking rules...I blame it on my laziness. Click these rules if you're a rule follower.

I love reading funny stuff from you guys...and let me tell you, there's a lot of funny stuff out there that makes me smile...all of which I can't remember right now. Memory: you fail me miserably.

But there is one that sticks out and makes me smile just THINKING about it! So, I'm passing this award on to Life's Little Quirks for this stinkin' adorable post! I love her, her blog, and the way she shares her heart and life...she's a witty little thing too. Amie...consider yourself awarded.


  1. #2: Someday, you and I will have to do the same! I feel we're bff's now! ;-)

  2. I haven't heard "barf" in so long! It was THE slang back in the day! And do you relized you used barf
    AND Puke in the same post!
    Your awesome! I think you should do a post using all the slang from high school. And NO Likes.

  3. Love Jillian last night too! :) You qouted my favorite part.
    oohhhh, what a fun sounding lunch you have planned! Looking forward to pictures!

  4. I HATE the sound of clipping nails too! Some mornings when my hubby gets up before me he will clip his in the bathroom and the sound wakes me up. Talk about mad!

  5. i had a hard time getting past the nail clipping point. there was an older lady in our church when i was growing up. she sat in the same pew every sunday and clipped away. talk about gross. i'd hate to be the janitor who had the job cleaning pews each week. gonna barf now.

    fun post. interesting things about you my bloggy friend....verrrry interesting! you are so cute and witty.

  6. Uh oh - I call it a "meme" like in the word memory.

  7. I thought is wassaid like the raod runner, too... I don't think I can get my mind around changing it now. Meem?!? What?

  8. LOL---I always pronounced it Me Me until a little bit ago...makes more sense cuz they're about "me, me, me..."

  9. Someone had to explain meme to me too. They said, "you know, like THEME." OOOOOH. I get it.

    Your random things weren't boring. When I was tagged with this I shared that I only grow hair in one armpit. Yup, just never grew hair in the leftie. It's true. And totally random and weird. So I guess I might be the biggest MEME freak ever to ever hit bloglandia...

  10. Okay, here's a really dumb question- what does meme mean??? I've been pronouncing it wrong to, but really who decided how it should be pronounced. Is it a real word? Is it in the dictionary?

  11. the me me- cracks me up!! and i clip in the car... josh hates me.

  12. It used to make me SO MAD because there was this person who clipped their nails in church. I mean, come on...have some respect!

    Love Jillian! I so wish she was my personal trainer...although I'd probably be complaining if she actually was...

  13. lunch was a BALL!!!!!! yeah lets do it again soon!! and yes she has my pic, so look for me to be internet-famous soon!! AND NO, THAT IS NOT MY FACE ON THE FLYER AT THE POST OFFICE, IT IS JUST A COINCEDENCE!!! hee hee

  14. Meme?? Ummmm, I am totally not up with all the bloggin' lingo. (Insert embarrassed, clueless, or blank face HERE)
    Anyway, Thanks for the post idea! Sharing random thoughts about myself sounds good to me!

  15. I HATE THE SOUND OF CLIPPING NAILS TOO!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it!
    Yuck, now I'm thinking about it. Well anyway I'm glad someone else shares that pet peeve!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I heart you, I heart you, I heart you!!! :) I'm speechless! I'm just glad you don't think I'm THAT big of a dork! Love ya!

    And thank you!

  18. That Nicole, she is a riot. We really need to get on her about getting a blog.

  19. Umm, I've been mispronouncing it TOO! And for that very reason, I'm passing on an award to you over at my blog!

    Me me me me me!

  20. Add me to the list of those who've been mispronouncing it!

  21. I read and commented on this yesterday...but it wasn't until I visited today that I understood your title--and I just busted out laughing...both at the title and at my own idiocy! And now, since life doesn't have enough embarrassing moments, I just decided to tell you and all your readers about it!? I'm pretty sure this means I have more than one screw loose up there... ;-D
    P.S. Heather of the eo--you just killed me in your comment! TOO Hysterical!! LOL!

  22. Who clipped their nails in high school? GROSS!


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