Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Think I Have a Problem...

Last fall I got hooked on Facebook, thanks to my friend Beth.
And by hooked...I mean completely and utterly sucked in.

Yesterday I spent some time catching up with Facebook. I have neglected it since I started blogging, and the fact that Facebook went and changed the format (which has taken me a long time to get used to) didn't help matters.

But Facebook... I. am. back.

Anyways, yesterday as I was looking through my previous profile pictures and stuff I became totally amused at my hair throughout this past year....and then I thought to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be fun if you could see everyone's hair throughout the past year?!? Because it changes more than ya think." Then my self replied back with something to the effect that no one's gonna wanna do that, except me...

So here's mine. We'll start with a really old one first...Christmas 2006...
Good-bye long hair... we were really never meant to be...

October 2007...me and my sister Lindsey.

November...Thanksgiving...we're weirdos.






and curly...

May was the tornado clean-up...we don't even want to mention what the hair looked like...I did sport that lovely farmers tan all summer long though. Nice.

June and July meant humidity...


September & October...

Never in my life have I had so many pictures of myself...I blame facebook, and the need to keep changing my profile pic because I get sick of looking at the same old one.

So...if you haven't tried facebook, you should. It's way, way easy to find old/current friends...and an excellent way to keep record of your hairstyles for a year, because I mean, who doesn't want to do that?!?

And, if you post hair pictures...and I mean any kind, be sure to let me know...because I'm THAT easily amused. ;)


  1. I love facebook! Its been fun reconnecting with old friends!

  2. Oohhh, yea, I'm a Facebook lover, too! I'm all about knowing "what's up" with all my friends and Facebook is an easy way to do that!
    Your hair is adorable...I'm so jealous.
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. I know, I know, everyone is doing it! Almost everyone I talk to says I should join. But I have not yet because I know my addictive nature. I can easily loose myself in bloggy world for 2 hours every day. I am very fearful that if I join Facebook I will be even more addicted to my computer. My husband already has to remind me of my priorities at least once a week. I think Facebook would send him over the edge!

    I love all your hair! All of your pictures look so hip and cute. I go to get mine cut on Friday. I can not wait! I am at least a month overdue. :)

  4. LOL. You always look great...not fair...no hair posts right now, but maybe later...sounds fun...But on my blog now are some pix of my daughter's new hair cut and I must say---the girl looks FABULOUS!!

  5. You always hae such CUTE hair!

    I also love your blog!

    You have been given an award . . . by me - COME BY AND GET IT!


  6. If my hair was as cute as yours, I'd post hair pics all. the. time.

    Unfortunately, it's not, so my one pic might be on my blog until 2012. :)

  7. How can anyone look so darn cute in both curly and straight hair? It is so unfair!
    I just got sucked into facebook today actually. Someone I used to work with...then all of a sudden there is this list of "friends". I just told everyone to visit the blog I con't do both! My children will report me missing!

  8. i'm a strange one, my hair doesn't really change except for the annual fall shortening.

    fun finding your blog today Ü

  9. you left out the one with the bangs back in the hair clip!!!

  10. I am still getting used to the new facebook. I liked the old one way better.

  11. Face book is super fun! I like it for the chat feature. I don't find it quite as adictive as blogging. :) I pretty much just go on once a day and check friends status etc.. :)
    I love changing my hair too. It's such a fun part of being a girl. :) I know guys can too, but I don't think it is as diverse or fun as when we do it. :)

  12. Okay! My hair post is up! Check it out. I do not change as much as you, but my one change was a big one.

  13. Facebook makes me crazzzyyyy! Well, I can't blame Facebook for all of my psychiatric issues, but there's enitrely too much going on in Facebook land. I can't keep up with my own stuff and then I'm bombarded with everyone else's stuff. That was confusing, but since you use facebook, I'm sure you know what I mean. :) Going back to my crazy world now...

  14. This is a lame response because I know you were being sillyish about your hair. But I really really like your hair, any which way you cut it.

    I'm on facebook, but I willingly admit that I avoid it. It stresses me out with all the poking and writing on walls and quizzes and requests...aaaaah, I just can't keep up! :)

  15. You have great hair! August is my favorite cut. I'm a little jealous. Mine is boring, but it doesn't matter b/c it's been in a ponytail the last year and a half.

    I know people love Facebook, but I can't keep up with life as it is. Adding one more thing would push me over the edge, I think.

  16. Love the collage-O-Hairstyles. I admire your willingness to venture out.

  17. maybe the hair pic thing is why we really love each other.....

  18. I love Facebook too. I've connected with SO many old friends, it's been really great for that...I too however..am not a fan of "the new facebook." Not my fave.

    I like your hair ALL the ways, but especially curly-curl envy...I've always wanted curls.

  19. I love it when a girl isn't afraid to change her hair...often. Super cute photos. Some time I will have to do a post about the many hairdos of Heth. Geez, it won't be pretty.

  20. SO funny! That is why I don't do Facebook. My hair:(
    I do love you hair though :)

  21. I too am obsessed with Facebook. I think the new facebook was designed by a control freak, because now you can know what everyone is up to and you don't even have to ask. They just tell you!

  22. ahh the hair history. you've got a great head of hair there girl. curly/straight/short/long...all looks good!

    and facebook? yeah i started it. got a nasty virus that got sent to everyone on my friends list so i quit. now i'm back on and not so many people are jumping at the chance to ask me back. i guess i'm glad the past is past in more ways that one! ;o)

  23. Facebook is so addicting!!
    Your hair is so adorable! My best friend has a similar cut, and I just love it!

  24. You make me laugh. Actually, I like the first one - your long hair is beautiful!
    ...the word verification below is:
    hyairyo! Can you beleive it!?

  25. What a fun post! Hair has been on my mind today. Tomorrow is "color day." Thanks for your encouragement about that. :) I took some before pics. I'll be sure to post the afters as well.

    P.S. I love Facebook too!

  26. I was wondering. I haven't seen you on Facebook for a while. Of course, I neglect it quite a bit too. It's hard enough to keep up with all my blog-reading.

    BTW, you look cute in all your pictures, no matter what your hair looks like (it's cute too). I don't have enough pictures of different hair to post. My hair seems to always look the same, even though I go into the hairdresser with radical ideas.

  27. I have to say, I find it exceedingly unfair that you look so stinking cute in every.single.hairstyle! Loved looking at your pictures.

    I made a big change with my hair this year, and I am happy with it, but wasn't brave enough to post before and after photos. Wimpy, I know.

    Hubs and I are both on Facebook (and we greatly dislike the new format!) It's been a really fun way to stay connected with our former youth group kids and also many of the kids who have traveled with our son who we've "adopted." I have greatly neglected Facebook since blogging...not that I mind. I think blogging is more fun! = )

  28. love FB...best way to stay in touch!!!! love all the photos!

  29. well, you already know how much i heart your hair! it's always SO pretty! curly or straight!

    I change my hair all the time!so glad to see that i'm not the only one =P
    David never knows what he's gonna come home to!heehee! blonde, brown, red HA! I was gonna do this but i am always behind the stinkin' camera! i'll have to go back and see if i can find some to share.

    and yes,my hair is darker in the newest picture of me on my blog. I just had it done last week. still trying to get used to it!

  30. I just got sucked in to Facebook last week... I have reconneced with so many old friends, but darn it, that place is a time-vacum!

  31. Okay, I'm convinced you have the greatest hair ever. :o)
    Love love love January and June/July's style!

  32. I was just thinking about the fact that my hair changes constantly.

    Poor hubbie. He's stuck with the same one for.ever.

    Unless we do the comb-over or the bald mullet thing... That would be NIIIICE...

  33. lol! face book sucked me once I became a "stay at home" mom. Love this post! Very creative, and you are so pretty! Every style looked good on you...

  34. Holy cow, are you even capable of looking bad???

    Going to facebook now as a first-timer! Thanks for the tip!

  35. I had to laugh because I always wondered what part of the country you lived in and all that from reading your blog. All I had to do was go to facebook and put in your E-mail address and now I know more than you probably want people to that don't know you in person. I just wanted you to beware in case its an issue for you. It is for us, that's why our blog is private...:(

  36. I have a Facebook account but have trouble keeping up with it. I got it mainly because of the kids in youth group. It's fun to see theirs and keep up with what they're doing. I'm "friends" with two of my three teenagers. I just have trouble keeping up with blogging! How do you do it?

  37. I got my hair post up! Here's the link: http://csvan.blogspot.com/2008/10/hair-styles.html


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